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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: The recent drama that evolved when Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Ratan Tata and other industrialists lauded Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the investors summit in Gujarat, claiming his leadership as national level material and wishing that person like him should be the next leader of the country, was quite interesting and deserves an honest appraisal......read more in: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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These comments are about: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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346 Salesman on Mar-24 :

This Ivarta forum has become a best bulletin board to place personal advertisements. God bless Ivarta moderators!
345 forsdocuments85 on Mar-16 :

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344 Amar Ahirwar on Mar-10 :

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343 Amar Ahirwar on Mar-10 :

Urgently need kidney donor in India, for good amount of money, contact me on whatsaap plus 91~80507~736~51 or e~mail amarahirwar712@gmail.com
342 SUCHISMITA RAHA on Feb-26 :

Very sadly to write down this about not able exchange my old notes in RBI for during my India visit this jan 2017~ feb 2017 duration. First of all a huge rules of RBI for changing our few amount of notes, which must be passed by custom clearance. Why our Indian airports does not keep some hoarding boards or tags for that, when we land at mid night, we just pass the immigrations simply. Our hard earning money, still a long queue of people standing and banging their head for it, and RBI Manager standing over there to say these are procedures and now even if u go to custom, if u dont have internal links u cant get clearance, huh! such a lame system. My point why these are not systematic like any other developed countries if any changes need to do. Why we people have to loose our even 1000 hard earn money because of your so much complex procedures. Demonetization has brought much changes, i appreciate and want to see more like this efforts but why so much complex in banking system, still a huge crowd crying over outside and asking for deatails, now mostly who has come from outside india, everyone doesn keep internal links, when India will grow in the manner stopping this internal link sysgtem.
341 mukund vaze on Dec-19 :

on line ppayments by pos mmachines wpallets etc involves heavy taxes to uusers a small shpop kdeeper have to pay rs 1000 if he ccollected 5000 daily by aTM crads
this is not aaffordable.please make all ppayments free of cost
so that ppeople wll aaccept oonline ppayment ssystem
there is no uinformality in uset of wallets. please look inot the mmatter in high
pos machine charges.make it free.
340 Rushi k Patel on Dec-05 :

In Maharashtra ,Rs 10 coin is no more legal that"s rumours but come to Maharashtra and tell them I have 2000rs legal coin but no one take it .any action against this shop where they refused legal currency and can"t take even 2000note bez no change......plz take action against this shop Kipper who refused legal currency .

339 Nitesh S on Nov-23 :

Why India is not yet a developed country? Because over 30 of population is still unemployed, and not able to figure out jobs for themselves to make a living. It is most required for any country to be in developed state that people develop a sense of creating jobs for themselves, anything they do, anything they contribute pays them. India does not provide enough opportunities, as we do not encourage talents enough, we do not support them enough to help others, we do not apply minds to do things by self, most of people of India like to follow, and that is why their eyes are wide open. Staring others with wide open eyes is considered indecent in other countries. We need to generate ideas be it small or big, support and encourage ideas to help every man contribute to whatever they could do. It can only then be a developed country. Encourage!! Contribute !! Prosper !!
338 Subrata Sinha Roy on Nov-13 :

Ab ki baar
jab jab ayegi sarkar

It has to be "THE MODI SARKAR"
337 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir aapne aap hi desh vasiyo ko dokha diya hai .
336 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir,kisi ko koi jane ka hak nahi hai ki bandh ke paas kitna paisa hai.it is my humble request to stop this corruption so that people could live a healthy and good enjoyable life.plz its my humble request
335 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir ,Kya nayi chal chali hai aapne aab log bukhe maar jaige ik raat mein hi plan kar diya sab kuch yeh toh bilkul nainsafi hai.

334 Rajesh on Nov-09 :

I like your Correction and black money 500 and 1000. But i want to new currency 500 and 2000 rupees mention the value years for example 2017 to 2020, 3 or 4 year only Validity. so totally correction stopped.
333 Soma Banerjee on Nov-09 :

I would like to salute you Mr.Modi for the adhoc decision you took just in a overnight to stop the 500~1000 rupees spam. This is a very commendable step towards making India a crime~free country. There have been leaders who talked much about the progress and ended up doing noting. So this is another of your exemplary attempt towards the welfare of the country after the surgical strike carried out be Indian Army so surreptitiously.
332 Neha Mehra on Sep-30 :

Sir I wanted to know, Extension of maternity leave from 4 months to six months is applicable on Private sectors also.

331 Kaish Khan on Aug-28 :

Respected Sir,
In our country Swachta Abhiyaan has been started and i am cleaning my city with my school friends every sunday. But we are unable to Recycle polythenes,rubbers,and other materials.So we have to Dump them somewhere and i think this is not the cleaning this is just throwning waste material from one place to another and make a mess somewhere. So i think it will be good if we have a recycling collecting centre and recycling plant in every city in India so we literally clean our country not just through away the dump.
330 Deepjyoti Rahang on Aug-05 :

Please sir if possible do our constitution a strong like UAE no rape, no murder, no kill no any social pollution,,,, if anybody is found proved he/she should get extreme punishment without any going to courts. They should get punishment to dead on the spot..coz there are so many cases lying in dust in the courts without any justice since many years. It"s all in vain no results come our positively. Please sir if possible change the constitutional system of our.
329 minu on Jun-13 :

Respected sir,
I want to share my feeling on women entry in defence services with you there is no such entry scheme for education core for women in Army and no scope in Territorial Army for women as we have equal rights in our country as per the constitution then why we then discriminated if a girl is age out for cdse entry then how her dream to join our Indian defence services would be a reality please sir on behalf of every interested girl wants join defence forces am requesting you to give an equal opportunity to us to prove ourselves.
Thank you
328 Simple Observer on May-02 :

@SRINI, this moving out of India has been going on and will not stop by changing tax laws. So, do not worry, since India has enough talent still left.
327 Ravisankar.v on Apr-28 :

why the Puducherry not having separate commission.although it is an union territory most students were unemployed.they are fought with whole people in India during upsc exam but each state has its own service commission and providing employment and main problem is we wont get government employment opportunities and notifications and we wait for years to get govt employment notice.

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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I - Thread over 

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Corporate captains helped Modi to get elected. Thus, Modi cannot go against them.

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Maashaas Allaah! Big fishes like Mamataabaanu, Italian Soniaji and her mentally challenged Aulaad Raahulji, Bihaari ChaaraaChor Laaluji... list is endless. Wazir~e~Aaazan Modiji will round them up.
Binny on Dec-11 : Sonia, 70. Down memory lane [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Sonia"s real sweetest memories are with the fellows at Cambridge/Oxford, where she waited on tables, borrowed money from them and instead of paying back borrowed money, she returned very personal favors! What else can be expected from a white girl with Western morale? Anything goes in West. Shubhaan Allaah!
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Maashaa Allaah! The x~PM, who was a pet Totaa for SoniaJi and had his speech locked up and now this Manmohan Totaa has found his new freedom... so, he keeps on opening mouth and keeps on making silly comments against the best moves in India"s interest made by PM Modi. Looks this Sonia"s Totaa has become shameless.
Binny on Dec-08 : "BJP is using triple talaq to tarnish Muslims" [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! The real Islamic talaq is ~ when a woman hears triple talaq, from her husband, she takes up a whip and gives a triple Fataaq with the powerful whip blows to the bare bottom of thehusband... otherwise that talaq is Haraam! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!
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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
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