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Saurav Basu Discussion Forum


Harry on May-20 : Slumdog Millionaire: Racial prejudice cont.. [1 comments]

I am surprised to find that there is not a single comment on your article. On first watching the movie i gave it up as a fantasy, but with the media attaching so much of importance to a foreign piece of fiction and affiliating India to it , I was disgusted. I am not apathetic to the plight of the Muslims. Saurav, i am a little disappointed by your ....

Malavika Patil on Jun-26 : Amir Khusro and myth of composite culture [4 comments]

Pradeep Sharma Khusro said:

"If you want to know then please contact me or meet me. It will be my pleasure to let you know the reality or truth in this matter."

We would like to know "reality or truth" according to you. Why don"t you post it for the edification of netizens?

    Pradeep Sharma Khusr on Jun-26 : Feedback sent to Author: Amir-Khusro-and-the-myth-of-composite-culture

Dear Sir,

Your view about Amir Khusros writings is not true. Sometimes the truth is not exactly what we see and read. I have conducted some....

    Rishav on Mar-17 : Feedback sent to Author: Amir-Khusro-and-the-myth-of-composite-culture

wrong interpretation my dear author..............

    Rishav on Mar-17 : my dear author u r confused......because ur arrow is wrongly pointed....as well ur writing....

tongue in cheek on Nov-26 : Swami Vivekananda: A legacy denied [28 comments]

What is swami vivekananda legacy that needs to be defined and recognized? Dayanand Sarswati, founder of Aryasmaj, at least, established educational institutions in India.

    S.Ghosh on Nov-25 : Gandhi said, Ramayana and Mahabharata are just stories. Nehru disregarded these books.
Indian people should and must reject Gandhi completely, knowing that he was imposed upon India by the British and the main British agent at that time Sir Gokha....

    Ayan on Nov-25 : It is to be noted that many eminent people of India including M.K. Gandhi and J.L Nehru had recalled the teachings of Swami Vivekananda in their lifetime.What these self declared seculars tell doesnot matter.Even I have not properly known of Vivekana....

    ninamishra on Sep-04 : Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj ji is the symbol of simplicity and have a heart filled with mercy and affection for the poor and needy ones. He is a universal well wisher in true sense as his mercy and blessings showers alike on all human beings irrespecti....

    Gaurav on Mar-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Swami-Vivekananda:-A-legacy-denied

Namaskar SauravJi,

I cam across your article while I was searching for Vivekananda"s influence on the national freedom struggle leaders.Just to tell you,right now I am stud....

    Dileep on Oct-25 : Embassy of India hosted a cultural event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Swami Vivekananda. To view photos visit americanbazaaronline.com/2013/10/25/swami-vivekanandas-150th-....

    S.Ghosh on Aug-07 : those who are denied their proper place in the official history of India became the most celebrated Heros of India: Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Jhansi Ki Rani, Subhas Chandra Bose, Vivekananda.

Who really care to day about Ugly Gandhi and his Ga....

    Shrinivas Tilak on Aug-07 : Feedback sent to Author: Swami-Vivekananda:-A-legacy-denied

A thoughtful discussion of how Swami Vivekananda"s legacy is being challenged or even denied in contemporary India. It will be useful for a paper I am working on presently. You ment....

    Ankit garg on May-30 : Greatness of swamiji lies in his legacy and teachings , he was a born hero , hats off to him.

    Rajdeep Chatterjee on Apr-21 : Feedback sent to Author: Swami-Vivekananda:-A-legacy-denied

It is indeed true that Vivekananda is always being denied in India in all fields related.....
I being a student, remembers when we used to study history in our ICSE cou....

    Pratichi Vaidya on Jan-25 : Feedback sent to Author: Swami-Vivekananda:-A-legacy-denied

This is a very well written article and is absolutely true!

    Mo on Dec-20 : >>Ananda Ganesh V wrote: If at all Gandhi has threw out Bengalis from the upper layers of Congress, then it is to allow people from all other states to grow naturally without nepotism.

Not so. Not logical at all. That"s not how decisions are....

    Prof. (Dr.) Sudhiran on Dec-20 : An excellent piece of article should an eye opener to many

    Ananda Ganesh V on Dec-11 :
I completely agree with your ideas about why and how Swami ji being put aside by media and powerful people of India. But, your views of Gandhi require a little more study.

If at all Gandhi has threw out Bengalis from the upper layers of....

    Anup Gupta on Feb-18 : You very good and timely article. Let Ramchandra Guha and other ignore the contribution of Swamijee but 100 of boys and girls are working silently for the vdestitute and deprived people of our country. Their Pole Star is Swamijee.

    A.Moron on Oct-19 : Why and how Gandhi became the leader of the Congress and had managed to expell everyone else???

Any idea???

    Mo on Oct-18 : Ghosh, do you think Gandhi was insecure
of Netaji ? Did he nurse inferiority complex against
the latter ? The less said about jokerlal chamcha the
better. I will ignore him.

All this is very odd because Netaji had highest

Pushpita on Oct-20 : The veil in the classroom [6 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: The-veil-in-the-classroom

Dear Mr. Basu,

You write very well and I am surprised to see that you are bold enough to write on the issues of Islamic fundamentalism, which are tactfully (often blatantly) skirted by the politically correct media. There are very few good writers who have both the intellectual cl....

    030201kishankb on Dec-17 : AKber Khan on Oct-16 :

I agree with you.

However, as long as a person with an attitude wears his/her religion to make a political statement and judging from history of Islamic rule and behavior of clerics not only in India but als....

    bathmate on Dec-17 : having veil in the class room is the fundamental rights of us

    AKber Khan on Oct-16 : Feedback sent to Author: The-veil-in-the-classroom

We live in a democratic country but we have to think before we speak to the next person (find out his religion) before we get hit by some religious party workers, Even go to a pub or a club ....

    Mohan on Oct-10 : I think the college in question did fine; they allowed Hijab (headscarf )
and not burqah.

Sagar on Sep-10 : Reservation: Unmaking Of Constitution [3 comments]

impressed by such a deep research against the reservation. It also show that you have no knowledge what is happening in rural as well as urban area.
First, you should spend one year disclosing yourself as sc caste then show the research of that feeling then your so called deep research would be justified. Otherwise it is also the same what you....

    soroj kumar on Sep-26 : Feedback sent to Author: Reservation:-The-Unmaking-Of-India"s-Constitution

Are constitution is feudal, judicial system appoints their keen in name of judicial independent, there is no law for 60 % of population has been denied right to highe....

    Gajabe Giridhar on Oct-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Reservation:-The-Unmaking-Of-India"s-Constitution

Did you, refer the debates of parliament on Constitution. I wonder, how Sardar Patel can be one of the chief architects of the Indian Constitution. Will you please ex....

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