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India Discussion Forum


Bitter Truth on Oct-07 : Surgical strike: Sena poster shows Modi as Ram,.. [1 comments]

The biggest loosers due to surgical strike is the Khangress paartee.
They had let loos the paki terrorists on the Indians with a few adhoc raids on a few terrorist camps but with heavy coverage on the media. Now this real surgical strike has called their bluff.
Khangress mukut Bharat is the only solution for peace for the Indian subcontine....

Sam on Oct-09 : Why Mayawati"s Dalit-Muslim Formula can be a Ju.. [3 comments]

For caste system, discriminating against a Brahman is just as bad as discrimination against a Dalit. To stop discrimination based on caste, we need to stop discriminating based on caste. The only people who deserve any reservation are members of our military.

    Sam on Oct-09 : Muslims have Pakistan. They are not cheated at all. They have permanent reservation there. This is why Muslims are violent. We keep telling them how "oppressed" they are and now "cheated" they are. Enough is enough!

    Anup on Oct-05 : How Hindus were treated in Muslim periods ? Indian Muslims were treated as third class citizens in Muslim period.Now Indian Muslims are totally brain~washed. They don"t want remember their Hindu forefathers.These Dalits are there for vote~bank politi....

Anup on Oct-04 : Protest against Salman Khan in his birthplace I.. [2 comments]

Why do we watch his films ?

    Bitter Truth on Oct-03 : These damaged mofos need to be booted out of any kind of space including media. The islamic mafia help each other. These bullywood thugs are made popular by the media controlled by saudis, west thru dawood and powar. We need to eliminate them from....

hindu on Oct-03 : Will military action teach Pak a lesson? [4 comments]

only a full out war with punjabi pakistan will bring peace~ have to break up pakistan into smaller pieces

    g kapuria on Oct-02 : No. Not until they decide that it is not righteous to hate Hindus and terrorize Hindus. And that will never happen, because the Koran instructs them to hate, terrorize and kill kafirs.

    Bitter Truth on Oct-01 : This thug is father of sita. lol. madhar..d

    Bitter Truth on Oct-01 : No. The entire population of pukis have their minds leased to their jihadi mullas.
India next time any imbran kan or anygutter pig from there lands on our soil we need to clean and quran tine in thiar jail before we air drop them in bay of bengal....

g kapuria on Oct-01 : Why the world will not isolate Pakistan [1 comments]

Because there will always be people who take the side of evil.

Bitter Truth on Oct-01 : Uri effect: Atif Aslam"s concert in Gurugram ca.. [3 comments]

Hi Hi Hi. Gosh no beef dude. He will feel like his mother is raped surgical strike. She likes ganesha. atleast the hindus are fed that and they the hindus fall for it. Pork biryani will be good for the porkis lining all the kans of the bullywood.

    S.Ghosh on Oct-01 : line up with plates of beef Biriyani.

    Bitter Truth on Sep-30 : Hey, Line them up in front of Sulman kans" home.

Bitter Truth on Sep-30 : 7 terror launch pads targeted in surgical strik.. [2 comments]

Jai Javan, Har Har Modi. You are all great. You all make us proud. whole of Indian subcontinent except the rogues in unPak feel proud of you all. Now it is time of ordinary Indian citizens to brave this month. It will get worse before it gets better.
Har Har Modi, Jai Javan

    Simple Observer on Sep-29 : What PM Modi promises, surely he delivers! Great going Mr. PM... a real PM of India after 70 years.

Simple Observer on Sep-29 : How to bring about regime change in Pakistan [1 comments]

Regime change in Pakistan is nothing new, since anytime America wants it, it does it.

Simple Observer on Sep-29 : Sonia Gandhi hails surgical strikes by Army, sa.. [1 comments]

Who care what that Italian looter of India thinks? As usual she always stinks... and look at silly product she produced... India"s beloved genius Rahulji!

Simple Observer on Oct-01 : When and how India carried out surgical strikes [4 comments]

Without even seeing French aircraft performance, while proven performance of flying coffins, the Russian fed anti~India elements jump everywhere, with their silly propaganda! Enough of their non~sense!

    S.Ghosh on Sep-30 : who has organized uri attack? we know now George Bush had organized 9/11 to have an excuse to invade Iraq. Similarly Uri attack can be the justification to give billions of Dollars to a Rubbish country France for a rubbish aircraft, because some busn....

    S.Ghosh on Sep-30 : Surgical Strike is possibly a Bollywood film financed by Reliance corporation.?

    Simple Observer on Sep-29 : Only a traitor news media will discuss how surgical strikes were carried out. Shame... shame...! These internal enemies of India are more dangero to India should be boycotted immediately.

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