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V Sundaram Discussion Forum


richie on Jun-30 : India in 1983: Predictions made in 1888 [5 comments]

now i know why india is in such a bad state, with IAS officer like the author what can one expect, he seems to glorify the english, and forgot all the ills they have done to india

    A.Moron on Feb-15 : British hate us. The film Slumdog Millionnaire is the example.

Thus, it is wrong to base your judgement on India on the opinion of a British.

All politicians are not corrupt.

I know a number of politicians who have lived al....

    R. Krishnan on Feb-12 : Feedback sent to Author: INDIA-IN-1983:-Predictions-that-were-made-in-1888

This is only with reference to the tragic, progressive criminalisation of Parliament and State Legislatures.
As you have mentioned the number of Representatives i....

    ramikumi on Feb-09 : Good article. I agree with the author of similarities between somnath and the chunder sen.

    abhijit sen on Feb-02 : iam feeling proud

Chnadrakant Upadhyay on Mar-15 : Vande Matharam not for PM functions? [18 comments]

The reason given by the officials that people disrespect the National Enthem is simply foolish as far as the occasion is concerned, this was a function of Indian Science Congress where only and only highly literate and disciplined people were to attend it. It is an insult to the natinalism of these elites. An uproar from them should have come. As n....

    A.Moron on Feb-23 : Salute to my motherland
Full of sweet water, full of glowing harvests, with cool air
Full of moon light with enchanting evening
Full of flowers and green grass
Smiling, with sweet words, giving bliss and eternal happiness our Mother....

    A.Moron on Feb-23 : Translation of Vande Mataram:

Salute to my motherland
Full of sweet water, full of glowing harvests, with cool air
Full of moon lught with enchanting evening
Full of flowers and green grass
smaing, with sweet words, giving ....

    g kapuria on Feb-15 : SG.. We need such leaders today, don"t we? Instead, we have a bunch of crooks as leaders waiting for any opportunity to sacrifice us Hindus.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-14 : In my home town, not far from Calcutta, on August 1942, the local leader of the CPI, Nanigopal Mukherjee hoisted the National Flag and started singing Vande Mataram in the city centre. He was beaten to death by the British police on the spot.

    common sense on Feb-13 : SG: I respect your sentiment. Reciting National anthem is an official dictate and not doing so is a crime. Reciting of Vande Matram is another issue. To use VM as a club to beat the opposition is not Koshar. But then, everything is fair in love and w....

    S.Ghosh on Feb-13 : CS: The question is not about Bande Mataram, the official national anthem Jana Gana Mana would have satisfied us. The point is both these songs which are equally important, were avoided by MM Singh. Perhaps he likes the song "Sare Jahase Acha, Muslim....

    Rana on Feb-11 : common sense: Go tell your Paki buddies or sole harvestors. They need some common sense.

    common sense on Feb-11 : GK: sorry for your decline. it would be a small world if people were to talk only common topics. it would be parrot repeat! We have been snowed here; hope your region did well in this regard.

    g kapuria on Feb-11 : Thanks for the dinner invite, CS. But beyond reciting Vande Mataram, you and I will have nothing in common to talk about. So, no thanks.

    common sense on Feb-11 : Rana: the fact remains, nations have only one national anthem. You get dinner too if you could recite the song!

    Rana on Feb-11 : common sense: Looks like Vande Mataram is hurting you inside but you dont want to oppose it like those Jihadis do.

Get you sheep skin off and come out clean. Be either on the side of Vande Mataram or with Jihadis. Dont dangle in between.
    common sense on Feb-11 : Not to argue with you gk dear. But i shall gladly take you to dinner of a restaurant of your choice if were to recite the vande matram. Otherwise also fact remains a nation has only one national anthem.

    g kapuria on Feb-11 : Fortunately, most Indians are not as ignorant as CS.

    common sense on Feb-11 : India has only one national anthem.
I bet most indians including the TS can not sing more than a couplet of vende Matram, if at all they can!

    S.Ghosh on Feb-10 : This is expected when those who are mentally un-Indian are ruling India today. They got their education in USA or UK and became coconut, brown in colour and completely slavish.

    Truth Speaks on Feb-10 : Vande Matharam is loved by all Indians. If PM Manmohan Singh hates Vande Matharam means he hates India too? Does he want Pakistani national anthem instead?

arvind gupta on Apr-03 : New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad [20 comments]

Dear Sir,
I can only say since all of us including these blind guys are sons of the soil, and by commenting or painting abuse they do it to their own mother. Let them be happy if they like that, only give a little sentence on all such abusers that my mother has produced me like this.

    U.NARAYANADAS on Feb-01 : Mr. Sundaram, one couldn"t agree more with you. Lakshmi Prasad seems to have outdone Dussasana! Whereas, in the original epic Dussasana only tried to disrobe Draupadi, in his novel (pornography in the garb of an epic!) Prasad used the noble character....

    g kapuria on Jan-28 : SG..In Indonesia, church and state are strictly separated. Would you call Indonesia a secular country?

    S.Ghosh on Jan-28 : Indian "Secularism" is not secularism at all.
Equal treatment of all religion is not secularism. Secularism means the government is affected by religion at all.
Indian"secularism", where there are reservations and quotas based on caste, tribe....

    g kapuria on Jan-26 : Thanks, TS.

    Truth Speaks on Jan-26 : gk, you can reach V.Sundaram at sundaram.padma @ gmail.com

    S.Ghosh on Jan-26 : The US Constitution, by design, omits any mention of a deity.
Article 6, Section 3 declares that "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States;" and the First Amendment guarant....

    g kapuria on Jan-25 : SG.. You wrote "USA was founded on the basis of secularism". This is completely wrong. Religious people in the US never really accepted the separation of the church from the state, and belief in their God pervades every sphere of American existence.

    S.Ghosh on Jan-25 : In India people are very lazy. They do not want to open the dictationary o find out the meaning of the word Secularis, which in English language means seperation of the state from the religion so that only rational thought would guide the state, not ....

    g kapuria on Jan-25 : I wish VS quits calling them "pseudo-secular". There is not pseudo anything. They know what they have set out to accomplish. They are firmly anti-Hindu. Secularism in India is plainly and simply means anti-hinduism. VS should use his considerable wri....

    Truth Speaks on Jan-25 : Terrific article from V.Sundaram. Must read for every Hindu.

    prasad mkss on Jan-24 : Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Yarlagadda is the product anti brahmin tirade led by triparneni ramaswamy choudary with strong pro feelings to his own caste of choudarys.he has the knack of being subservient....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-21 : Proud Indian:
Salman Rushdie"s novel was unreadable, according to most British I know. He was unknown.But he became a millionnaire when Ayatollah declared Fatwah to kill him. overnight he became a celebrity

Similarly Danish cartoons woul....

    Proud Indian on Jan-21 : SG,
Did you ignore Salman Rushdie or the Danish cartoons?
EZ to give advices to others


    S.Ghosh on Jan-20 : Lot of writers, singers, officers get rewards, but who remember them. Awards are always political; these have nothing to do with the merits.

Anyway, if you oppose these type of writers, you draw attention to them more, thus making them celeb....

    Mohan on Jan-20 :
sg, it"s not important how many read it.

This moron is getting some highest literary
award, nationally selected. The message us the more filth
you throw on Hinduism, the bigger awards you get.

    S.Ghosh on Jan-20 : It is not an important issue like MF Hussain. Because who is going to read Telegu literature, unless someone is a Telegu.

GURTEG SINGH SAINI on Jan-11 : Sikh martyrs and 1984 Congress riots [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Anti-Sikh-attacks,-1984-Congress-riots-and-Sikh-martyrs

Dear Sir,

How truthful, yet how ironic.

How distasteful, yet how sad.

Thanks for the update. Good work.


G. S. Saini

Jayashree Mukherjee on Jul-06 : Inquisition of Goa: Will Pope apologize? - I [5 comments]

Why arent these incidents taught to students? I am not talking about Hindu extemisim but in a democratic society, all information must be made available tp people. Maybe not in the extent of brutality, but keeping this information under cover is just as cruel and the Govt is squarely responsible for it.

    rajesh patil on Nov-20 : Feedback sent to Author: Inquisition-of-Goa:-Atrocities-on-Hindus-missionaries

Dear Sir
This is what we Hindus need to do. Hindus have been persecuted to the worst extreme by Crusades/Inquisitions and Jehads. But their tortures have bee....

    The Rev. Dr. John Ma on Sep-15 : Feedback sent to Author: Inquisition-of-Goa:-Atrocities-on-Hindus-missionaries

Thank you very much for your work that clearly describes the foolishness of colonizers" tactics to impose their ways of life on the native folk in Goa - which has....

    richie on Jun-30 : i think the author has to get his facts right

irst, in orissa, he says hindus are toutured by missioneries, well what is the police doing, they are hindus, the govt is hindu, so how is it possible for minorities to totire the majoritt commun....

    Chandrakant Kamath on Dec-26 : Feedback sent to Author: Inquisition-of-Goa:-Atrocities-on-Hindus-missionaries

i would like to know about authors books journals extracts relating to atrocites committed on hindusand destruction of temples in goa during portuguese ....

Mohan on Nov-19 : New Wave of Christian Inquisition in Goa [9 comments]

This is a disease spread by the media. They subvert and place news.
The sickularists package this and send it around the world.
Essentially any fictional story that puts down Hindus is a goldmine.
That can generate more patting on the back from their masters,
and interest and money from soul harvesters.

    b.venu on Nov-17 : Feedback sent to Author: New-Wave-of-Anti-Hindu-Christian-Inquisition-in-Goa

it is really sad that the media which we uphold as the fourth estate should stoop to such mediocre standards.One should just sit in front ofthe TV for 15 minutes an....

    Diwakar Shenoy on Nov-15 : Feedback sent to Author: New-Wave-of-Anti-Hindu-Christian-Inquisition-in-Goa

In the article on Conversions in Goa to Christianity, you have touched an unconnected thing: V.K.Krishna Menon and India-China war.
This distorts th....

    A.Moron on Nov-10 : It is not not only in India. A large number of Anglo-Indians have emigrated to Australia and they insult and attack Indians in Australia.
I, myself, have come across very insulting behaviour of one Anglo-Indian hotel receptionist recently in Aus....

    g kapuria on Nov-10 : TRNR..Do not call them pseudo-seculars. That leaves the seculars with some moral highground. They are all anti-Hindu traitors of the nation. You know the whole story. Just call them seculars, or secularists.

    g kapuria on Nov-10 : Swamijis have no interest in leading Hindu masses. We have no leaders willing to jump in, political or spiritual.

    TRN Rao, Ph.D. on Nov-10 : Hindu Swamijis , better wake up. You will be victims one after another. Swami Sankaracharya, Sadhvi Pragya and you are all on the line. Your devotees will not come to your rescue, unless you all unite and create Hindu vote bank. Don"t be cowards. You....

Agyat Vyakti on Apr-05 : Ganga: The Soul of India [14 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

I would like to bring into your kind notice that Ganges is under risk, due to Illegal Activities at Arya Vihar Ashram, Village Sainj District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand India. This Ashram is situated in Flood Zone and Eco Sensitive Zone of Holy River Ganges. This ashram had suffered casuality ....

    Arya Vihar Ashram Tr on Jan-08 : know how the business of destroying hinduism and nature is being done by ashrams mushroomed along the bank of holy river Ganges. Read at google arya vihar ashram blogspot
index of laws how Arya Vihar Ashram breach

Do monopoly. Mean....

    Gulshan Madhur on Aug-18 : There is not a slightest doubt in my mind that the present congress-led central government is meticulously planning these project to destroy places of hindu worship. All what matters the most to this quasi-secular government is appeasement of the one....

    Devesh Pant on Jul-27 : Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

Be so kind as to send me your Email address so that I can send articles that I write about; mainly regarding the lack of studies with which Hydro Power projects have been parceled out....

    Mohan on Oct-29 : Dr Swamy"s letter placed in the article was a great read.

Coming to the people in the Ganga basin belt, what is preventing
them to show some awareness and understanding ?

    Mohan on Oct-29 : Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

A timely article Mr Sundaram. The meaning of
Adi Sankaracharya"s verse was marvelous.

I wonder if "Clean Ganga" will materialise
even in another hundred years. It needs a lot....

    A.Moron on Oct-25 : NRIs know that the punishment, for throwing rubbish on the streets, urinating and efficating on the river banks, cooking in public and using street water pipes for bath and cleaning utensils, are very high. So they behave properly.
India is a law....

    Ruy Lopez on Oct-23 : Same Indians being despised by some, in right administrative conditions, like in USA, for example, are found equally clean, efficient and hard working whom brain washed people had abused to be lazzy babus. With vision and non corrupt administration, ....

    common sense on Oct-23 : Two Indian cultural traits: Let others do it, and it is someone else who is at fault.

People including congressites are branches of the same tree.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-23 : Come on.
Cleanness is a habit of the people, the Government can do nothing if the people ignore Public Toilet and do their call of nature in public beside the banks of the Ganges.
I have seen a guy pissing in front of a notice on the wall of....

    Ruy Lopez on Oct-22 : Cleanliness, anti pollution, organisation etc. are infrastructural matters and for this the biggest institution like govt.is responsible for the problem. Ganga along with its cultural, religious, economic and national importance has been criminally n....

    DR.Shriharsha Sharma on Oct-22 : Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

The congress party is infact is responsible for all the problems in India because it has been in the power most of the period of 62 years since 1947[2009-1947=62] at all levels in administrat....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-22 : How can you blame only the Congress Party?
People of India are responsible for the horrible filth we can see everywhere and in the Ganges.
They efficate on the Ganges, piss on it, throw everything all rubbish, all municipalities are disposin....

    Dr.shriharsha sharma on Oct-21 : Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

Ganga mother Ganga is dying and being killed by the selfish,oportunists traders, factory owners and above all the culprit is Congress Party of India who has ruled India since 1947 ignoring th....

suddhasattwa mookher on Sep-20 : Durga Puja in Rome - Its non-negotiable [34 comments]

I was interested to cover the news as I will visit Rome during Durgapuja.But disheartened to know that I will miss the same since Durgapuja is not celebrating in Rome.I do not know whether other religions fall in the same category or not but I feel it is not right.

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

98% of Muslims in India are converts from Hindus. While Islam unambiguously ordains upon its followers all over the world to recognize only Mohd. as its last Prop....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

To wage a holy war called Jehad is amongst the basic principles advocated strongly by Prophet Mohd. According to him, there does not exist any chance of world pea....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

While addressing a Muslim league assembly at Lahore in the year 1940, Mohd. Ali Jinhha in his Presidential address said :

"Muslims in India are an indep....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, India"s first Law Minister published one book on "Thoughts on Pakistan: He writes as under in that book

"(a) Where....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Men all over the world since time immemorial have been lustful for the reason of their very creation. World religions created by men have attempted to keep under ....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Most non-Muslims particularly the young Hindus know very little about Islam. How such a faith jrew out of sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia, spread so fast in the wor....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

At the age of 62, Mohd. died with his head in the lap of his favourite and youngestwife Ayesha daughter of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr, later came to be elected as the nex....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

The founder of Islamic religion, Mohd. was born near Mecca in Saudi Arabia in a local tribe of the Pagans called Queresh on 20th April in 570 AD. The Pagans of th....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

(There is only one God and Mohammed is his Prophet)

This is known as Kalma by the recitation of which when done three times, the recitor stands convert....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Religion of Islam was started by Mohd. said to the Prophet sent to earth by the God Almighty in about the middle of the 711 century AD. The followers of ....

    yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

The world experience of the past cannot ignore social, cultural, economic and poloitcal upliftment of man. The world holds a colossal store house of man"s accompl....

    Concerned Indian on Oct-28 : Nirnaami, crasta , useless trying to put some sense into these vacume heads
why do they want to do Durga Pooja in Rome for Gods sake? Would that acheive any thing? these guys thrive on mis information

    A.Moron on Oct-11 : Most medicines are made from different animal products. That is not normal meal.
Thus, using Tiger meat for ill people can be justified, but tying up a live monkey and cut his brain to eat along with some fried flies, spiders, cockroachs are nor....

    Nirnaami on Oct-11 : O Moron , let us turn the searchlight towards India (as is my wont most often because we are so atrociously full of hubris). Heard of that Hindooo ayurvedic doctor from Kerala running a swanky clinic in Mylapore for decades with total impunity who w....

    A.Moron on Oct-11 : Almost all the epidemics emerged from China: SARS, Chicken flu, Pig flu; because of the disgusting food habits of the Chinese; they eat everything even unborn babies foetus or tiger"s genitals or alive monkey"s brain or spides and cockroachs. A very ....

    Nirnaami on Oct-11 : Relax Moron :)) chikungunya , droughts , malaria , natural disasters etc also constitute God"s panoply of weapons !!

R P Sharma on Aug-11 : De-saffronization through change of Logo [2 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: De-saffronization-through-change-of-Logo

Dear Mr Sundaram,
Many Thanks for the details on how it took place.
All we can say is it is a reflection of negative brains at work.To simple minds there are much more important and better things to do.
That none in KVS stoodup to oppose is as well a reflectio....

    jayan on Sep-28 : Feedback sent to Author: De-saffronization-through-change-of-Logo

dear sir , what can hindus do!!!!!!! there is no one to protect hindus , except narwendra modi but even bjp is not supporting him fearing votebanks of minorities . these fools....

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