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Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. Discussion Forum


Dr Donald on Feb-07 : Why have Statues on Tank Bund - Hyd? [1 comments]

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babaji on Mar-08 : Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..? [33 comments]

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    uday on Jul-20 : Recently i observed that many companies and corporates are coming for setting up their organisations in Hyderabad after meeting KCR. Again it will do injustice for real Telangana people who migrate to other countries for jobs.Developing and focussi....

    R V GOPAL on Nov-05 : Telangana did not develop despite 60 years of Association with Andhra.AP got same Union funds compared to UP, MP, WB, OR Maharashtra but the development of Telangana is much better when compared to these states. We spent several years without develop....

    r v gopal on Nov-05 : We Andhras will be greately benifited by this division, lost so much time without developing ourselves and spending on development of BIMARU

    Srinivas on Oct-03 : @narayana reddy, Krishna river flows more length in telangana than in andhra because of telangana people are ditching andhra people for there welfare. what do u say about it :)

    mk on Aug-02 : Hi Kavuri....How you know they are considering area near to Nuzvid to Hanuman Junction for new capital....I heard either Ongole or Nuzvid but to which area they prefer...any idea?

    Kavuri on Aug-01 : High Command has been considered one of the place in krishna district which is inbetween Nuzvid to Hanuman Junction for the new capital in Swarnandhra pradesh.This place is adjacent to Remalle Village where the industrial growth is very fast now.

    Pingala on Jan-19 : I am wondering what the "TV9 Varadhi" program purpose is. Is the guest looking for a) some sort of funding from overseas or b) looking for some suggestions and lessons learn from the experienced countries like US? If the "separatists" want to learn f....

    reddy on Mar-16 : muslims ni india lo lakunda massacre chaiali.terrorists lanja kodakulu dengai andi india nunchi terrorists.

    reddy on Mar-16 : orey ne yankamma mana reddy caste unity guranchi think chaiakunda telangana guranchi mataladutunaru.first mana caste reddys guranchi think chaiandi dani taravata telangana,costalandhra,rayalaseema guranchi think chaiandi.telangana,costalandhra,rayala....

    Narender Reddy K on Aug-16 : Feedback sent to Author: Separating-Telangana-from-Andhra:-Does-it-make-sense?

Dear Alankar Ji
Hats off to you and thanks for covering most of the issues the TELANGANITIES are having.
I would like to mention about the water.
I fe....

    Bitter Truth on Jun-28 : If only such reasons were good enough for the formation of states. Thank goodness this author is retired and for a good measure retard.

With such people what better can you expect

bathmate on Dec-17 : My experience of Profiling at US airline [6 comments]

USA is such a filthy country where racism is very common...usa sucks

    Truth Speaks on Oct-19 : US and European airlines treat Indians and Pakistanis on par as if Indians also have Terror background like most of Pakistanis do. Since we look alike Terrorists, we can"t help it.

    Durlabh Bhanvadia on Oct-12 : Feedback sent to Author: The-Good-and-Bad-of-Racial-Profiling

For what ever reason, my profiling is perhaps of the nth degree since 9/11. I travel frequenlty for business internationally. Almost inveriably my boarding pass is marked with "SS....

    Krishan Mago on Oct-07 : Feedback sent to Author: The-Good-and-Bad-of-Racial-Profiling

We should not mix-up racial discrimination( the Gates episode) with racial profiling.Racial profiling done in the name of public security and protection is fine but what kind of ....

    sohan on Oct-04 : Feedback sent to Author: The-Good-and-Bad-of-Racial-Profiling

Racial profiling is discrimination, subjugation, and no way a substitution for safety. Being randomly singled out is another story.

There is nothing good of Racial Profil....

    narayan deshmukh on Oct-02 : Feedback sent to Author: The-Good-and-Bad-of-Racial-Profiling

Dear Gopal,
I agree with you.I would however like to add that unlike your family"s calm behavior at the Newark airport, many people over react and that leads to a confrontatio....

S.Ghosh on Aug-26 : Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom? [7 comments]

It is a British propaganda that Gandhi using his Non-Violence method got freedom for India. Only the kindhearted British could appreciate Gandhi and gave India freedom as a generous charitable act. This showed how great the British were.
This is a propaganda, which has nothing to do with the truth. At least 5 million people were forced to starv....

    Vikas on Aug-26 : KL seetharam, "practice what he preached" ?
This includes sleeping with nude young women
in his experiments in celibacy.

I don"t see him creditworthy of anything.
He was given 5-star treatment and personal secretaries
in jail....

    klseetharam on Aug-26 : Mr. Arun Gandhi, the president of now defunct Gandhi Institute of Peace at the University of Rochester, New York has done a mistake. His inclination towards violence is uncalled for. Truly it is a Blunder.
But just the fact that head of Gandhi In....

    Mo on Aug-22 : Feedback sent to Author: Did-Gandhi"s-Nonviolence-give-Freedom-to-India?

Indian independence movement was fired up through fearless revolutionaries. The patriotism they evinced from ordinary people got the latter involved in mass movements. ....

    nitish on Aug-22 : excellent. truly rational and sane statement based on facts.

    Anthony on Nov-05 : Feedback sent to Author: Did-Gandhi"s-Nonviolence-give-Freedom-to-India?

Very interesting Article. Thank you.

Have you read "The white Tiger?" This book constantly brings up the notion of Gandhi as the face for corruption in India t....

    Untraceble on Oct-13 : India"s people will always ask this question to Gandhiji...

Give us the report of Progress of 16 Years after the death of Great leader Bhagat Singh.. A time when every young guy of the nation was on the road for Freedom...

A popular....

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