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Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
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News Summary: Of late, we have been reading about your opinions and statements on matters beyond the celluloid world. Nothing is wrong in it. You live in a free, democratic country and are entirely entitled to your opinion. But as a common man, also from the same soil, I think I have the right too to raise a few points that may not conform to your views of the real world.I hope you will read it out.When recently, the Pakistani players were not selected for the IPL, it was almost predictable that NDTV, the awa.....read more in: Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)

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These comments are about: Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)

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SrnoComment on Current Thread            
1275 Sarah.saigak on Sep-20 :

I love you
1274 abubaker naseem on Apr-16 :

i love you SRK. you are my hero. iam your biggest fan. please saw me hello. main bare ho kar aap ki tarah banna chahta hoon
1273 Ashish on Mar-28 :

@Anonymous ~ you should know all about India before putting your statements and you should think twice before you put your vote as you said "you have proud of srk who have raised india to a very high level and have made india a known country " what does this mean because of shahrukh inndia got known to world? You have prooved yourself for this statement. And and. If srk raised the level of India then what indian army and development ministry had did?? Srk had contributed 0 for India except the tax he pays and the same is because he pee in India.
1272 S.Ghosh on Jan-09 :

Shah Rukh Khan was the grandson of Cheghis Khan, the Mongol. He is dead for least 1200 years. Thus, you cannot write letters to a dead man.

1271 Anonymous on Jan-08 :

Hello, im not an indian but im a huge srk fan he is great and i have huge respect for him. But what i dont understand is that why indian people hate on him so much they should be bery proud of srk who have raised india to a very high level and have made india a known country they should really recognize what a gift this unique man is. If srk was from my country we would cherrish him and really give him what he deserve which is RESPECT and LOVE . I love you shah rukh khan and will always have huge respect for you and your movies and your acting skills. Stay as you are and dont let anybody take you down. LOVE YOU SIR ??
1270 Sachin keni on Dec-25 :

Indians are more tolerant than any country in the world. If anybody have a problem go to the countries which according to s khan is tolerant. You are getting your bread from this country and Indian peoples. We respect every religion but people"s like you forgot to respect 80 community of india. See in the world which kind of thoughts more destroyed people"s. So do not give exceptional example in India of intolerance.
1269 Sachin keni on Dec-25 :

Indians are more tolerant than any country in the world. If anybody have a problem go to the countries which according to s khan is tolerant. You are getting your bread from this country and Indian peoples. We respect every religion but people"s like you forgot to respect 80 community of india. See in the world which kind of thoughts more destroyed people"s. So do not give exceptional example in India of intolerance.
1268 Armaghan Baig on Dec-21 :

Hi Sharukh Khan, My name is armaghan I am just here to tell you
A thing that I really want to meet you in my personal life will you
Tell me where can I meet you in Pakistan whenever you come...
1266 Dial V.Gidwani on Dec-13 :

Partition of India is the cause and foundation of Intolerance in and from 1947 among our people, both in India and Pakistan.The responsibility for this lies fully both with Indian National Congress and Muslim League . The leaders responsible are the Prime Minister of India,Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohamed Ali Jinah, President of Pakistan. Undoubtedly in India Nehru dynasty strengthened the intolerance in last 60 years of rule . It is Congress of Nehru and Mrs Indira Gandhi dynasty responsible for divide and rule. The successive rulers of Pakistan have also done everything possible to fan the flames of hatred and intolerance against Hindus, and India.

Academics and Bollywood stars have been critical of the popular present government blaming them of creeping intolerance. Why suddenly this minor segment of society has raised the entirely false claim of intolerance and made so much noise as if heaven is going to fall. Now it has come to be known, clearly and unmistakably, that there was the hidden hand of the Congress Party in India - which still fully and fiercely faithful to Nehru/ Indira Gandhi"s legacy of "Divide and Rule" - was coercing the Bollywood stars and academics to raise the cry against the present popular BJP Government. The Congress Party though routed by BJP led by Mr. Modi in the last elections, is a minority party holding only 45 seats in the Lok Sabha. But having ruled in India for decades, it commands considerable influence to persuade academics, film stars and other rich and affluent sections .

The bollywood KHANS need to find a country that would honor them or be first class elite community there . They are born post-partition .They do not realize the pain of 80 million displaced people. BADSHAH KHAN ( a close friend and follower of Mahatma Gandhi) became a victim and his noble work of non violence was destroyed by Indian National Congress, the new state of Pakistan and British Government. He is forgotten hero of freedom fighters. Have they ever consider to produce a movie on his mission,work and achievements!

We are proud to inherit tolerance from our ancient Civilization of Moen Jo Daro and Harappan of 5000 BC along with the principles of equality, democracy and social justice. Tolerance and Ahimsa are our heritage. I invite you to read book The March of Aryans which traces the story of the culture and civilization of India from 5000 BC and the birth & beginning of the roots Hinduism( Sanatan Dharma) or listen to Song of Sindhu composed by Karakarta Bharat on the bank of Sindhu river in 5000 BC. The 31 themes from the book and Song of Hindu can be read/listened on web site www.sindhulogy.org

Dial V.Gidwani
433 Sunset Drive
Wilmette Ill 60091
Phone 847 2514916// Cell 847 644 3145

1265 MyNameIsAbey on Nov-26 :

Rubbish.. shut up jerk.. you are just jealous of the star. Trying to seek popularity..
1264 Mani on Nov-25 :

When r u leaving the country
1263 sana on Nov-24 :

Mra jst 1 QN hai aap Sb logo say kya India sirf Hindu logo ka hai? Wahan Jo Muslims rehty WO Indian nai??? True Indian wah
1262 Prabhat Aditya on Nov-17 :

Hello Sir. This is an Indian, at first a human being here...just like you. A great admirer of urs as I always adore you get inspired by your way of handling the life loving the life thanking the creator and living the present and your hardwork. there are many things for you but to cut~short and moving on point I"m ith you Sir as you are a Hero, a true patriot who is actually standing for everyone inside/outside the country facing these sort of situations. You have always made us proud. I do have an ability to read a person by distance too and this has come alot through my disease of epilepsy with clear mindset. Therefore I dont know how people take democracy as i dont know anyone"s individual thoughts how they are wwith you or how they are aginst you but for me I can say because I know what you have said needed to be said a long before.. Someone has to come up with this and you came Sir. hats off!! Still standing beside you and will be there always.
An admirer of yours Sir. Thanku so much for being in this country. Love to hear your thoughts whenever you share your life and way of living with us on TV show.
SRK~ A human being and a great artist.
1261 viju on Nov-11 :

Happy Eid.... happy bakrid .... chilllaney walo.... aaj kisi secular ney happy diwali nahi bola...

1260 viju on Nov-11 :

Happy Eid.... happy bakrid .... chilllaney walo.... aaj kisi secular ney happy diwali nahi bola...

1259 viju on Nov-11 :

Happy Eid.... happy bakrid .... chilllaney walo.... aaj kisi secular ney happy diwali nahi bola...

1258 viju on Nov-11 :

So srk when u r leaving india and returning citizenship and going back to pakistan ....

Hai dum?
1257 sharukh khan on Nov-08 :

Hay sharukh Khan how are you
1256 Ankur Singh on Nov-06 :

Really Sahrukh, you should be very careful while talking with presstitutes. I know it is your compulsion for your own media presence but please keep in mind everything else is later, and Bharat comes first, more so in case of people like you who command so much of influence.
1255 Rahul on Nov-05 :

SRk,Being a citizen of India behave like a true Indian.every time you make wrong comments against India.you are super star due to Indian people.so donot show you attitude.behave like a Indian.if Indian people stop watching you movie you will be on the road.do not consider you as a god.you are a common man only.people made you star.what is you quality.you can do acting only.so be in limit.if indian people will be against you you will be nothing.so donot challange True Indians.

I would like to tell to the people who are making comments on this page.you people are real Hero not SRk.because you people made SRK super star.SRK every time making comments against INdia.how can you HEro people can tolerate it.being a true Indian stop watching SRK 1 or 2 movie to make him realize that SRK is nothing with out support of True Indian.It is my humble request to you people please circulate this message to all over the web.I am touching feet of you people to circulate this message and oppose the movies of SRK for quite some time to make him realize.


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Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK) - Thread over 

Comments (till the day of this story)
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Who cares for this news? and why all news about Indian Jawans roasting Paki infiltrator cockroaches are no more reported by Ivarta? NDA government is doing a fabulous job of this roasting, just look at the so much increased number of roasting of Paki cockroaches.
Simple Observer on Sep-11 : Arvind Kejriwal Escapes Unhurt as Car Meets Min.. [6 comments]

Looks like dog"s curved tail never becomes straight! Kejrival used to stage stunts, like asking his own people to throw blank ink at him etc. Can this be an another stunt, he is pulling, when his people started leaving him? Though this joker Kejrival became Delhi CM by winning hearts of Delhi voters and they are stuck with him at~least up to the ye....
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So, what else is new in Pak"s dramas? Pak. cannot pull drama unless Pak. has lots of backing of others.
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Why this super brilliant Rahulji messed up his visit, by angering his Muslim vote~bank, by not offering his Namaj at the world renowned Babari Masjid? Didn"t Rahulji learn anything from his, Mommy the Dearest, who used to visit Jumma Masjid and used to fall at the feet of the Imam, to beg Muslim vote~bank votes? No wonder, Congress bagged or begged....
S.Ghosh on Sep-19 : US aid to Pakistan is no panacea, but neither a.. [5 comments]

One cannot trust USA. They kiss God one day , and Devil next day.

Simple Obsderver on Sep-11 : "Are these your achche din": Kapil Sharma asks .. [5 comments]

Surely those, who were milking India, under the blessing of UPA ruling will question current din, since their milking achche dins are over now under NDA ruling. As a matter of fact, milking of India by parasites is over under NDA.
S.Ghosh on Sep-03 : Netaji died in crash, says 60-yr-old report dec.. [4 comments]

Just Rubbish. There was no plane crash at all, that was the verdict of mukherjee commission.
suppose there was a plane crash, but only one person died, Netaji. nothing has happened to anyone else in that plane, like General Shide, or Netajis secretary. All were well. a Very Strange Plane crash indeed.

S.Ghosh on Aug-28 : 7 reasons why netas don"t want to leave Lutyens.. [4 comments]

They should be kicked out immediately
Simple Observer on Aug-23 : UN panel finds 6 addresses of Dawood in Pakista.. [8 comments]

Six addresses do not matter to USA. What mattered to USA was ~ only one address in Abottabad of Bin Laden.
Simple Observer on Aug-19 : Muslims Should Help in Combating Terror: Trump [6 comments]

Dream on Emperor Trump for Muslims! To understand Muslim, one need to understand Pakistan. Getting a part of land from India, called Pakistan, and instead of being thankful to India... see how Pakistan behaves towards India? China understands such a Pakistan and Muslims very well and will tackle Pakistan and Muslims accordingly, once China grabs it....


Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
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