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Dr.Dipak Basu Discussion Forum


CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-15 : Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it [13 comments]

people of afghanistan must decide their own faith. let the people of afghanistan live in their own way. international interference to afghanistan"s internal matters should be stopped. they too can live prosperous live style. and as a human being they don"t want there destruction. i see the solution in afghanistan"s problem in a unique way - " first....

    A.Moron on Sep-05 : Afghan problem can only be solved if someone bomb out Pakistan.

    A.Moron on Aug-12 : I fear for India. With such a low grade leadership, India is about to give up Kashmir to satisfy Obama and Osama.

    S.Ghosh on Aug-11 : I have read the article by Simon Tisdell in The Guardian as well. The Guardian is a newspapers supporting the British Labour Party, which is traditionally pro-Muslim and pro-Pakistani.
However, a section of the Indian press also supporting the id....

    Vasant on Aug-11 : Give up Kashmir !! huh

Its asking to cut head off and expect the body to survive which is impossible.

I hope in few word told my thoughts!!!

Right now, I am living outside India. this gave me opportunity to think and ponde....

    A.Moron on Aug-11 : There is an article in Today"s The Guardian, that India need to give up Kashmir to Pakistan, so that USA-UK can get the help of Pakistan to solve the problem of Afghanistan ( i.e to hand it over to Pakistan).

    V.Skolnik on Aug-09 : India should help Baluch in their freedom movement. India also should demand that NWFP should go back to Afghanistan, as Hong Kong went back to China. However, India is not active. This is the reason India is at the receiving end.

    Jai on Aug-09 : Vs,how can you expect the corrupt and dirty family to help these people when they did nothing to help proud and honest people of Balochistan/NW Fontiers and Afghanistan when they needed Indias help most?

    V.skolnik on Aug-09 : Destroyed Soviet Union, or new Russia can help.
The Northern tribes of Afghanistan are blood brothers of Uzbeck, Tazik, Turkmen, kirhghiz, all members of the former Soviet Union and they hate Taliban.
If India collaborate with these republics....

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 : Please read the last sentence as "Meanwhile destroyed Soviet Union was of no help and PSEC administration of India...." in the previous comment of mine. Thanks

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 : The moment US prematurely withdraws from Afghanistan, Pakistan will colonize Afghanistan with its brand of Talibans holding power directly. Though both brands of Talibans are Pakistan"s gifts to USA and Western world created in the name of Mujhauddin....

    S.Ghosh on Aug-06 : Afghanistan is destroyed by the USA-UK and Pakistan.
India must take over, even it means war with pakistan

    Vasant on Aug-06 : Mind blog-ling!!!!! When this will end that"s the question. A fight happen next door and we hear and feel it but could not do anything about it......
Well wait for KRISHNA!!!!

Hari OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mridula pant on May-26 : Amartya Sen and Globalization [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Amartya-Sen-and-Globalization

Very interesting. My students enjoyed it!

smriti on Dec-03 : Noorani, The Frontline and Kashmir [23 comments]

This is the first time, I have read any article by mr noorani( frontline cover story- patel"s communalism). I read only three paragraphs and i was getting negative vibes with each sentences. I dont know about BJP OR RSS leader but this man is not secular at all.and he has something badly agints vallabh bhai patel.

    Sultan geelani on Aug-14 : Feedback sent to Author: Noorani,-The-Frontline-and-Kashmir

If USA which could afford to keep a fully equipped and well supplied Field Army in any part of the world for years; an army with unprecedented communication facilities through GPS i....

    A.Moron on Mar-06 : No country anywhere in the World would allow the pro-Pakistani and Pro-Chinese propaganda of The Hindu and The Frontline, but India does.

    Dr.S.H.Sharma on Feb-28 : Feedback sent to Author: Noorani,-The-Frontline-and-Kashmir

Lies.lies and lies is the foundation on which they rely since the beginning of Muslim history.This is most unfortunate and distressing that Hindu leaders have failed to punish the....

    S.Ghosh on Feb-24 : I have seen another book review by Noorani in The Frontline.
He wrote that India has lied in 1971. The Indian invasion started on November 1971 long before Pakistani air attack on December 1971.
Again he wrote that the invasion of East Pakis....

    A.Moron on Feb-24 : This is the reason Muslims stayed in India after 1947. Even Muslim League that has created Pakistan is still in India.
The purpose is to take over India from within.

    A.Moron on Feb-23 : Gandhi offered the whole of India to Jinnah and asked not to partition, but Jinnah still wanted Pakistan.

After getting Pakistan, what is the next target: Western UP, Western Madhya Pradesh, North Kerala, Eastern West Bengal, South Assam, Ea....

    A.Moron on Feb-23 : Read the final lecture of Nathuram Godse; he said the same thing about Gandhi-Nehru-Patel-Azad-Kripalani as a bunch of cowards

    S.Ghosh on Feb-23 : Our leaders are not brave. That is true for both the Congress and the BJP.

Vajpayee had introduced bud trip to Lahore. He got Kargill invasion.
Then he invited Mussaraf to Agra.

He went to China to declare Tibet as a part of Ch....

    BRAVO GONZALEZ on Feb-23 : Feedback sent to Author: Noorani,-The-Frontline-and-Kashmir

When will the Indians come to their senses?

Any part of India AGAIN cut up MORE and fed to Muslims that were fed the INDIAN lands that they call Pakistan today ... is GROSS....

    S.Ghosh on Feb-23 :

Yes, he was Ram Prasad Goenka, not Ram Nath Goenka, who was linked to The Hindu and The Frontline.

    A.Moron on Feb-22 : I guess Ram Nath Goenka and Rama Prasad Goenka are different persons.

    A.Moron on Feb-22 : Sanjib Goenka not Sanjob Goenka.
Sanjiv Goenka is the Vice Chairman of RPG Group of his late father Rama Prasad Goenka.
He has close links with CPI(M) particularly Jyoti Basu & his son.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-22 : Malavika:

Yes, that is the front of the The Frontline.
What is the link between Sanjob Goenka and The Hindu-Frontline; why do they advertise for his business from time to time through articles and news.

What is the link between ....

    Malavika on Feb-21 : Ownership of "The Hindu"

"The Hindu, like many other Indian publishing houses, is family-run. It was headed by G. Kasturi from 1965 to 1991, N. Ravi from 1991 to 2003, and by his brother, N. Ram, since June 27, 2003. Other family members, in....

    S.Ghosh on Feb-20 : It is a fact that Jay Prakash Narayan was involved with the magazines named The Encounter and The Quest, both financed by the British spy network MI6 and its sister organization CIA.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-20 : Malavika:

It is a fact that Goenka is the owner of The Hindu and The Frontline. He is or was ( I think his son Sanjob Goenka is the current owner of the Goenka business empire) not a journalist but a Marwari businessman of Calcutta.


Arvind Joshi on Dec-23 : Global Financial Crisis and its Solution [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Global-Financial-Crisis-and-its-Solution

Dear Mr. Basu,
Noted with interest your above article and am fascinated to invite you to write for our Magazine, "Indiana Times" run by the Indian Institute of Business Management"s wing All India Association of MBAs (AAMBA). I understand the Global crisis faced recently....

Bharat Somal on Dec-19 : India"s Wrong Monetary Policy [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Indias-Wrong-Monetary-Policy

Dear Sir

I saw your excellent Article on internet and I stay in US,I am myself analyzing foreign reserve of India and to me it looks something wrong is going on.In order to understand more I would like to speak to you for 20 minutes.Please provide me your number and time at wh....

vikram pratap singh< on Dec-17 : East vs West: A false Western idea [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: East-versus-West:-a-false-Western-idea

dear sir,
i went through your article and i like what you have mentioned about east v west. the only are of concern to me was this: in your article you have mentioned about Buddha deniying god. sir with all humility, he kept silent when he was questoned about god. s....

das samirbaran on Dec-05 : Mukherjee Comm & Netaji"s Disappearence [3 comments]

British ordered assassination of Netaji
Now facts are coming out that British ordered assassination of Netaji Subhas Bose after he escaped from house arrest in 1941 and left India to create first Indian National Army to fight the British imperialists.
Eunan O""Halpin of Trinity College, Dublin, made the stunning revelation on Sunday evenin....



g kapuria on Oct-01 : Kyoto Treaty and Environtal Game [13 comments]

SG..That I know. Russians cannot afford to accept man-made global warming. Their cars, and their petroleum engines are gas-guzzling machines. That is the real story. The two issues are different. In ancient times, climate change happened due to geological accidents, but modern global warming is man-made. We are creating trouble for ourselves. In fa....

    Mo on Oct-01 : 2 most deserving nobel prize level scientists were
JC Bose. and Sudarshan. and another Bose was involved and worked with Einstein, Fermi etc on atomic physics and statistics. Dr Krishnan was another great physicist in spectrometry who was the ba....

    Mo on Oct-01 : pachauri is biggest fraud. he had no clue and he lied and plagiarized. the biggest mistake by nobel committee in awarding him the nobel prize. google this cartoon.

    S.Ghosh on Sep-30 :
Russian scientists also do not accept Man-Made Global warming, as there were such warming about 140,000 years ago, when there was no car or thermal electrical plants.

However, Russian scientists had (in 1987) made proto type Giant Sola....

    g kapuria on Sep-30 : I thought only the right-wing christians deny man-made global warming. But I could be wrong here :-) What are you, Sim Sadabin?

    Sim Sadabin on Sep-29 : You people are idiots, there is no such thing as man made global warming. Show me your proof.Records need to go back millions of years not a few hundred!

    Sim Sadabin on Sep-29 : You people are idiots, there is no such thing as man made global warming. Show me your proof.Records need to go back millions of years not a few hundred!

    Suresh Babu on Nov-14 : The Environmental body of the UN is just as useless as the World Trade Organization. USA, and Europe will not obey any international treaty but they are trying to get around their obligations.
It is pointless for India to participate and spend va....

    A.Moron on Nov-11 : It is easy. MM Singh is a stooge of USA. USa does not want to obey the Kyoto treaty. It wants an excuse to come out of it. India, by refusing to obey USA, is giving that opportunity for USA to come out of it altogether.

    Suresh Babu on Nov-11 : Jayaram has decided to kill the Kyoto treaty. Whi is going to gain? Only the Multinational Companies who must have paid a lot to the Swiss Bank accounts.

    S.Ghosh on Nov-10 : Jayaram Romesh is aparently against Prachuri. That means India government will do nothing. Thus, the copenhagen conference will fail.

    A.Moron on Nov-10 : IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri accuses Indian environment ministry of "arrogance" for its report claiming there is no evidence that climate change has shrunk Himalayan glaciers.

Rajendra Pachuri is another APJ Abdul, who is both a Rocket sc....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-07 : People are confused. True, private transport system of USA is a nightmere compare with public transport in Europe and Japan.
But ho is correct: Gore and UN or other scientists?

S.Ghosh on Oct-10 : Pakistani Terrorism: its aim & how to re.. [1 comments]

India was partitioned because of the Muslims, who have supported Jinnah"s idea of Two Nation Theory, tat Hindus and Muslims are two seperate nations and they cannot live together.
When Pakistan was already created, what is the justification for the Muslims to stay in India, when non-Muslims, were not allowed to live in either Pakistan or even i....

BG/SBLC/MTN,MT799, M on Feb-05 : Demand for Gorkhaland: Implications [118 comments]

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    Do you need a financ on Nov-05 : Do you need a financial help? Are you in any financial crisis or do you need funds to start up your own business? Do you need funds to settle your debt or pay off your bills or start a good business? Do you have a low credit score and you are finding....

    Dr Davis Morgan on Nov-04 : Dear Sir /Madam,
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    Prakash Sharma on Nov-15 : S. Ghosh,
It seems from your statements that you know much about the Gorkhas. You further said that we are anti~Indians and do not resemble to any attributes of being an Indian. But for your kind information, Gorkhas do have a str....

    Gurkha on Mar-22 : Its better to die rather then living like a coward thats our locomotive u stay inside out safe because of our seven regiments soldier brother who are saheed to protect ua babyfats and by knowing that you humiliate us shame on you be a bengali like Ra....

    Bibek khanal Gorkhal on Aug-04 : A Gorkhali always be proud its Country Gorkha/Greater Nepal, not of india, not as indian. Gorkha Regiments of India/ Indian Gorkha Army are Nepal borne Gorkhalis. Magars are origin from Magarat west hill region of nepal, Gurungs from Tamu wan mid w....

    pawan mukhia on Mar-20 : s ghosh tu log ka toh nam mey gali hai sala bengali. Atleast we r the brave soldier tu log sala darpok. Aja amney smney baat karengey dekhtey hai gorkha kya hota hai. Go back to bangladesh this is our land

    bernard butty on Feb-01 : I am direct to a project Funder who is also known as private lender they specialized in bank instrument lease and sales their funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin.With the group capital fund ....

    MR.TSHRING on Jan-17 : Mr. S Gosh and Mr. Mittal-PLZ PLZ PLZ DON"T BEHAVE LIKE ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENTS. Don"t give anti india comments by writing that SIKKIM was a different country and now becoz of gorkhas, it is part of India. U mean to create communal tension here in sikk....

    RUSTAM ALI on Jan-10 : Respected SOURAV MITTAL and S GOSH, its really a great point by u that gurkhas are actually citizen of Nepal becoz they speak nepali language that means Bengalis are also actually citizenS of BANGLADESH becoz they too speak bengali.......boy am i ....

    Tandong Lama on Dec-15 : and who is going to save India after Gorkha"s are gone.. you Mr. Ghosh..!!!! you can even defend your own state West Bengal without us...

    Tandong Lama on Dec-15 : S.Ghosh.
you are nothing but a big dump...!!! Gorkhalnd is the truth.. and nobody is going to stop that from happening.. no matter how many anti party you creat aganist Gorkhaland movement or no matter how many CRPF you send. remember
we ar....

    Tandong Lama on Dec-15 : We are Indian, and nobody has the right to denied that., if anyone out here is a son of one father here, then takes us out from Darjeeling... We can Die for our Country India, and can take lives for our country.. BHARAT MATA KI JAI.!!!

    S.Ghosh on Dec-13 : Surya Man Limbu
British Army used to recruit Gurkhas as they were iliterate and anti-Indian, they were used along with the Pathans against the people of India.
Who had killed 3000 people in Jaliwanwala Bagh: Gurkhas
Who killed more than ....

    S.Ghosh on Dec-13 : Karan Rai:
You go back to Nepal and demand what you like to demand. Darjeeling does not belong to you. You used to e servants of the British, so some of you who used to kill people all over the world on behalf of the ritish can go o Britain. You ....

    S.Ghosh on Dec-13 : Majority of the people in the Darjeeling Hills used to be Lepcha, Bhutanis, and some Coch. They were land owners and refused to work as servants for the British or as Coolies in the tea gardens. Then the British imported Nepalese from Nepal to be the....

    S.Ghosh on Dec-13 : Vivan:
There is no historical or racial or any physical evidence that Gukhas, meaning people from the district Gurkha in central Nepal, are Rajput. Any Rajput will be very much ashamed if you say they are Gurkha, who are very short, looks like Ch....

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