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Dr Ben Morgan on Apr-02 : A Nation of Sexed Up Priorities [3 comments]


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Mo on Nov-06 : Middle-East Democracy; Perfect Oxymoron! [6 comments]

hindu - I"ll have to dig some more. The points you listed are super fantastic and any outsider doing mischief will be thwarted, and locals will try to save their leader. A fly in ointment is 4-5 decades of rule, and populist measures that run counter to economic principles. These leaders ( great or mediocre ) in mid-east region should do better on ....

    hindu on Nov-06 : Mo i think all the so called "arab spring" was sponsored and orchestrated by western powers. and the western used the muslims gullibility to rebel against gaddafi.
case in point is the persecution of coptic xtians in egypt after the arab spring.<....

    Mo on Nov-06 : hindu - thanks for the impressive Libya info. Sounds fantastic.
I now have only doubt : why was around half or quarter of libya rebeling against Gadaffi ?

    hindu on Nov-06 : legacies of western powers
1.sponsor islam and its terrorists
2.hoodwink them
3.grab their oil wealth
4.deflect their attention towards islamisation of south east asia

only thorn staying between islam an....

    g kapuria on Nov-06 : Libya is headed towards civil war. Their new "freedom" is only a license for the easterners to kill the westerners and people in the south.

    hindu on Nov-05 : and you had to kill gaddafi
below is his legacy

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.

2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its cit....

Malavika on Jun-07 : India: Follow Israel"s Example! [18 comments]

@ S.Ghosh,

Your rants mean nothing.

Provide evidence of Isreal NOT supporting India during Kargil war or 1962 or in between. Or acting against Indian interests. Compare that with how Indians, especially Hindus are treated by your buddies(Muslims).

Fact: they gave ammunition from their own stores.

Your are an ign....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-06 : "partnership with Israel to get state-of-art weaponry."


After 1991 Russia has established good diplomatic relationship with Isreal and allowed Russian Jews to emigrate and so was India.

"Israel do not produce....

    Mo on Jun-06 : >>Thus, your favourites Israel and USA were always anti-Indian, and they will be always.

bogus views. India refused liasion with these nations. In a show of fear and love for Mao"s mystic non-smile, Negru even proposed Chinkiland for UN.

    Mo on Jun-06 :
Israel did try to give a lot to India and even asked if they could obliterate
Pakisatani n.u.k.e.s but Indira said NO. The whole jokerlal era was spent on hugging and kissing and step-dancing with Arafat. PVNR broke the mould and
went fo....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-06 : 1) There is nothing anti-Semetic, as Palestine people are also semetic. There are many Jews who are against the murderous policy of Israel.

Israel( or any western countries for that matter) never gave anything to India in 1962.


    Malavika on Jun-06 : @ S.Gosh

You did not answer any of my questions about who owns ME.

Instead go off on an anti semitic rant.
B.t.w Israel gave arms and ammunition to India in 1962 Indo China war and Kargil too and in between.

With Bongs....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-06 : Jews against the Palestines ( both Muslims and Christians ask Walid Jummlad the Christian leader of Lebanon)) is a separate issue from the Muslim-non-Muslim issue.

Israel has never supported India. Before 1972, Israel and West Germany suppli....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-06 : Even today Jews are doing what moses, Abraham, Soul, Solomon, David did: to kill the Filistines ( Palestines), destroy their houses, steal their land.

If you support Israel, you are supporting these mass murderers.

    Malavika on Jun-06 : @SG
"What Mohammed did was exactly ... mass murder and destruction and evictions."

And Muslims are continuing the inglorious tradition of mass extermnation even now, Unlike Jews, Hindus, buddhists. If you want to support Islamofascists s....

    Malavika on Jun-06 : @SG
"What Mohammed did was exactly ... mass murder and destruction and evictions."

And Muslims are continuing the inglorious tradition of mass extermnation even now, Unlike Jews, Hindus, buddhists. If you want to support Islamofascists s....

    hindu on Jun-06 : administrator does not like my comments and there were NO spam.

    Malavika on Jun-05 : @SG
"S.Ghosh at 23:11 Today :

Yes, a lot of jews were evicted because Jews came from Poland, Britain, France to kill and evict the Palestine people in 1945. That was the cause of war in 1947-48."

Wrong, you need to read up on h....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-05 : Yes, a lot of jews were evicted because Jews came from Poland, Britain, France to kill and evict the Palestine people in 1945. That was the cause of war in 1947-48.

What Mohammed did was exactly what Moses, Abraham, Soul, David, Solomon, Ale....

    Malavika on Jun-05 : SG,

As usual you are rambling nonsense.

A lot of Jews were evicted from their ancestral lands in ME, Iraq, Iran Morocco etc after the Arab Israel war. What about their rights.

Muhammad himself killed all the Male Jews of Me....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-01 : Jews are not innocents. They came from Poland, France, Germany to kill the Palestine people ( Muslims, Christians, both) anf take over their land, in the same way Muslim invaders did in India and white people did in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealan....

    gabbar on May-31 : what an idiotic contradictory comment. What the hell Israel has to do with Pakistan? Did you mean all muslims? If all the jews have to go to other places then what about all the muslims and christians.

    hindu on May-31 : SG you have turned secular do-gooder. israel does not kill innocent palestinians but the muslim attackers. how many of the damned secular media reports on muslim attacks on innocent jews? it is the muslims who are always attacking and killing people ....

S.Ghosh on May-25 : Inquiry into Intolerant Faiths is must [1 comments]

What is the point of having any enquiry?

Let the Muslims live in their territory and do not allow them to come to India. All Muslims should go and live in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They should not stay in India, as they have partitioned India in 1947.

S.Ghosh on May-19 : Bush Doctrine a Must For Every Democracy! [1 comments]

The author is either an ignorant naive or a slavish American Indian.

Who has created Al-Queada, Taliban, Muzzahadins??
Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Clinton.

Why in Libya now NATO, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are openly supporting Hashidi, the leader of the Benghazi rebels, when this Hashidi had been caught working for Al-Qaeda.
S.Ghosh on Apr-16 : India: 3rd Most Powerful or 3rd Rate Nation? [3 comments]

Ever since the Government of Rajib Gandhi had started privatising the properties of the people we have these new Rich Indians, Anil Agarwala, Ambanis, Laxmi Mittal, along with old Rich like Tata, politicians of both BJP and Congress, robbbing the people and becoming some of the richest people of the World, when 80 percent of the Indians are still v....

    S.Ghosh on Apr-16 : Ever since the Government of Rajib Gandhi had started privatising the properties of the people we have these new Rich Indians, Anil Agarwala, Ambanis, Laxmi Mittal, along with old Rich like Tata, politicians of both BJP and Congress, robbbing the peo....

    common sense on Apr-16 : Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! No where in the world every thing is rosy; India is no different!

S.Ghosh on Apr-07 : Being a nice Hindu will not save religion [15 comments]

"How about settling Bangladeshi Hindus in the border districts of WB"

No chance at all. During the last General Election of India, 2 Lakhs of Hindu names in West Bengal were erased out by the Election Commissioner who came from New Delhi; about 250 Hindus were arrested and deported on the spot to Bangladesh.

    Malavika on Apr-06 : S.Ghosh said:
"Hindus are losing ground continusly over the last 1500 years."

Exactly. How about settling Bangladeshi Hindus in the border districts of WB, or else we will lose more land in the next few decades.

    S.Ghosh on Apr-06 :
Hinduism has not survived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Western UP, Eastern Bihar, Eastern West Bengal, Southern assam, Northern Kerala, Western Madhya Pradesh, some parts of Tamil Nadu.

Hindus are losing ground contin....

    common sens on Apr-06 : Hinduism has survived centuries even after untold foreign invasions and will survive for ever Hindus being nice or otherwise. Naysayers and pessimists better take their shops elsewhere!

    S.Ghosh on Apr-04 : DNA or Gene cannot determine psychology except in a minor cases. It is the environment and education that determine a person"s attitude. Religion is the opium of the people, Muslims are direct evidence of that.

    hindu on Apr-04 : sg was it the hindu genes in them or was it the religion which made jinnahs bhuttos blood thirsty


    S.Ghosh on Apr-03 : hindu:

Your cut and paste is misdirected.

It does not matter that the ancestors of Jinnah, Iqbal, Julfiker Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto were Hindus; they have directly or indirectly promoted mass murder of the Hindus.


    hindu on Apr-02 : pardon the cut and paste but admin have different idieas about links

    hindu on Apr-02 : decline came after hindus started being too damn nice

Kashmiris populated Europe 40,000 years back: Study
April, 01 2011

This page is viewed 336 times


An in....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-29 : Common Sense:

I mean that conversion must be promoted, to reconvert the Tribals and expand Hinduism among the others. There must not be any discriminations against the ISKCON .

    hindu on Mar-29 : auburn is a suburb of sydney having a majority population of muslims with lebanese and turkish migrants-


    common sense on Mar-28 : SG: Hinduism if it were to accept converts won"t be Hinduism! All are children of one God. What is there to accept or not!

    S.Ghosh on Mar-28 : Hinduism must accept converts from other religion as equal or more than equals. The attitude of Puri Jagannath Temple is against Hinduism. Swami Shradhananda, swami Vivekananda always accepted the converts. If the Hindus can convert the tribals of th....

    common sense on Mar-27 : Hinduism is not an organized religion; it is a way of life. Hindus don"t believe in conversion, and converts are not accepted in the mainstream of the society. Hare Krishna (ISCON) followers who are converts are Hindus but belong to a seperate sect. ....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-26 : How many people are converting to Muslim religion in India? Very few.
Muslims cannot convert (they will be killed), otherwise a lot of Muslims would leave their religion.

Lots and lots of people of other religions are converting to Hind....

g kapuria on May-24 : The Precept of Ahimsa is Harmful for Hindus [19 comments]

SG.. I am not interested in a shouting match with you. If you have evidence contrary to what I have said, say it. We have discussed these subjects before.

    S.Ghosh on May-23 : Hinduism got a terrible name in 19th century because of its leaders used to support Sati, Caste System, and Polygamy.

Bhamhos believe in original Vedas and Upanisads; thus they were for a reformed Hinduism

    g kapuria on May-23 : Brahamos theselves did not want to be clubbed with Hindus. I never doubted Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo, they were great Hindus. Swamiji"s organization, the Ramakrishna mission, on the other hand, is registered as a non-Hindu organization. The....

    S.Ghosh on May-23 : The reason both Islam and Christianity ( and also Buddhism to some extent) expanded but Hinduism has contracted because Hindus do not like converted Hindus; they reject them. If a converted Hindu of ISKCON go to the temple, they ( Hindus) insult them....

    S.Ghosh on May-23 : Gabber:

I wrote before that the English Bible you can read ( I assume you cannot read ancient Greek or Armenian or ancient Latin) is a modified version ( modified at least 33 times) by various Kings of England; thus, they put whatever they w....

    g kapuria on May-23 : Think about it.. Even a robber loves his own family and friends. How we treat our neighbors and people who are not fond of us, is the real measure of our love. In that respect Jesus fails miserably.

    g kapuria on May-23 : SG..In other words, your "real Jesus" is a theoretical construct. Nobody knows what that "real Jesus" may have said, that is, if he actually existed.

    Gabbar on May-23 : May be that Jesus came here to preach peace and co-existence. But I do not understand what following stands for.

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."(Matthew 10:34-39 NASB)
"49 I....

    S.Ghosh on May-23 :
Swami Abhedananda wrote a book about that: Journey into Kashmir and Tibet ( Published by Ram Krishna Vedanta Math).The book written by Nicolas Notovitch is called The Unknown Jesus. Real Jesus talked about the message of Gautam Buddha.


    g kapuria on May-23 : SG.. So what exactly did the "real Jesus" say? Can you give quotes?

    S.Ghosh on May-22 : Real Jesus had spread the message of Gautam Buddha. Forgiveness, love your enemy, non-violence are not part of Judaism. That was the reason Jew priests demanded his death and he was cricified.

There are evidences collected by Swami Avedanand....

    g kapuria on May-22 : Jesus talked about ahimsa? Really? Are you talking about the same Jesus who plans to burn non-Christians in the fire of Hell?

    Mohan on May-22 : This comments regarding immigration here in UK. The message for students who wish to come and study here in UK.Although,they pay money and study but have no respect and the students are not treated in a respect manner therefore, I would suggest whoev....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-20 : Jesus also talked about Ahimsa. Was it harmful for the so-called Christian countries like UK-France-Belgium-Holland, Spain-Portugal-Germany who all had empires.

Similarly Buddhist countries like China-Japan also had empires.

    common sense on Mar-18 : Ashoka and others before and after him were for themselves and their fifedom first and the nation India after.

    S.Ghosh on Mar-18 : "he became a weakling when he became a buddhist"

Not true at all.

Asoke never gave up violence even when he became a Buddhist.

He had committed mass-murder of the Jains in Pundra-Bradhan ( modern North Bengal) and practic....

    hindu on Mar-18 : roti,kapda aur makaan is indian hindu"s salvation -they have no shame and will sell their own mothers for whoever gives them food.
ashoka was a hindu before he embarked on buddhism-he was brutal when he was a hindu but he became a weakling when ....

S.Ghosh on Mar-15 : Will Indians ever understand meaning of IQ? [1 comments]

IQ is a wrong measure.

It is not possible to predict how a person will grow up by looking at his IQ when he was a child.

If you ask an American to come to India and sit for the General Knowledge exam in the IAS, he will defintely fail; is that mean he is a stupid???

Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwh on Mar-09 : Why are Hindus Addicted to their Abusers? [7 comments]

As Hindu"s having glorious civilization background with with a great economic potentiality; it does not mean that Hindus are any way addicted to any abuser he/she may be of any status. No one should underestimate Hindus- means People of BHARAT( India!).
Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwahati, Assam

    g kapuria on Mar-12 : I would not say addicted to abusers. We are in awe of them. What else can we do? After all, all our gurus are trumpeting their greatness and equivalence to Hinduism.

    hindu on Mar-11 : BT yes true hindus are screwed everywhere in the world but its never too late-look at the arabs in revolt -it came about because of the islamic clerics not because of democracy-mullahs are already jostling for power with puppets as spokesmen and rule....

    Bitter Truth on Mar-11 : Hindu,
da Negru sealed India"s fate of the option you have suggested. All we can now do is spew our bile on our own self. While Hindus are screwed world over.


    David on Mar-08 : A PhD level study about Hindu genes can be very useful because historically established pattern reveals that majority will sell their own mothers, motherland and force their sisters and daughters to sleep with anti-national elements provided Hindus g....

    Ruy Lopez on Mar-08 : The answer lies in the fact that effective leaders like Modi, for example, are systematically bound by albatross around their neck without impunity and it is not sudden, due to isolated reasons and accidental. It is also not accidental that illiterat....

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