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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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258 vishal on Mar-01 :

257 sudhanshu dwivedi on Dec-13 :

he is goood
256 mk sharma on Nov-10 :

If Rahul Gandhi is son of Rajive Ganghi then how he has been written Raul Vinci
255 s c sharma on Sep-13 :

Is it trou that real name of rahul gandhi is raul vinci

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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g kapuria at 08:52 Today : How have Modi and his mantris fared? [1 comments]

Absolute non~performers are not even listed. Uma Bharti for example. She is a zero in all categories.
Sai on May-21 : An [hour] with a Prostitute! [41 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Really liked reading your article. the moment i started reading it I felt as if I was there on that beach and was watching you guys talking to each other.

Though I can not do anything more, even I will pray that she finds the right job and also wish that all her efforts would ....
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 mary samanta on Jul-26 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Its good to know atleast a few men like you are there ..to be honest..to be human..to respect women..it really demands a mind of quality.. I appreciate it..God bless. ..!!
 Dixit on Aug-19 : this story helps others to know the reality behind the ladies who get in this business and also sex is not all the pleasure a man can get by a woman sometimes spending time with them is much valuable.
 Maldeniyae Michael on Apr-07 : Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

What a capability of a Prostitute is evident from the picture emerging out of it that while being a House maid in a Keralite family at Dubai, Sriya Nilanganie Maldeniy could offer her bod....
Anup on May-19 : "Didi" retains power in West Bengal, set to for.. [1 comments]

What can we expect from Didi ?
S.Ghosh on May-18 : Omission of Nehru from textbook reflects mental.. [2 comments]

1 Nehru had no power on the military in 1947 as India was then a Dominion. We are kidding ourselves by observing 15th august as Independence Day it is false. Lord Mountbatten in 1947 refused to allow Indian Army to fight against the Pakistani Army to recover the lost areas of Kashmir
2 In 1962, Morarji Desai gave no money for the Indian Army, t....
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 Simple Observer on May-10 : Nehru should NOT be omitted from textbook and should be painted as per his deeds ~ like China blunder in~spite of warned by his own home minister, Kashmir stupidity by overriding his own home minister. The list of facts about Nehru is much longer tha....
S.Ghosh on May-18 : Himalayan rebuff to Modi"s Nepal policy [2 comments]

Then Indo~Nepal treaty of 1950 must be cancelled and all Nepalese living in India must carry Nepalese passport with standard visa.
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 Simple Observer on May-18 : Nepal is a free country and if Nepal like to write its future, same as Tibet, then it is Nepal"s choice. So what is wrong? BJP always extends humanitarian aid to any country, including Pakistan.
S.Ghosh on May-18 : "Har cheez Gandhi ke naam?" Rishi Kapoor, on Tw.. [1 comments]

Go to Pakistan and eat BEEF, which you like, Fat Kapur.

Comments (till the day of this story)
g kapuria on Feb-29 : I am a bigger patriot than Modi: Kejriwal [1 comments]

Yet, Kejriwal supports the terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. Very patriotic indeed.
Binny on Feb-25 : Bleeding hearts! Don"t bleed the nation! [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! How true that anti~India elements have bleeding hearts for anti~Indians, but not for the nation, in~spite of eating resources of India. Should not be anti~India be dealt with sever punishment? When will the punishment be meted by India?
Binny on Feb-23 : JNU a hub of "sex and drugs": BJP MLA [3 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! The issue at hand with JNU is anti~India activities and its support and NOT sex and drugs. This BJP MLA needs to grow up, as he is losing the focus on a situation.
Binny on Feb-23 : PHOTOS: This is South India"s MAHAKUMBH [1 comments]

Mashaa Allaaah! Nice photos showing their togetherness. Will not be it nice, if they have the same togetherness to stand against anti~India activities or stand for the rights of their brothers Kashmiri Pandits?
Binny on Feb-21 : Smriti injects patriotism in universities; told.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Flying Tri~Ranga over educational institutions of India was overdue and is a step in the right direction.... though this is not enough. Any anti~India activity or slogan shouters must be considered as traitors and severely punished. Hindostaan Zindaabaad!
Binny on Feb-18 : Kanhaiya claims threat to his life in Tihar Jai.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah, Maashaa Allaah! What a scum of a scum Gaddaar is this JNU fed Kanhaiya? Even Tihaar jail criminals are lot better than this scum... at~least these Tihar jail criminals are not Namak~Haraam to their own motherland. What should be the punishment of any anti~national element?
Binny on Feb-18 : Hang and shoot "traitor" Rahul Gandhi, says BJP.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Hanging or shooting decision will be decided by the Judicial branch of the Indian government, after trying hands~in~gloves with anti~India elements Rahul Gandhi and NOT by the Legislative branch of the Indian government.
However, Maashaa Allaah... it is very interesting to note the silence of the India"s darling Bollywood chara....
Binny on Feb-16 : Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Have Indian journalists leaned anything from the stunt pulled Rajdeep Sardesai, outside the Madison Square Garden~New York, where PM Modi was to address Indians gathering living in USA? Rajdeep Sardesai made a fool of himself! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
Binny on Feb-16 : Is he Obama"s nominee for the US Supreme Court? [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah, Rediff! Stop worrying about, whom US will nominate for the position of the US Supreme Court judge... Just stop being news manufacturer and generator of anti~India propaganda. You owe it people of India as being a part of news media. Free speech doesn"t mean spreading lies.
Binny on Feb-16 : "Will the BJP call everyone traitors and send u.. [2 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Not only BJP but every Indian has right to call everyone a traitor, who engage in anti~India activities.... and no more hiding behind the non~sense of free speech and differing from the government.


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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