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Kishan Bhatia Discussion Forum / Message Board - Page # 2
Kishan Bhatia Discussion Forum


KZS on Oct-20 : Faith and Nationality Issues [1 comments]

Shenzhen KZS Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd.

muslim on Oct-01 : Multiculturalism define India and Indians [69 comments]

Budda Ghosh Raaste par baith kar Kaanda Batata ka Thela chalayega

    Mitchel on Oct-01 : Feedback sent to Author: Multiculturalism-Core-values-define-India-and-Indians

i was doing research about multiculturalism and came across your article. i was wondering if you"d send me a copy of Part Evolution and Political Paradigms and th....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-17 : There is no shortage of competition in the retail markets: there are millions of small traders competing each day with each other. Wal Maqrt will destroy their earnings, as it did in USA-UK where most small gocer shops vanished leaving the city centr....

    g kapuria on Jun-17 : SG.. Walmart coming to India will be a good thing. Our markets need competition. There is far too much price gouging in India.

    S.Ghosh on Jun-16 : American companies are killing millions all over the world.
Del Monte for decades make the Latinos ( particularly the Indians) slave in all over Latin America; financed the war against the Indians in Hondurus, Nicaragua, Mexico.
WalMart has....

    hindu on May-29 : multiculturalism is for losers and india has lots of them in guise of secular hindus

    030201kishankb on May-12 : CORRECTION:

In post #63, Washinton Post, Home>>News>>Business section should read The Washinton Times, Home>>News>>Business section May 12, 2010 issue

My bad.

    030201kishankb on May-12 : HERE IS NEWS; Wal-Mart plans $2B push to fight hunger, S. Ghosh ji.

Check out May 12, 2010 issue of Washinton Post, Home>>News>>Business section for details.

If you know of such initiatives by Indian corporated donors to combat hun....

    Dr. Ratan Bhattachar on May-07 : India believes in positive secularism. Vivekananda cited many examples of this religiosity of the people of India. People have accepted the Mughals till the time when they did not show any religious intolerance. Aurengzeb showed it and the great mugh....

    030201kishankb on May-03 : S.Ghosh at 19:53 Today:

I am too old to walk alone anywhere at night so I can"t comment on it.

when i was young I did walk in areas you have mentioned and many more at all hours of the days and nights. But for me those days are over....

    S.Ghosh on May-03 : Kishan Bhatia:
I am sure you will not dare to walk with your grand sons on the streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles or New York after dark. You know very well that you will be "dead meat" soon. I am sure you will not dare to go to Bronx or Ha....

    030201kishankb on May-02 : Sensitized by 20+ post long on-going discussions with S. Ghosh sahib ji and puzzled by a nagging question if there are up to 10 million or less than 3% of American poor and if 85% of American lives in urban centers and cities why didn"t I notice them....

    030201kishankb on Apr-29 : S.Ghosh at 01:05 post #57.

No disrespect intended Ghosh sahib ji, in my 50 years of living and travelling for business reasons all across USA, many parts of globe where energy supplies are produced and processed and India I have not seen kin....

    S.Ghosh on Apr-29 : The figures I have quoted are the number of homeless people who are living in some kind of shelters provided by various charities in USA. It does not include the number of people living on the pavements in every big cities, as noone have colledted th....

    030201kishankb on Apr-28 : S.Ghosh at 00:10 post #55, thanks for Facts and Figures.

I quote you, "One approximation of the annual number of homeless in America is from a study by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, which estimates between 2.3 and 3.5 ....

    S.Ghosh on Apr-28 :
Facts and Figures: The Homeless
[ This is just one estimate; other estimates give a much larger number of homelessness in USA.]

The recession will force 1.5 million more people into homelessness over the next two years, according t....

    030201kishankb on Apr-27 : S.Ghosh on Monday

Please provide references to your claims, if possible to this discussion group or alternately, you may send me an e-mail via ivarta.com editors. Thanks

Dr. Ratan Bhattachar on May-07 : Wars Are Drugs [3 comments]

Dont know why Pakistan is inciting people to wage war against India. Neighbourly relations if they are smooth and peaceful, will reduce the budgetary cost. Pakistan should stop trying to win over India by sending Kasavs but by showing friendly relations in commerce and industry. Defence cost will be nearly half if Pakistan feels that it is a frien....

    030201kishankb on Mar-20 : SAAG Paper no 3725, March 19, 2010, "SAUDI EXPORT OF WAHHABISM to India" by R. Upadhyay 03202010

An interesting perspective on history of closed minded Arabs exporting the culture of desert and stale political Islam ideology to progressive m....

Dr. Ratan Bhattachar on May-07 : Value of Social Activism with Horizontal.. [2 comments]

NGOs are these days well known. They are engaged in various yeoman jobs. But some NGOs are profit making organisations. They are abusing govt and public funds. The issues they are dealing with are very catchy but they have no social impact. NGOs are to be monitored more carefully. Regular vigilance is necessary. Open an NGO and make money - this sh....

    akash singh thakur on Mar-06 : sir i have not good compnd in english so please ignore my english sir i want to give advice to prime minister please send him i have idea for stop polution and control on mehgai sir if pass the rule only saterday rule is only saterday people no drive....

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharj on May-07 : Imagining Pakistan in decade of 2010 [4 comments]

Pakistan is going to destroy itself in the hands of the terrorists. The rise of terrorism is a menace for Pakistan. It is instigating terrorists by providing them clandestine support. There is a story of the lawyer who advised the old female client to keep mum if the judge asked anything. The lady won the case. But the lawyer then asked for fees. T....

    030201kishankb on Feb-09 : hh shah on Sunday :

Appreciate the suggestion.

It would help if you can publish a blog at this website based on your review of the same book to back up your assertion, I quote you, "This book, when read by many, has the potential ....

    hh shah on Feb-07 : Feedback sent to Author: Imagining-Pakistan-in-the-decade-of-2010

Mr. Bhatia;

I would urge you to please read a recent book,
"9-11 made us think"
It is available at :
www.createspace.com/3399993 and www.amazon.com

    A.Moron on Feb-03 : Why do they need powerful economy when USA, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE are going to provide all they want.

Dr Ratan Bhattacharj on Jan-28 : Loyalty of Home-grown American Terrorist [1 comments]

American policy of double dealing with the terrorists is at the root of all troubles. It is pampering the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir and punishing them in Afganisthan. It is not pressurising Pakistan to cleanse the country of terrorists It is a heaven for the terrorists.

G Srinivasan on Apr-17 : Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V [11 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Great to see Sankhya being explained.I have decoded Sankhya mathematics over the last 40 years. I contains a complete scientific derivation of all particle and stellar body masses more accurate than on Physics. The three Gunas are mathematcally derived to show that its is source of eternal....

    Vivek Verma on Sep-05 : Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Hi Sir
I am a student of IIT Delhi doing engineering. I have a project in psychology for which I would need the 22 page document on Samkhaya System. I would be really grateful if you cou....

    wanting hsieh on Jul-11 : Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

I am very interested in understanding 3 Gunas in much more details. Do you have any books or articles ?

Thank you for your help.


    Prof. Ram L. Pandey on Feb-22 : Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Dear Kishan:

I am in the process of reading your article related to gunas theory from your website. It appears very interesting; however, it is based on dualism/idealism (Dvait/Adv....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-25 : No Indian should look at the History of the world or History of Civilization written by any Anglo-Americans, as they always insult us, try to minimize the importance of India. In their books, Indian ancient civilization does not even exist, the histo....

    030201kishankb on Jan-21 : S. Ghosh on Wednesday:

I hear you; A nearly 6,000 year uncertainty in the age of any Hindu scriptures may be mathematically true but is it consistent with other relevent factors know for the global history.

For example, are you fam....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-20 : AryaBhatta"s calculation about the age of Mahabharata"s war is mentioned in a number of places. Recently some astronomer"s of Indian origin in USA have recalculated the age depending on the astronomical position as described in the Mahabharat at the ....

    030201kishankb on Jan-19 : S. Ghosh please be aware of an article, "Yoga at the speed of Light,"
published in the Haindeva Keralam magazine that specializes in ancient Indian knowledge. The article I am referring to was posted by ivarta.com in the Analysis, Other News sec....

    030201kishankb on Jan-19 : S. Ghosh please be aware of an article, "Yoga at the speed of Light,"
published in the Haindeva Keralam magazine that specializes in ancient Indian knowledge. The article I am referring to was posted by www-ivarta.com in the Analysis, Other News....

    030201kishankb on Jan-14 : S. Ghosh at 00:22 Today

Depending on the source, unknown are the century or period in which the Sankhya system and the Guna theory were created. However, Kapila may have been Vyasa"s contemporary judging from my understanding of it as scie....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-14 : When exactly the Sankhya system was created?
In Bhagwat Gita Sri Krishna has mentioned that only the fools think Sankhya and Yoga are two different system.
Bhagwat Gita was possibly created in 3800 BC, at the time of the Mahabharat"s great wa....

S.Ghosh on May-08 : America - Problems for Pakistan [3 comments]

It is naive to think that USA does not endorse the terrorist activities of Pakistan.
USA has much to gain from terrorism against India.
India can never raise its head.
It will be subjugated by Pakistan-Saudi Arabia-China, all enemies of India but friend of USA.

    Dr. Ratan Bhattachar on May-07 : pakistan is very cleverly using American aid for attacking India. Destabilisation of India is its plan . In the name of combatting the terrorists Pakistan is actually nourishing terrorism. Today Pakistan is becoming the den of terrorists. All terrori....

    ramesh on Jan-13 : Pakistan has a strategic postion between China , Central Asia, India , Iran and Arabia. Unless India does not reabsorb Paksitan the US will have to cooperate with the Paks.

V.N.Deshpande on Dec-30 : True Education and Poverty alleviation [6 comments]

Are Those of us who are so voluble about intended changes in the school system, especially the rural primary schools, willing to support materially and otherwise establishment of ONE model school in a taluka. This will have an automatic effect in changing the faces of other schools in the vicinity. Sadhana Village in Mulshi Taluka of Pune district ....

    bathmate on Dec-17 : true education will come if we start to believe in one GOD...ppl around us are very selfish...they don"t think bout their fellow mates...coz current secular education teaches them feel for yourself first then think about other...that"s y we see that ....

    030201kishankb on Nov-15 : S.Ghosh on Saturday :

My understanding is also same as yours; upto secondary education according to the constitution of India I am told the responsibility is that of the state concerned and most states do not interact horizontally.


    S.Ghosh on Nov-14 : I do not know about other parts of India but in West Bengal, the state government pays the salaries of all teaching and non-teaching staffs in every schools, even for the Madrasas and Christian or Hindu religious schools.
Government has its own s....

    030201kishankb on Nov-11 : A.Moron at 01:55 Today :

Exactly. You nailed it, Sir.

That"s why I have suggested a Model for Reforming Secondary Education for Rural Youth, published a few ago by ivarata.com

That"s why this follow up article.


    A.Moron on Nov-11 : People are poor because they cannot afford education. So they stay poor.
How many parents can send their sons or daughters to IIT knowing that it will cost more than Rs. 1.5 Lakh per year or to IIM, knowing that it will cost more than Rs.12.5 La....

g kapuria on Dec-18 : Three Yogas Popular with Hindus - Part II [2 comments]

Bathmate..I am amazed that you could see some benefit of such "yogus". If yoga was this mindless, I would stay way clear of yoga. Pardon me, KKB. I cannot take it anymore.

    bathmate on Dec-17 : yogus are really effective exercise

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