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Bandyopadhyay Arindam Discussion Forum


R SUDARSAN on Oct-18 : Saffron Terror: An Analysis [45 comments]

I am tempted to subscribe to the theory that the Hindu Dharma today needs something like indigenous JIHADS AND JIHADIS like Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Vanchinathan and many many others to uproot Jayachands and Mir Jaffars like the self serving and corrupt politicians. However, I realise on introspection that this is not going to solve the pr....

    A.Moron on Oct-07 : If the Muslim population in India is 250 million, that proves that all Suffrons were used in the Biriyani; nothing is left to terrorise any one, except Green and Red Chillies; these are real terrors.

    muslim on Oct-07 : India main 250 Million muslims hai, 130 million nahin.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-07 : If there is a Suffron Terror, 130 Million Muslims cannot stay in India.
The colour of the terror is Green or Red, not Suffron.

    Anup on Oct-06 : Muslim does not know, how Muslim rulers treated Indian Muslims.Indian Muslims, who are they? by K.S. Lal is an interesting book for him to read.

    Mo on Oct-06 : Gale ke paas talwar rakhe,
to "marzi" apne aap saamne aa jayegi.

    muslim on Oct-06 : thomas,
tumne jo likha hai woh galat hai. Humne kisiko nahin maara. Jo convert hue hai woh apni marzi se hue hai. Allah ki barkat se

    hindu on Oct-06 : all hindus should be like tapan ghosh and also suppot him

    thomas on Oct-06 : Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India - The Story You Won"t See In the Western Mainstream Media
By Phyllis Chesler
Published September 09, 2010

They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous populatio....

    thomas on Oct-06 : Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India - The Story You Won"t See In the Western Mainstream Media
By Phyllis Chesler
Published September 09, 2010 | FoxNews.com

They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigen....

    muslim on Sep-17 : To Muslim Brothers,
beware of xtians...Hindus are weak, we can defeat them anyday. These crusaders are dangerous

    David on Sep-17 : All discussions here are useless... Coward and divided Hindus can"t even defend themsleves for centuries... The Star of David and Crusaders to rule this planet and all Islamist are in process of being rounded up (in two decades) to a deset where they....

    Anup on Sep-17 : Mukesh( Item 2 & 3)
Please see Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari"s article-Gandhi"s loyalty to British crown. Also you can see Rajesh Sukla"s article-Gandhi was a sex maniac.

    Muslim on Sep-16 : I thought Ghosh was a strong hindu supporter. Now he has shown his true colours. Now he has started discrimination on caste & language. Budda

    CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-16 : there are so many terrorist organisations in this world. if all terrorist organisations on this earth become extinct today at least common civilians of all countries will sleep in peace. funds for terrorists and anti terrorism activities can be used ....

    common sense on Sep-16 : Wish, Saffron Terror brigade were real and not apologetic of their deeds. The brigade is just a paper tiger - talk a mile a minute, do nothing. If it were real, it would have been fighting in the enemy territory and not advancing one excuse or the ot....

    Danav-Asur on Sep-16 : Ignore comment 29. When it comses to Gujarat and Rajashthan, his commie mind clouds his thinking. Otherwise, his analysis is sometimes brilliant. He does not understand after 1000 years of foreign rule as some one has pointed out, the requirements of....

hindu on Oct-02 : Response to HTimes "Whos real Hindu?" [13 comments]

doctor you have very shallow reasoning-trying to show the britishers that you are holier than thou- why cant you say to the muslims who occupied hindus holy land for 700+ years-why cant you guys stand up to muslims and their terror- secularism is for losers no matter how educated one may be but some of the learned persons on this forum are macauley....

    S.Ghosh on Oct-02 : VHP is a right wing political organization financed by the Marwaris. It does not represent Hindus outside the BJP circle.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-02 : The question is meaningless because there are Hindus outside India in Bali, and many other places in the world.

    Mo on Oct-02 : Dr CPT, this is how it"s going to be.

I don"t think Supreme Court will DARE to touch this hornet"s nest.

There may be cosmetic changes to Allahabad court judgment but the character

will be intact. This is one case which has....

    Dr.C.P.Trivedi on Oct-01 : The Post Ayodhya verdict - The British Govt. has divided the Indians into the Hindu and Muslim by the line of bifurcation at Ayodhya. In 1859, they have restricted Hindu out side the Tomb, and the Muslims have been allowed for prayer inside. It was t....

    David on Oct-01 : The way Hindus behave, it looks like - a Hindu is the one who doesn"t go to a mosque (because of Zakaat), doesn"t go to a church (because of 10% donation is a must) and is a deal maker (wants multi-fold return on the investment) so he goes to a templ....

    Rana on Oct-01 : Muslim at 04:31: Happy? Now stop crying..

    Muslim on Oct-01 : DCPT...Gheesi Peeti...right....that single God is ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    g kapuria on Oct-01 : DCPT..Oh please..I am tired of such superficiality. Our eternal one God is not in any other religion. Before you make such pompous pronouncements, it would be more honest to actually read scriptures.

    Dr.C.P.Trivedi on Oct-01 : The eternal truth God is one and same for all, in whichever form or name, we pray, it reach to single universal God.

    muslim on Sep-28 : Stop calling Hindus & Muslims as brothers. Islam is the most superior religion. Allah is the greatest. You Hindus have to pick a lucky draw to find which of the 330 million gods was allocated to you.

    Dr.C.P.Trivedi on Sep-28 : The Hindu is term for the people of Indus Valley civilzation

Indian society is caste based society from time immemorial. Its roots are in scientifically developed Indus Valley Civilization. They were having full knowledge of the creation, wi....

    Dr.C.P.Trivedi on Sep-28 : British Politics of Faith and worship

Mostly the people of India have been fed up on Mandir Masjid issue from the delay technique of the Govt. It is a fact that the matter of faith and belief is mostly related with vote bank strategy. No s....

sreenivasulureddy on Sep-06 : Are Hindus Violent? - Part 2 [1 comments]

namaste sri bandhopadhyaji ,

excelent write up . your article is based on facts .bullying of majority by minority happens only in INDIA .but i feel we neednot be tolerant to intolerence .i request every hindu to read the bible and quran and enlighten themselves how dirty, deceipt vulgar , imperealistic and voilent preachings are those . no....

A.Moron on May-04 : Modi as PM - Divisive politics - Part II [4 comments]

Try to understand and analyse what I wrote.
Look at the distributions of finance and industrial projects, licenses, quotas, and subsidies to the States of India since 1951.
How any one can do anything for his state when everything in India( even today) are determined by the Central government, which since 1951 is being controlled....

    Jai on May-04 : AM please do not write it off as Gujarat State being pampered lot; what about Yadavs,Nehru-Gandhis;Karunanidhis,Mallus,Bengolis,Singhs, Patils etc what have these rogues done for their own people?

    A.Moron on May-04 : Modi has little to do with the prosperity of Gujarat, which was pampered since 1947 because two main leaders of the Congress came from Gujarat: Gandhi and BB Patel. Then came the Finance Minister Morarji Desai, and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Com....

    Akshi Shah on May-04 : The article is excelent, informative and other state and central government should study the methods of Mr Narendra Modi with an aim of development.

S.Ghosh on May-01 : Are you scared of Hindus, Brinda Karat? [2 comments]

Brinda Karat, Pravat Karat, sitaram Yachury etc are not Marxists. They are members of the Ned Delhi"s cafe society

    Boss on Apr-30 : Who the hell is that lady (Bi..). She can do anything to stay in power or at least to apease so call high command. Other than giving some comments on TV on behalf of the party, highcommand, minorities she does not have any job. Brinda Karat JUST S....

NAVIN on Mar-03 : BJP"s defeat: The Hindu perspective [3 comments]

A very nice article revealing the real drawbacks for both(1)Indian secularism and (2)Plight of Hindu society in India itself.It seems there is a great need of awareness among Hindus that this is not a political issue,but it is a social/Ethnic issue where there is a strong attempt to destroy Ethos and Culture of complete Hindu Race.Moreover present ....

    Kamal on Feb-23 : I agree with Srikanth"s view about BJP. There is a great book called "Ayodhya And After"

Issues Before Hindu Society

By Koenraad Elst

Published By Voice of India New Delhi, India

Chapter 14 : ....

    Srikanth on Feb-18 : BJP is not hindu party. If it is a Hindu party let it first appoint dalits as temple priests in temples in BJP ruled states. Let BJP ruled states translate hindu mantras to loacal language. Do this first , hindus will get united. All hindus who left ....

Janet Xavier - DUBAI on Feb-14 : Stop slandering India and Hinduism [1 comments]

Firstly, howsoever powerful the person in question, your analysis of his opinions is uncalled for. There is no need to disproportionately blow up the issue and stoke the fires of hatred further. The media does that job effectively. Educated and erudite gentlemen, particularly people like you who are articulate and opinionated, should refrain from k....

Gogs on Mar-15 : Media, Muslims and Modi [5 comments]

Why Congress is fooling around the whole Indian population? Why aide on the caste basis? Don"t you think, Poor Muslim or poor Hindu have the same rights to get the aide for education. I appreciate Mr Modi to stand out and pointing out such unconstitutional aide. It really takes courage to oppose such pseudo-secular Congress.

    A.Moron on Feb-23 : R.Alamsha Karnan:

Why don"t you go to the country Jinnah had created for you in 1947?

You have partitioned India to create a land only for the Muslims. So, go there.

There is no place for the Muslims in India.


    Shiva on Feb-23 : Dear Alamsha Karnan,

You dont want to sing vande Mataram, so be it, you will never find a place better than India to Live In. You are lucky to have been born Here, lets assume you migrate to any other country out of the so called 55 OIC nati....

    R.Alamsha Karnan on Feb-13 : Feedback sent to Author: Media,-Muslims-and-Modi

Vande Mataram ?. We will NEVER NEVER NEVER sing. Do whatever you want :

Keep cool, have some patience and listen to what these Muslims have to say...(hi..hi..who else can tell thes....

    Truth Speaks on Jan-31 : Why is UPA Congress government is discriminating against poor Hindu and Christian students? Why is it giving scholarships to Muslims only? Why not for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists?

Ibrahim on Wednesday : Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I [346 comments]

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Prachi on Feb-05 : Why we need Modi as PM? - Part III [4 comments]

I dont have words to express my feelings.Youth can look upto such leaders and take him as their role model.This is the kind of leaders our country needs.Many of us could not imagine this kind of progress in any indian state and he has achieved it.If we can keep aside castism and think only about development this is the caliber of our nation . Only ....

    Tasleem Ansari on Jan-29 : Yes, we need Mr. Modi as our PM. We want our India to be safe, progressing, and peaceful country.

    Sushil Chandra on Feb-16 : Sushil:
Since his election last time as Chief Mininster of Gujarat, I always had the feeling that Mr. Modi is the right person to be Prime Minister of India. However, it is hard to see how that can be acheived, since Indians are not united and r....

    Gujarati on Jan-29 : Desi, really you really think UPA/Congress really wants what is best? Think again. They play into votebank politics and try and appease the minorities. There will be some elements of any political parties that are more radical than the rest. NaMo....

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