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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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256 mk sharma on Nov-10 :

If Rahul Gandhi is son of Rajive Ganghi then how he has been written Raul Vinci
255 s c sharma on Sep-13 :

Is it trou that real name of rahul gandhi is raul vinci
254 Krishna Vasishta on Apr-26 :

Raul Vinci @ Rahul Gandhi Not Indian

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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Binny at 21:32 Today : Kiran even suggested leaving India, says Aamir .. [1 comments]

Maashaa allaah! Bollywood Khaans must go to their country of choice, where they feel it is tolerant. So, they should leave India and do themselves a favor. So, when are they leaving the intolerant India and waiting for what?? Or are they going to leak, what they spate?
Binny at 21:05 Today : Tharoor backs Aamir Khan"s intolerance remarks,.. [1 comments]

What else can be expected from a Congressy stooge? Long live the kissers of the Madam Sonia"s behind! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
Binny at 21:02 Today : What has India not given to Aamir Khan, asks BJ.. [2 comments]

A Namak~Haraam is Namaka~Haraam in the beginning, in middle and at the end also. So, where is any surprise? If any doubts then look at the terror attacks all around the world... in Europe, Asia, USA everywhere.
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 Binny at 20:48 Today : Maashaa Allaah! Maashaa Allaah! Bollywood Filmon Ko Dekhate Raho, Apani Jebon Ko Khaali Karate Raho, Khaanon Ki Jebon Ko Bharate Raho, Aur Khaanon Ko Namaka~Haraami Banaate Raho... Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
Binny at 20:57 Today : "Terrorism is also a social activity" [1 comments]

Sex starving terrorist get their biological urges satisfied, as a reward for being terrorist while alive... and after suicide mission, it becomes Allaah"s responsibility to provide them 75 Hoors in haven! Can there be any better deal than that?! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
Binny at 20:51 Today : ISIS uses Indians for suicide attacks: Report [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Allaah~Hu~Akbar doesn"t care for nationality... Only thing is to please Allaah and earn 75 Hoors in Jannat!
Binny at 20:49 Today : Aamir"s remarks only bring down India and Modi".. [3 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Maashaa Allaah! Bollywood Filmon Ko Dekhate Raho, Apani Jebon Ko Khaali Karate Raho, Khaanon Ki Jebon Ko Bharate Raho, Aur Khaanon Ko Namaka~Haraami Banaate Raho... Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
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 Anup on Tuesday : If you read the comments on this news in Rediff ~ it is totally disgusting. Why we need Rediff news in ivarta ?

Comments (till the day of this story)
S.Ghosh on Nov-09 : NDA"s Bihar loss not setback to economy: Jaitle.. [1 comments]

People like Jaswant Sinha, Jaswant singh, Arun Sourie, destroyed the Vajpayee Government by following MonMohan Economics.
Now Modi will be destroyed by Jetley, Rajan, Panagaria, etc who wants to give all public property to their favourite businessmen.
This is what they call Reform, which is deeply unpopular among the people. People thought....
S.Ghosh on Nov-09 : Lalu"s son Tejaswi celebrates b"day with Bihar .. [2 comments]

India is doomed because of these Yadav rapists, thieves, killers cannot be arrested and face justice. Yadav is a criminal caste, but they are ruling now both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Old John on Nov-09 : Boeing, Tata to produce aerostructures for Apac.. [2 comments]

While ruling India for all these years since 1947, had Congress had a vision, action plan and honesty to bring India up like PM Modi, vs. divide more and more by creating special rights, reservations, vote~bank politics and looting India, then World would not have turned to China. The distinct advantages in favor of India were ~ no need to learn Ma....
Old John on Nov-09 : BJP Parliamentary Board to meet today after bla.. [1 comments]

Just wondering... What blame game did Congress Parliamentary Board play, after a spectacular 44 seat win in 2014 Parliamentary election, and what changes did it make in their personnel like President and VP? If not, then is Congress planning to repeat the same spectacular performance in 2019, also at the National level?
S.Ghosh on Nov-09 : 7.8% more votes for Mahagathbandhan gives it an.. [3 comments]

Now there is no chance for Bihar. All thieves, rapists, killers, are back in power.

Old John on Nov-09 : How Bihar changed under Nitish Kumar [1 comments]

So, Bihaaris gave NitishJi another chance! He has now five more years to do it. In addition, the Center is also committed to give promised aid to Bihaar. Hope NitishJi, who was begging Congress for the special status for Bihaar and was just ignored.. in~spite of it, under RajulJi"s escape~velocity~brilliant plan of Mahaa Gatha Bandhan, JDU obeyed C....
Old John on Nov-09 : Sena rubs it in: You can fool people only once [1 comments]

On that score, why Sena is aligning with BJP time after time, since Sena also feels fooled by BJP??
Old John on Nov-07 : Anupam Kher leads march, says India is tolerant [1 comments]

Finally someone, like Anupam Kher, has guts to call spade as spade. The Namakharaam vermin, who call India intolerant, while they keep on eating Namak of India, deserve to be exterminated like any infectious bugs. India needs a disinfection operation, because of the all Congress ruling, to stay healthy and make progress. If not, then world is not g....
Old John on Nov-07 : War with India is NOT an option: Sharif [1 comments]

If war with India is not an option... then what good was eating grass for Pakis to make nuclear weapons??!!

Old John on Nov-07 : Army successfully test-fires Brahmos land attac.. [1 comments]

Congratulations Sudhir MihraJi for the successful test!


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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