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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: The recent drama that evolved when Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Ratan Tata and other industrialists lauded Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the investors summit in Gujarat, claiming his leadership as national level material and wishing that person like him should be the next leader of the country, was quite interesting and deserves an honest appraisal......read more in: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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These comments are about: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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278 S.Ghosh on Aug-08 :

Modi has done nothing during the last two months.

277 Md Ahtesham Ahmad on Aug-08 :

" Jana Gana Mana..." is our National Anthem which is sung proudly and reverentially to show our love for the nation and infuse patriotism in us and others. Institutions like schools start their day with this anthem which is sung religiously as a daily routine in schools~ be it govt or non~govt ones. Why are institutions like schools only supposed to show their love and patriotism for the nation? WHY NOT OTHER GOVT OR NON~GOVT OFFICES? I THINK AS AN INDIAN EACH AND EVERY OFFICES IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD FOLLOW SCHOOL KIDS TO START EVERYDAY WITH THE RECITATION OF OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. THIS SHOULD BE MADE MANDATORY FOR EVERY OFFICE AND DEPARTMENTS IN INDIA. THIS WILL GO A LONG WAY TO NURTURE PATRIOTIC LOVE FOR THE NATION IN INDIAN NATIONALS. This can help combat anti~national elements.Sir, please do ponder over this.
Regards and best wishes!
276 Eknath on Jun-24 :

sir is forum ki sunvai bhi hoti hai kya? if yes show d gestures

275 Eknath on Jun-24 :

Man.Pradhan Mantri ji,

Railway ka season ticket bhada badhaya tha to sab ka badhna chahiye tha. rail mantralay ne second class ka bhada jaisa tha waise rakha aur first class ka double kiya yeh bahut badi na insafi hai. first class ke naam per hume dhaga ja raha hai. khade rahene tak ki jagah hoti nahi. fan n lights band hote hai seat fate hai, gaadi mein kachara pada rahta hai. door block wih log karte hai jin k pass first class ka ticket nahi hota hai. tt kabh bhi dibbe mein nahi chadhta. indicator nahi chalte. ek pair pe khade ho k safar karte hai. aap hi bataye kya iske liye bhade me itna diff hona chahiye,? second class 190 aur first class 1310 mar dala sahab
273 karan singh on Jun-04 :

Dear PM,

Please be informed that we are at from Noida region VillagesU.P. In our area Noida Authority are acquiring the LAND wihout any permission of Farmers. Noida Authority are continue pressing us to left the Agriculture land. Could you please help us...

Kind regards,
Noida FarmersSector 115 Noida
272 raghav on Jun-01 :

271 dr shashiranjan shar on Jun-01 :

gm sir ..m from bihar..health sector in bihar is worse..except patna medical college there is not a single gov institution which hv good health facilities. . most of bihar population cant afford private hospitals treatment. .so please do something fr betterment of government hospital in bihar
270 Mandeep on May-29 :

No doubt the undustrialist have created wealth for themselves, but they have done a great by providing employment to us and stock markets respond to their well being.
My priorities for Mr Narendra Modi are
269 saurabh bansal on May-28 :

He ahould make rule for better government that no government people can go outsife india for treatment not even use private hospitals in india . Then only they think better medical setvice in insia.
268 S SARKAR on May-26 :

1. His first task should be taking policy to acquire black money from all corners of the country.

2. He should take policy to control corruption right from the apex.

3. Every citizen should have a cashless health card for treatment in any hospital as per convenience private or Govt and the required fund should be collected from all the employers pvt and Govtof India.

4. India should have a single board at each level for education in order to enforce a single curriculum, single standard and quality.
267 celin on May-19 :

Narendra Modi, after BJP"s landslide win in the Lok Sabha polls, addresses victory rally in Vadodara, from where he contested the election.
Read more at the best south asian weekly newspaper in toronto
266 S.Ghosh on May-16 :

Modi has three years to show the results and fulfil his promises. Otherwise just Rajib Gandhi or Vajpayee he will lose the next time. Thus, hurry up. Ask the illegal Muslims to pack up and go.

265 P Chandrasekhar on May-16 :

10 years of "secularism" have lowered the confidence of Hindus.When Modi ended his victory speech by saying Vande Mataram i felt like born again. BJP should unite Hindus,christians,Sikhs,tribals and nationalist Muslims.
264 Abraham on May-16 :

Dear all,

through my faith and my sincerity to my nation I comment that Modi is the one GOD Declared to lead India and make a true encyclopedia for the term hard work and efficiency.
263 manoj rout on May-16 :

actually the oposition make campaigning for Modi( and BJP). That why Modi"s real image or view came to public. He and his party will win the elecion.

Yar itna public or political leader ka support milega to jarror jitega.
260 sreenivaas moorthy d on Apr-24 :



Indian Media, Indian Social Media chanting Namo Namo, but if he becomes Prime Minister, can he deliver...
259 Raghu Sharma on Apr-20 :

I do not think Modi is a good man. He talks like the Thakare s. neither decent not truthful. Do you really believe a man who says that, in our country (if he used a vehicle ...if he did not, then it is a misleading statement)he did not get challaned by traffic police even once?
258 Rohit kumar on Apr-15 :

BAst minister of narendra modi
256 raj for modi on Apr-11 :

Modi left his marriage to serve the nation. There is no doubt in anyone"s mind about it. It is patriotic act. The Anglo culture does not understand family sacrifice. Many in Bharat history have sacrificed their sons/wife/daughter.
PLEASE PLEASE explain this loudly and circulate.
255 k kumar on Apr-11 :

PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS AND PASS ON TO BJP COMPAIN COMMITTEE. Modi left his marriage to serve nation. There is no doubt in anyone"s mind about it. It is patriotic act. The Anglo culture does not understand family sacrifice. Many in Bharat history have sacrificed their sons/wife/daughter. PLEASE PLEASE explain this loudly and circulate.

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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I - Thread over 

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what the actual website it is?
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DA well said . Hope the ignorant and head buried in sand type people understand .


Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
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