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Kishan Bhatia Discussion Forum / Message Board - Page # 3
Kishan Bhatia Discussion Forum


Dr.Ratan Bhattacharj on May-07 : Influences of Poor in Democracy [2 comments]

Helping poor is like helping the drowning man. Poor should not be poor if they are given to work. There are many poor who curse their luck and do not work. Hard work and honesty have made America a rich nation. In India poor people are given unnecessary indulgence. Poverty is celebrated even by great writers. Poverty is a despicable thing. Hate tho....

    bathmate on Dec-17 : Influences of poor in Democracy is very less...Democracy is such a system where only influential people(businessmen) in society get the good opportunities...

S.Ghosh on May-08 : America - Two Responses - Part I [3 comments]

USA send 7th Fleet to attack India in 1971 during the Indo-Pak War.
Since 1956 USA is giving Pakistan all kinds of weapons and loads of money.
Muzzahadins were created by Jimmy Carter in 1978 to destroy the Socialist government of Afghanistan and to drag the Soviet Union to the war.
Taliban was created by Clinton to take over Afghanista....

    Dr. Ratan Bhattachar on May-07 : This is a bogus assertion that America is trying to destroy us. No one can destroy no one for no reason. America is keeping the balance today. Terrorism is being sponsored by Pakistan . Who will curb it ? Some countries are sponsoring terrorism. If t....

    bathmate on Dec-17 : America is trying destroy us...

bathmate on Dec-17 : Basic Hindu Beliefs and Scriptures - Part I [2 comments]

Ved is the most authentic scripture among all hindu scriptures.

Rana on Dec-16 : Dharma and Cosmic Man - Part IV [1 comments]

Hello I would like to add that I do relegious / spiritual tours to India. Tours like meditation tours, yoga tours, prayer tours and visit to places like Amritsar, Dharmshala, Kullu, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Khajuraho, Varanasi, tirupati, Mahabalipuram,pondicherry and other part of India. You may catch travel force india on "indiatajmahaltour" for more ....

S.Ghosh on Dec-17 : Response to a Wake up Call - Part II [3 comments]


Yes, follow that light from the desert and be a suicide bomber, or a rapists or a killer.

Great show from the deserts.

    bathmate on Dec-17 : wake up every one...there a light has been lid by Prophet Mohammad(sws)...follow this light...understand this light...

    JAMES KEEGAN on Dec-14 : Awesome blog!we should always awake when we get any kind of wake up call from any one.

Mohan on Dec-18 : Introduction to Gita - Part II [76 comments]

AM, read the main part of what I wrote in previous post..
ESP 2nd para. Good luck in your attempts.

    A.Moron on Dec-18 : Lord Ganesha,Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Kali etc....

Sure Hell, you also got Gadkari,he looks like a crook, perhaps a new incarnation of the crook Pramod Mahajan.

these are the defenders of the Hindus.

Hindus do not nee....

    Mohan on Dec-17 : It appears like some folks are mighty embarrassed of what they see/perceive.
That need not be the case. If Pure Vedas were to be the only resource,
Hinduism would have been finished between 1000 B.C and 500 AD. Adi Sankara

    S.Ghosh on Dec-17 : Quatation of the Year 2009 ( written by one Rajesh in ZOPAG website):

"The indisputable fact is Hinduism is universally synonymous for worshipping anything and everything from humans (with particular emphasis on their genitals) to animals (e....

    bathmate on Dec-17 : Introduction to ved will be more effective...

    A.Moron on Dec-16 : I am not a Bengali, you can possibly see. Every Bengali is mad for a Kalibari, Durga Puja and all kinds of idol worships, which is not Hinduism, according to the Vedas, Upanisads and Bhagwat Gita
I said nothing against Sri Aurobindo, who gave a n....

    030201kishankb on Dec-15 : Comment #74 offers the bottom-line, I quote, "It is fascinating to see Indian diversity in different perspectives."

Although my knowledge is based on limited comparative religious studies I maintain that there is no other religion to match H....

    g kapuria on Dec-15 : Mohan.. I know many Bengalis. SG/AM does not represent them. I have not seen any Bengali putting down Sri Aurobindo and praising Ram Mohan Roy. SG/AM is even critical of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Incredible!

    Mohan on Dec-14 :
This thread is fascinating for another reason.
Hinduism interpreted in Eastern India appears to be slightly different
from the one we have in rest of India and vice versa. Interestingly,
all of India sees one to one with Swami Vive....

    Mohan on Dec-14 :
>>1) There is no Tantriks in Buddhism

Not true. Buddhism is not one unique stream. It contains many..
Therawada Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism ( includes Tantra ) etc..

Kapala simply means skull ( cup ) .. and Tantriks of both ....

    Mohan on Dec-14 :
Swami Vivekananda on Divine Mother:

Manifestations of Her glory show in power of immeasurable might,
Throughout the universe, powers that swell the sea of birth and death,
Forces that change and break up the Unchanged and change....

    Mohan on Dec-14 : AM,

First of all, you are trying to mix up a lot of things.
I got tired reading about your parallel comparison of deities
with Laloo/Paswan/Jyoti Basu etc.. wonder which "Veda" told you about this.
I take it that you tried to in....

    A.Moron on Dec-14 : I still do not accept Siva-Kali are from Hinduism.

I challenge you to prove me wrong by quoting from three sets of books, I accept, as representative of Hinduism: Vedas, Upanisads, Bhagwat Gita.

    A.Moron on Dec-14 : Comment £57 is for Kapuria, who said Kapaliks are Buddhist Tantriks.
1) There is no Tantriks in Buddhism
2) Kapaliks are followers of Kali; they sacrifice humans in front of Kali. They are not Buddhists, who would not sacrifice even animals i....

    Mohan on Dec-14 :
Comment #56 doesn"t belong here, it is comical if not for tragic
loss of logic and sense, and has nothing to do with Hindu ethos
or analysis. Sorry AM.

    Mohan on Dec-13 : Ghosh;

>>Rudra in the Rig Veda is not Shiva. Rudra"s skin colour is red, Shiva has blue.Rudra"s two sons are Maruts
Shiva has two sons ( Kartik, Ganesh) and two daughters( Lakhmi, and Saraswati)

It is a case of terms, that"s all....

    Mohan on Dec-13 : Ghosh:

I"ll touch up a bit more on what you"ve written;
Not only Jnan ( Gnan ) yoga and Karma Yoga and Spiritual/Bhakti Yoga,

but also; through "yajna" that is beneficial to society like charity,
through right living like y....

George Mathew on Nov-08 : Non-Violence to Warlordism - Part II [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Non-Violence-to-Warlordism

In your entire article, you failed to mention about the "Esseenes" or "Eseenes" who were Jewish and yet did not agree to slavery, meateating, violence and other worldly activities -- they were even celibates.

Is it because you have not heard about the Esseenes or was it that you....

Akshay Bhatt on Oct-26 : Hinduism, Yoga and Modern Science [2 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism,-Yoga-and-Modern-Science

Dear Sir,

Please contribute your part at www.eAnveshan.com (www.scienceinsanskrit.com ) and make community feel proud with your active presence.

eAnveshan is about exploration of sciences in ancient Indian texts.


Akshay Bhatt
    TRN Rao on Oct-17 : Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism,-Yoga-and-Modern-Science

I commend you and congratulate you on your excellent articles.
I like to add to the list of what God loves:

A person whose sole aim is to protect dharma and is willing t....

bathmate on Dec-17 : America: Offshore Strategy of War [23 comments]

America has changed the concept of war...that"s y we see the new strategy that is off shore war

    030201kishankb on Oct-23 : S.Ghosh on Wednesday :

The following article provides a chronology of TTP or the Pakistani Taliban and its mission.

SAAG Paper no. 3471; 23-Oct-2009

"Military Supremacy, Eliminating Terrorism, Safeguarding Democracy - Pak....

    030201kishankb on Oct-21 : S.Ghosh at 00:08 Today :

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

There are many conspiracy theories floating around on Internet; Charlie Sheen and Michael Moore exploit their celebraty status to spread some of them. These acti....

    030201kishankb on Oct-21 : S.Ghosh at 00:08 Today :

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

There are many conspiracy theories floating around on some of them.

As far Clintons, well they are the officers of Government of US. What can I say othe....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-21 : 030201kishankb:
Don"t be worried. I wrote that comment 17, but somehow by mistake I put your id instead of my name.
You Tube has video of Hillary Clinton saying that "We have organized Taliban", true indeed, in 1996 Bill Clinton has created T....

    030201kishankb on Oct-20 : Moderator, please note that I did not post the comment #17. Someone else has impersonated my id. Please help, if you can. Thank you.

    030201kishankb on Oct-20 : I suggest you to watch You Tube video on CIA has organized the recent Sunny attack on Iran and the evidences that CIA has organized Al-Queada, Taliban, Muzzahideens etc etc.

Since 1956, when CIA put Ayub Khan on power, USA is pampering Pakis....

    030201kishankb on Oct-17 :
S.Ghosh at 02:41 Today : I quote from an commentary by C. Raja Mohan titled, US and the Pak Army: the mirage of civilian control (Indian Express, Oct 17), "Section 302 (a) (15) of the Kerry-Lugar bill says the Secretary of State must offer the f....

    030201kishankb on Oct-16 : S.Ghosh at 02:41 Today :

I disagree with some of what you stated. However, it is academic and we are dealing with realities as they exists today.

It is too soon to tell what will be the consequences of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, IMHO. Al....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-16 : USA through the Kerry-Lugar Bill that will provide $7.5 billion aid to Pakistan so that Pakistan can spend all its budget to finance terrorism in India.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-16 : So, Indira Gandhi was correct in 1979. india was the only country outside the Soviet Block, that has told the truth:

Pakistan had invaded Afghanistan in 1978 and to protect Afghanistan according to the Afghan-Soviet Treaty USSr sent its arm....

    030201kishankb on Oct-15 : S.Ghosh on Wednesday:

Most of what you said, I agree.

For those interested please see, "Country Profile: Pakistan" by Nadeem Paracha (Dawn, October 15, 2009); I have not laughed as hard as I did reading Paracha"s satarical article.....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-14 : There are two types of people in NWFP. One type are those like Ayub Khan, who used to be in the British Army and then invaded Jammu & Kashmir in 1947, and invaded India many times, committed mass murder in East Pakistan in 1970.
There is another ....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-14 : It is well known that USA has created not only Taliban, but also Muzzahideens and Al-Queada.
Ben Laden was honoured as the Freedom Fighter from Afghanistan by both Mrs.Thatcher and President Reagan.
Ronin Raffael, the Special Assistant of Bil....

    A.Moron on Oct-14 : 030201Kishankb:

So, you are in the wrong Forum. This is Indiacause.com not Yankeecause.com
If you do not know the role of Bill Clinton to create Taliban, you are very ignorant.
Dana Rohrabacher, a representative and a republican in ....

    030201kishankb on Oct-14 : Pakistan"s Partial War on Terror By C. CHRISTINE FAIR (WSJ, Oct 14, 2009).

    030201kishankb on Oct-14 : Pakistan"s Partial War on Terror By C. CHRISTINE FAIR (WSJ, Oct 14, 2009)at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704107204574470004052709162.html

bathmate on Dec-17 : Afpakia War: America"s necessity [8 comments]

USA can never be a friend of India,,,that"s for sure

    S.Ghosh on Oct-24 : USA can never be a friend of India, it never was.
It has done nothing for the defence of India, but paid Billions of Dollars to Pak Army.
It is always against India"s nuclear weapons, missiles, and India"s industrial development.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-24 : In both countries, Pakistan and USA, the government is not in charge of the secret services and the military.
Pak and American secret service and military are partners in creating terrorism for the last few decades.

    030201kishankb on Oct-22 : For an interesting article exposing Pakistans vulnerability to economic as well as insurgency downsides please see Where Pakistan"s militants go to ground By Syed Saleem Shahzad at Asia Times, October 23, 2009 issue.

I have asserted that Ame....

    A.Moron on Oct-21 : Who can trust USA? They want to have access to Turkistan"s natural gas and Kazakhstan"s oil. For that purpose, thousands have to die in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and possibly in Iran ( except Obama just like Reagan can make a deal with the Ayatol....

    030201kishankb on Oct-20 : A.Moron at 02:17 Today:

Reality is that America is paying through its nose both materially and militarily for offshoring Afghanistan war to Pakistan. It had hoped to save American lives and not get attacked as it did on 9/11. Now American a....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-20 : Russian TVs are reporting that the attack on Iran by some terrorists( Taliban or some other) a few days ago was organized by the CIA as a prelude for more general attack. Thus, Afghanistan will be used by USA to attack the countries surrounding it wi....

    A.Moron on Oct-20 : America"s costs are not real cost. USA can just print its own money, which cost only the cost of the papers.
Other countries do not have that facility. They have to export to earn enough foreign exchange to pay for its army in foreign countries.<....

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