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Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..?
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News Summary: December 9, 2009 was a defining moment for Telangana. At midnight the Home Minister of India, Mr. P. Chidambaram, announced the initiation of forming Telangana State and instantly Telangana burst into joy and jubilance. Every nook and corner witnessed the spectacle of celebrations that symbolized the culmination of fifty some years of struggle seemingly into fruition. But the news was gloom and doom for opponents of Telangana from Andhra region. They flooded the internet with blurred blogs that.....read more in: Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..?

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These comments are about: Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..?

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26 uday on Jul-20 :

Recently i observed that many companies and corporates are coming for setting up their organisations in Hyderabad after meeting KCR. Again it will do injustice for real Telangana people who migrate to other countries for jobs.Developing and focussing on Hyderabad means helping seemandhra public for employment. I can surely say the quality of education standards when compared to students from Telangana excluding Hyderabad to seemandra is highly visible and play a major role in employment opportunities. Hence i appeal to state government of Telangana not to focus on Hyderabad for new business set ups but diverting the companies to set up in the regions of Nizamabad to Karimnagar, Khanapur to Laxettipet, Karimnagar to warangal. It will help real telangana people to prosper and will create a balance between hyderabad and other parts.Hyderabad is already over crowded and inview of political interests also TRS has very limited option to play. Hence focussing on Nizamabad, Adilabad,Karimnagar, Warangal will help the public . converting of all government schools in to model schools by recruiting specialised faculty in english will improve standards over a period of time.
24 R V GOPAL on Nov-05 :

Telangana did not develop despite 60 years of Association with Andhra.AP got same Union funds compared to UP, MP, WB, OR Maharashtra but the development of Telangana is much better when compared to these states. We spent several years without developing our own region but get brickbats for our efforts.Again, we Andhras agitated for separate state in 1972 but the Union Government did not heed and is now singing a different song just because it cannot get a successor for YRS. On what parameters on should categorise development? Why are the just parameters-life expectancy at birth,literacy levels, rate of rise in income are not taken into cognizance by all these speakers? How does anybody justify the accusations leveled against us Andhras? Politicians talk as and when they please but not educated individuals. I am of the opinion that dividing AP will be beneficial to Andhras more because we invest in our land and reap benefits for ourselves.
23 r v gopal on Nov-05 :

We Andhras will be greately benifited by this division, lost so much time without developing ourselves and spending on development of BIMARU
22 Srinivas on Oct-03 :

@narayana reddy, Krishna river flows more length in telangana than in andhra because of telangana people are ditching andhra people for there welfare. what do u say about it :)
21 mk on Aug-02 :

Hi Kavuri....How you know they are considering area near to Nuzvid to Hanuman Junction for new capital....I heard either Ongole or Nuzvid but to which area they prefer...any idea?
20 Kavuri on Aug-01 :

High Command has been considered one of the place in krishna district which is inbetween Nuzvid to Hanuman Junction for the new capital in Swarnandhra pradesh.This place is adjacent to Remalle Village where the industrial growth is very fast now.
19 Pingala on Jan-19 :

I am wondering what the "TV9 Varadhi" program purpose is. Is the guest looking for a) some sort of funding from overseas or b) looking for some suggestions and lessons learn from the experienced countries like US? If the "separatists" want to learn from US, it is very simple. There is no question of "changing the borders" in the United States as per US constitution. In fact, two to three states want to work together running shared programs to promote border crossing. Small sates, like Delaware, would like to encourage large states for investing in their state by giving tax breaks. Also, interestingly, most of the rivers become borders to more states to minimize the disputes for many generations to come. If AP wants to break, it has to learn lessons from US – make rivers as borders. In the past, I think Telugu people separated from Madras state as they were most ignored. linguistic boundaries would be a good idea for India as it is so diversified by languages (like Europe continent). Together, Telugu people can progress. If they want to separate, they should have a plan that works for at least for a few generations, not just limited to KCR and his party. Once it starts splitting on political interests, we never know where it ends - it may end in thousands of independent towns. There is so much work to do together - fix corrupted system that has roots to the voter itself. Make aware of a person"s TRUE citizenship. Unfortunately, media like TV9 ignited this momentum and people like KCR, who came from outside, created this mess for separate Telangana. This is not at all the people"s wish, it is just a political move. TV9 does not show any abnormalities and greediness of KCR and his party. TV9 portraits KCR as “Devine being” from “Swargam” as if he does not have any defects.
18 reddy on Mar-16 :

muslims ni india lo lakunda massacre chaiali.terrorists lanja kodakulu dengai andi india nunchi terrorists.
17 reddy on Mar-16 :

orey ne yankamma mana reddy caste unity guranchi think chaiakunda telangana guranchi mataladutunaru.first mana caste reddys guranchi think chaiandi dani taravata telangana,costalandhra,rayalaseema guranchi think chaiandi.telangana,costalandhra,rayalaseema states osta manaki ami ostuandi chata caste power lo ostaru.mana reddys waste na kodakulu kabati mana caste ela unity lea-kunda undi.
16 Narender Reddy K on Aug-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Separating-Telangana-from-Andhra:-Does-it-make-sense?

Dear Alankar Ji
Hats off to you and thanks for covering most of the issues the TELANGANITIES are having.
I would like to mention about the water.
I feel you might have forgot about the water in TELANGANA area.
The Krishna and Thungabhadra rivers starts from Mahabubnagar ends in Nalgonda district but we get hardly 20% of the water share.
The Godavari starts in ADILABAD and ends in KHAMMAM but we get only 20 to 25% of the water.
The Nagarjuna sagar dam is in Nalgonda district and its full tank capacity is 480TMC of water. Telangana gets only 70 TMC of water and rest of the 410TMc goes to ANDHRA that is because of the DAM design, drawings and position changed according to their requirement by then Engineers and the politicians.
Srisailam dam is in Telangana. There was praposal when the foundation stone was laid then PM, left canal should be built to supply the water to part of mahabubnagar and Nalgonda districts but still under planning wether to pump the water through lift irrigation or make tunnel on the left side of the DAM to supply the water. After 45 to 50 years it is still under planning.
There are plenty of issue likes this.
THey are fighting Polavaram project but where they are constructing it. With the back water of the Polavaram lakhs of acres land is going to submerge in the water. But whose land it is ,it is Telangana peoples land. Even Bhadrachalam temple is also in the verge of submerge under the water.The same with Pulichintala project.
For the wellfare sake of Andhrities they are ditching Telangana people in all the possible ways.
We want our State.
India got independence on 1947 aug 15th. But we got our independence only on 1948 sep17th with sacrificing our lives by fighting against Nizam rulers and the RAZAKARS.Now fighting against ANDHRA RAZAKARS to get our state released from the clutches.
Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana.

15 Bitter Truth on Jun-28 :

If only such reasons were good enough for the formation of states. Thank goodness this author is retired and for a good measure retard.

With such people what better can you expect
14 Gautam Reddy on Jun-28 :

Hi gopal garu,
i agree with Singareddy. let hyderabad union teritorry and lets start afresh. By the way i was born and brought up in hyd. keep it away from kcr settlements.

13 hindu on Mar-07 :

Siasat Daily

Claiming the discovery of a rock inscription belonging to 1417 AD as a historical evidence of the existence of Telangana for over 600 years, the villagers of Tellapur in Ramachandrapuram mandal in Medak district have urged the district collector that their village be renamed "Telanganapuram".

Telangana Jagruthi, an NGO headed by TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao"s daughter Kavitha, today submitted a memorandum to the collector in this regard.

According to Kavitha, the rock inscription, which was excavated near a well in Tellapur in March last year, has 24 lines. The inscription tells that the name of the village was Telanganapuram which in course of time came to be known as Tellapur. This is the first rock inscription found in Telangana region with the name of a place having "Telangana" on it, she said.

Kavitha said that both historians and archaeologists conducted extensive studies and decided along with the villagers to seek restoration of the name of the village. The village committee, in the presence of the gram panchayat members of Tellapur, passed a resolution in favour of restoration of the name, she said and urged the district collector to take measures in this connection keeping in view of the historical importance of the place.

12 Shivv on Mar-07 :

This is the most stupid argument in favour of Telangana I have ever come across. The writer who has a Phd to flaunt writes as if Seemandhra people are from Mars and Telangana people are from Jupiter. For every one difference between the two culture there are a hundred similarities. For that matter, there are differences in cultures within the different districts in the same region. Does that mean that we shd declare each of them as a separate state? And why is everyone claiming that Andhra Landlords are usurping the lands here? Why are they selling their lands in the first place? And do they think that after Telangana formation, no other person can buy land here? Are going to set up a new country or what? It at all you want to blame someone blame yourselves for the kind of leaders you have produced.
11 Neilish on Jan-27 :

Great and well-written article! Self-rule is the principle of democracy. You have made strong and sound arguments...
10 Anonymous on Jan-24 :

great article that articulates from the vantage point of cultural differences that separation makes sense. Often pareto optimal solutions along the space of solutions do not lie on the boundry, but rather lie in the interior. However with frictions like cultural differences, history has shown interior solutions often fail to work. The author provides strong evidence that little has come about from a united state, besides corruption, deprivation, exploitations, etc., even after 5 decades. And there are many global examples of unification not yielding any positive synergies when cultural differences come into play - Ireland, Iraq, Spain, etc. With separation the best interests of each state will be pursued and progress in one state can very well rub-off into progress for the other state so you get the best of both worlds.
9 Venkat Basani on Jan-23 :

Feedback sent to Author: Separating-Telangana-from-Andhra:-Does-it-make-sense?

Gopal garu,

Excellent article on telangana. I am a staunch telenganite and want the telengana state for the people of telenagana. Freedom from andhra landlords.

I am forwarding this article to my friends.

8 Godavarkhani Srinu on Jan-20 :

While the author articulated the social and historical reasons for separation of Telangana, there are several other strong reasons for separation. The injustice w.r.t. jobs (610 GO implementation)and theft of water resources from Telangane region are some of the reasons for the immense angst people of telangana are expressing. It is easy to target KCR and his kin but folks have to realize that this widespread agitation can only be sustained because of the support at grassroot level.Wake up and smell the coffee!
7 Ravi Mayreddy on Jan-20 :

Feedback sent to Author: Separating-Telangana-from-Andhra:-Does-it-make-sense?

Hi Gopalji:

Well-written article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You have eloquency and flair, so please write more such great articles in support of telangana and it"s development. Pleasee stop not writing!
6 Salahuddin on Jan-20 :

From 2 months there is no govt, no peace.
We are sick of this issue. We muslims oppose
the design of Telengana agitationists.
We want our Nizam heartland untouched.
Put president"s rule.

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