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Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
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News Summary: Of late, we have been reading about your opinions and statements on matters beyond the celluloid world. Nothing is wrong in it. You live in a free, democratic country and are entirely entitled to your opinion. But as a common man, also from the same soil, I think I have the right too to raise a few points that may not conform to your views of the real world.I hope you will read it out.When recently, the Pakistani players were not selected for the IPL, it was almost predictable that NDTV, the awa.....read more in: Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)

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These comments are about: Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)

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1210 xyz on Sep-02 :

suno, smriti irani the new hrd ,education minister is a bollywoodian personality in a bollywoodian remarriage wedlock with the educational qualifications of 12th pass. is it a jusitfied post that she is holding? answer srk. if you will not answer this question, who will? desh ke sath itna dhokha kyo?
1198 xyz on Aug-23 :

srk should not work in remakes of films. srk has lots of originality in him for lifetime original good works. classic films needs protection by way of educating people of the original inspirations of the films and the makings. srk as of today is not focussed on acting instead on the money power of bollywood which has done him more harm than good.srk decide today as a good actor or a bollywood glitterate.
1194 DHIRAJ BODADE on Aug-08 :

Kyu be tu to desh chhod ke jane wala tha na. modi pm banane ke bad. q passport nahi mila kya ya fir paise nai jane ke liye. tu kahe to chanda jama karwa du tere ko. saale
1193 Shahrukh khan on Jul-29 :

I love srk acting
1191 sohan amar on Jun-25 :

Dear respected shahrukh khan jb se hosh sambhala hai tb se mujhe life mai sirf aap se milna chahta hoon aur aap ke saath kam karna chahta hoon but aisa lagta hai ki is janm mai to impossible hai aap ke ghar ke chaker kat ke bhut aap ko dekhne ki koshish ki but aap ka security guard humesha bolta hai ki aap nhi ho maine bola bhi mai bhi dilli se aya hoon woh bolta hai woh aap se nhi milegay chahe aap london se kiyo na aaye ho bhut dhukh lagta hai ya sun kr bhut se log majak bhi karte hai haa tere se to jarur milegay mai sab kuch chod kr aap jaisa banne aya hoon shayd ye mera ye msg pad kr bhi aap bhi mera joke banaye gay but aap ki trah kuch karna chahta hoon aap ke saath kam karna chahta hoon bus aur mujhe kuch nhi chahiye srk mai aap ko aapna ideal manta hoon aur manta tha aur manta rahunga jab tak hai jaan jab tak jaan please kabhi mera msg aap tak pouch jaye mai bhut kush nasib rahunga aap aise hi aasmano ki bulandiyo ko chu tey rhe aap ka sach bhakt sohan amar from Delhi mai mumbai mai hoon aur jab tak aap ke darshan na ho struggling jari hai aap record tod movie bante rhe . 9899935380, 8767113998
1188 Kazi Ariful Hasan on Jun-18 :

I want to meet Shahrukh Khan. Becouse, i hope when he will listen ny name, he will choose me to meet him. My name is kazi ariful hasan and my mother called me sany. so, i hope , Shahrukh Khan will listen my name that name was my mother call me.
1187 rakesh on Jun-06 :

jo kuch suna o thik nahi hai khan sahab ab se jo bolo o soch samaj ke bolo nahi to koi maf nahi kare ga

1186 rakesh on Jun-06 :

jo kuch suna o thik nahi hai khan sahab ab se jo bolo o soch samaj ke bolo nahi to koi maf nahi kare ga

1185 Aayush Dhakal on Jun-02 :

Dear shahrukh khan sir,

i am biggest fan of yours i don"t know what to write more than that..... because i don"t have any word to explain you you are totally excellent at last may god bless you and be success in every step of your life

1184 MEGHA SINGH on Jun-02 :

1183 megha singh on Jun-02 :

shahrukh khan mera favourite nahi hain chal chup baith ja plus
1182 om on May-28 :

kya faltu...kuch ni bola sharukh ne aisa kuch..sab jhut ..koi video hai kya.....
1167 Sanjay Rana on May-27 :


1166 safi shaik on May-27 :

shahrukh bhai ka ek baal toh ukhad ko batao phir dekhenge kya hota hai
1165 Ashwani Raghav on May-26 :

HI Wasim,
We know You are true Indian and we love all Muslims You don"t have to prove anyone that you are a Indian.

wasim khan on May~17 Said

peoples are talking about srk...had u hear his statement on modi...no one can prove that srk made such statement on modi...people"s just making big issue because he is Muslim... many political leader gave worst statement on modi...no one asking them to leave India...
as we all know that modi is big offender of Muslims... he just hate us...
why he hating us...we are also Indians...India is a democratic country... anyone can say anything or do any thing because its a right of every Indian...
why u peoples targeting always Muslims... pls we are also Indian from our heart and soul...
so pls don"t make such rumour in public... that srk had said to modi...if it is true why should not modi reacting on it...because all this rumours are fake...somebody making dispute in us....
pls pls we are also Indian.....
1164 pankaj on May-25 :

kab chodega bharat

1163 Samir Yadav on May-25 :

Hey Guys! I am not a supporter of SRK. But this time the comments about NaMo was not by him. So let"s not talk about that.First discover what is the truth then speak about anyone whether you support him or not.
And now it is new India. Let"s not talk about Hindu~ Muslims.Only then we will be able to tackle the other problems of our country. .
1160 aakash pawar on May-24 :

Bolne wale bolte hi rahenge, kitna bi samjha lo. Chhoti si baat ko itna bada bana diya. Jo khud kuch nahi kar sakte vo dusro ko bolte hain. Aankh ke andhon, aankhien kholo, SRK ne kuch nahi bola. Kisi aur ne bola tha vo sab.
1159 sunil verma on May-24 :

Logon ko mauka chahiye publicity lene ka. SRK ne kabi modi ji ke baare me kuch nahi kaha. Ye sab KRK ne bola tha..
1158 vikas upadhyay on May-24 :

ye kisi ko nai pata ki modi ji ke bare mai kisne kaha hai agar srk ne ye commentment di hai tho ja india chod ke

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Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK) - Thread over 

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Hi srk
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Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
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