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Media under Scrutiny
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News Summary: A billion strong Hindus have been taken for a ride, for so long, by so many eminent people, and at last they have seen through the game. Hindus have been woken rudely after Mumbai 26/11 up, are alerting other Hindus who are in deep coma to wake up to the Hindus who have been kept under Maya that all religions are the same and gain you the same goal is Moksha delivered to the Hindu society. .....read more in: Media under Scrutiny

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These comments are about: Media under Scrutiny

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9 Aditya Kumar on Jul-22 :

One of the main reasons is that popular gurus/swamys keep using Ramayana and Mahabharat as examples of Hinduism. Actually they should focus on Rig Veda. Then people get into arguments about ethics, morals, why Draupadi had five husbands and other issues that have no relevance today and want to reject everything. Why compare? Hinduism is not about whether Draupadi had 5 husbands or if Pandavas wore dhoti. If one does want to understand the route is difficult but do~able. For that one needs to keep an open mind, be perseverant and stop thinking like a peasant. For example the word "markat" has been translated as "monkey". Everyone calls Vanaras monkeys and then some start denigrating saying that why pray to monkey god Hanuman. The dictionary says "markat" also means "poison". In Chandi Stuti the word is mentioned and in Rig Veda, when Daksha gets angry with Shiva he calls him "markatlochana". Then how can it mean "monkey" It probably refers to vish of vishayas that we all are subjected to in the maya. Then there is worship of 36 points on Hanuman tail. This is obviously something to do with astrology just the way rahu and ketu are invisible but real. Hanumanji does conquer Saturn so it is logical to assume. I wish so~called intellectuals would not give up so easily on our ancient heritage.
Another problem is lack of unity even on a daily basis. I have seen Muslims befriending others more quickly than Hindus. They help each other and meet every Friday at mosque to network. How often do Hindus do anything with focus and same goals? Its been reduced to a religion of festivals and childish song and dance.
When youngsters question important things like why women cannot enter temples during menstruation for example its everyone"s duty to explain logically that temple is not a tourist spot. So its a question of hygiene. Also, negative ions are necessary for healthy and devotional environment but during that time women produce more positive ions due to hormonal imbalance. Their mental condition too is sometimes disturbed. It is better that they take it easy and rest. Due to change in lifestyle they may not have to follow same restrictions at home which is quite fair if they don"t mind. But in kitchen the idea is to make sattvic food therefore it was recommended to stay away.
Another misconception is about why women should put sindoor and not men. In those days they used real sindoor not chemical version. Real sindoor has properties that when applied to forehead help a person remain focussed and help fidelity. In those days men were expected to train in the akhada gyms to serve and protect dharma and country. There they would pray to Hanumanji and apply sindoor to forehead to increase virya and aid fidelity or celibacy depending on individual choice. So, there was no discrimination. Only nowadays there is wrong ideas. Also, brahmacharya does not mean celibacy but "brahmani charati" or walking on the path of brahman. i.e. doing sadhna.
I hope that helps remove at least some doubts.
Many people may have queries about saying prayers while wearing shoes etc. Once again its about hygiene and about ensuring that one emits satvic vibes. Merely reciting prayers does not help. It could likely create negative vibes and be detrimental. That is why it is recommended that if one cannot follow the entire discipline one should not say any mantras but stick to a basic japa such as maybe "hari aum". There are many books about mantra vigyan that clarify and explain.
7 Ruy Lopez on Oct-16 :

To understand and ultimately counter corrupt and anti national paper, electronic, TV and Film media, it would not help just rant and rave. This cancerous disease has been injected and infiltrated into the vital parts of Indian nation. First, it has to be understood clearly that general public anywhere under any political or social system is incapable or limited to monitor, control, diaognize and eliminate many coordination required tasks
directly by themselves. These tasks include, building armed forces, infrastructure, defense institutions, secret startegies, national planning etc. This is difficult for general people under communism, democracy socialism or any other system. It is almost impossible for the people who
are naive, simple minded, malnutritioned and under fake democracy, cheated and betrayed when critical historical times come and whose leadership starts with jokerlals and blooms under direct control and remote rules of a foreign lady who does not have an iota of knowledge about the rich and unique wealth of the country"s values, culture, strength and tradition. In these circumstances the most sensitive institution of media which helps make the opinion, influences decisions, guides young, educates the people are hijacked by the enemies of the country for a very long time for generations
without allowing people to recover from thousand years of degradation. Added to this is the suspension of law of economics, true public opinion, feelings of vast majority of people and efforts by the limited number of resorces poor feeble activists who can be steamed rolled by already established cmedia propagandas, manipulative corrupt leaders, antinational foreign anti national intersts etc. As said in the article internet and awakened blogs are God sent opportunities to defeat the enemies of humanities.
6 Malavika on Oct-16 :


You are absolutely right, and many Hindus even overseas Hindus know that the only way they can avoid the plight of Jews before World war II or the plight of Romas(who are being expelled from EU) is to have a strong Indic centred India. That is why HAF of America is doing yeoman service helping the Hindu community in US and also documenting plight of Hindu victims in Bangladesh, Pak, Malasia and etc.

However, I am not sure you can teach common sense to brain washed arab slave masquarading as hindu/Hindu.

5 hindu on Oct-15 :

aha aron we all have roots albeit in different countries .my questions is do the hindus have a hindu nation or are they like beggars that we hindus have to beg xtians and muslims for the land which is holy to hindus.why dont indians declare itself a hindu nation? why is india a weak nation? pakistan,bagladesh,china,sri lanka and even nepal under communist/xtians can afford to take ashot at india? are indians that weak that they cant stand up to bullying
4 Aron on Oct-15 :

Hindu- Getting yourself and your kids some other passport and citizenship and fancying you are a world citizen is the pitiable lack of intelligence that rootless Hindus and Indians do. All Nations have an identity and a religious affiliation- even vehemently secular France has its President recieve his officiation from the Church head. Do not confuse altruism with rootlessness. Also dont try to stuff out Hindu identity- even Aurangazebs couldnt achive that- being a puny pacifist its laughable. It is better to be Nation- community centric than bum-ego-centric isnt it? being so dont expect others to respect that- which is what is behind lack pof empathy with the most humanistic and universalist Hinduism and hindus and their struggle to save it from the incursions of Islamist and churchian imperialism- communist china as well-encircling India.
We will gladly be the first embrace your "world-centric" when such forces disappear, and have no intention for harakiri or eating lotuses for dinner.
3 paradiseblue22 on Oct-04 :

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2 hindu on Oct-03 :

its time vhp and rss got rid of khaki pants and see india from outside- dont be india centric - hindus dont have any holy nations left in the world!

1 aron on Oct-03 :

Feedback sent to Author: Media-under-Scrutiny

this is an excellent post.
I have posted some 52 writeups in scribd.com
They can be accessed, freely downloaded-
serach- Aronite thinking in google search.
We need a small booklet in indian media.
kindly suggest.


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Media under Scrutiny
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