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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
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News Summary: The recent drama that evolved when Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Ratan Tata and other industrialists lauded Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the investors summit in Gujarat, claiming his leadership as national level material and wishing that person like him should be the next leader of the country, was quite interesting and deserves an honest appraisal......read more in: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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These comments are about: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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185 Varatharaajan R on Jul-05 :

Shri. Narendra Modi has a good track record of best governance in the state of Gujrat for three successive terms. No corruption. More than average growth on all segments of our economy. He has demonstrated that he is impartial regarding his approach to the social and communal problems. The best person suited to lead India is Shri. Narendra Modi.
184 Mukesh Hotwani on Jul-01 :

Waiting eargerly .......... to see a Gentle / wise man on PM Chair.....
Shri Narendra Bhai Modi ...... proud to say we live in Gujarat
183 saroj_chili on Jun-30 :

Ek sardar ko roka gaya tha 1947 main ek clown prince Nehru ke liye aaj ek aur sardar ko rokne ki koshis main har koi laga hua hai ek aur clown prince ke liye tab gandhi bana tha hurdle aur aaj usi gandhi ki den secularism.....poor indian peoples inhe har koi chutiya bana deta hai
182 Wright Indiana on Jun-26 :

Osama Bin & Modi
Both are declared as terrorist By US & England. Muslim Support Bin Laden so Muslims are called Terrorist. So why not those people are called Terrorist who support Modi. If you want to see INDIA on global level, stop Hypocrisy... I will not vote to any leader who has been declared or involved in Terrorism, communal Riots or Destruction of Holy Place. I prefer Financialy Corrupt Government rather then Religiously Corrup Government.
181 BARANIDHARAN on Sund on Jun-23 :

Narendra modi will be best PM. He only develops the country in all aspects.
180 SATBEER SINGH on Jun-21 :

Youth of country wants Narender modi as next PM because their are doing their 110% for the people of country. Once they people of the nation selected modi ji as PM no one can stop become INDIA NO.1.
179 Rajat on Jun-21 :

Rather Modi deserves to be PM ,its India which needs Modi as PM more. Modi is the man who can look into eyes of all those countries like china etc who think India can be bulldozed. Whole of North India was in darkness due to grid failures, there was no impact in Gujarat of Grid failure why? Why business people are investing in Gujarat?

Look @ comments of Manmohan singh so called economist recently : Nitish is secular leader ... Question to Manmohan : Was Nitish not secular when he was in NDA suddenly he has become secular.. Nitish is trying to win 18% of votes of particular community and thus moved out. Just think is Nitish really secular. Look @ recent comments by political parties for Modi after his election as head of Election committee somebdy calling hitler and whatnot Modi has not responded to anybdy so far and is so quite in doing what he needs to.
178 Rakesh Kumar Garg on Jun-21 :

Youth of country want Narendra Modi as next pm because for him nation is first.If nation is strong the peoples of the country will be automatically prosperous and happy.The policies of Modi are for nation without discrimination for any caste,religion and fraction.So it will develop trust, faith,love,enthusiasm amongst all the peoples of country and for the country.Once the peoples of nation get awakened then no one can stop India to be no.1
177 NAMO BHAGAT on Jun-18 :

NAMO is the only person in INDIAN History, whom PEOPLE wants to be a PM. His development agenda and achievements can break all walls of religion/caste/creed/votebank politics etc. Real leader which will take India at least 50 years forward and become no. 1 in the world. No doubt. Jai Namo.
176 rahul maheshwari on Jun-16 :

all real indian are requested to support modi for our next PM
175 Venu Reddy on Jun-14 :

Narendra Modi is Next PM of India
174 indra on May-04 :

173 raghunandana on Apr-19 :

150 years ago Narendra -- Vivekananda Now Narendra -- Vikasananda
172 nationalist on Apr-14 :

modi is the only person who can take country out of the mess and corrupt even within bjp would never support him and r conniving with nitish like charactor to derail his candidature but people understand evrything
171 Truth Speaks on Apr-12 :

There is no doubt that Modi is most popular leader today. But popularity, Twitter hits, Facebook campaigns and media debates are useless, if they don"t get votes.

I ask every Modi supporter here to go vote on election day and make your family members and friends to vote. Every single vote makes a big difference for country"s future.
170 vaishali on Apr-12 :

modi shud b d next p.m
169 Mach lido on Apr-09 :

I have been following MR Modi"s work for years,one thing I can certainly say that he is different among politicians.His works and his agenda reflects in his work and I met many people during my research as a student, people from all communities and sections say is that he is a very committed to his work and by the way Muslims do like Modi.Never in the history of this country has happened that a leader has so many followers from a Rickshaw pullar to a businessman.I would definitely would want to see him as a Pm.
168 Surendera on Apr-09 :

Modi ji ko PM banao
Life me khushhali lao.
167 Surendera on Apr-09 :

Modi ji ko Humara next PM hona chahiye.
166 Surendera on Apr-09 :

Modi ji ek GoD ke roop me Hume bachane aaye hai.

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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I - Thread over 

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Mr. U.N Das,
Just wondering... Why are you concerned about minority appeasement thru reservations when the majority (i.e. Hindus) do not give any damn about it since 1947 and still continue to do so??
hindu on Jan-21 : Time to Modi-fy India [2 comments]

DA well said . Hope the ignorant and head buried in sand type people understand .
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Guess you are no Indian or consider yourself upper caste and class! Please realize, India is going population strong, resources are not keeping up with the demand. no land to build facilities, and everyone is trying level best to jump the line! No patience, but blame game expertise the top notch!
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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
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