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Chanchal Malviya Discussion Forum / Message Board - Page # 1
Chanchal Malviya Discussion Forum


Satyajit parhi on Apr-21 : 33 Crore Gods of Hindus - Part I [18 comments]

Yes! there are 33 crore gods of hindu but there are trhee main gods BRAMHA,VISHNU,SHIV SHANKAR. BHAGWAT GITA is a HOLY BOOK of HINDUS. there are SHLOKAS written in it. we should always pray GOD.

    NavinP on Apr-14 : @ S GHOSH – Even observing the general English definition of God is conceived as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith. When you refer to this Supreme Being we are mentioning it as Godhead, so that there is no confusion with other devtas.....

    S.Ghosh on Apr-13 : There is no such thing called God head.
The ONE in the Vedas and Upanishad is Brahman, and Krishna is the abode of Brahman in bhagwatgita.

    Navin P on Apr-13 : @S Ghosh ~ Can you please explain what/Who is the ONE being referred to in RIG veda . That ONE is a Person, and that SUPREME Personality of GODHEAD is KRISHNA ...the Bhagavat Purana reference herein is given as ete camsa~kalah pumsah
krsnas tu b....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-14 : "person can devote to Lord through idols"

You have never read Bhagwat Gita or Upanishad or Vedas. Do not lie.

Deva and Devis are not Gods or Godesses. They were created by the Brahman through his various manifestations. read Puranas....

    Anand Mishra on Jul-05 : There are many reference in Bhagwat Puran which Krsna communicated to Uddhav Ji. He said person can devote to Lord through idols and also he can perform devotion in Mind.

Reference will be provided if required.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-04 : Chanchal Malabya:

Please read the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwat Gita before you write anything about Hinduism.

It is clear from your writing that you never read any of these books, but you are just writing about your own ideas.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-04 : Kadamba Krishna Das:
Which Atharva Veda you are talking about. Vedas were written several thousand years before Krishna had arrived.

If you read Rig Veda, you can see what you wrote is false.

It is written clearly in the Rig Ved....

    S.Ghosh on Feb-04 : Hindus are ignorant. They do not read their most important holy books at all.

Even Gandhi never read any.

    S.Ghosh on Feb-04 : "we have many copies of Quran, Bible and other religious books, all manifestations of same God"

No, the concept of The God is different in Judaist religions ( Jew, Christian, Islam).

Abrahamic- Judaist tradition is that of a Je....

    Kadamba Krishna Das on Feb-04 :
The King of all knowledge and The Most Confidential knowledge:Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead

Krsna is the Supreme God and the rest are all demigods. The 30 million devatas are Lord Krsna"s servants and devotees. Th....

    Kadamba Krishna Das on Feb-04 : Who am I?

 Everyone tell their name if asked who are they. If "I" was the name then for any marriage or events I can send a note with my name on it instead of going there,  isn"t it? Therefore its clear that I am not a name.  My body respond....

    Adhrit on Dec-26 : You have written just so well. I loved this article. It can be an eye opener for many...

    daniel on Oct-17 : refer the below blog for complete text in the verses.

no religion allows idol worship in these reference points.

(7) Oneness of God & Prohibition of Idol Worship:- VEDA: Yajur Veda....

    kd gupta on Mar-01 : Pl name the reference for 33 crore gods of Hindus .

Vasudevan on Nov-23 : Killing sanskrit - the voice of hinduism [8 comments]

Hello Sri. Chanchal Malaviya,

You have assumed that the politicians and the powers that be are somehow interested in promoting good values among the masses. We all know that this is an illusion. Our current crop of political class is the very shame of our society and we should all be running for cover from these very folks. SO, what is the....

    Bitter Truth on Nov-21 : SG,
Great observation. Most of the school academic content is decided by kerla christans masqurading as Communists or their subbordinates. Especially the NCERT ones. They make Hindia and Sanskrit course extremely difficult and the teachers o....

    S.Ghosh on Nov-21 : Education is a State subjects. States are free to introduce Sanskrit in a big way in the schools. In West Bengal, we normally learn Sanskrit for 3 years, but it was a torture for most students, as the teachers of Sanskrit are real bad. One had to mem....

    hindu on Nov-21 : history is written by the victors
ever since islamic invasion and afterwards the british rule the will of hindus has taken a beating.and since the independence india has for most of the time ruled by anti-hindu congress .so whatever is important ....

    g kapuria on Nov-20 : BT...Very well said. We already have seen what the western Indologists are interested in. They are "discovering" secret eroticism in our Scriptures. They have proven that a vulture may fly high (i.e., occupy endowed professorship) but it looks only a....

    Bitter Truth on Nov-19 : Hindu,
It is not the secularists who have to be blamed. It is the Hindus who have to be blamed. It takes a strong will to resist the temptations of the western culture on the young and nascent minds. In the carrot and stick culture none of ....

    hindu on Nov-19 : secularists are to be blamed for the demise of sanskrit.
there can never be a perfect language such as sanskrit
hindus/sikhs/buddhists wake up before you are swamped by islam and christians
and save your dharma

    Dr. SHRIHARSHA SHARM on Nov-19 : This is a well known, well documentd fact that first the Muslim invaders from Mangolia to Afghanistan then the Christian invaders from Europe[Denmark, France, portugal and England] and lastly the Congress+ communists + secularists and Muslims lead by....

m nasir on Apr-29 : Mathematics of God - Idol Worship - III [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship---Mathematics-of-God-–-Part-III

pls read more carefully vedas and quran .even u worship one idola particular time its similar to concept of one god .islam talks about impossible picturisation by human bei god withoutng,of god.because god will appear during the day of judgement which will give ultimate ....

    Vedic person on Jan-27 : Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship---Mathematics-of-God-–-Part-III

How many Hindus out of boasting as one billion strong know this or ever care to know this or see a value in knowing this? This understanding has been all along... Where di....

    DR.SHRIHARSHA SHARMA on Nov-19 : Such article can be written by a Hindu only.Excellent ,it is from finite to infinite.

Jaywant Kulkarni on Apr-25 : Hindus, Hinduism, Hindusthan [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus,-Hinduism,-Hindusthan


Really good information sharing through your Blog, thanks for that!!
The point you raised to say that sarva dharma samabhav is inappropriate, I totally agree with it, then question comes what should be the correct thing to say?

As far as my understanding and kn....

    hindu on Nov-14 : satyameva jayate is on the way to being replaced by the crecent and the sword of islam- the sanskrit and hinduism is dying out because of seculars and congress-
what good is to have satameva jayate when the majority of hindus are being discrimina....

    Dr. S.H.Sharma on Nov-14 : Feedback sent to Author: Hindus,-Hinduism,-Hindusthan

The message is loud and clear but unfortunately Hindus and their leaders are in deep sleep.How to wake them up to see the immenent danger from Islam, Christianity, congress, communism, s....

CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-14 : Save your Children from Sex [2 comments]

the article contain valid point but nobody have a proper solution.....

    radhashree on Sep-14 : Dear Chaya,

just wanted to clarifyone thing. I had an arguement with a psychologist. I have never and can never afford to respect prostitutes. she was arguig that you should give them. I gave her a valid point that whatever the reasons are t....

Sanket on May-16 : Raj Thackeray vs M. F. Hussain [1 comments]

Marathi and hindi are two different languages. Marathi is an ancient indo-aryan language and was used as an official language first by the Yadava dynasty. Hindi language came from the Mughal era. So your statement that marathi came from hindi is totally wrong.

Love Marriage Proble on Oct-09 : Response II - Karan Thapar-Whos Hindu? [9 comments]

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    john on Oct-03 :
We offer a genuine money to people who are sincerely and honestly in need of some money for some personal and business purposes. We are glad to be able to fulfill your dreams in offering you the exact amount of money you need. our money is secur....

    Mo on Oct-20 : >>who is karan thapar

Karan Thapar is a self-hating sadistic sado-masochistic pseudo-secular sicko.

    Abdullah on Oct-20 : Hindu according to Vivekananda is the one who is living in the indian subcontinent. It is a geographical meaning, never a religion.

If we talk about the religion which most of the hindu follow then it is Sanatan dharma and which is based upo....

    JithinPrasad G on Dec-09 : Hindus are like a drum that every political parties and medias can beat on them to make sensation.!

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania on Jul-21 : Talking Hindu is communal and a Hindu has no taker globally. That is a Hindu.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania on Nov-25 : Karan Thapar is a pseudo secular rustic Indian self styled medieval mindset kournalist full of high head and believes in crap new making. Worthless person.

    S.Ghosh on May-10 : A Hindu is someone who respect the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwat Gita.
Otherwise he/she is free to have his/her opinion, or method of worship.

    mohan on May-09 : i completely agree with mr. malvia but who is karan thapar:?

Nitin on Mar-24 : SIMI vs. BAJRANG DAL [1 comments]

Dear Mr. Malviya,

All I can say is that I have become a big fan of yours. You deserve some serious admiration and you really are doing something that every Indian (not just Hindus) think of. It"s not just about conversion to Islam/Christianity/Sikhism etc . i.e. Evangelism. The time has come when we need to save our nation from the image o....

N. Das on Jul-17 : Idol Worship & 33 Crore Gods - Part II [9 comments]

Can any one tell me WHEN and WHO began saying that there are 33 crores of gods and goddesses?

    hindu on Jul-01 : well said Sai Baba Ka Sachh now even the hindus go to muslim dargahs and pray on top of the graves of dead people

    Sai Baba Ka Sachh on Jun-30 : Mr.Chanchal though you have narrated it beautifully,but your study about 33 crores Hindu Gods is not complete.First of all "33 Kotis" as written in the Sloka in Rigveda actually means 33 types.Total 33 types the goddess and gods are:
12 types are....

    Vipul Mehta on May-30 : Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship-

Congratulate for such a nice and best article,

i am the believer of All these eternal truth from my heart, mind and soul.

from the meditation, chintan, and studies, i have realized th....

    Vipul Mehta on May-30 : Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship-

please send me more details

thanking you.

    Vipul Mehta on May-30 : Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship-

Congratulate for such a nice and best article,

i am the believer of All these eternal truth from my heart, mind and soul.

from the meditation, chintan, and studies, i have realized th....

    Sharathkumar on Feb-05 : Dear Sir,
Wonderfull! One of the best article i have ever read...thanks a lot. Sanatana Dharma will exist forever...

Also we must act quickly to counter the pseudo-secular media..

Jai Shri Ram

Chauhan on Sep-24 : Homosexuality - a milestone achieved [4 comments]

Ah, now I do get it, you"re against.

I don"t understand how you can say "when human will even learn from other animals and birds", homosexuality IS common between animals as well.

I guess India isn"t prepared for the legalization yet. I repeat what I said before: we won"t be free until we change our minds.

    Chauhan on Sep-23 : I didn"t get your point, do you support homosexuality or not? I"m just expressing my opinion here, but I don"t expect anyone to reply since this article is quite old; we Indians are always proudly talking about freedom and whatnot yet we are slaves o....

    Deepak Verma on Jan-16 : Homo are not correct for both, men and women.

    Sreekumar on Dec-09 : Homosex is personal atration

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