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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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253 akhil on May-11 :

Rahul vinci,is married.
252 Mohan Coomarswamy on May-03 :

Rahul Gandhi who will take over from Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister on 16/5/2014 has never done any paid work so far not even a single day in other words he has never been employed or held a job in his entire career in anger. A fascist inglorious feat no doubt. When we compare it is the same with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra which is an insult to the hard working common man. There may be a few who would say how about his job as the Deputy to his Mom but that is entirely voluntary and honorary and he shouldn"t be paid according to political party rules all over the world as he was not required to attend parliament except accompany his mom Sonia Gandhi an elected member of the Lok Sabah. Nevertheless I don"t mean being an elected member of the Lok Sabha as a paid job it is a social service.

This is a world record and destined to go down into the Guineas Book of world records which would be a proud achievement for Rahul. Walking through the implications of this to people of India we don"t have to look further than Lady Diana"s and Prince Charles"s adult children Prince William and Prince Dirty Harry they have never worked either in their entire life and can say they are a mirror image of Rahul Gandhi our future Prime Minister in waiting.
The mortal perennial curse befallen on the children of the Rich and Famous is undeniable to say the least/. In dynastic parlance their children are usually referred to as half-wits.

Accordingly we can safely conclude from Murphy"s laws that Rahul Gandhi is a half-wit.

It"s patently clear we don"t give enough thought not that we don"t care a damn when it hits our stomachs it"s about time something has to be done we cannot postpone much longer. Our GDP forecast is not good a drop of 4.7 percentage points from 8.2% in 2004 to 3.5% in 2015 looking ten years back. All that glitters are not GOLD is an often repeated saying. Our future is not in the hands of the Gods but in our own hands that we elect and we should exercise it with responsibly. Rahul Gandhi is nothing but Manmohan Singh white washed sepulchre. For instance during the BJP government the annual growth in GDP in 2004 stood at 8.2% and the Congress government in 2014/2015 the annual GDP growth plummeted to 3.5% threatening Standards and Poor"s credit rating to junk status in 2015 unless we have a change of government advices the World Bank. Do we want to throw away this opportunity to economic realities or go on a Congress Party big Bash on 16/05/2014 pouring the future of our young ones down the drain?
251 lokendra on Apr-27 :

Rahul is not an indian,
250 lokendra on Apr-27 :

Rahul is not an indian,

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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Revolutionaries" main objective was to get rid of the British. Beyond getting rid of the British, there was little thought what the independence would bring. Indians are accustomed to the King and the subject format of governance, and that would suffice.Constitution and form of governance was an afterthought.

Gandhi never wanted industrial....
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 S.Ghosh on Sunday :
Netaji supported Authoratarian rule, not dictatorship. In that case India will be developed within 20 years like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Europe including the Soviet Union.
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This is a peanut considering the other scam, when business community employ thugs to break the Rly wagons and take away the merchandises and give those to the businessman who employ them then the same businessman claim compensation from the Rly for the value of the merchandise.

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Nehru wanted to be a Henry.
He said, He is an Englishman born in India.

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Ambedkar was a British agent all his life.

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Good news. More to come.

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modi has a mile high ego. Doesn"t get guided by anyone except himself.He is out to satisfy his ego that he knows all.
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For profit a business....
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it can be seen that hindu coolies are instrumental in giving help to kichadwala.
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One day, Yashoda maiya was trying to tie up Shri Krishna with a rope, but all her ropes were short by two finger lengths. That was when Shri Krishna got the name Damodar. Modi is Damodardas. Interesting, isn"t it? Unfortunately, Mamata Banerjee is no Yashoda maiya. And Mamata"s statements about sending Modi to jail are in conflict with Supreme cour....
Tongue in cheek on May-09 : BJP "ready" to take support from any party as M.. [1 comments]

Congress included!
tongue in cheek on May-09 : Rahul clearly entered EVM area, says EC [1 comments]

Why make a big deal! He doesn"t have the education to spell what EVM stands for, let alone smear the machine.
tongue in cheek on May-09 : Modi to EC: Why are BJP and I being troubled? [1 comments]

Time to apply preparation H!

EC is dumb. Can"t answer. The party astrologer is the best bet.
tongue in cheek on May-09 : My Hindutva agenda will not change: Yogi Aditya.. [1 comments]

Yogi, 5 straight term MP, Staunch believer in Hindutava. Yet no post in the party! Sanyasan Uma is some biggie. What is the pecking order. Sanyasan firt, Yogi next or the other way around!
hindu on May-08 : My Hindutva agenda will not change: Yogi Aditya.. [1 comments]

good on the yogi.hopefully the coolies will not stop him from promoting hinduism
S.Ghosh on May-08 : Coal scam: SC asks CVC to scrutinise 24 files [1 comments]

Why is it that no action was taken so far on the Ambani Brothers, who got coal mines for free. When they control both Congress and BJP, we have no future.
tongue in cheek on May-09 : Don"t conduct polls if security can"t be ensure.. [1 comments]

Why politicians need security? People need. Big rally means higher chance of getting crushed.

Parties should use 21 century tools to spread the sermon!
tongue in cheek on May-09 : EC seeks report on Rahul entering polling booth.. [1 comments]

Hope, the EC didn"t appoint "Judge Nanavati" fame office to submit report. BTW, did Nanavati submit his report on Gujarat or he still is working on it!


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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