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New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad
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News Summary: Amidst the uneasy and uncertain lull in the Telangana storm, passions in Andhra Pradesh have been incited yet again, this time by an attack on Draupadi by a Telugu writer from Andhra Pradesh.Dussasana who disrobed Draupadi in open Court in the Mahabharata has been put to everlasting shame by a despicable writer called Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad in Andhra Pradesh. He holds Ph.D in Hindi as well as in Telugu from Andhra University. He became a Rajya Sabha MP in 1996. He was awarded Padmashri in 200.....read more in: New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad

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These comments are about: New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad

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2 Mohan on Jan-20 :

Excellent article. The author is right that
Draupadi is a panchkanya in our epics.
Also she is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna
who considered her on par with his sister Subhadra.

The 2-bit jehadi pornographic author L Prasad
has no clue. He should feel free to select an Islamic/Christian
character to denigrate.
1 sohan on Jan-20 :

Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Darupdi, who? Hindus worship Ram and Sita, Krishna and Radha. Worshipping Drupadi is not truth by any stretch of imagination.

Pandavs followed their mother"s command to share. Draupadi did not have to and should not.

Draupadi"s saga is a sad reflection on the senseless acts of Pandavs: the king put her as wager; and the brothers object not on her being put on wager. What a shame. To the faithful, though, every act of their heroes is right.

How many Hindus have read or will read the book to make an opinion?

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New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad - Thread over 

Comments (till the day of this story)
parthaSarathy on Jan-15 : Yes, India needs MF Husain [19 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Yes,-India-needs-MF-Husain

I remember an article while ago that Tulsi, known for its medicinal qualities, would help protect the Taj Mahal from environmental pollution. In an exercise being undertaken by the UP Forest Department and the Lucknow-based Organic India, a million tulsi saplings would be planted near the....
David on Jan-03 : Demystifying the Sufis [16 comments]

Kindly Hindus should not blame their problems to others due to their own thoughtlessness... It"s like bunch of hens go to a fox (because of their infighting) for their own advantage... In process the fox gets its nurishment and grows stronger... The hens never relize this... Blaming or exposing fox will never change hens" lot... Only solution is he....
030201kishankb on Jan-19 : Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V [14 comments]

S. Ghosh please be aware of an article, "Yoga at the speed of Light,"
published in the Haindeva Keralam magazine that specializes in ancient Indian knowledge. The article I am referring to was posted by ivarta.com in the Analysis, Other News section on 01192010.

I have a copy of it and if you need it send me an e-mail requesting it.
ramesh on Jan-13 : America - Problems for Pakistan [6 comments]

Pakistan has a strategic postion between China , Central Asia, India , Iran and Arabia. Unless India does not reabsorb Paksitan the US will have to cooperate with the Paks.
Rana on Dec-16 : Dharma and Cosmic Man - Part IV [3 comments]

Hello I would like to add that I do relegious / spiritual tours to India. Tours like meditation tours, yoga tours, prayer tours and visit to places like Amritsar, Dharmshala, Kullu, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Khajuraho, Varanasi, tirupati, Mahabalipuram,pondicherry and other part of India. You may catch travel force india on "indiatajmahaltour" for more ....
bathmate on Dec-17 : Three Yogas Popular with Hindus - Part II [5 comments]

yogus are really effective exercise
bathmate on Dec-17 : Response to a Wake up Call - Part II [5 comments]

wake up every one...there a light has been lid by Prophet Mohammad(sws)...follow this light...understand this light...
bathmate on Dec-17 : Who am i? [4 comments]

030201kishankb on Dec-11 : Introduction to Gita - Part II [78 comments]

Mohan at 01:00 Today:

I think you have the essense of Gita summed up accurately.

There is nothing wrong or right about various avialable commentaries on Gita as each, IMO, presents the authors perception of what s/he understood of Hindu scriptures and how Gita relates it to offer various paths for attaining Moksha or supreme Bra....
bathmate on Dec-17 : Basic Hindu Beliefs and Scriptures - Part I [8 comments]

Ved is the most authentic scripture among all hindu scriptures.


New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad
India Forum: Comments, Opinion, - Information Resource

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