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Wahhabis atrocities against Muslims
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News Summary: This book by Stephen Schwartz (a Sufi Muslim) consists of unusual account focusing on a murderous cult in Islam called "Wahhabism". He fervently believes that "Islamaphobia" is owing to acts of "misguided" Muslims "in the name of Islam". "Wahhabism", the actual state religion of Saudi Arabia is, according to him, "one of the main perpetrators misleading the Muslim youths into terrorism." What he has to say about them - in particular - is something which Muslims as well as non-Muslims - alike - c.....read more in: Wahhabis atrocities against Muslims

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These comments are about: Wahhabis atrocities against Muslims

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5 Maksood Dalupang on Aug-04 :

Wahhabism is not found in Islam the misguided sect is only using Wahhabi. The correct Islamic Creed Aqeedah should be in accordance with the Qur"an and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed alaihisalam.
4 hindu on Oct-25 :

whitewashing by muslims and lapped up by secularists

"DC Comics is about to publish a series in which the Justice League of America fights crime alongside The 99 - the world"s first Islamic superheroes.

Jabbar the Powerful joins forces with The Incredible Hulk. Burqa babe Batina the Hidden teams up with Wonder Woman, the Not So Hidden. Just imagine the conversation.

"Batina, don"t you feel disempowered by having to wear that hideous thing?"

"No way girlfriend! Don"t you feel exploited by being viewed as a sex object? Your brain is way more powerful than your boobs!"

The 99 was created three years ago by Kuwaiti-born, American-educated psychologist Naif al-Mutawa.

"After the fatwa against Pokemon, I thought, My God, what has happened to Islam?" Mutawa told The Guardian newspaper.

He wanted to create positive role models for Muslim children, to replace the likes of Osama bin Laden.

The 99 characters, based on the 99 attributes of Allah, fight an evil multi-national corporation to "bring wisdom and reason back to the world".

While all female characters wear headscarves, only one appears in hijab.

"I wanted to send the message out that there is not only one way to be Muslim," Al-Mutawa said.

Interestingly, the character said to be based on the prophet Muhammad is a woman.

The strong-willed Noora beats off her kidnappers and digs a tunnel out of prison, to bring light into a dark world.

Although embraced in most Muslim countries, the comics have been banned in Saudi Arabia where scholars and hardline clerics object to the women"s clothing.
Now, The 99 is being made into an animated series by Endemol - the company behind Big Brother - for The Hub satellite TV network.

It"s even been endorsed by US President Barack Obama. He"s praised Al-Mutawa for capturing "the imagination of so many young people with superheroes who embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam".

Frankly I think anything that sends good messages to kids - about strength, kindness, compassion and justice - should be applauded. And they"ve got to be better than the Hamas cartoons, hailing suicide bombers.

But the issue has sent conservative commentators into apoplexy.

"This will appeal to a certain group who will become radicalised by watching this. just like American converts to Islam in Detroit and Tennessee," wrote Dr. Ted Baehr, the chief of Movieguide.

Just like how we all started hunting women dressed as cats and men wearing face paint after watching Batman. What a joke.

The Christian website Hope n" Change brings up that hoary old chestnut about the President"s religion, pointedly referring to him as Barack Hussein Obama.

Then there"s the conspiracy theory: "Isn"t it interesting that there are 99 heroes. which just happens to be the number you get when you multiply "9" and "11". Now where have we heard those numbers before..?"

God help us.

Some commentators claim it"s a sinister plot to brainwash children and impose Sharia law in the West. But there"s no overt religion - the characters never pray.

Others reckon that, if any cartoon character supports Sharia Law, it"s Batman with his philosophy of an eye for an eye.

Both Islamic and Western cartoons are about good triumphing over evil.

My four-year-old daughter loves The Disney Princesses.

What"s wrong with a four-year-old girl in Yemen watching Samda the Invulnerable, a young girl with an impenetrable force field? Or Battina the Hidden, who"s wise and courageous?

Sure, she wears a burqa. But so does every other woman in Yemen. At the end of the day, does it really matter if the heroine wears a ball gown or a burqa? "

3 ShSHARMA on Sep-26 :

India is in the worst situation and has suffered most in words of American historian, philosopher,author Will Durant and would suffer more in years to come because of policy of divide and rule with appeasement of Muslims first by British raj and then by last Englishman called Jawaharlal Nehru and now Nehru-Gandhi dynasty headed by Soniaand her yes men and women .How to free India from them is the question?
2 muslim on Sep-25 :

1 David on Sep-25 :

Wahhabis are using Paki. and Indian moslims to conquer India and then kill these moslims afterwords as lableling them "Nakali" as their DNA are same as of Hindus...but stupid Paki. and Indian moslims" brains don"t see this as they are empty.

Wahhabis atrocities against Muslims - Thread over 

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In rSrno # 4, please read tongue for tonug. My bad spelling.
hindu on Jul-16 : The draconian - "Communal Violence Bill" [8 comments]

only secularism made them prominent
it seems xtians and muslims have access to good education whilst the hindus are relegated to the bottom.
hindu lawyers and law makers are gutless
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Mr Gosh, I disagree with your clean report on naxal helpers. It takes the grave threat in India lightly. Severe punishment is needed or we will have destabilizing terror agents pulling off
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Western media is anti-Indian, anti0Hindu, but it is a fact that USA, France, former Soviet Union and East European countries before 1990, Japan are all Secular and they are developed.

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Malavika on Jun-07 : India: Follow Israel"s Example! [18 comments]

@ S.Ghosh,

Your rants mean nothing.

Provide evidence of Isreal NOT supporting India during Kargil war or 1962 or in between. Or acting against Indian interests. Compare that with how Indians, especially Hindus are treated by your buddies(Muslims).

Fact: they gave ammunition from their own stores.

Your are an ign....
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CNN-IBN has the money and the Padma shris. Why should they care for truth?
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Hazare-campaign is related to only a fraction of corruption, but it should be welcomed as the first step.
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Wahhabis atrocities against Muslims
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