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Ranjana on Jan-16 : Inquisition of Goa: Will Pope apologize? - II [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Inquisition-of-Goa:-Atrocities-on-Hindus-by-missionaries-II

I would like to read more on this content. If you have any books or written material please let me know.

vijith on Jan-13 : Mumbai meet: New Hindu Renaissance [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Swamijis-Mumbai-meet-for-new-Hindu-Renaissance

Vande Matharam

Rahul salgokar on Jan-29 : Capt. Kalia: Remembering Kargil war hero [41 comments]

My full salute to Capt Kalia. we all must again raise our signature campaign & dharna outside paki consulate in delhi. those paki jawans must be punished by trial. We feel sorry for your pain capt kalia. but it will not be wasted. these barberic people must be made to pay for their crimes.


    paresh kumar borah on Jul-21 : sir, you are a true lejends for us...i think you are a kind of milestone for us...which inspired us to became like you...you always remain alive in our heart...we always...remember your all contributions for the nations...sir hatsofff...

    paresh kumar borah on Jul-21 : sir, you are a true lejends for us...i think you are a kind of milestone for us...which inspired us to became like you...you always remain alive in our heart...we always...remember your all contributions for the nations...sir hatsofff...

    satish tripathi on Jul-13 : aap ne hamare desh ke liye jo kuch kiya hai usko hum shabd me bayaan nahi kar sakte aap amar hai aur hamare dil mein hai aap logo ko jab bhi hamare khoon ki jaroorat hogi hum apna khoon aapko denge kyon ki hum na sahi hamara khoon hi desh ki ra....

    satish tripathi on Jul-13 : aap ne hamare desh ke liye jo kuch kiya hai usko hum shabd me bayaan nahi kar sakte aap amar hai aur hamare dil mein hai

    chetan on Apr-11 : I don"t have the words which could describe the valour and courage
of capt. S.Kalia. But know I wonder whether your sacrifice for this godforsaken country is of any worth.
I think ppl here are so selfish and mean that they will not even rele....

    Ankur on Apr-07 : Feedback sent to Author: Capt.-Saurabh-Kalia:-Kargil-war-hero

We will never forget the great sacrifice of Saurabh Kalia. We salute him and request you to bring the facts to us in future also.

    sushil rana on Feb-15 : Feedback sent to Author: Capt.-Saurabh-Kalia:-Kargil-war-hero

real hero

    Shubham Suyal on Feb-06 : Feedback sent to Author: Capt.-Saurabh-Kalia:-Kargil-war-hero

a salute to you and all the soldiers who have fought and given their precious life to save BHARAT MATA

    hindu on Jan-29 : capt kalia died for indians but congress keeps on sacrificing the soldiers by appeasing the muslims-look around people and see who is causing trouble

    ASHISH SINGH on Jan-29 : Feedback sent to Author: Capt.-Saurabh-Kalia:-Kargil-war-hero

My name is ashish kumar singh did my b.tech from VIT ,vellore

I felt deeply grieved when i read your post. I was reading my facebook and suddenly ,this day i saw one lit....

    Patil Umesh Atmaram< on Nov-29 : Feedback sent to Author: Capt.-Saurabh-Kalia:-Kargil-war-hero

Sir We will like to see photographs of our brave Heroes (Capt. Kalia, Sq. Ldr.Ahuja and all their sathis). Please convey my regadrs to their family..... We can never forget them

    Asim Rout on Nov-05 : SIR,
First of all i humbly thank you for your valuable insight. I am deeply greived and shocked after reading this.

    Bitter Truth on Dec-26 : BB,
Good observation but unfortunately these politicians are frothing at their mouths after consuming the opium of secularism with a toxic mix of gandhism. They believe in asking the defenders of this nation in showing the other cheek.

    Bitter Truth on Dec-26 : BB,
Good observation but unfortunately these politicians are frothing at their mouths after consuming the opium of secularism with a toxic mix of gandhism. They believe in asking the defenders of this nation in showing the other cheek.


SATHYA SHEELNA.J on Nov-15 : Aryan v Dravidian — Rama v Ramaswamy [65 comments]

A. Since Kanimozhi proclaims herself to be a self - respecting Periyar Dravidian, she should violently deny herself the privilege of serving as a Minister in the Central Aryan Government controlled by an Aryan from Italy with a white skin (a colour politically hated by Periyar and his men). White Colour is superstitious and anti -Dravidian: Black C....

    hirag on Aug-21 : @ all - Firstly i would prefer if all people used the term south indians instead of dravidian since it segregates the Indians ... Secondly the aryan - dravidian theory is absurd ..

It was further aggravated by the europeans on their discover....

    Senthil Kumar on Dec-25 : Feedback sent to Author: Aryan-vs-Dravidian---Lord-Rama-vs-E-V-Ramaswamy-???

Dear Mr.Sundaram,

I am not commenting on your versus on a particular individual(S) but please dont refer dravindians in such a derogratory way. Let me also....

    Malavika on Nov-23 : If you read comments here, you would have realized that I strongly condemn this govt headed by a shamelessly corrupt PM and super PM.

Yes, all this loot Bofors, CWG, 2G, rice scam et all belong to the poor people of this country. Middle clas....

    Malavika on Nov-23 : Paul G on Monday :

"Why are people focussed on history when today events (like a Raja"s 2G scandal)?"

Wise words. But, where were you when John was demonizing Hindu community?

    Paul G on Nov-22 : The loss to the Indian Govt. in 2G scandal is 1.76laks crores of rupees.
Please focus how to stop these kind of lootings by people in power?

    Paul G on Nov-22 : are a lot more interesting?

    Paul G on Nov-22 : Why are people focussed on history when today events (like a Raja"s 2G scandal)?

    Malavika on Nov-22 : John,

The greatest crime of humanity is committed by the desert cults masquerading as religion. Christianity condones Slavery, sujugation and enslavement of the "non believer". That is exactly what you did in Americas and Australia, genocid....

    John on Nov-22 : Your long article is useless. The greatest crime ever committed by humans in the history of world is to divide the society into four class and this crime is committed by racist brahmans and they hide under the identity of Tamils.

    g kapuria on Jan-27 : animozhi is Tadaka rakshasi of modern age.

    S. Balasubramanian on Jan-27 : Feedback sent to Author: Aryan-vs-Dravidian---Lord-Rama-vs-E-V-Ramaswamy-???

The observations are childish in content. I am not that much well versed in English. If the history to be precisely told it wil consume hundreds of pages and requir....

hindu on Oct-19 : Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court [184 comments]

zakir nail is a kutta . he has no knowledge as such. he deflects criticism of islam by denigrating hindus and hinduism.he enjoys indias secularism and thats why he gets away with murder.
tell him that the so called allah did not know that the sun did not go down in muddy waters. that allah is an idiot

    Lila Dhar on Oct-19 : Feedback sent to Author: Koran,-The-Amsterdam-Court-and-The-Calcutta-Court

Pls read what is spread by Mr. Zakir Naik. He belittles the Hindu openly, outrageously and unashamedly. But the fact is that how do you take this on? Do you have apt ....

    David on Aug-04 : Hindus go thru useless arguments with Moslim (read illogical, empty headed)to convince them how peaceful and benevolent Hindus are (read cowards, gutless and sell anything for Roti, Kapadaa and Makaan). That conversation proves totally useless and go....

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-04 : In referring to the magazine article about what happens to Afghan women, if USA leaves prematurely. Do not our Indian govt. has some duty to Kandhar, modern Afghanistan, from where our daughter in law came, Gandhari who sacrificed her sights for the ....

    hindu on Aug-04 :
i commend this woman-she is a true hindu

"A MALAYSIAN woman lost a court battle Wednesday to nullify her conversion to Islam when she was a child, but vowed to fight on to be recognised as a Hindu.

The interfaith dispute could....

    hindu on Aug-03 : is india for real or what?
tawfik how do you explain your peaceful religion?
S.Ghosh maybe the commies in bengal can do something about this injustice

"Muslim students are forcing a teacher to wear Burqa in India
Aliah University....

    hindu on Aug-02 : religion of peace-
"A MAGAZINE is standing by its decision to use a graphic image of a woman mutilated by the Taliban on its cover in a protest against troop pullouts in Afghanistan.

The cover of TIME shows an 18-year-old woman with her....

    David on Aug-02 : So... all the followers of a third rate messenger/passenger are now silenced once and for all when they now know the facts about their so called peaceful religion. The days of Ottoman Empires are long gone due to great Crusaders. Anyone out there?

    David on Jul-30 : To twafik ahmed

Jesus was not a pedophile and child molester and having wet dreams as confessed by Mohammad (a mere God"s peon) for a six year old girl while his old bag Khadija was still hot... So twafik ahmed get sunnat reversing operation....

    Mo on Jul-27 :
There is absolutely no justification
and excuse for bowing to secularism
when we see this kind of wretched oppression and humiliation
of one faith for a whole millenium and babar crap happening from
5 centuries.

Two obs....

    Mo on Jul-27 :

Achutanand did not speak disparagingly of Col Unnikrishnan EVER !
Achuthanandan, known for his short temper, was outraged by Major Unnikrishnan"s father"s refusal to accept his condolence visit.

Achutanand"s error was t....

    jonathan on Jul-27 : The bible does not prescribe amputating the right hand and left leg for theft, or killing a person for giving up his religion, or killing unbelievers, (if Allah is the creator of man, then why should he prescribe
the 1 billion muslims -1/6 of th....

    Janardan on Jul-27 : Islam is the cruelest religion especially to women for instance, Allah says in Sura 4.34 of the Quran, that a "disobedient wife should be beaten by her husband and deserted" until she is corrected. It does not say how many beatings, which part of  he....

    twafik ahmed on Jul-27 : Mo
Achutanand is the same person who spoke dispargingly of a national hero (and his grieving parents) who laid down his life during the Bombay carnage.He is a arrogant pompous leader.

    twafik ahmed on Jul-27 : david
Christanity has to be full of love or else how could a fatheless-----son of Mary come onto the earth.I wish they had done a paternity test.

    hindu on Jul-27 : so tawfik how does it feel knowing that you dont have any arab blood in you but is full of hindu blood?
bet your minds in turmoil knowing that you are still a hindu convert

    hindu on Jul-26 : #125 ".Have you forgotten your fatwa on Galileo for calling the earth round--incarceration"

and how do you tawfik describe this
"Till, when he [the traveller Zul-qarnain] reached
the setting-place of the sun,
he found it goin....

Rahul on Jul-27 : Killings of Hindus in Kerala [4 comments]

whatever written by the author is truth.CPIM in kerala is killing RSS activists for the past 50 years.They wont allow any other party to work wherevever they are strong.If SFI is strong in any college,all other student parties will get beaten up.It went in to extent that a teacher was killed in front of his 10 year old students in class room.rememb....

    S.Ghosh on May-19 : Another point I want to make.
The supporters of Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram are mainly illegal Muslim immigrants from East Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The supporters of CPI(M), CPI are all Bengali Hindus.

    S.Ghosh on May-19 : I do not know about Kerala but the author got it wrong in Nandigram of West Bengal.

In Nandigram and in entire East Midnapore district, Trinamul Congress has created for the last ten years a reign of terrors. At least 1000 families, sup....

    SHAJU on May-19 : Sir,

First I am surprised How you got IAS, You are well suited for working as RSS spoke person in Nagpur, What ever thing you wrote here about CPIM is only half truth, CPIM has retaliated to defend themselves and protect inocnet Minoority co....

arvind gupta on Apr-03 : 1947: Dark age start in India - II [1 comments]

Dear sir,
One thing is clear. Whosoever has not been born in India and claims to be Indian will always behave like some of our politicians,writers,painters,thinkers and so on .I hope you will recognize them and can judge their actions.
Secondly the name of India is in fame because of sons of the soil and not these psuedoindians.
I like....

arvind gupta on Apr-01 : Greatest Moment In the American History [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: The-Greatest-Moment-In-The-American-History

Dear Sir,
I am overwhelmed with the tears in my eyes to read what you write.
I started your intro while searching for Gangaji before my visit to Haridwar and saw your quote of Swamiji"s letter and curiosity made me to read this one, my favourite leader too.

ganesh on Jul-18 : Attack On Swami Nityanada [28 comments]

Personnaly, I think if someone prevents a generous man from giving food to poor people or if he prevents someone from giving frre education to poor children or if someone prevents another suffering human being to benefit from free medical assistance or if someone prevents a old man to get a shelter and food or if somone breaks a couple and seperate....

    vivekanandan on Jun-29 : o.k. you & your family start the research in the way of nithyananda.

    common sense on Apr-30 : Christians own their churches and worship only in their own church unless it is physically not possible.

Nityanand has committed no legal crime. Those who consider his sexual acts offensive are free to disown him. likewise, those who think h....

    A.Moron on Apr-27 : Pradeep:

You should read the history of the Catholic religion and of Muslim Khalifas( represting Allah in this world).

There were Popes with concubines, they used to rape at random, produced children out of wedlock. In Britain, Chri....

    pradeep on Apr-26 : It is only in Hinduism that you will find that SWAMI and GODmen are involved with females . The reason is SEX with females is not considered to be a sin.TO HAVE SEX WITH FEMALE IS CONSIDERED AS SIN IN BOTH THE ABRAHAMIC FAITH ie ISLAM AND CHRISTIANIT....

    hindu on Apr-26 : michael you have the zeal of the convert you should look up your roots -you pitrs must be turning in their graves - proves the scumbags the christians are trying to deflect criticism

    S.Ghosh on Apr-26 : Michael:

In South Africa there were separate Churches for Blacks and Whites. That was also the case in USA. I am sure these exist even today.

    S.Ghosh on Apr-26 : There is no justification for any Hindu to support this self-styled Swami.
There are are many Mahantas, Pandas, Guru Maharajs and of course people like Bhagwan Rajnish the Sex-Guru.

These are just doing business with religion and trying ....

    U.NARAYANADAS on Apr-25 : WRT Comment no. 16, Mr. Michael"s view of other religions seems to be too simplistic. Does he for instance believe that there are no distinctions in Christianity? Only the name "caste" is not used. I was told that there are 600 different denomination....

    Thinker on Apr-23 : Why these News media owned by Kazhagam thugs don"t cover rampant abuse of boys and girls by Christian Priests?

    Michael on Apr-23 : Hindu ... I am not sure which world you are living in. Come to TN - I will show you temples where the high caste Hindus don"t enter and also I can show you temples where the "low caste" Hindus are not allowed to enter. They fight with each other, kil....

    g kapuria on Apr-20 : Hindu.. You have cited the very reasons why one is famous as the religion of love and the other is famous as the religion of peace. Only Hindus are the scum of the earth.

    hindu on Apr-09 : Very Interesting facts!

Christianity ..One Christ, One Bible Religion.

But the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.

These two will not enter Marthoma Church .

These three will not enter Pentecost C....

    g kapuria on Apr-04 : UN.. The authorities (police) have no business asking the Swamiji any questions. He has not broken any laws.

    U.NARAYANADAS on Apr-04 : I would rather suspend judgement on "l"affaire Nityanada" till more facts come to light. As it happens opinions on the issue seem to range from the surreal to the comic and both sides are sharply divided. There are reports that the "Swami" did not de....

    Mar Kadam on Mar-30 : So what"s wrong if the Swami did indeed manage to Arise and satisfy an adult woman? He"s not so old that he can"t get it to Awake and Rise, and it"s not like the Pope"s Rear Cardinals buggering the Vice Cardinals and little children, hey?


    g kapuria on Mar-24 : Jai.. We have a genuinely fake "Swamiji" among us :-) You too are welcome, my friend.

Anupam on Mar-01 : There Will be Hindu rebellion in rest of India [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: India-needs-Stringent-Anti-conversion-law


I read your detailed artice and totally agree with the ill effect of the conversion which the christians are running throughout the country. We need to make people aware about the hidden work done christian missionaries under the name of charity. For this we ne....

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