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YSR & todays Christian Reddy rajas
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News Summary: while the Hindu scriptural Bhagavad Gita (Ghantasala tape) is played before the ritual of a Christian burial. The rumor mill has gone around that the surviving families will receive compensation of one lakh rupees each. One heart attack victim, who was reported to have died while watching the TV news in his home, was found to have no TV after all. How much can you trust the TV news or their numbers these days anyway? .....read more in: YSR & todays Christian Reddy rajas

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These comments are about: YSR & todays Christian Reddy rajas

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24 g kapuria on Feb-14 :

KR..I wish you the best. Hindus must cling to moral high ground. I hope you are able to make the case that Hinduism is the best religion there is.
23 Krishna Raj on Feb-14 :

Friends !

I have decided to take-up the activity of cleansing " Christian Converts" by YSR. To spread the divine faith of Hinduism ( based on Bhagavad Gita. Fortunately, after YSRs death a large number of SC/ ST are very fast " recovering" to Hinduism. Also, doubling the effect is efforts by VHP, Art of Living etc

Any monotheistic faith in India will ONLY DESTROY Indian social fabric. The solution lies in ground- level awareness. The message has to connect to lower sections. I have prepared all the RIGHT materials and my mindset to take this challenge in AP. Below three steps will be my focus:
1. Highlighting the brilliance of " Gita" : one Supreme Power, many ways to reach it!
I wish through the light on how Xtianity has destroyed any country or culture it has taken over. Emphasize on dictatorial slavery in BIBLE. The largest crimes against humanity are born out of Xtianity - Racism, colonialization etc
2. Use local support of temples and people to take Dalits and others to be accepted by all.
This will give the SECURITY which converts yawn for ( I request we as modern Hindus! have to work towards destruction of caste system by birth). By " Gita" there is no caste by BIRTH....it"s by KARMA.
3. Target 10000. Expose all local churches in the area chosen ( their criminal records of funding from govt?! diversion of TTD funds) to inform local Hindus to take action.

My activities WILL NOT start till 2014 Lok Sabha elections. ( simple: till then Sonia and Jagan sponsored Xtian laws will be in force). I wish BJP stands by its policy of Anti- Conversion Laws, hopefully they charge sheet Jagan and Sonia once they come to power with existing proof of conversion. A realistic estimate of Xtian conversions is actually ONLY 5.8 percent in AP.

I need support from any of you ( either in AP or some other place). Contact me on " krish.rajud@ gmail.com".

22 Nikhil Reddy on May-31 :

Well said anna..
21 Suresh Reddy on May-31 :

Kishan Reddy,AP BJP president is a simple,non-controversial man who can be a great leader as well as administrator.Give him a chance and Andhra will transform!Nagam Janardhan Reddy,Raja Singh,Ale Narendra"s son & Marri Janardhan Reddy joining BJP is a good thing.We need Narendra Modi as PM.
20 Nikhil Reddy on May-31 :

That"s very true,Suresh anna.U have just put here what we have been discussing from morning!Hindus need to unite!
19 Nikhil Reddy on May-31 :

That"s very true,Suresh anna.U have just put here what we have been discussing from morning!Hindus need to unite!
18 Suresh Reddy on May-31 :

Om Namah Shivaya! Y Samuel Reddy(YSR) or Chandra Babu Naidu are no leaders.They looted and deceived people!That"s no quality of a leader,forget being a great one!We have to groom great leaders.Nurture them from childhood.Make them follow the Dharma!Only then they will be great leaders!Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) needs to be protected from islam & Christian conversions or else we r doomed. Hindus unite!Reddy"s in AP shud take the lead in uniting hindus!
17 Nikhil Reddy on May-31 :

Not just Reddy"s but christian conversions have affected every caste and region.Christian YSR Fake Reddy is a crook.Chandra babu naidu & YSR families looted the state.Reddy"s were staunch hindus and shud be stauch hindus.They fought the muslim invaders and it"s time to protect the hindu dharma again!Stop licking Antonio Maino"s feet and support BJP.AP needs to revive it"s hindu culture!Christian Reddy"s convert back to hinduism or perish!Hoping the present generation will revive hinduism all over the state & country coz it"s the need of the hour!
15 Surya Chandra on Mar-09 :

Feedback sent to Author: YSR-and-present-generation-of-the-Reddy-rajas

Rao Jee YSR is Christian Lord Venkateswara was god for all including YSR .If he died why you link with Hindu Dharma . YSR had fudal mantality after all he is a polytical person . if a person thinks I am great then count down will begin . Thats all.
13 Power of Rudra on Jan-01 :

Never make Lord Shiva angry!!! you will be reduced to ashes !!! OM NAMAH SHIVAY!!! We are coming to clean Andhra !!! VHP
12 Anup on Nov-03 :

In Andhra Pradesh
1. Minority Welfare ( In India, minority means people who follow imported Abrahamic religions like Christianity or Islam ) pays Rs.1500.00 per Muslim and Christian couples when they get married.
2.100% tution fees for minorities in professional colleges for engineering, medicine, MBA, MCA, B.ed dental etc. are paid by the Andhra government.
3. There ar 5 percent reservation of Muslims in non-minority colleges.
4. Govt. grants to AP Urdu academy goes up every year, current year it is 14 crores of rupees. By comparison, Sanskrit Academy gets Rs. 5 lakhs!
5. There is subsidy of Rs. 20,000.00 for every Christian pilgrim.
Who votes this government to power? Hindus of course !
11 Mohan on Oct-24 :

Common Sense,

did you read the posts and see the
pseudo-secular aka x-tian evangelist crap being
lumped in India ?

YSR and his family have no business to
interfere in any aspects of Lord Vishnu"s temple
at 7 hills of Tirumala. A non-catholic cannot
run Vatican or Mecca etc. And issuing pilgrimage sops
to x-Tians and Muslims and none to Hindus & Buddhists & Jains
is unpardonable.
10 common sense on Oct-24 :

One reaps what one sows, so says the Dharma. Why blame secus for the ills "Hindus" are facing?

If every thing that happens in this universe is God"s will, why, then, blame me, so says an Urdu poet!
9 Truth Speaks on Oct-21 :

Y Samuel Reddy"s death is a warning from Lord Venkateswara to all demon like Dharma Vinashaks. Lord Venkateswara is very powerful Kaliyug god and nobody should mess with him. Samuel played with fire of wrath of Lord Venkateswara by saying "Only five hills belong to Tirupati Venkateswara" - meaning other two hills are up for grabs for Evangelists and Churches. No wonder Samuel had a terrible and horrible death on Rudra Konda (mountain of Lord Shiva, best friend of Lord Venkateswara).
8 Dr. TRN Rao on Oct-21 :

AKR garu, You raised questions about NTR and Chandra Babu Naidu. I agree with you that Naidu played opportunistic dirty policies to come to power. But one thing, they have not tried to harm or destroy Hindu Dharma. They followed flawed secularism, the brand popular with Congress minority appeasement. I have questioned NTR and Chandra Bubu Naidu (I called him Chandar Babar Naidu) and wrote a few times against them to Rediff.com. What YSR did is taking this brand to greater heights of wretchedness. He had instituted, Jerusalem and Vatican pilgrimages to Christians, why not Tirupathi, Kashi, Rameswaram to Hindus? There are poor Hindus; does he not know that? A demand has been made by Hindus, but YSR and Empress Sonia will never have it, as long as they have one drop of secularist blood in them. That is the secularism your Reddyism is promoting. Just one percent each year of the wealth of YSR family can do wonders. It can house and feed all the thousands of beggars that squarm the char-rastas in Hyd"d and other cities in AP. It is quite fashionable to call someone like me a Hindu fanatic, Hindu fundi, and anti-national and so on. I stand for equal rights and fair treatment of all religions and castes. I WILL FIGHT FOR HINDU RIGHTS AND FOR THAT MATTER FOR RIGHTS OF ALL RELIGIONS AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO DESTROY HINDU DHARMA.
Hindu temples should be managed by Hindus, not by (corrupt anti-Hindu) politicians. Why not Reddys like you, sir, take this slogan and fight for it. Reddys will earn the esteem and pride the Reddy rajas once enjoyed.

7 Dr. TRN Rao on Oct-21 :

AKR Reddy garu, You are mistaking me. I have always been very great admirer of Reddys, particularly of Reddy Raja dynasty, many great scholars and authors, and their contributions to dharma and samskriti. The present generation is just the opposite. 1. Why should a Chistian Karunakara Reddy, a corrupt politician, be appointed as TTD Chairman by YSR? 2. Why should YSR try to declare that only two hills belong to Lord Venkateswara not the seven hills? 3. In this democracy (or gang-lordism), YSR and family has acquired a financial empire of worth about Rs.78,000 crores (US $16 billion) in just five years. It took several generations for Tatas and Birlas and DMK and ADMK politicos to build such empires. With that kind of loot (wealth), any election can be bought in any state.
Why should non-Hindu Christians control Hindu devastanams, except to humiliate and demoralize Hindus? If Reddys keep supporting Christian Reddys who are destroying dharma, Reddyism will go down in history as destroyers of Hindu dharma in AP. Any amount of ill-earned wealth and bogus propaganda can cover this Reddyism, secularist jingoism of AP variety.
6 Jai on Oct-20 :

AKR, the islamic & xtian blood got mixed pre-inquisition and look what they did to other religions in the New World,Phillipine,Goa, Antigua etc etc , maybe your forfathers got same treatment.Please learn to live & let live.Your dollars are of no use in not so far future.
5 g kapuria on Oct-20 :

AKR..Is stealing Tirupati temple money an example of "great leadership"?
3 g kapuria on Oct-19 :

Christians have managed to rise to power in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. And it is easy to see that they have not been good to Hindus.
2 U. Narayana Das on Oct-10 :

Feedback sent to Author: YSR-and-present-generation-of-the-Reddy-rajas

Dear Sir,

After reading some of your articles, I believe that the following post might interest you:


U.Narayana Das

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YSR & todays Christian Reddy rajas - Thread over 

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YSR & todays Christian Reddy rajas
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