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Yes, India needs MF Husain
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News Summary: Maqbool Fida Husain, popularly known as M. F. Husain, or simply Husain, is now living abroad. He lives in a land far away from his motherland - India. He is currently based in Dubai. He has been living there after his self-imposed exile. Hes revered by many as a painter - an artist extraordinaire. Millions are spent by people to buy his masterpiece and the kind of publicity and support he enjoys with the Indian elite is truly enviable. .....read more in: Yes, India needs MF Husain

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These comments are about: Yes, India needs MF Husain

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14 LawOrderGuy on Jan-23 :

Yes, India needs the MF Hussain.
How can India hang him in a foreign country?
13 parthaSarathy on Jan-15 :

Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

I remember an article while ago that Tulsi, known for its medicinal qualities, would help protect the Taj Mahal from environmental pollution. In an exercise being undertaken by the UP Forest Department and the Lucknow-based Organic India, a million tulsi saplings would be planted near the marble mausoleum. A spokesman for the company said it"s one of the best plants to purify the environment. It cleanses as it releases high amounts of oxygen, which minimises the adverse impact of industrial and refinery emission.

I don"t see this even as poetic justice as Tulsi to "insulate" Taj Mahal, instead I see this as "insult" to Tulsi. The holy Tulsi is grown reverentially, only at the frontyard (not even at the backyard) as a mark of devotion and respect. Instead of Tulsi, they should grow Vilva tree at least as an offering to Shiva of this Tejomahalaya! What is so "humble" about it, using Tulsi to save Taj is nothing but another act of "societal stockholm syndrome"!

This is exactly how I feel anything about this painter as he"s done irreparable damage. We Hindus have given in so much that this is not an issue worthy enough even to discuss.
12 A.Moron on Jan-14 :

There is no need for this fanatic Muslim like Hussain to come back to India. He should go to Pakistan instead.
11 Mallika on Jan-12 :

I don"t understand why Hindus don"t commission nude pictutes of MF Hussain and his family. He did NOT paint them nude. Ofcourse he painted Hindus and Hitler nude, just a coincidence. Not !

He is a class A ????
10 Mallika on Jan-12 :

"And yes... India needs MF Husain."

The above statement is a faith assertion not backed with any evidence. India does not need purient iconoclasts like Hussain. He is carrying out the notorious tradition of Islamic Iconoclasm. Is it any surprise that he is the darling of Hindu baiters?

Since you seem to have access to this Nayyar you should have asked him if he supports pornography of his Idols like Nehru, Gandhi and etc. Then, he should have Husain paint a nude painting of himself and display it.

What India needs is free thinking blasphemers like Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, Anwar Shaikh, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Pornography does not deserve any free speech rights. No need to confuse free speech with pornography.

9 Mohan on Jan-09 :

Asking the author a straight question :

- does India not need directors like Van Gogh ( who was
beheaded ) ? And MF Hussain is still alive, even
escaping judicial process.
8 MB on Jan-07 :

Author needs to research on this subject before forming an opinion & backing it up with no Facts.
7 F.Kemal on Jan-07 :

M.F.Hussain crossed the line in the name of art and expression. Period.
6 NonPsuedo Secularist on Jan-05 :

"Picture Speaks Thousand Words".

I used to think what"s the big deal about nude pictures. After all there are plenty in konark and khajuraho. However, I show MF"s picture of nude Sita-Devi in a sexually compromised position with nude Hanumanji with nothing left for imagination.

I was shell shocked for following reason:-
* The relation-ship between Sita-Devi and Hanumanji is like Mother and Son.
* Both Sita-Devi and Hanumanji are symbol of marayada (i.e.ideal character, flawless ethics, morality, modesty and chastity).

Anti-Hindu"s like Nayyar kept crowing "No body is above the law" in Shankaracharya case.
Why should MF be above the law ?
Let the law take it"s own course.
4 S.H.SHARMA on Jan-03 :

Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

You have written the artcle nicely and I thank you for that but in last 1300 years Muslims have never apologised and if they have they have done it to fool Hindus or non Muslims.They have repeated this again and again to harm others and this led to partion of India and and they are following the same policies to destroy India as it is today .
I think he must be punished and he does not deserve pardon.
We must follow the simple policy of Sathey
Sathyam Samacharet means treat the evil in his own evil way , only then he would learn the lesson.

2 Truth Speaks on Jan-01 :

Only SECULARIST and COMMUNIST idiots need traitors like MF Husain. Hindus don"t need him. MF Husain to Hindus is 1000 times Salman Rushdie to Muslims. Every Hindu has a right to punish MF Husain by protest and legal acts .
1 Danav-Asur on Jan-01 :

MF Hussain is not case for forgiveness. He is perfect fit for punishment. Why has he painted only one religion"s divinity nude? It is double standard like Pakistani loving administration is doing to Hindus in every matter in the name of Pseudo secularism. His punishment, to avoid violance, is alternatively, to force him to paint and watch other religionists paint his mother and symbols of his whatever belief, paint nude similarly, including
Mother Pakistan. The artistic feelings of who wants to paint such paintings should neutralize Hindus anger. Any other compromise is cowardly and pussy cat solution like the Hijra author is suggesting.

Yes, India needs MF Husain - Thread over 

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Excellent article. The author is right that
Draupadi is a panchkanya in our epics.
Also she is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna
who considered her on par with his sister Subhadra.

The 2-bit jehadi pornographic author L Prasad
has no clue. He should feel free to select an Islamic/Christian
character to denigrate.
Ramchander on Jan-20 : Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..? [26 comments]

I"m from Hyderabad. This article is
rogue analysis. The article us silent
about growing naxal culture in Telengana
region. We are safer from
naxal and terror elements in composite AP.

Otherwise I want my city to be union territory,
free from KCR vultures.
parthaSarathy on Jan-15 : Yes, India needs MF Husain [15 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

I remember an article while ago that Tulsi, known for its medicinal qualities, would help protect the Taj Mahal from environmental pollution. In an exercise being undertaken by the UP Forest Department and the Lucknow-based Organic India, a million tulsi saplings would be planted near the....
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Sufis may exist in Iran or Turkey just like the Orthodox Christians, but they are in great danger from the attacks from the Muslims.
Even in West Bengal recently Muslims often attack the Sufis ( commonly known as Baul singers).
Sufi shrines are patronized by the Hindus mainly.

030201kishankb on Jan-19 : Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V [11 comments]

S. Ghosh please be aware of an article, "Yoga at the speed of Light,"
published in the Haindeva Keralam magazine that specializes in ancient Indian knowledge. The article I am referring to was posted by ivarta.com in the Analysis, Other News section on 01192010.

I have a copy of it and if you need it send me an e-mail requesting it.
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Yes, India needs MF Husain
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