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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: The recent drama that evolved when Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Ratan Tata and other industrialists lauded Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the investors summit in Gujarat, claiming his leadership as national level material and wishing that person like him should be the next leader of the country, was quite interesting and deserves an honest appraisal......read more in: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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These comments are about: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I

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339 Nitesh S on Nov-23 :

Why India is not yet a developed country? Because over 30 of population is still unemployed, and not able to figure out jobs for themselves to make a living. It is most required for any country to be in developed state that people develop a sense of creating jobs for themselves, anything they do, anything they contribute pays them. India does not provide enough opportunities, as we do not encourage talents enough, we do not support them enough to help others, we do not apply minds to do things by self, most of people of India like to follow, and that is why their eyes are wide open. Staring others with wide open eyes is considered indecent in other countries. We need to generate ideas be it small or big, support and encourage ideas to help every man contribute to whatever they could do. It can only then be a developed country. Encourage!! Contribute !! Prosper !!
338 Subrata Sinha Roy on Nov-13 :

Ab ki baar
jab jab ayegi sarkar

It has to be "THE MODI SARKAR"
337 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir aapne aap hi desh vasiyo ko dokha diya hai .
336 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir,kisi ko koi jane ka hak nahi hai ki bandh ke paas kitna paisa hai.it is my humble request to stop this corruption so that people could live a healthy and good enjoyable life.plz its my humble request
335 chetan sharma on Nov-09 :

Sir ,Kya nayi chal chali hai aapne aab log bukhe maar jaige ik raat mein hi plan kar diya sab kuch yeh toh bilkul nainsafi hai.

334 Rajesh on Nov-09 :

I like your Correction and black money 500 and 1000. But i want to new currency 500 and 2000 rupees mention the value years for example 2017 to 2020, 3 or 4 year only Validity. so totally correction stopped.
333 Soma Banerjee on Nov-09 :

I would like to salute you Mr.Modi for the adhoc decision you took just in a overnight to stop the 500~1000 rupees spam. This is a very commendable step towards making India a crime~free country. There have been leaders who talked much about the progress and ended up doing noting. So this is another of your exemplary attempt towards the welfare of the country after the surgical strike carried out be Indian Army so surreptitiously.
332 Neha Mehra on Sep-30 :

Sir I wanted to know, Extension of maternity leave from 4 months to six months is applicable on Private sectors also.

331 Kaish Khan on Aug-28 :

Respected Sir,
In our country Swachta Abhiyaan has been started and i am cleaning my city with my school friends every sunday. But we are unable to Recycle polythenes,rubbers,and other materials.So we have to Dump them somewhere and i think this is not the cleaning this is just throwning waste material from one place to another and make a mess somewhere. So i think it will be good if we have a recycling collecting centre and recycling plant in every city in India so we literally clean our country not just through away the dump.
330 Deepjyoti Rahang on Aug-05 :

Please sir if possible do our constitution a strong like UAE no rape, no murder, no kill no any social pollution,,,, if anybody is found proved he/she should get extreme punishment without any going to courts. They should get punishment to dead on the spot..coz there are so many cases lying in dust in the courts without any justice since many years. It"s all in vain no results come our positively. Please sir if possible change the constitutional system of our.
329 minu on Jun-13 :

Respected sir,
I want to share my feeling on women entry in defence services with you there is no such entry scheme for education core for women in Army and no scope in Territorial Army for women as we have equal rights in our country as per the constitution then why we then discriminated if a girl is age out for cdse entry then how her dream to join our Indian defence services would be a reality please sir on behalf of every interested girl wants join defence forces am requesting you to give an equal opportunity to us to prove ourselves.
Thank you
328 Simple Observer on May-02 :

@SRINI, this moving out of India has been going on and will not stop by changing tax laws. So, do not worry, since India has enough talent still left.
327 Ravisankar.v on Apr-28 :

why the Puducherry not having separate commission.although it is an union territory most students were unemployed.they are fought with whole people in India during upsc exam but each state has its own service commission and providing employment and main problem is we wont get government employment opportunities and notifications and we wait for years to get govt employment notice.
325 SRINI on Mar-31 :

More top talent people will move out of india, if india charges double income tax for USA states, person as to pay USA State and federal income TAX, but India allows only federal income tax exemptions, but you have to pay again tax on the taxes paid on USA state income TAX.
324 Manjunatha Hegde on Nov-18 :

sir for highway road developments, Governament aqiring lands and demolishing building etc...but if any defence land comes inbetween why Governament kept quite? In Bangalore city outer ring road there is CQAE, ALISDA and Airforce some offices not providing land to widen MES ring road. All sorrounding Bangalore ring road is perfect except MES road sode ...just 3km streach. There one railway level crossing overbridge work has been stopped. Every day traffic jam and accidents happening due to narrow road. Kindly take necessary action by discussing with defence minister. Hope you will do possitively.
323 Manjunatha Hegde on Nov-18 :

Since you became PM, I am very happy to see your developments.Some writers and film personalities returning their awards for threatning you. When congress governament ruling many unequality and bribes happened.At that time what these people were doing? if at all they want to return awards ,tell them to return their sites and benifits! they wont return. All those people got awards by congress politicians influences. Kindly appeal all to return all faciliteis.
322 SwatiI Jain on Sep-28 :

I would like to keep a suggestion here..we unite together to support your proposal of make in india..if we instead of emphasising on make products which requires heavy raw materials give our effort more on making softwares, applications, with a goal of competing like facebook and google in the international market can aid us earn in profusion with comparitively little investment. ..and by doing this we can save our mother land assets which is raw material for the bitter times of scarcity which will help us maintain balance in current as well as future period..
321 Anil kumar on Aug-19 :

Happy independence day to all brothers and sisters. 69th and still counting but what it really means to me? Have you ever thought what have I contributed ?
To me Independence day is true freedom in real sense a freedom free from casteism,authoritarismPolice/bureaucracy,reservations,Govt and its apathy and inefficiency,respect to elders,women,farmers and soldiers. Hence I would like to dedicate this message to all those who feel it is time to be a true Indian and bring about change in a small way that makes a big overall impact.
It is not about what your country can give you but it is time to see what we have given to our country. When I say "we" it is each and every individual of every caste creed and religion and ofcourse it includes our beloved elected politicians or should I say leaders ~ a leader whose motto is to set an example for others to follow and build a strong foundation so that our country becomes stronger every passing year.A true leader is not worried of re~election but utilizes an opportunity to usher in revolutionary changes to catapult us as a strong nation. As a citizen the least we can do is exercise our fundamental right and vote for a change and bring to fore a capable leadership.
I would like to see National interests coming first, be it internal Political differences or disputes with neighboring nations. It has become a mockery of democracy when a Political group goes to any extent to let down another just to have sadistic pleasure unmindful of how a common man suffers and a nation drawn into chaos.Anti~national acts by vested elements in Kashmir,UP,Telangana,WB,Bihar have become prominent thus doubting our nations ability to fight them and punish.External aggression on the borders and terror acts within by our neighbor"s is not met with tact and firmness with precision.Let not the nations integrity be put at ransom by anyone inside or outside and we as true Indians to rise to the occasion and teach them a fitting lesson as we did time and again.
What pains me most is that we tend to forget the shame few Politicians have caused to our nation by rampant corruption,nepotism,favoritism and put their personal interests before the national interest.Let us not forget these scams that is an insult to our nations pride let us weed out these anti~social elements from our system and make it a true democracy that is free from exploitation.Let us bring youth and literate class into politics and make certain qualifications compulsory to stand for elections and ensure that criminals and illiterates do not step into this arena.
I see illiteracy,population growth and poverty are biggest threats to our nation that is exploited by vested groups to divide and rule.Let us together dedicate to bring about 100 literacy ,provide better schools and free education in rural areas and improve the quality of teachers. Rural development and best agricultural practices and small scale industries will reduce the poverty as "Mahatma Gandhi" always said it is the village and Panchayat that are true face of India. Our Politicians should not hesitate to take bold steps to control population and give incentives to a smaller family and religion should not come in the way of such measures.
Secularism is under great stress with communal mistrust and further division by forces inimical to our country within and outside .I see the only way to maintain religious harmony is by taking tough action against those involved in terrorism and anti~national acts and not take false pride in giving them a chance by delayed justice and keeping them in jails and making a mockery of our system where even such devils have their own advocates who incite communal passions.Gone are the days when a terrorist is handed over or bargained for or waste time and effort in trying to prove misdeeds of an sworn enemy and their open terror acts to international community. It is time for us to act as one entity and certain politicians to stop playing vote bank politics and stop appeasement of minority community at the cost of national security.
Biggest sham of democracy is when only 50 of the citizens vote and this gives way to unwanted and communal minded persons coming to the fore by polarization .Voting to be made compulsory at all levels and various means adopted by the Govt for citizens to exercise their franchise from wherever they are. As a true Indian it is not only your vote that counts but one should make efforts to also ensure each citizen exercises this very important right to vote and have a rightful choice as our leader and a Party which takes our nation ahead.
Let us see through the devious ways of few vested elements who are corrupt, exploit our religious sentiments and divide us by various devious means.Some of those ploys employed are by encouraging caste based reservations,subsidies to particular community,supporting communal elements and their dema....
320 bhupendra on Aug-15 :

Hi sir, I am deeply grieved and disappointed with the injustice to my mother, she has been struggling to get her pension which has been persistently denied withe Gujarat government your original constituency, saurashtra without investigating further.if injustice could prevail in your own state, how can we trust your leadership in india
319 chubby on Aug-09 :

What doing modi

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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I - Thread over 

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Ha Ha Ha...
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"My mufler ate away all the documents"
Hillarious what reasons these termites come up with
Will watch the fun now when these dirty pigs with lungies and lipsticks start squeaking
Ha Ha Ha...
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Raul needs money to pay for his rent, so does his mother.
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Clever Donald Trump threw this Kashmir mediation bait to grab Paki US citizen votes, while Pakies fell for it! Bravo Donald Trump to your victory in 2016 election!
Simple Observer on Nov-11 : Trump"s Muslim ban pledge reappears on his webs.. [1 comments]

The Muslim ban pledge has to reaper, since that was the part of his platform, on which Donald Trump got his 2016 election victory.
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India can expect continuation of US policy towards India.
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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
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