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U. Mahesh Prabhu Discussion Forum


hindu on Sep-15 : Simplifying Sharia for Non-Muslim [1 comments]

if i had dog named mohammed will i be persecuted- i mean sharia is only applicable to muslims isnt it

A.Moron on Sep-05 : Book Review: Understanding Muhammad [21 comments]

It is only natural for any King, Sultan to shout from the top of his palace that "I am the God; wash my feet, otherwise I will cut your head off".
Akber started a new religion; Japanese Emperors used to think that they were Gods. That is the way Muslim religion had started.

    A.Moron on Sep-05 : Zakir Naik is Indian. Indians allow him to stay in India but propagate against India"s heriatage. Thus type of Panipath mentality of the Hindus are responsible for the defeat of the Hindus.

Wake up man. Muslim want you to surrender, change ....

    Daksha on Sep-04 : All the hindus in general and myself in particular should learn to respect other religions from muslims only(sic). Hindus respect all the religions and muslims do not even recognize hinduism, Budhism and Taoism. They have lip service of respect for ....

    Daksha on Sep-04 : To Kurbi
As a hindu we are not in a state of denial of our flaws, whereas, muslims are in state of denial of any flaws in their system. Through out the world Muslims have problem with rest of the communities. In Britain, Indians and pakistanis ....

    kurbi on Sep-04 : Mr./Ms Daksha
Learn to respect other religions. Our own hindu has got numerous flaws.
Mind it.

    Kishore on Aug-25 : There is another great book by Craig Wynn called "The prophet of doom". It is a free book available both in print and audio on his website prophetofdoom.org - otherwise just google it. I recommend the book strongly. He proves beyond doubt that the Ko....

    gabbar on Aug-22 : Daksha don"t ask that question otherwise the sun will set in the muddy pool...

    Daksha on Aug-21 : The difference between moderate muslim and fundamentalistic Muslim is the size of beard. Throughout the world muslims as majority or as a minority they are behind the rest of the community. I would like to ask muslims if earth is round or flat. If....

    Anup on Aug-19 : (continued)
There is an interesting article by Ayesha Ahmed;"Sex with daughters-in-law;Divinely ordained Islam". It is on google.
As regards the lady devotee asking Muhammad about her adopted son, I am not sure whether it was mentioned he was....

    gabbar on Aug-19 : "Muhammad"s first wife ( he had about 22 legal wife during his lifetime )Khalida was a businesswoman.She had male employees working for her. She must have spoken to them but Muhammad did not kill her."

I think she was Khadiza. At that time M....

    Anup on Aug-18 : Ali Sina made his mind up to write this book after watching how a Pakistani burnt his wife to death. Her crime was she was seen speaking to her cousin.
Muhammad"s first wife ( he had about 22 legal wife during his lifetime )Khalida was a business....

    Daksha on Aug-13 : India is building greatest institution,that is, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) and whereas muslims build the greatest Institution, that is Islamic Institute of terrorism. The islam instituionalized terrorism.

    Sandra on Aug-13 : And growing beard doesn"t need any intelligence or hard-work.

    Daksha on Aug-13 : If muslims are minority they do not go along with majority and they adovocate Geneva Conventions. If muslims are in majority there are no minorities and they want laws based on sharia. This is a typical example of hypocracy. Througout the world mu....

    Jai on Aug-12 : Daksha,Maha Mad only used the word Allah just to get out of sticky situations--any cul de sac route taken it is Insallah.

    Daksha on Aug-11 : Islam is not a religon but militant cult lacks any logic and reasoning. Muslims do not go along with any religion. They do not go along with Hindus, Cristians, Jews, Budhists and Parsi religion. They have problem with everybody in the world. Genr....

    Daksha on Aug-10 : I recommend everybody to go into following websites.

These are the websites created by Ex-Muslims. These website gives indepth nature of islam. If muslims are....

Amit on Sep-16 : Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..? [12 comments]

I think writer has rightly concluded that BJP should dilute and join Bharat Swabhiman andolan in the interest of the nation and the world. The leadership we see in Swami Ramdev can not be matched by anyone currently. By seeing his sheer hardwork and determination, I can say there will be one day when I will see true bhartiya constitution and India ....

    Anup on Sep-07 : Of all Indian-origin organisations, RSS does most humanitarian work, to call it "clumsy dinosaur" is sad. If RSS doing which is not beneficial to Hindus, It is our duty to make sure it understands our needs.I will be interested to know, in which way ....

    kurbi on Sep-04 : Attention Mr. Prabhu..
i read few of your articles. your arguments are rigidly adhering to a particular sect. Many organisations are started with good motto like RSS. They end up bad because of the selfish activities of few leaders or you can ca....

    S.Ghosh on Aug-11 : I just only wish that RSS would send some Hindu-Sikh brave warriors to fight the separatists in Kashmir; certainly they can do a much better job than the J&K police, who are certainly pro-Pakistani because of their religion.

    Adithya on Aug-10 : Shri Prabhu
As you"ve rightly understood that RSS can NEVER support terrorism. I am also a bit surprised when you say that "the current leadership lacks in charm and vision". Sangh always moves with time and understands the pulse of the nation be....

    g kapuria on Aug-08 : CNN-IBN are themselves terrorist sympathizers. If RSS were truly terrorists, they would be in their good books.

    M.Srinivasan on Aug-07 : RSS canever,never enter terrorism. They achieve so much even this present govenmnt cannot do. Let us forget that this government is not interested inachieving anything except gloating theswlisss zacounts of Babus, ministers, corporated. Thry brli....

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-07 : Paragraph one analysis of IBN/CBN: Even though it is hundred percent right that IBN/CBN are behind the propaganda about imaginary RSS terrorism threat, it is shallow. IBN/CBN is just part of a lager agenda of brain washing Indians and Hindus. The age....

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-07 : Paragraph one analysis of IBN/CBN: Even though it is hundred percent right that IBN/CBN are behind the propaganda about imaginary RSS terrorism threat, it is shallow. IBN/CBN is just part of a lager agenda of brain washing Indians and Hindus. The ag....

    SUNDAAY on Aug-06 : HI ,Chennaities ..good afternoon to every one .I"m here today to say the most irritating and nuisance issue which not only me and almost every one face everyday ,right now.So this is all about the marketing messages what we receive every day to our m....

    common sense on Aug-05 : Feedback sent to Author: Analyzing-RSS:-Will-RSS-ever-resort-to-terrorism?

RSS, never, were terrorists and never will be. Terrorism is to hurt others, and is diametrically opposed to Hindu philosophy and culture. Hindus strive for "Moksh." T....

    Mahesha on Aug-05 : Feedback sent to Author: Analyzing-RSS:-Will-RSS-ever-resort-to-terrorism?

Dear Mr Prabhu,

I liked your article for the fact that you have described the current situation of RSS. I am a swayamsevak, but I am saddened by its lack of ....

Dev on Jun-01 : Constitutionally Recognized Separatism [1 comments]

Its all dirty politics around the country which makes such things continue for decades.We aspire to become a developed society with umpteen such conspiracy thriving in the country.All we believe in is getting our pockets filled with money.There is no accountability at all the levels of society and if it exists, its just ideological of academic valu....

g kapuria on Apr-05 : Sonia behind MJ Akbar"s removal? [2 comments]

Our "top" journalists are cowards who do not have the courage to call out the names of the aggressors and enemies of the nation. I will consider them worthy as human beings only when I see them siding with the people of India. Manmohan Singh made statements like "Muslims have the first rights to the resources of the state", and "British rule over I....

    Akash Raha on Apr-05 : I thought this article was a wonderful piece. It is indeed sadening to see the plight of Indian media and Government today, who fail to recognise the panache and chutzpah of the top journalists in our country.

Harish on Feb-15 : Demystifying the Sufis [12 comments]

Most of the Sufi"s in India were murderers and praised Islamic rulers for their activities. Sufi"s were used as a fifth column by muslim rulers to entice hindu population to Islam, as the violent methods had put off hindus. They imitated the lifestyle of hindu saints and hindus fell for the tricks. Sufi"s also offered vital intelligence to Islamic ....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-21 : Some Bauls are Vaishnavas, some Bauls are Sufis.
Muslim fanatics normally attack those Sufi Bauls.

    g kapuria on Jan-21 : SG.. You are right. Some Bauls are closer to the Vaishnavas. They were influenced by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Some claim that Nityananda prabhu"s son was the more direct influence. But they are not Vaishnavas, because they do not follow the Narada panch....

    g kapuria on Jan-21 : SG..You are not correct about thee Bauls. They do take some inspiration from Sufi islam, but their worship songs are more from devotional Hinduism and tantric Buddhism.

    S.Ghosh on Jan-20 : Sufis may exist in Iran or Turkey just like the Orthodox Christians, but they are in great danger from the attacks from the Muslims.
Even in West Bengal recently Muslims often attack the Sufis ( commonly known as Baul singers).
Sufi shrines a....

    g kapuria on Jan-11 : shsharma.. I know that Sufis exist in Iran. They have some problems with the majority, but they do exist.

    shsharma on Jan-08 : Feedback sent to Author: Demystifying-the-Sufis--in-India

Sufism not only survived in India but harming Hindus and it is due to ignorance and lack of awareness in Hindus about the facts on Sufism.Hindus are leaderless and that is the reason....

    g kapuria on Jan-04 : SG.. Turkey is filled with Sufis of all kinds of sects.

    S.Ghosh on Jan-04 : Sufis have survived only in India, the land of the Hindus. In the country of its origin iran and Afghanistan they do ot exist. That is also the case in both Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Sufis are considered to be non-Muslims by the Wahabis.

    David on Jan-03 : Kindly Hindus should not blame their problems to others due to their own thoughtlessness... It"s like bunch of hens go to a fox (because of their infighting) for their own advantage... In process the fox gets its nurishment and grows stronger... The ....

    Dileep Karanth on Jan-03 : Feedback sent to Author: Demystifying-the-Sufis--in-India

Very informative and important article!

    hindu on Jan-02 : its not secular islam but magian or turko-persian beliefs incorporated into islam

LawOrderGuy on Jan-23 : Yes, India needs MF Husain [15 comments]

Yes, India needs the MF Hussain.
How can India hang him in a foreign country?

    parthaSarathy on Jan-15 : Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

I remember an article while ago that Tulsi, known for its medicinal qualities, would help protect the Taj Mahal from environmental pollution. In an exercise being undertaken by the UP Fores....

    A.Moron on Jan-14 : There is no need for this fanatic Muslim like Hussain to come back to India. He should go to Pakistan instead.

    Mallika on Jan-12 : I don"t understand why Hindus don"t commission nude pictutes of MF Hussain and his family. He did NOT paint them nude. Ofcourse he painted Hindus and Hitler nude, just a coincidence. Not !

He is a class A ????

    Mallika on Jan-12 : "And yes... India needs MF Husain."

The above statement is a faith assertion not backed with any evidence. India does not need purient iconoclasts like Hussain. He is carrying out the notorious tradition of Islamic Iconoclasm. Is it any surp....

    Mohan on Jan-09 : Asking the author a straight question :

- does India not need directors like Van Gogh ( who was
beheaded ) ? And MF Hussain is still alive, even
escaping judicial process.

    MB on Jan-07 : Author needs to research on this subject before forming an opinion & backing it up with no Facts.

    F.Kemal on Jan-07 : M.F.Hussain crossed the line in the name of art and expression. Period.

    NonPsuedo Secularist on Jan-05 : "Picture Speaks Thousand Words".

I used to think what"s the big deal about nude pictures. After all there are plenty in konark and khajuraho. However, I show MF"s picture of nude Sita-Devi in a sexually compromised position with nude Hanuman....

    S.H.SHARMA on Jan-03 : Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

You have written the artcle nicely and I thank you for that but in last 1300 years Muslims have never apologised and if they have they have done it to fool Hindus or non Muslims.They have r....

    Truth Speaks on Jan-01 : Only SECULARIST and COMMUNIST idiots need traitors like MF Husain. Hindus don"t need him. MF Husain to Hindus is 1000 times Salman Rushdie to Muslims. Every Hindu has a right to punish MF Husain by protest and legal acts .

    Danav-Asur on Jan-01 : MF Hussain is not case for forgiveness. He is perfect fit for punishment. Why has he painted only one religion"s divinity nude? It is double standard like Pakistani loving administration is doing to Hindus in every matter in the name of Pseudo secula....

Osman on Dec-26 : An [hour] with a Prostitute! [59 comments]

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    Naveen on Dec-22 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Bhai...iss conversation ko padne k baad tune meri thinking badal di hai....i think iss article ko padne k baad bahut log apni thinking badal denge prostitutes k baaee me...??

    Karthik on Oct-09 : Nice Blogging ... Good Script Writing...
Unbelievable Story
I Repeat its Un~Believable Story...

    Pankhudi Naik on Aug-24 : Hi I am Pankhudi Naik! High Profile Goa escorts. I serve only elite class people of the state. I am very attractive sometimes I get comments from my clients that they have fallen in love with me and will hire me again and again. I get overwhelmed lis....

    Dr Mark on Jul-12 : Dear Sir /Madam,

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    Aman on Jun-25 : I dont know that the story is true or not it does"nt matter for me.but your words actually changed the mind of many people towards prostitution.

    Aman on Jun-25 : Really appreciated your piece of writting..and the incident was very sad n emotional.

    Colourful Eddy on Jun-20 : What was her rate per hour?

    Suraj on Jun-20 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Is it true??? Seriously??

    Fredi on Feb-08 : This author is so innocent. He deserves to get a NATIONAL AWARD......

    Thanos on Sep-16 : Do you think that people who are reading this article are fool, that they will believe in this your fairy tale story. Well grow up man

    Thanos on Sep-16 : Do you think that people who are reading this article are fool, that they will believe in this your fairy tale story. Well grow up man

    Harry potter on Sep-06 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Not one word of this is true.
Stop lying.
Write something meaningful.

    Rafi on Sep-04 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

The incident happened just gave me a whole new perspective to these unfortunate women. Moving!

    Kaz on Jun-07 : This article is really fake. With so much of poetic touch and self praise , I can understand that the author is trying to portray himself as the hero of a story but the quantity of fakeness is too much to take in.
First fact is , you are handsome....

    Sai on May-21 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Really liked reading your article. the moment i started reading it I felt as if I was there on that beach and was watching you guys talking to each other.

Though I can not do an....

    mary samanta on Jul-26 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Its good to know atleast a few men like you are there ..to be honest..to be human..to respect women..it really demands a mind of quality.. I appreciate it..God bless. ..!!

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