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S.Ghosh on Jan-19 : Ideologies of Democratic vs Welfare States [1 comments]

"Judging from what has happened to USSR and the US in our lifetime, I say, a welfare state is a recipe for maintaining and encouraging an attitude that suppresses desire to generate wealth needed to improve quality of life. Welfare state ideology induces boredom in population."

The author knows nothing about Economics or about the USSR.
Shalini on Oct-22 : Vedic Science and Knowledge Yoga [2 comments]

Namaste Dharma Jagrthi Trust(R), Bangalore is organizing a 2day National Conference on Vedic Sciences.
Please visit www.arshadharanvc.wordpress.com for more details.

Make use of this opportunity to share your knowledge on Vedic Sciences/enhance your knowledge.

    hindu on Dec-16 : parrallel to hindus in india www.livescience.com/17498-democracy-decisions-ignorance.html

mo on Oct-04 : Formula for Successful Developed Nation [1 comments]


Anup on Oct-03 : Lies and Men of God "Proselytizers" - Part I [1 comments]

Is there any non-Christian senator in America?
Abramic religions are nothing but religious imperialisms.

030201kishankb on Jul-22 : Transcendence Fueled Positive Thinking [5 comments]

In rSrno # 4, please read tongue for tonug. My bad spelling.

    030201kishankb on Jul-22 : There is plenty of anecdotal data from Indians but there is not enough scientific data from Indian sources.

I have a friend who suffered from toung problems; he couldn"t speak at age 66+. All American doctoers did a variety of tests but cou....

    S.Ghosh on Jul-22 : I have seen in the case of one of my relative who was suffering from a rare disease of Lymphatic disorder the power of Mantra. After trying all possible medicines, she has started Kundalini Mantra with Vegan diet. She is now nearly cured.
For Spi....

    030201kishankb on Jul-20 :
S.Ghosh at 19:41 Today

I agree. I am practicing it daily and learning/benefitting more and more from Preksha Meditation coupled with physical theraphy under supervision of a personal therapist and spine specialist doctor to manage pai....

    S.Ghosh on Jul-20 : Mantras also can invoke positive thinking and can cure a number of diseases.

S.Ghosh on Apr-05 : China Pakistan and Defending India [3 comments]

China has already occupied the whole of India.

When you can see traders in Bangalore selling Chinese cloths, batteries, toys, even Benares silk sarees Made in China, what is left of India??

    hindu on Apr-05 : while indians are busy selling themselves china is already knocking on the door- your india is in danger-
china doesn"t care much all they want is money and territory- and india is ripe for picking-congress and seculars and commies are ready to h....

    030201kishankb on Apr-01 : In my blog I quoted data recited by Prof Amratya Sen on literacy rate at 64.8% for India. These data are for 2001.

Latest 2011 census data show that India"s literacy is now at 74%. This is the latest news.

In comparing statistical d....

S.Ghosh on Mar-23 : Zia"s Children [3 comments]

"Notwithstanding the targeting of Awami League functionaries and East Pakistan"s substantial Hindu minority, the mass murder was broadly indiscriminate"

Not at all.

First the Pakistani army killed everyone in the Jagannath Hall, the hostel for the Hindus in Dakha University; then they systematically destroyed 900 years old Ka....

    030201kishankb on Mar-23 : S.Ghosh on Mar-18

I waited this long to respond to your comment. I agree with you that I did not do justice by saying that Pakistanis in general and those of the West wing prior to 1970s were moderate. The following comments taken from toda....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-18 : "Prior to 1970s Pakistan was considered a moderate state."

Are you an idiot or an agent of the US-UK-France.

In 1970, Pakistan has killed more than 3 million people ( most of them were Hindus) in East Pakistan.

In 196....

S.Ghosh on Mar-04 : Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of... [7 comments]

These are the sideshows for the main event of the day: Invasion and occupation of the oil fields of Libya( Iraq is already occupied) by the Anglo-Americans.

    S.Ghosh on Mar-04 : There is no Arab revolutions at all. The system stays in each and every countries. Current Mubarak is replaced by a new Mubarak. That is all.

Yes, you are correct that this revolution was organized by FaceBook, Google, Twitter, Orkut, Hotmai....

    hindu on Mar-03 : more like dawn of islamic fundamentalism

    030201kishankb on Mar-03 : I very rarely watch CNN. Most of what I write is based on independent research of published materials.

Conspiracy theories are not my forte.

Learning from history is my motivation.

It just occurred to me that a share of cr....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-03 : It is obvious that Al-Queada ( who is under the payroll of CIA) have created these agitations in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain to give time to NATO to prepare itself to invade Libya to steal its oil fields.

Britisj-Americans are always thieves; th....

    A.Moron on Mar-02 : The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, an organization financed by the CIA, was activated. It is instructive that it was the city to see the rapid emergence in the streets of the old monarchy flag and portraits of the late King Idris, the tri....

    A,Moron on Mar-02 : Come on Mr.American Indian. You watch too much CNN; so you got everything wrong.

Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen are all side shows created by Muslim Brotherhood directed by CIA.

The main target now in Libya, then Syria and at last Iran.

Malavika on Feb-01 : Predatory Muslims [10 comments]


I agree. Anglo-Saxons are/were in bed with Islamists and hope that it will not blow back in their home countries.

    S.Ghosh on Jan-28 : "jihad fever infected Arab"

You must be joking man.

Osama Ben Laden was an Arab. Hamas is an Arab party. Saudi Arabian are Arab of course. That is also true about UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, all sources of Jihad.

Wait for a few da....

    hindu on Jan-28 : "Of course Anglo-Americans always promoted the Muslims and created Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo.

That is the reason Anglo-Americans are not our friends either. They are friends of the Muslims.

We Indians should get closer to all anti-M....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-27 : Muslims are just killers, rapists, murderers, slave owners. They have learned from their Maliks, Mullahs, Ayatollahs how to cut throats.

Of course Anglo-Americans always promoted the Muslims and created Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo.


    030201kishankb on Jan-27 : Post-Islamist period is being predicted in this new book reviewed in Daily Times, January 28, 2011:

BOOK REVIEW: Rise of Islamic liberalism —by Ahmad Ali Khalid

The New Voices of Islam: Rethinking Politics and Modernity — A Reader ....

    030201kishankb on Jan-27 : I don"t believe in ignoring contribution of Indian Muslims to India"s growth and development. In fact they can be inspiration for Muslims in other parts of the globe to reform and be responsible members of global village.

IMO, jihadist are m....

    muslim on Jan-27 : moderator,
Ghosh ke barah main tumhara kya khayaak hai? Woh discussion kam aur islam ko gaali jyaada deta hai

    SGhosh on Jan-27 : Can you keep out the Muslims from India, although they already got their Pakistan. Thus, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

hindu on Dec-08 : Takfir and Moderate Muslims [5 comments]

how is this for moderate


    S.Ghosh on Dec-01 : There is no such thing called Moderate Muslims.
Remember what Mohamed Ali and Saukat Ali, supposed to be the most liberal Muslims, during the Khilafat movement said about Mahatma Gandhi.
"Even a murderer drunk Muslim is preferable than Mahat....

    S.Ghosh on Dec-01 : It is also a historical fact that in Medina, jews were all slaughtered when they allowed Mohamed and his army to enter the city peacefully.

Jews were dispersed from Palestine, after that country was occupied by the Arabs in 7th century.

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