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asit guin on Sep-22 : What has India learned from 1962 [4 comments]

China is India"s natural neighbor. In 1962, some unwanted incidents occurred in India-china border, which could have been avoided by proper diplomatic intelligence. However, in 1965, when Indian army reached Lahore, an important city of Pakistan, India-china border remained peaceful. In 1971, when Indian army reached Dhaka, the then capital of East....

    S.Ghosh on Sep-07 : For the commentators:

Keep your comments to the boundary of the topic.
India"s economic or population prolem are not to be discussed here. The topic is the Chinese invasion of India.

If you are a Chinese or a Pakistani, of cours....

    life in india on May-06 : Guess you are no Indian or consider yourself upper caste and class! Please realize, India is going population strong, resources are not keeping up with the demand. no land to build facilities, and everyone is trying level best to jump the line! No pa....

    Professor of street on May-06 : They haven"t learned to stop defecating in the street and the Ganges. Keep blaming others for your own low status and you will stay in the gutter. LMAO.

S.Ghosh on Mar-25 : "Hindustan Hamara" is National Song of Pak [7 comments]

Suhail Ahmad Banglori:

"In Allama Iqbal"s time, Hindu fanaticism was so great that they considered Muslims as low and impure. To associate with them, to eat and drink together was out of the question."

This is not true.

My mother ( when she was a child) used to serve tea and food to the Muslim poet of Bengal Kazi Nazrul ....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-17 : In The Hindu the diplomatic telegrams are being published. According to that MM Singh paid bribes through Captain Satish Sharma Crores and Croes to various politicians to win the Confidence vote, when CPI(M) refused to support him on Indo-US nuclear ....

    David on Mar-15 : Folks,
Pak. is 100% right this time. Don"t go by what you like and don"t like but go with the historical facts because feelings don"t change facts. Not learning anything from facts is another problem.
When was Hindustan owned and run as one c....

    A.Moron on Mar-15 : If the Muslims sing "Hindustan Hamara Hai", it is very dangerous for the Hindus.

    S.Ghosh on Mar-15 : Anyway Earth Quakes do not occur because of Original Sin, but may be because of Continuous Sins, as said by Gandhi after the Earth Quake in Bihar.

    S.Ghosh on Mar-15 : It is a shame that children in India sing Iqbal"s song, when Iqbal was the President of the Muslim League and even in 1920 he has promoted the idea of a separate country for the Muslims.

    hindu on Mar-14 : www dot dailymail dot co dotuk/news/article-1365806/Glossy-Jihad-Cosmo-combines-beauty-tips-suicide-bombing-advice

S.Ghosh on Mar-11 : Making Sense out of Crisis in Arab countries [5 comments]

Timothy Bancroft wrote today in Pravda that

"What has happened is that the USA has used mercenaries to sow chaos and then blame the Libyan authorities - a reason why one of the main leaders of the insurrection in Cyrenaica, Khaled Maassou, has claimed he is giving up because he does not agree with the participation of armed mercenaries co....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-11 : I was told by an Ukrainian scholar in India that those mobs in Kiev each got $40 per day to create trouble for the Pro-Russian Prime Minister to be replaced by someone who fled from Ukraine to USA on theft charges and married to a CIA woman in Washin....

    S.Ghosh on Mar-11 : Few years ago there was a revolution in Ukraine, where the elected Prime Minister was ousted by a mob, who were hired by Soros the Billionnaire.

Similar thing can happen in Egypt. From Egypt these hired gangs can go easily to Libya to reesta....

    Jai on Mar-10 : Thanks Dr Basu for putting this article.It has filled a lot of gaps for us.

    S.Ghosh on Mar-09 : Why is it that the Western countries do not want to invade Somalia, a country of pirates, but Libya, because it has oil.

sasi on Jan-24 : Inflation in India [1 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Inflation-in-India

Hello sir can you send a brief and statistical report over the Inflation in India in 2007-2010.

And I request you to kindly predict the inflation rate in concurrent years.

Give some steps to reduce the inflation

Please reply me.

S.Ghosh on Sep-04 : Ayodhya Verdict and History [30 comments]

In ancient Persia Asura and Daitya were Gods with supernatural power.
Similarly Rakshasas had supernatural power; they were not demons.

In Mahabharata Bhim married a Rakshasa Hirimba and their son was Gatachkat. Thus Rakshasas were not non-human or sub-human.

    Mo on Oct-26 : As a third party, I took a second look.
With due respect Prof Rao, please check the reference again.
Dr Basu did NOT claim that you"d listed Rakshasas as Nth Indian Aryans..
(Thus this is not correct inference/clarification/question "I d....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-06 : ASI is a government body and as a result it depends on permission to dig up. It was not allowed to excavate also the Sawaswati river basin as the new Government of MM Singh was against it.

    hindu on Jan-06 : i thought ASI was independent. guess seculars only want post islam india.
anyway why dont vhp or rss fork out their money and initiate a dig on the portion that is awarded by the court

    S.Ghosh on Jan-06 : In Ayodhya ASI was not allowed to dig up much. A Japanese ground radar had found out a massive building buried 30 metre under earth; however ASI was not allowed to go that deep. It has dug up only upto 1 metre depth so far.

    hindu on Jan-06 : must have been some muslims according to seculars- just as seculars say that ayodhya isnt hindu

More on A prehistoric map painted on a cave in India
January, 05 2011

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    S.Ghosh on Dec-23 : ASI is more or less honest so far, although they are civil servants.

    hindu on Dec-21 : ASI will say it was done by muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what you will get from secualr idiots

Amateur claims the discovery of a 35km long rock painting
December, 20 2010

Times of India

A Bundi....

    Dr.Ratnesh Srivastav on Dec-19 : Feedback sent to Author: Ayodhya-Verdict-and-History

Thank you Sir for an eye-opening article. There is a dearth of knowledge about the subject and making the educated Hindus aware about their history is the need of the hour. Its really a sh....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-27 : The High Court can start contempt proceedings against these 62 Secularists pro-Pakistanis.

    Arindam Bandyopadhya on Nov-16 : Internet access to P.N.Oak"s books


    S.Ghosh on Nov-16 : Bharat Prashar:

Thanks for the information on A.Ghosh publishers of Texas. I will get in touch with him, if he would allow me to republish those books of P.N.Oak from India, unless someone is doing that already.

    hindu on Nov-15 :
will the muslims preserve history or destroy it- they are good at doing this

they destroyed all hindu/buddhist places of worship and now they are going to destroy history
makes one wonder if they have any feelings for others sentime....

    Bharat Prashar on Nov-13 : Further to comment by A.Moron regarding the US publisher of 9many if not all) books by P. N. Oak I understand the contact address is 9or at least it used to be):
A. Ghosh Publisher
5720, W. Little York #216
Houston, Texas 7709

    S.Ghosh on Nov-12 : Gandhi had never believed in the divinity or historical existence of either Ram or Krishna, who are considered as the reincarnation of the Brahman, the supreme creator or The God in Hinduism. In Harijan (27-6-1937), he says, "I do not mention the nam....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-12 : Mahatma Gandhi considered the story of Lord Krishna and Lord Ram a "metaphor", reveals a 1930 diary of a Congress activist that a lifelong communist happened to pick up from a street vendor here.

The Mahatma had asked those who marched with ....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-11 : If anyone can tell me who is the owner of the copyrights of the books written by P.N.Oak, the most brilliant historian of our time, I al prepared to reprint those books.

S.Ghosh on Nov-20 : USSR"s Recognition of Azad Hind Govt [37 comments]

asit Guin
Japan had not killed Netaji, as according to the Website of Anuj Dhar in Hindustan Times, there are documents, discovered by Prof. Purabi Mukherjee of Jadavpur University, that Netaji was in Russia in 1946. There were two winesses as well, Satyanarayan Sinha, India"s ambassador to USSR and the son of Abani Mukherjee, one of the foun....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-20 : Those who were Muslim and opted to go to Pakistan like Shah Nawaz Khan were included in the Pakistan Army immediately by Jinnah. Those who were from South East Asia stayed there in hiding, as British were very revengeful. Those who are non~Muslim a....

    tongue in cheek on Nov-19 : SG would you please explain what happened to the rest of the Fauj. Were they all killed, thousands of them or taken prisoners? Any survivors among them and or among their near and dear ones in japan or even in India. The fauj was comprised mostly of ....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-19 : in the Hindustan Times Special website created by Anuj Dhar, there was someone his name is not given who was in Quetta in Balochistan he has seen Netaji in 1946 being taken to the "no mans land" between Iran and Balochistan, which was the execution ....

    asit guin on Nov-18 : Feedback sent to Author: Soviet-Unions-Recognition-of-the-Azad-Hind-Government

Declassification of files may prove that Japan and British jointly played a foul game with Netaji; In WW-I, Japan was an ally of British. Before WW-II, Japan-US t....

    cgf on Jun-15 : u

Use PROPER/VALID names: Comments with names like "ABCD", ".." are deleted.
Use SAME name EYERY TIME you post. Different named posts by same person (tracked by IPaddress) are deleted.
Spammers: Don"t waste your time here....

    asit guin on Feb-07 : The diary of the World War Two Prime Minister of Imperial Japan, General Hideki Tojo, was made public by his wife, as per his wishes, many years after he was hanged in 1948 for war crimes. There were reports in some Japanese newspapers that in his di....

    asit guin on Oct-24 : Japan sold Netaji and Netaji-dummy to British;
In WW-I, Japan was an ally of British. Before WW-II, Japan-US trade war and political war started, this led to actual war between US and Japan. So British became an enemy to Japan by diplomatic manip....

    asit guin on Oct-01 : The diary of the World War Two Prime Minister of Imperial Japan, General Hideki Tojo, was made public by his wife, as per his wishes, many years after he was hanged in 1948 for war crimes. There were reports in some Japanese newspapers that in his di....

    Dhane on May-23 : Hi, i will tell u the details to those who are interested of my note i have 1000 note of bank of independent theres a picture of md. Ali jinnah serial no L DB 34900 with pakistan flag picture red in colour , i promise to pay the bearer sum ,good wis....

    Mo on May-19 : One day truth will come out. Many know it already.
Netaji"s backstabbers will achieve their end for karmic justice.

    g kapuria on May-19 : Dhane... Keep those notes safe. Some day, they will be worth millions.

    Dhane on May-19 : I m from imphal.I think website viewer might help me. I have bank note for azad hind bank n bank of independence 1000 note is of md. Ali jinnah with pakistan flag n colour red. 10000 note is of sc bose. Is it a legal or illegal note? Can anyone help ....

    Dhane on May-12 : Hello, i hv some azad hind bank that my grandmother is keeping.it is 10000 note is it useless note. Pliz help me via dhane_19@rediffmail.com



    ARINDAM CHAKRABORTY< on Nov-13 : Feedback sent to Author: Soviet-Unions-Recognition-of-the-Azad-Hind-Government

Dear Dipak Babu,
Fortunetly i got to see ur article on Netaji, and it was quite inspiring, but it would be very authentic if u attach the papers from the USS....

    Rajesh on Feb-10 : Yes Russia did recognize Azad Hind Government and that is a Historical Fact. India was unfortunate to have some one like Nehru as the Ist PM, Mr. DAS SAMIRBARAN must be crazy to even mention that netaji was killed by the japanese. Japanese solders d....

A.Moron on Oct-06 : British left India for Bose, Not Gandhi [8 comments]

Nehru was the Sultan of India with Muslim dress. He has created his empire with Nehru Stadium, Nehru University, Nehru canal, Nehru project, Nehru jacket etc etc.

    hindu on Oct-06 : nehru and gandhi destroyed india.
wonder why are they being honoured???????
netaji was the true patriot NOT gandhi and nehru

    Mo on Oct-05 : >>In the Anuj Dhar created special website in Hindustan Times, one person from Quetta wrote that he, when he was a child , has seen the British Army men were taking Netaji to the no-mans land in the border between Baluchistan and Iran in 1948 to exec....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-05 : In the Anuj Dhar created special website in Hindustan Times, one person from Quetta wrote that he, when he was a child , has seen the British Army men were taking Netaji to the no-mans land in the border between Baluchistan and Iran in 1948 to execu....

    Mo on Oct-05 : Netaji renamed Anglo names Andaman
& Nicobar to Swaraj and Shaheed
after INA took control of it.

Thankless Indians ( governed by jokerlals )
undid this change and called it with the
Anglo names again.

    Mo on Oct-05 : Victor, I am not sure about Mandela, but
Japanese premier did pay respects
and speak high of NSCB.

    Mo on Oct-05 : Not sure what they mean by re-examination.
It is crystal clear. Congress, jokerlal have blood
on their hands. They tried to suppress Netaji and
backstab him. Unfortunately for those rogues,
Netaji is the most inspiring and respected f....

    Victor on Oct-05 : Feedback sent to Author: Satyagraha,-India-freedom-|-Bose-

I"m told that Mandela when he was in Calcutta made a fist overhead and siad "long love the memory of Subhas Chandra Bose" -- or something like that. Coudl you confirm this or sugges....

Dr Desmond chan on Dec-03 : The Kashmir Problem and its solution [101 comments]

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    Dr Desmond chan on Dec-03 : Welcome to Fortis Specialist hospital that buy and selling kidney.
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    Mukhtar on Nov-30 : Kashmir is and Pakistanis now want to decouple this issue and partition when in fact their sources lie in the partition itself. Transfer all Muslim majority area to Pakistan accompanied with the transfer of Muslims from rest of India. As a compromise....

    Indian dude on Aug-01 : My solution to J and K problem is create two states one state of Jammu and another State of Kashmir and then take it on from there.....as we clearly see the people in these two places have difference of opinion

    Chahat on Jul-26 : Both countries should cooperate

    Dr Haji Terry on Jul-23 : Are you interested in selling your body parts kidney, 1/2 Liver, Testicles,Lung, and 30 grams of bone morrow for the sum of $800,000.00 cash hurry and contact us.My name is Dr Haji Terry, am a Nephrologist in the kidney National hospital.Our Hospital....

    Dr Raj on Jul-12 : We are here to help you with good cash to do anything you wish, Contact us if you are interested in donating your organ. Contact hassanhome622@gmail.com or call us on Whatsapp Number plus 918015861823


    Palvi on May-10 : Both can cooperate and can use it as a tourist place it would be beneficial for both the countries

    sakshi sharma on Nov-17 : Feedback sent to Author: The-Kashmir-Problem-and-its-solution

Plz send me a papagrap related this topic

    J.S.Dugal on Sep-20 : Both India and Pakistan have to abide by the commitments given by their leader now and then.

    Kashmiri on Sep-12 : FREEDOM. NOTHING LESS THAN THAT.

    UJJWAL KARMAKAR on Sep-12 : The best thing is don"t solve it.Time will solve it.Give it one hundred years more, and a solution will be there.

    gul on Sep-09 : give them chance to chose them their destination

    Rohitas Janu on Sep-02 : Very simple solution is give jobs enrolling Kashmiri youth in para military forces like CRPF, BSF, CISF etc and posted them other parts of India and allot accommodation at posted place to keep their family with him and provide education facility. Mo....

    Animesh Chakraborty on Aug-21 : The whole issue comes down to Religion regards to Kashmir. We need to inculcate Human Values courses right from School Level to various other levels into different curriculums where religious tolerance is promoted...WE need to close down gaps and mis....

    Guest on Aug-09 : Friends the solution is simple and I think this is what the Indian Government should also do.
ARticle 370 Has to be removed. For those who do not know this article, in simple words I and you can take a house anywhere in India but cannot do the....

S.Ghosh on Aug-11 : Greek Tragedy and its lessons [2 comments]

Indiam PM and his economists are only interested to satisfy Western companies and banks. They do not care about us.

    A.Moron on Aug-11 : India"s PM is supposed to be an economist, but he has no idea no strategy how to solve the Inflation problem of India and how to control the flood of money that is coming to India.

I wonder whether his degrees in economics worth the papers o....

CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-15 : Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it [13 comments]

people of afghanistan must decide their own faith. let the people of afghanistan live in their own way. international interference to afghanistan"s internal matters should be stopped. they too can live prosperous live style. and as a human being they don"t want there destruction. i see the solution in afghanistan"s problem in a unique way - " first....

    A.Moron on Sep-05 : Afghan problem can only be solved if someone bomb out Pakistan.

    A.Moron on Aug-12 : I fear for India. With such a low grade leadership, India is about to give up Kashmir to satisfy Obama and Osama.

    S.Ghosh on Aug-11 : I have read the article by Simon Tisdell in The Guardian as well. The Guardian is a newspapers supporting the British Labour Party, which is traditionally pro-Muslim and pro-Pakistani.
However, a section of the Indian press also supporting the id....

    Vasant on Aug-11 : Give up Kashmir !! huh

Its asking to cut head off and expect the body to survive which is impossible.

I hope in few word told my thoughts!!!

Right now, I am living outside India. this gave me opportunity to think and ponde....

    A.Moron on Aug-11 : There is an article in Today"s The Guardian, that India need to give up Kashmir to Pakistan, so that USA-UK can get the help of Pakistan to solve the problem of Afghanistan ( i.e to hand it over to Pakistan).

    V.Skolnik on Aug-09 : India should help Baluch in their freedom movement. India also should demand that NWFP should go back to Afghanistan, as Hong Kong went back to China. However, India is not active. This is the reason India is at the receiving end.

    Jai on Aug-09 : Vs,how can you expect the corrupt and dirty family to help these people when they did nothing to help proud and honest people of Balochistan/NW Fontiers and Afghanistan when they needed Indias help most?

    V.skolnik on Aug-09 : Destroyed Soviet Union, or new Russia can help.
The Northern tribes of Afghanistan are blood brothers of Uzbeck, Tazik, Turkmen, kirhghiz, all members of the former Soviet Union and they hate Taliban.
If India collaborate with these republics....

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 : Please read the last sentence as "Meanwhile destroyed Soviet Union was of no help and PSEC administration of India...." in the previous comment of mine. Thanks

    Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 : The moment US prematurely withdraws from Afghanistan, Pakistan will colonize Afghanistan with its brand of Talibans holding power directly. Though both brands of Talibans are Pakistan"s gifts to USA and Western world created in the name of Mujhauddin....

    S.Ghosh on Aug-06 : Afghanistan is destroyed by the USA-UK and Pakistan.
India must take over, even it means war with pakistan

    Vasant on Aug-06 : Mind blog-ling!!!!! When this will end that"s the question. A fight happen next door and we hear and feel it but could not do anything about it......
Well wait for KRISHNA!!!!

Hari OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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