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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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254 Krishna Vasishta on Apr-26 :

Raul Vinci @ Rahul Gandhi Not Indian

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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OldJohn at 22:40 Today : US rules out full-scale reinvasion of Iraq [1 comments]

How many fronts US can fight? Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, possibly Iran, now possibly China as well and what not. So, a very wise decision by US!!
OldJohn at 22:17 Today : When MP minister told Russian woman he would te.. [2 comments]

A typo correction, it should read as
Soooo... removing Dhoti is not a problem!!
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 OldJohn at 22:09 Today : Underneath the Dhoti, a short i.e. Kachhchha, and underneath that a Langotee i.e. a loin~cloth is worn. Soooo... removing Dhoti is not a no problem!!
S.Ghosh at 22:15 Today : An "Indian brother" finds mention in al-Qaeda l.. [3 comments]

RAW officers are allowed to infiltrate any criminal or political organization in India and in foreign countries. It is their duty.
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 tongue in cheek at 06:42 Today : How about modi and co going in bed with pdp? There were RAW officers who worked for enemies. They were not muslims, or were they?
S.Ghosh at 22:12 Today : Ban all forms of labour employing under-14 chil.. [2 comments]

Schools and universities should be all free there must not be any private schools or universities.

There should be income suppliment for the poor in exchange for sterelization or compulsary abortions for mothers with a child already.

There is no justification for any child labour.
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 Truth whatever at 14:58 Today : Easy said than done! The under~14 are bread earner. Who is going to compensate the family for the loss of their earnings? Schooling is not 100 percent free either. So, the family not only will lose the income, but would add to the expenses.
S.Ghosh at 22:08 Today : Pakistani flags raised again in J-K, protesters.. [3 comments]

Kill them all.

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 Truth whatever at 21:22 Today : Still time modi and co realises that it was a mistake to go to bed with PDP.
OldJohn at 21:18 Today : Manjhi in Janata Parivar? Lalu agrees, but will.. [1 comments]

Has anyone noticed the in~laid photo of Lalu and Bihaari Aalu Nitish? Isn"t it interesting?! Lalu closed his eyes to avoid looking at the Bihaari Aalu Nitish and in turn, Nitish covers his eyes with dark glasses! What a unity of newly cooked Janata Parivar!! Bhaarata~Ki~Janata, it is time to watch more fun from this party of jokers!

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Anup on Apr-25 : SC "snubs" Rajnath"s call to halt cattle smuggl.. [1 comments]

These days SC is poking its nose in everything. Bring back UPA!
Anup on Apr-25 : US seeks clarification from India on Ford Found.. [4 comments]

Ford foundation supports missionaries along with CIA and American government.
OldJohn on Apr-24 : India "unhappiest" country, below Pak, Bangladesh [1 comments]

Thanks to the dynasty ruling since 1947!... Don"t people get the government to rule them what they vote for?... Didn"t Delhiwaalaas delivered 67 seat to free goodies showering AAP?! Jai Ho!
OldJohn on Apr-24 : Felt "fire-like" energy in Kedarnath: Rahul [1 comments]

"I experienced "fire~like" energy in Kedarnath Rahul Gandhi"... very good for you Rahulji!... The Desk~Ki~Gori~Mafia~Bahuji also felt the same way, after her very private secret encounter with Delhi Jummaa Masjid Imaam, before 2014 election!! Consequently, She captured 44 seats in 2014 election and kept the fire for herself!... less then 10 percen....
OldJohn on Apr-24 : Kejriwal"s mistake cost my son"s life, says far.. [1 comments]

Yesterday I heard that suicide or showman~act~gone~wrong, whatever the case may be, that family is asking minimum one crore Rupees plus free education completing college for all family members as compensation from AAP. Well, looks like part of Delhiwaalo~Ki~Free~goodies will be going to a Rajasthaani!
Ford Foundation, any plan to extend help t....
OldJohn on Apr-24 : Live: Congress walks out of Lok Sabha after gov.. [1 comments]

Congress is thus doing a good practice to walk out of India also! Best wishes, Congress! No one is missing Congress now in India... except anti~India elements!
OldJohn on Apr-24 : Agra Church attacked by man spurned by girl: Po.. [1 comments]

Amazing finding... isn"t it for the paid news media?!
OldJohn on Apr-24 : I"m guilty, blame me, says Kejriwal after outra.. [1 comments]

"I am guilty. Blame me. I feel the rally should have been called off. But please focus on the real issue of the farmers and desist from politicking. Whoever is guilty hang him but the focus of the debate should be on why the farmers are committing suicide," Kejriwal told a news channel.
Just amazing Kejrivalji!... First you admit you are guilty....
Bitter Truth on Apr-23 : Rahul to undertake Kedarnath yatra today [2 comments]

That is how this dynasty has been fooling Hindus all these years.
First they hated anything Hindu. Next they sent a message that Buddhism was relatively better like
Vipasna etc. That did not work now kedharnath Yarra. I only hope gullible Hindus see thru this and continueto support bjp. It is not yet one year and a lot of gro....
Anup on Apr-24 : Tipu Sultan"s firepower fetches over Rs 56 cror.. [1 comments]

Lord Clive brought Tipu the butcher"s bed to UK. It is ibn Powys castle in wales.


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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