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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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257 sudhanshu dwivedi on Dec-13 :

he is goood
256 mk sharma on Nov-10 :

If Rahul Gandhi is son of Rajive Ganghi then how he has been written Raul Vinci
255 s c sharma on Sep-13 :

Is it trou that real name of rahul gandhi is raul vinci
254 Krishna Vasishta on Apr-26 :

Raul Vinci @ Rahul Gandhi Not Indian

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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Maashaa Allaah! If Salman Khan was not acquitted then the Bollywood crazy and emptying their pockets for Bollywood Indians, will go crazy without Bollywood... So, Bollywood bought Indian judicial system and then obliged Bollywood fans by giving them something or only~thing they live for! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
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...it will shudder only those, who are Jihadies or Jihad related.
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Maashaa Allaah! Looks like Kejrival is fulfilling his one of his election promises that helped him secure 67 seats in 2015 election! Time to rejoice for Delhi voters and their aspirations... Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
S.Ghosh on Dec-06 : Why Mark Zuckerberg"s multi-billion charity isn.. [2 comments]

Face Book is a CIA front organization, thus, there is no shortage of money.

Binny on Dec-04 : California mass shooting suspects of Pakistani .. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! So, what else is new with Pakistan, America"s favorite Ally? America didn"t pour 80 billions dollars in aid and free weapons all these years to Pakistan for nothing. Pakistan didn"t have Osaamaa~Bin~Ladin also!


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
India Forum: Comments, Opinion, - Information Resource

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