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Rediff Discussion Forum


Binny on Jul-11 : Missing Kerala woman, pregnant, thought to have.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! What a great deal...! Two Jihadis in one package!!

Binny on Jul-08 : Zakir Naik faces more probes, funding of his NG.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Maashaa Allaah!... Does not it look like, since the heat is put on Zakir Naik, all India"s traitor vermins are showing off in Zakir Naik"s support. This is the time to nab these anti~India vermins and jail them or throw them out of India. Allaah~Hu~Akbar!! May Allaah Hindostaan Ko Salaamat Rakkhe.

Binny on Jul-08 : 72 crorepatis in Modi"s new council of minister.. [1 comments]

Mashaa Allaah, Maashaa Allaah!... There is no crime to be a crorepati and a council minister. However, the looter crorepatis are the problems for India, like Gori, Italian Mafia Bahu Sonia, Priyanka and Robert V., Chaaraa~Chor LaluJi etc. Allaah~Hu~Akbar!

Anup on Jun-29 : Gujarat court refuses to ban book mocking Modi [2 comments]

What about Salman Rushdie"s book. Of course, in India, Muslims are above the law.

    Anup on Jun-29 : Freedom of expression ! Why Mahatma Gandhi and his myths is banned ?

S.Ghosh on Jun-27 : Modi government "misguided" on NSG, says BJP ve.. [1 comments]

India should not have done a lot
1. It should not have signed the Indo~US Nuclear treaty it was unneccessary.
2. It should not have created the Mauritius Loop which made the relatives of Jaswant Sinha very rich but promoted Hawala and tax avoidance.
3. India should not have signed WTO agreement now China has taken over Indian market.
S.Ghosh on Jun-27 : How could those Brexit idiots win? [1 comments]

BREXIT is not about economics but about maintaining the identity and heritage of a nation. Europe is being destroyed by Germany and France who have allowed millions of Muslims to enter Europe as migrants. They are not refugees but migrants. Thus, Europe is becoming a Muslim area. The UK, if it stays in Europe cannot stop them coming to the UK after....

S.Ghosh on Jun-24 : Medical shocker! Delhi hospital operates youth".. [1 comments]


Simple Observer on Jun-24 : Questions the media NEED to ask Smriti Irani [3 comments]

What about Soniaji"s qualifications?

    S.Ghosh on Jun-24 : Rahul is M.Phil from Cambridge University.

    Anup on Jun-16 : What qualifications Sonia and her son Raul have ?

Simple Observer on Jun-10 : Top US lawmakers praise Modi"s leadership [1 comments]

It is about time for US lawmakers to stop praising Modi and start cooperating with Modi on all issues.

Simple Observer on Jun-08 : Obama vows to support India"s fight against Pak.. [1 comments]

Let the world see, how Obama keeps his vow in action.

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