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U. Mahesh Prabhu Discussion Forum / Message Board - Page # 1
U. Mahesh Prabhu Discussion Forum


abdul on Jan-23 : Tablianization of Mangalore? [1 comments]

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Shawnjeawn on Aug-28 : Islamic Fanaticism, No Economic Backw.. [31 comments]

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    Shawnjeawn on Aug-28 : Feedback sent to Author: J

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    RaymondAvaix on Jun-13 : Feedback sent to Author: J

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    Shawnjeawn on May-25 : Feedback sent to Author: J

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S.Ghosh on May-02 : Indian Muslims vs Muslims of India [2 comments]

"Dr. Zakir Hussain and Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam are distinguished personalities who belong to this category. All Hindus, including those in the RSS, and Bajarang Dal, appreciate and honor them."

Very few Hindus outside the Congress and BJP like these people.

APJ never had a PhD; he is a Diploma Engineer, became an administrator in DR....

    Syed Rahat on May-02 : The author has included factualu incorrect and wrong information in his article. He wrote "India had Muslims as Prime Ministers and Presidents?". This is not true. India never had a Muslim as Prime Minister. If it is so the writer should give the nam....

hindu on Sep-13 : Vedic, Aztec & Mayan Culture [7 comments]

histoysgrt which book u refering to i hope not those "book" touted by xtians and islam

    historysgrt on Sep-13 : people if u read the book u"ll only understand

    hindu on Feb-09 : thanks BT- hush lest the seculars hear of this they will denounce this and say muslims were the original inhabitants of peru

    Bitter Truth on Feb-08 : An interesting read on the subject: http://ponniyinselvan.in/forum/history-discussions/chilambalam-it-mayan-chidambaram-4805.html

    hindu on Feb-07 : and they both blow conches in their religious rites as well

    hindu on Dec-10 : google for "Secret Society of Nine Unknown Men"

so many hindus are hoodwinked by macauley"s teachings

indian historians for most part are only interested in post-islam india
rss and vhp should have a research lab for a true ind....

    hindu on Aug-13 : culinary similarities -indians have roti and rajma(beans)and south americans have tortilla and beans-defeats conventional thinking about civilisation and its development

srinivas on Nov-18 : What is the future of Hindus & Hinduism? [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: What-is-future-of-Hindus,-Hinduism-

Dear Br.Mahesh,

I liked your passion for the cause of Hinduism. But what is the solution?
May be there is a need for another Chanakya. services available.


S.Ghosh on May-02 : Debunking Krishna, Demonizing Hinduism [31 comments]

Sri Aurobindo said, "Gandhi is a European-truly, a Russian Christian in an Indian body."


    S.Ghosh on Jun-09 : munienkateeswerrao:

"Starting from the 1950s, we were deprived of education and many were forced to change their surnames because they were denied education"

How can you be deprived and by whom?

"They say Muslims have been ....

    Deepu Jose on Jun-09 : http://sangursh.blogspot.com/
Please vow to pass on this Blog and Join us, so that this corruption (read link pages) is exposed and discussed in every household. The media would then investigate and the culprits would be booked, bringing us vict....

    munienkateeswerrao on Jun-09 : Feedback sent to Author: Debunking-Krishna,-Demonizing-Hinduism

Once in the US, it so happened that a lady was being chased by a dog. She ran until the dog was stopped and made to run for its life by a brave young man. Looking in awe, among ....

    Mo on Nov-14 : >>Aurobindo quoted: Gandhi"s position is that he does not care to remove violence from others; he wants to observe non-violence himself.

Excellent observation from Aurobindo ( though he still did not say Gandhi was not Hindu ).


    Ruy Lopez on Nov-14 : I agree with SG. The mindless pacifism has made India a soft country, which Bharat never was. Only Bharat country in the world is standing against the centuries of onslaught from the combined attacks of foreigners and traitors from within. Only Kshtr....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-12 : On July 23, 1923, Sri Aurobindo said, "Purification can come by the transformation of the impulse of violence. In that respect the old system in India was much better: the man who had the fighting spirit became the Kshatriya and then the fighting spi....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-12 : Gandhi said that Ram and Krishna are not historical persons, just like the modern Secularists of India. Thus, he denied the divinity of Krishna and Ram

    Mo on Nov-12 : SG !!! You are deviating from your line.

Your claim was that Gandhi was not Hindu
because he rejected Gita etc. That was demonstrated as

Pls note that I"m not Gandhi fan.
I too dislike the gutless and dumb leaders....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-12 : Gandhi was not Selfless but very Selfish.

He after being the President of The Congress Party without any election and against the opinion of many of the leaders expelled everyone who were against him.
He was on the payroll of Birla and B....

    Mo on Nov-12 : >>Jai wrote:
>>Mo, Mao had complete disregard for any being, especially the weak and vulnerable.While he sat in his palanquin,his wife and kids walked in jungles and rough terrains/massacared millions of innocent people and alot more.


    Mo on Nov-12 :

Gandhi"s self-declared foundation of thought was "unattached/selfless action" as mentioned in the Gita.

Here is a stronger point to say that Gandhi used Christist ideas as well:

"Showing the other cheek to be hit" looks l....

    Mo on Nov-12 : Thanks for Aurobindo"s quote. I read it
and find that nowhere he claimed that Gandhi
was not a Hindu.

Ail that he said was that Gandhi was an
European in Indian body.

It should be said here that Gandhi never
claimed ....

    Mo on Nov-11 :
In Gandhi"s own words:

The Gita is the universal mother. She turns away nobody. Her door is wide open to anyone who knocks. A true votary of Gita does not know what disappointment is. He ever dwells in perennial joy and peace that passe....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-11 : Facts are sometime intolerable.
Gandhi said clearly that Ramayana and Mahabharat are fiction; Ram or Kishna were not historical persons.
There are central authorities for Hinduism. Those who do not accept the authority of the Vedas, Upanishad....

    Jai on Nov-11 : Mo, Mao had complete disregard for any being, especially the weak and vulnerable.While he sat in his palanquin,his wife and kids walked in jungles and rough terrains/massacared millions of innocent people and alot more. Perhaps if we get rid of our N....

    Mo on Nov-11 : >>S.Ghosh wrote:
>>Mao Tse Tung wrote in his Red Book that if your enemy is against you, you are doing the right thing. If your enemy is praising you, you are doing the wrong thing.

Mao had this on-the-ground common sense. In spite of a....

Maksood Dalupang on Aug-04 : Wahhabis" atrocities against Muslims [5 comments]

Wahhabism is not found in Islam the misguided sect is only using Wahhabi. The correct Islamic Creed Aqeedah should be in accordance with the Qur"an and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed alaihisalam.

    hindu on Oct-25 : whitewashing by muslims and lapped up by secularists

"DC Comics is about to publish a series in which the Justice League of America fights crime alongside The 99 - the world"s first Islamic superheroes.

Jabbar the Powerful joins for....

    ShSHARMA on Sep-26 : India is in the worst situation and has suffered most in words of American historian, philosopher,author Will Durant and would suffer more in years to come because of policy of divide and rule with appeasement of Muslims first by British raj and th....

    muslim on Sep-25 : ddd...dOUBLE dHOL dAVID...U ALSO HAVE THE SAME dna

    David on Sep-25 : Wahhabis are using Paki. and Indian moslims to conquer India and then kill these moslims afterwords as lableling them "Nakali" as their DNA are same as of Hindus...but stupid Paki. and Indian moslims" brains don"t see this as they are empty.

030201kishankb on Oct-12 : How War on Terror is Bankrupting the World [3 comments]

The Long War in Pakistan by Imtiaz Gul WSJ offers an opportunity to vent and comments, at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704696304575537281933054918.html.
Progress in Afghanistan will be fleeting if it comes at the cost of creating more enemies for Islamabad in the border regions.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-11 : USA is not the World. USA is bankrupt, but not the World.
The War on Terror is a just a trick to occupy the oil fields of Iraq, which are now in the hands of Anglo-American oil companies.
George Bush oand Obama are dishonest. If they were hon....

    030201kishankb on Oct-09 : Mr. Prabhu in his concluding remarks stated, "Though filled with brilliant research and analysis from an economist"s angle the book falls short, completely, with regard to role of Islam in promoting terrorism."

There are a number of books th....

Ubaidah on Feb-25 : Defeating Political Islam: New Cold War [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Islam:-Religion-or-Politics?

I bear witness there is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad is his messenger.
Dear Columnist,
How sad it is for you to write about Islam being a political ideology.Well it is true.we the Muslims are switching our thinking from islam being as a religion to....

    Bitter Truth on Oct-09 : There is no political islam. The classification is in the mind of the followers. They compartmentalize roles. But each one of the followers is aware of all aspects (political or otherwise). They switch the role based on the situation.

    030201kishan on Oct-09 : America just like India knows it is a victim of political Islam. It took ten years of fighting Sunny Islamists first in Afghanistan then in Iraq and now again in the Afpak areas for America to understand that source of their problems is in the Afpak ....

CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-16 : Journey into America - Akbar Ahmed [1 comments]

i am not a muslim so i don"t know what"s the problem of muslims staying in non islamic country. it seems that when ever there is a problem of muslim, it becomes global. but think about the islamic countries, do they give respect to non islamic people residing in those islamic countries. many westerner are complaining that the islamic people are kil....

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