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Bandyopadhyay Arindam Discussion Forum


Ramesh Manghirmalani on Jul-13 : Are Hindus Violent? - Part 1 [2 comments]

M Desai out former PM was mentally sick

    Ramesh Manghirmalani on Jul-13 : Modi should be tried for war crimes

Pushan Roy on Apr-11 : A prayer for Narendra Modi [23 comments]

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    S.Ghosh on Nov-05 :
Yes, you pray for Modi, because his days are numbered.

What has he done during the few months apart from giving away all mines oil and gas fields to his friends of the business community?

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hindu on Jan-21 : Time to Modi-fy India [2 comments]

DA well said . Hope the ignorant and head buried in sand type people understand .

    Danav-Asur on Jan-21 : The battle line is drawn and the knights and warriors are needed. The fight is ancient one. Dharmic forces against adharmic, truth vs untruth, freedom vs bondage, awakened vs brain dead, literate of Bharatiya samskar and Sanskriti vs illiterate. The....

jung on Sep-16 : Rebuttal: Taliban is already in India [2 comments]

great punch to sharma

    jung on Sep-16 : great punch to sharma

Preet on May-25 : Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots [31 comments]

Where this great wrighter Mr.Bandopadhyay has gone???? we are eagerly waiting for ur articles on it

    S.Ghosh on Jun-03 :

This is another example of the cooperation of the Congress-BJP-Business Community to take away by force little land and livelihood of some of the poorest people of India. If they protest they will be called Terrorists Naxals.


    S.Ghosh on Jun-03 : Business Community is a group of blood suckers.
They steal from the banks ( they do not pay back their loans), they do not pay proper wages, they run away with the Providend fund and gratuity payments, they cheat the consumers, they import from C....

    Danav-Asur on Jun-03 : Please read line 4 in my last comment as "That way in a sovereign awakened countries even foreign businesses are thousand times better than foreign missionaries...etc." in place of that sentence without the word even.

    Danav-Asur on Jun-03 : Business communities are thousand times better than Congi-Commi communities.
Why Chinese and Russian commies have sold their economic policies to their enemies business economics because it has brought employment, wealth and better standard livin....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-03 : It is the agenda of both The Congress and the BJP is brand any social activists as Naxals, if they dare to question or draw the attention of the wrong doings of the Indian Business Community or Foreign Multinational Companies.
Naxalism has become....

    Danav-Asur on Jun-03 : The fervor with which anti national spins the fact and distracts from the biggest problem in last sixty years, indicates congi collussion. There is no grey area here. Any justification of any shade of Chines brand anti nationals in service of sixty y....

    Sriram on Jun-03 : Mr Gosh, I disagree with your clean report on naxal helpers. It takes the grave threat in India lightly. Severe punishment is needed or we will have destabilizing terror agents pulling off
same tricks with lethal consequences.

Naxals li....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-03 : Sriram:

Binayak Sen was never prosecuted as a Naxal or Maoists. His prosecution comes from the complaints that he has visited Narayan Sanyal in prison and taken his letters to his 85 years old mother and opened a bank account for his mother ....

    Sriram on Jun-02 : Regarding post # 19 - wrong arguments.

A,B,C got foreign funds, so why not Maoist orgs ?

Unlike A,B,C, the Naxalites are banned and they live underground.
Maoist orgs need money to live underground and generate lawlessness..

    S.Ghosh on Jun-02 : The Chief Justice of Chattisgarh is a corrupt Judge who took bribes from the land mafias of Uttar Pradesh, but was appointed as the Chief Justice by the most corrupt former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan.

    S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :
This is the case of another Binayak Sen. His name is Ramesh Agarwala, arrested by the corrupt BJP government of Madhya Pradesh.
Is he a Maoists as well?????

New Delhi: RTI activist Ramesh Agarwal has been arrested and chai....

    S.Ghosh on Jun-02 : For decades Binayak Sen served the tribals. Only in recent years he got some supports from international aid agencies.

Similarly Ram Krishna Mission, ISKCON, Sai Baba, Ramana Mahashi, Ramdev-- all got financial supports from the Westyern co....

    Mo on Jun-02 : Maoists are considered biggest national threat, across the political spectrum.

    David on Jun-02 : To All:
Just stop empty debates (promoting one"s favorite political views) and be ready to lay your life for your motherland...

    Mo on Jun-02 : More now - doctor sen and wife opened an NGO outfif called Rupantar which harbored Maoist employees and had bank accounts worth 4 million rupees.

Ah .. Cost of "medicines".

Further, it is the church, evangelicals, christian leaders....

    Mo on Jun-02 : So not an injection not a medicine was given to anyone. And here is a doc ignoring this service to real sick patients ( who have to walk miles for seeing docs, and the naxal friend gets special darshan for non-medical reasons ). He could not apparent....

S.Ghosh on Mar-31 : Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians [4 comments]

Caste system should be abolished by law.
All reservations and quotas must be based on poverty.

The biggest enemy of the Dalit was BR Ambedkar, who made the caste system permanent.

    Adesi on Mar-31 : I think the Hindus are going about the wrong way. We need to change, improve the lives of the Dalits and use them (as Hindu"s) to our advantage. Until our attitude towards Dalit"s change the missionaries play havoc.

    g kapuria on Mar-25 : Manmohan Singh is the most fundamentally dishonest prime minister we ever had. His famous political utterances alone are proof enough. Besides, a man is known by the company he keeps.

    hindu on Mar-18 : hindus need awakening and it will never happen with congress and seculars in power-

Ajili on Jan-31 : Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK) [1246 comments]

DatingInPunjab.com ~ only for Indians

    SRK on Jan-28 : Traitors should leave India. We Indians should know that these actors are minting money and we fools keep on spending our hard earned money going to theaters. Speaking about SRK he is a traitor and his inner heart belongs to Pakistan which he proved ....

    Vinod on Jan-22 : Respected sharukh sahib best wishes for giving us best films in ,25years .zI am your big fan.you must shine like stars for ever and give us best films onwords zMay God bless showers always on you.Remain always your can

    srk on Jan-08 : The comments by SRK are so cheap which revels his inner heart that he never loved his country. Such type of people have no right to leave in india and even many Indians are such fools that we go and spend money watching his pictures and making them m....

    Sarah.saigak on Sep-20 : I love you

    abubaker naseem on Apr-16 : i love you SRK. you are my hero. iam your biggest fan. please saw me hello. main bare ho kar aap ki tarah banna chahta hoon

    Ashish on Mar-28 : @Anonymous ~ you should know all about India before putting your statements and you should think twice before you put your vote as you said "you have proud of srk who have raised india to a very high level and have made india a known country " what ....

    S.Ghosh on Jan-09 : Shah Rukh Khan was the grandson of Cheghis Khan, the Mongol. He is dead for least 1200 years. Thus, you cannot write letters to a dead man.

    Anonymous on Jan-08 : Hello, im not an indian but im a huge srk fan he is great and i have huge respect for him. But what i dont understand is that why indian people hate on him so much they should be bery proud of srk who have raised india to a very high level and have m....

    Sachin keni on Dec-25 : Indians are more tolerant than any country in the world. If anybody have a problem go to the countries which according to s khan is tolerant. You are getting your bread from this country and Indian peoples. We respect every religion but people"s like....

    Sachin keni on Dec-25 : Indians are more tolerant than any country in the world. If anybody have a problem go to the countries which according to s khan is tolerant. You are getting your bread from this country and Indian peoples. We respect every religion but people"s like....

    Armaghan Baig on Dec-21 : Hi Sharukh Khan, My name is armaghan I am just here to tell you
A thing that I really want to meet you in my personal life will you
Tell me where can I meet you in Pakistan whenever you come...

    Dial V.Gidwani on Dec-13 : Partition of India is the cause and foundation of Intolerance in and from 1947 among our people, both in India and Pakistan.The responsibility for this lies fully both with Indian National Congress and Muslim League . The leaders responsible are t....

    MyNameIsAbey on Nov-26 : Rubbish.. shut up jerk.. you are just jealous of the star. Trying to seek popularity..

    Mani on Nov-25 : When r u leaving the country

    sana on Nov-24 : Mra jst 1 QN hai aap Sb logo say kya India sirf Hindu logo ka hai? Wahan Jo Muslims rehty WO Indian nai??? True Indian wah

    Prabhat Aditya on Nov-17 : Hello Sir. This is an Indian, at first a human being here...just like you. A great admirer of urs as I always adore you get inspired by your way of handling the life loving the life thanking the creator and living the present and your hardwork. there....

Rakesh Kumar Garg on Jun-21 : An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi [38 comments]

Dear sir,
Peoples of the country are innocent and are not aware about the facts so clever peoples are misguiding the people to rule the nation.It is a good effort to awaken the people.


    Mo on Jul-10 : bhayya subhash, nikamme raul vinci ke pair aur kitna chaatoge ?
pehle doktor ke paas jao aur check karwao - shayad aapki reed ki haddi
gayab ho gayi hai.

    subhash chaudhari on Jul-10 : dear sir
apto ye jante hai ki is waqt apko party ki sabse jyada jarurat hai after up election apko ye jana hoga ki up mai party ki har ki kya wajah hai.ap jante hai agar ap party ke purane cehre nahi chorenge to ap safal nahi ho sakte mai jant....

    jignesh on Jun-12 : Feedback sent to Author: An-open-letter-to-Mr.-Rahul-Gandhi

Thanks very much for sharing this matters
God bless you


    TR Narasimha Rao on Dec-24 : Nehru was the last Englishman and Raul Vinci gandhi will be the first Italiano to rule India.

    g kapuria on Dec-19 : In India, everything is in reverse. Muslims and christians terrorize the people and Congress party worries about non-existent Hindu terrorism.

    Daksha on Dec-18 : Thirty years from now we will see Rahul Nager, Rahul Institute of Techonology, Rahul School for social Research, Rahul road for his enormous contributions made to India (Sic)

    Daksha on Dec-18 : Somebody should bangles to Rahul Gandhi for giving dumb statements.

    no nonsense ever (NS on Dec-18 : The Swamy must be hallucination! 15000 core rupees paid under the table sounds reasonable, but not all bribe. Why! Go buy and sell real estate in India, about 50% is paid under the table. This is the norm.
Vinci versus Gandhi: who cares about Vi....

    g kapuria on Dec-18 : Hindu terror is a convenient fiction. It suits the christians to propagate this lie for obvious reasons, and also the secularists. Rahul Gandhi must be forced to explain his comment and ask unquestioned apology from Hindus of India. If BJP cannot do ....

    Mo on Dec-16 : Raul does not deserve the gentle tone and advice offered by this article.
He is a double crossing gutter creature. He was telling u.s. about his "speculation" on "hindu" terror being greater than "LeT".

    Bitter Truth on Dec-16 : And this Mullaha Raul has the gall to tell this:


    Daksha on Dec-16 : Rahul Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi leader of the Majority Party. Country belongs to Gandhi Family (SIC). Priyanka President of India. Half the icons in India are named after Nehru Gandhi Family.

    Daksha on Dec-16 : Wait till 2012 presidential elections, Priyanka will be made President of India.

    Anup on Dec-16 : (Continued) Dr Swami stated "1 while abroad recently I was informed by my reliable sources that of the Rs 40000 crores spent to date on commamwealth games preparations, about Rs15000 crores have gone as bribes under cover of payments to consultants a....

    Anup on Dec-16 : If one listens to the utterances of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, they sound so artificial, so devoid of Indian reality- one feels that these have been devised by his advisers who have little knowledge of India and then one sees he visits London at least once a ....

    shsharma on Dec-16 : Feedback sent to Author: An-open-letter-to-Mr.-Rahul-Gandhi

Your article is brilliant.I am sure in open market Rahul or Raul Gandhi would not get a job of a clerk but due to connection with Nehru-Gandhi dynasty he is hoping to be Prime Minst....

Vikram on Oct-21 : Interview of an Evangelist in India [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Interview-of-an-Evangelist-in-India


Can we reproduce your blog on www.HinduPost.in?


    hindu on Dec-13 : sonia and her hidden agenda-convert india to christianity - xtians fund muslims and they haunt hindus and western nations(xtians) come to aid hindus in guises and convert them to xtianity

    shashi kumar on Dec-13 : Feedback sent to Author: Interview-of-an-Evangelist-in-India

i live in a area where there were no christans last twenty years back but now the situation has changed and the area has been converted entirely to christans.earlier they used to c....

SIPPY on Sep-22 : Cong style of action, no action and sele... [4 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Congress-style-of-action,-no-action-and-selective-action

Rahul Gandhi is just a kId before Narinder MODI.GreatnEss is being fOrced upon
him by boot licker party whose speeches start and end with cheap leaders like
Soniaji and Rahulji.They are not statesman say lIke Winston Churchill.The UPA is a

    S.Ghosh on Nov-21 : Was BJP any better during Bajpayee, who did nothing about the corruptions of Arun Sourie, George Fernandez, Joya Jetley?
What about the current floods of corruptions in both Karnata, Gujarat governments. BJP so far has done nothing.
What abou....

    Arindam Bandyopadhya on Nov-16 : Thanks.
And now even the Supreme court questions the supreme minister"s inaction (

Wondering when will be the time for the moveme....

    Ruy Lopez on Nov-15 : Bravo! Arindam. Excellent, as always.

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