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Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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News Summary: Truth abut Raul Vinci( Rahul Gandhi.....read more in: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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These comments are about: Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)

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255 s c sharma on Sep-13 :

Is it trou that real name of rahul gandhi is raul vinci
254 Krishna Vasishta on Apr-26 :

Raul Vinci @ Rahul Gandhi Not Indian

Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) - Thread over 

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Anup at 10:58 Today : BJP MP Satyapal Singh sparks row, calls the Dad.. [1 comments]

It is sickening to see the news of a Muslim killed makes a news which lasts for ever.When a Hindu gets killed by a Muslim, media ignores it. what happened in Kashmir ? what is happening in west Bengal ? On an average of 13000 Hindu girls and women are abducted a year from west Bengal, any news about that ?
Muslims got Pakistan, no such luck fo....
Bitter Truth at 09:20 Today : We are facing an unprecedented situation: Sahit.. [2 comments]

Ha Ha Ha...These eminent stooges are having a meeting on the 23rd.
I predict
1. The idiots who returned will gladly, but with some tantrum for the media, take back what they returned, medal, cash and all.
2. Blame BJP/Modiji/Hindus for such a horrible situation they are in. Which only means such idiots who were pampered by the prev....
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 S.Ghosh at 07:03 Today : There was no sahitya Academy before independence, still we had Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat Chandra and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
Close down Sahitya Academy.

S.Ghosh at 07:00 Today : India and its writers" rebellion [1 comments]

They are not writers of high caliber. They are linked to the Congress Party. That was the only reason they got awards. Who reads their books?
S.Ghosh at 06:58 Today : Why Salman Rushdie is being trolled on Twitter [1 comments]

He is a Muslim.
S.Ghosh at 01:54 Today : Ghulam Ali to perform in Delhi in Dec: Kejriwal [6 comments]

Visa rules are universal if India does not follow then Indian leaders are corrupt. They allow Paki actors, singers actress to come to India on tourist visa and make a fortune in Bollywood. Modi is only interested to travel all over the world to raise more cut money for Ambani~Adani and other Gujurati business men.

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 Old John on Monday : No use comparing Visa rules of one country to another.
 S.Ghosh on Sunday : It is the fault of the Modi government. They are coming to India as tourists but making a lot of money. No country allows that, only India.

 Old John on Saturday : The artist from the terror exporting country is now doubling and tripling his income!... Mumbai cancelled, while Delhi, Culcotta suddenly to give him red carpet welcome! Doesn"t AAP and Mamata BanuJi"s anti~India and hands~in~glove with terrorist co....
S.Ghosh at 01:51 Today : Why this top US commander visited India unannou.. [1 comments]

to sell more weapons to Modi and get some cut money from Ambani.

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Danav~Asur on Sep-12 : Aurangzeb gave temples grants, land: Historian [1 comments]

This is toilet paper"s another presstiute article to confuse some regards by half fact. For example, inscription says ruler donated. Now, ruler can be local, regional former Hindu, presstitute inferred Aurangzeb or he plainly switched the date as they normally do " lie big and retrieve small, if caught" as media crooks.com would say.
Old John on Sep-12 : Anna Hazare suspends October 2 hunger strike in.. [1 comments]

Looks like AnnaaJi finally came to senses that instead of fasting, he should enjoy, just like his disciple A. Kejrivaal ~ eat, drink, be merry, make false promises and do Dhaaranaas!
Old John on Sep-12 : Whisky, clubs, music: Karachi"s nightlife [1 comments]

Nothing wrong with it!... Since, Mohammad lived himself like that and in addition, he had child Ayeshaa as wife to old hot bag Khadijaabibi and more in between! One lives only once! That appears to be Islamic!... and once dead, then one enjoys 78 virgin Hoors in heaven!!
Old John on Sep-11 : Donald Trump a narcissist, egomaniacal madman: .. [1 comments]

Looks like its about time for the emotional people of Punjab to start distributing sweets to celebrate US presidential candidacy of their favorite Bobby Jindal, while for Bobby Jindal, any connection with India makes him un~American, because he claims to be American only!
Danav~Asur on Sep-10 : Mumbai meat ban: Is chicken banned too, Bombay .. [1 comments]

Hilarious. "The petitioners have claimed that the decision is unconstitutional and favours a small percentage of population besides going against the secular fabric of the constitution" Now they remember, it is against fabric of secularism by govt. to interfere in religious matters and that too for small percentage of population. Where were they fo....
Old John on Sep-09 : Smriti Irani hits out at Sonia, says Congress d.. [1 comments]

Thank you Smriti Iraniji, for speaking the mind of the voters in 2015, who handed 282 seat victory to BJP in 2014 election and 44 seat historic low performance to Desh~Ki~Gori~Mafia~Bahuji and company!
Old John on Sep-09 : Congress puts off party polls by 1 year; Sonia .. [1 comments]

Looks like Italian~Gori~Desh~Ki~Mafia~Bahuji is extending her prince Rahulji"s coronation, in order to find suitable grey matter to replace the prince Rahulji"s escape~velocity~brain and hoping to find it within a year!! Good luck Gori Bahuju!
Old John on Sep-09 : Overstaying on foreign trips? Babus maybe shown.. [1 comments]

Looks like Babus, used to Haluwaah of a good time under Congress, still under there frozen brain, think that they are still working under Congress after 2014 election! BJP"s this shock treatment should unfreeze Babus" brains and that will be good for India! The power of voting correctly does so much good to voters.
Old John on Sep-09 : Queen@63: 15 facts about her that might surpris.. [1 comments]

... and fact number 16 ~ the British Queen still proudly wears the Kohinoor, a stolen property from India and having no conscience and intention, what so ever, to return that rightfully to India... even if it is asked!
tongue in cheek on Sep-08 : New audio clip emerges of AAP MPs criticisng pa.. [1 comments]

No dictatorship!


Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi)
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