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New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad
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News Summary: Amidst the uneasy and uncertain lull in the Telangana storm, passions in Andhra Pradesh have been incited yet again, this time by an attack on Draupadi by a Telugu writer from Andhra Pradesh.Dussasana who disrobed Draupadi in open Court in the Mahabharata has been put to everlasting shame by a despicable writer called Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad in Andhra Pradesh. He holds Ph.D in Hindi as well as in Telugu from Andhra University. He became a Rajya Sabha MP in 1996. He was awarded Padmashri in 200.....read more in: New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad

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These comments are about: New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad

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SrnoComment on Current Thread            
22 arvind gupta on Apr-03 :

Dear Sir,
I can only say since all of us including these blind guys are sons of the soil, and by commenting or painting abuse they do it to their own mother. Let them be happy if they like that, only give a little sentence on all such abusers that my mother has produced me like this.
21 U.NARAYANADAS on Feb-01 :

Mr. Sundaram, one couldn"t agree more with you. Lakshmi Prasad seems to have outdone Dussasana! Whereas, in the original epic Dussasana only tried to disrobe Draupadi, in his novel (pornography in the garb of an epic!) Prasad used the noble character of Draupadi to titillate and pander to the basest emotions of the human "animal". Did he do it to be hailed as an iconoclast? Did he do it to placate someone by cocking a snook at the majority community? Did he do it for pelf? Only he can answer.

Five "secular" state governments in India (including Prasad"s home state) thought it fit to ban a movie based on the novel "Da Vinci Code" as they felt that it would hurt the religious sentiments of Christians - although the Vatican did not seek such action anywhere in the world including Italy.

Earlier on our "secular" national government banned Salman Rushidie"s "Satanic Verses" because it felt that the book would hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. The ban was based on an advice tendered by the "secular" journalist Kushwant Singh and led to condemning the author into living incognito forever.

And now the central government funded Sahitya Akademi honours Prasad"s filthy book with an award. Isn"t secularism practised in India intellectual doublespeak?

Thanks to the state human rights commission the award has been halted - yes, only halted. You can be sure that the Sahitya Akademi will get around the HRC injunction by offering some specious defence; Prasad will get his "shawl" and "scroll" and also the cheque for his efforts to demean Hindu icons and nobody will be the wiser.

It is so easy to offend the Hindus in Hindu majority India. See how everyone rushes to M.F.Hussain"s defence

19 g kapuria on Jan-28 :

SG..In Indonesia, church and state are strictly separated. Would you call Indonesia a secular country?
18 S.Ghosh on Jan-28 :

Indian "Secularism" is not secularism at all.
Equal treatment of all religion is not secularism. Secularism means the government is affected by religion at all.
Indian"secularism", where there are reservations and quotas based on caste, tribe, religion( for the Muslims as proposed recently) is against real Secularism.

17 g kapuria on Jan-26 :

Thanks, TS.
16 Truth Speaks on Jan-26 :

gk, you can reach V.Sundaram at sundaram.padma @ gmail.com
15 S.Ghosh on Jan-26 :

The US Constitution, by design, omits any mention of a deity.
Article 6, Section 3 declares that "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States;" and the First Amendment guarantees that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."
Americans created the world"s first secular government.
14 g kapuria on Jan-25 :

SG.. You wrote "USA was founded on the basis of secularism". This is completely wrong. Religious people in the US never really accepted the separation of the church from the state, and belief in their God pervades every sphere of American existence.
13 S.Ghosh on Jan-25 :

In India people are very lazy. They do not want to open the dictationary o find out the meaning of the word Secularis, which in English language means seperation of the state from the religion so that only rational thought would guide the state, not any religious considerations.
That was the reason rationalists like Bentham, John Stuart Mill have supported Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who pleaded in the British House of Commons to abolish Sati, have minimum age of marriages for the girls and peoperty rights for the women, going against the fanatic Hindus at that time.
USa was founded on the basis of Secularism. However, in India Secularism means not seperation of the state from the government, but equal treatment of all religions which in practice in India means discriminations against the Hindus and promotions of the Muslims and Christians.
It is the fault of the lazy corrupt Indian politicians, not of Secularism.

12 g kapuria on Jan-25 :

I wish VS quits calling them "pseudo-secular". There is not pseudo anything. They know what they have set out to accomplish. They are firmly anti-Hindu. Secularism in India is plainly and simply means anti-hinduism. VS should use his considerable writing talents to thoroughly shame the secularists. That would be true public service.
11 Truth Speaks on Jan-25 :

Terrific article from V.Sundaram. Must read for every Hindu.
10 prasad mkss on Jan-24 :

Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Yarlagadda is the product anti brahmin tirade led by triparneni ramaswamy choudary with strong pro feelings to his own caste of choudarys.he has the knack of being subservient to the powers that be to enjoy the power..he is a powermaniac..
9 S.Ghosh on Jan-21 :

Proud Indian:
Salman Rushdie"s novel was unreadable, according to most British I know. He was unknown.But he became a millionnaire when Ayatollah declared Fatwah to kill him. overnight he became a celebrity

Similarly Danish cartoons would be forgotten long ago, but for the fanatic Muslims.

8 Proud Indian on Jan-21 :

Did you ignore Salman Rushdie or the Danish cartoons?
EZ to give advices to others

7 S.Ghosh on Jan-20 :

Lot of writers, singers, officers get rewards, but who remember them. Awards are always political; these have nothing to do with the merits.

Anyway, if you oppose these type of writers, you draw attention to them more, thus making them celebrities. If you ignore them, none will remember them tomorrow.

6 Mohan on Jan-20 :

sg, it"s not important how many read it.

This moron is getting some highest literary
award, nationally selected. The message us the more filth
you throw on Hinduism, the bigger awards you get.
4 S.Ghosh on Jan-20 :

It is not an important issue like MF Hussain. Because who is going to read Telegu literature, unless someone is a Telegu.

3 Danav-Asur on Jan-20 :

Hindu scriptures and tradition upheld Draupadi as one of the great Satis (Not commiting Sati, for slow mind). Without violence, if some writer, poet or painter wants to write or paint mother daughter or sister of Lakshmi Prasad similarly as he sees Sati Draupadi, would it be appropriate expression of Hindus" rage to avoid any violence?
2 Mohan on Jan-20 :

Excellent article. The author is right that
Draupadi is a panchkanya in our epics.
Also she is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna
who considered her on par with his sister Subhadra.

The 2-bit jehadi pornographic author L Prasad
has no clue. He should feel free to select an Islamic/Christian
character to denigrate.
1 sohan on Jan-20 :

Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Darupdi, who? Hindus worship Ram and Sita, Krishna and Radha. Worshipping Drupadi is not truth by any stretch of imagination.

Pandavs followed their mother"s command to share. Draupadi did not have to and should not.

Draupadi"s saga is a sad reflection on the senseless acts of Pandavs: the king put her as wager; and the brothers object not on her being put on wager. What a shame. To the faithful, though, every act of their heroes is right.

How many Hindus have read or will read the book to make an opinion?

New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad - Thread over 

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S.Ghosh at 03:46 Today:

Have you heard of concept called, "poetic liberty?"
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Appreciate the suggestion.

It would help if you can publish a blog at this website based on your review of the same book to back up your assertion, I quote you, "This book, when read by many, has the potential to change the very cultural profile of the Indian Subcontinent."

Thank you.

prasad mkss on Jan-24 : New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad [20 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Yarlagadda is the product anti brahmin tirade led by triparneni ramaswamy choudary with strong pro feelings to his own caste of choudarys.he has the knack of being subservient to the powers that be to enjoy the power..he is a powermaniac..


New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad
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