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abdul on Jan-23 : Change the mode of EC appointments [1 comments]

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Dr. Mohadas Rajeesh on Jan-14 : Arresting inflation on war footing [6 comments]

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    Dr Raj on Jan-03 :
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    Apple on Jan-02 :
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Sunita Sriram on Nov-20 : Women of India-unite to break shackles [1 comments]

A thought provoking essay and the macro picture of the dismal status of women is projected well, especially in rural areas. True the statistics do not give a rosy picture on the status of women and they are bonded for life!
If I may be bold enough to present my view points which are 1men are physically stronger and are able providers whereas wo....

Sunita on Nov-18 : Why expose Indians to Taliban killings? [1 comments]

Nice article..

Vikaas Chauhan on Jun-22 : Gujarat: Corruption-free governance pays [1 comments]

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v.suneel kumar on Oct-25 : Good governance - where India stands? [7 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: The-good-governance---where-does-India-stand?

your article is so great.

    P Kumaran on Sep-25 : Good governance....ooops. we should put up anexpert committee of intellectuals from politics who can jump from tongue to tongue. Purchasing MPs for their purposes. Even the Military brasses can be utilised for the purpose. Even our present day leader....

    g kapuria on Aug-08 : Muthiaji.. do you remember who you voted for? Send that fellow a letter stating that you have voted for him and you are suffering. And demand that your representative takes care of you.

    A Muthiah on Oct-18 : I am aged 74 and retired from service in 1997 from the lakshmi College of education, Gandigram. I am entitled to be counted two local body services
for pension. The authorities have not counted the service for pension though I have been appealin....

    kamal on Jan-07 : Feedback sent to Author: The-good-governance---where-does-India-stand?

i want ur articlw

    p kumaran on Aug-31 : Feedback sent to Author: The-good-governance---where-does-India-stand?

Thanks for your articles espcially "we need leaders for cause of poor" and "women of india unite to brake shckles". I have a project as you desired. I think ....

    p kumaran on Aug-31 : Feedback sent to Author: The-good-governance---where-does-India-stand?

Thanks for your articles espcially we need leaders forcausew of poor and women of india unite to brake shckles. I have a project as you desired. I think we m....

R K TIWARI on Dec-18 : India needs army of human rights activists [25 comments]


email: rktiwari.ina@gmail.com

    Elengo A on Oct-06 : How can i join HRA , I need to do something for the civilized society.


    Charanjeet Singh on Aug-18 : Feedback sent to Author: India-needs-army-of-human-rights-activists


The Editor,

Discrimination with me in Dubai (A serious issue for Human rights Association)
UAE Withhold my original medical reports of suspected tu....

    Tajuddpn Shaikh on Jul-29 : Every one talks of Human Rights, but very few knows about it. Its a sorry state that, so many innocent people are rotting behind the bars. Once Rtd. Justice Anand Narayan Mulla of Kashmir wrote "Some men are living behind high walls ; they are not hu....

    g kapuria on Jul-13 : Our country needs human rights activists who will scrupulously side with truth. People like Arundhati Roy and Teesta Setalvad have ruined it for good people.

    Tajuddin Shaikh on Jul-13 : Hi, I want to do some thing at least for human rights.I am not so young to do much running around, nor too old to lie down in a corner. I have just 62 years of my back.
Dictatorship is just one step behind democracy if violations of human rights....

    M kumar on May-27 : How can i became a HRA. kindly send me details @ mith8581@gmail.com

    Adarsh dasa on Feb-23 : I am Adarsh Dasa from most draught ridden region in our country that is anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh
which is also crumbling in the hands of blood thirsty factionists who r killing making illiterate n poor labourers n farmers into their ....

    Truth Speaks on Feb-18 : If every Indian truly becomes a true Indian like Swami Vivekananda preached, then there is no need of any kind of human rights activist industry. Because Humanism and human rights are integral parts of Indianism.

    manav on Feb-18 : How can i became a member. kindly send me detail at manav.mkus@gmaiil.com

    Vimal Kishor on Dec-23 : sir
i don"t want to give comments.only i want to work for human rights.


    S.Ghosh on Nov-25 : Dr.SK Tewari:

Go to any central ministry on Human resources, tribal welfare, women empowerment, etcetc. get in touch with a peon, who will take you to the officer. give him One Lakh Rupees and he will give you a project on condition you will....

    Mo on Nov-25 : I second Ghosh on this topic; the HR activists have not set good examples.
Arundirty Roy, Anganga Chatterjee, Akhila Raman, Teesta Shitvaad, Sanjay Pande,
and similar rogues have been rampaging Mother India with lies and divisive agendas.

    Dr SK TIWARI on Nov-25 : Feedback sent to Author: India-needs-army-of-human-rights-activists

Sir myself a medical Doc. I want to become a human right activist kindly guide req the qualification, process. reg etc.
I belong to Deoria dist, of uttar pradesh.

    S.Ghosh on May-03 : Those who have no qualification to get any job, they become activists. They can get a lot of money from various government fund for the NGO ( Non Government Organizations who prosper on Government funds) if they are prepared to give away 10 percent o....

    Mysore Srikant Praka on May-02 : Feedback sent to Author: India-needs-army-of-human-rights-activists

Greetings to you Sir,

Thank you for your concerns Sir,

In India, we need lot of activists, every citizens are DEMORALIZED! just because of our corrupted po....

Dr SANJAY KULSHRESH on May-27 : Cars, oil prices and choking Indian roads [1 comments]

Dear Sir,
I have written a book on present traffic related hazards in India "Tsunami on Roads: Wake up India!" please go to its website [http://www.tsunamionroads.org]. This book discusses the present traffic related problems on roads and their management like road accidents, traffic congestion & jams, environmental pollution, road rage, etc,....

Sunita Sriram on Nov-18 : Do we need Bharat Ratna, Padma awards? [3 comments]

Now it is the season of returning awards...better not to award them in the first place as it is high time to do away with colonial rituals!

    Tarun Kumar on Jul-30 : Dear Sir,

I would like to respectfully disagree with you here. I firmly believe that a country ought to honor those who have a contribution to it beyond imagine. Those who have surpassed limits to bring fame to the nation or have been instru....

    Gopal Raturi on Mar-24 : i am unable to understand why Indian Government not able to find great musicians, socialiats, tecnocrats, philosophers that have valuable contribution to society. Pls visit this link for 1 Example:

anushree on Aug-15 : Migration to cities: How to stop urbanizat.. [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Migration-to-cities:-How-to-stop-rapid-urbanization?

good content,comprehensive and impressive.

    shalinda on Mar-24 : Feedback sent to Author: Migration-to-cities:-How-to-stop-rapid-urbanization?

please explain me with example the topic of migration.

    k.s.meenakshisundara on Dec-13 : Feedback sent to Author: Migration-to-cities:-How-to-stop-rapid-urbanization?

I need to know the details of MIGRATED POPULATION DETAILS OF FARMERS AND AGRI LABOURERS WHO HAVE MIGRATED to chennai. Can you direct me.


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