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Media, Muslims and Modi
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News Summary: Pick up any topic on Gujarat now-a-days. Watch it through the prism of minority-ism and see if the color changes favorably. Adjust the brightness and the contrast appropriately to see if you can create a Muslim victim-hood picture that is acceptable to the pseudo-secular market. Then touch it up at the right places with a brush dipped in the universally available NMBPS (Narendra Modi Bashing Paint Solution). You end up with a perfect painting that is fit to grace the India media. To enhance its .....read more in: Media, Muslims and Modi

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These comments are about: Media, Muslims and Modi

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SrnoComment on Current Thread            
8 Gogs on Mar-15 :

Why Congress is fooling around the whole Indian population? Why aide on the caste basis? Don"t you think, Poor Muslim or poor Hindu have the same rights to get the aide for education. I appreciate Mr Modi to stand out and pointing out such unconstitutional aide. It really takes courage to oppose such pseudo-secular Congress.
7 A.Moron on Feb-23 :

R.Alamsha Karnan:

Why don"t you go to the country Jinnah had created for you in 1947?

You have partitioned India to create a land only for the Muslims. So, go there.

There is no place for the Muslims in India.

6 Shiva on Feb-23 :

Dear Alamsha Karnan,

You dont want to sing vande Mataram, so be it, you will never find a place better than India to Live In. You are lucky to have been born Here, lets assume you migrate to any other country out of the so called 55 OIC nations, you will be called a "Mujahir".
Hinduism has multiple castes, i agree, don"t sunnis fight with shiates world over. we with 1000+ castes dont kill one another, but you with two, fight like.....,
Go to a Sheikh from any of the so called Oil Rich country any time other than ramzan and see how you would be treated, you will take all that only if you are shameless person. if you are all so united why did saddam Invade Kuwait? why Iran Fought Iraq? why is Pakistan Splitting.
Dear Friend it is not about religon, it is all about Power which you and me will not understand for next 2 decades.
You are talking about Muslims+christians+dalits, i take it as a Joke, i think you are in your early 20"s hence this rush of blood.
Who prompted saddam to Invade Kuwait? who Trained Osama, Who is controlling US economy? The Answers to these Questions would tell you who your real enemy is.
India is a Country where Shri Abdul Kalam was President, Azaruddinn was a Captain, 3 Khans Ruled Bollywood, and they all recite "Vande Mataram" , so it does not make any difference to us if a less known person like you shouts all this nonsense.You will understand the True Colors of your so called Friends from OIC nations only when you visit them.
3 R.Alamsha Karnan on Feb-13 :

Feedback sent to Author: Media,-Muslims-and-Modi

Vande Mataram ?. We will NEVER NEVER NEVER sing. Do whatever you want :

Keep cool, have some patience and listen to what these Muslims have to say...(hi..hi..who else can tell these things..you know..)

"Oh Hindutva leaders !. Listen carefully. We are NOT mincing our words. Hereby we make it known unequivocally that we will NEVER NEVER NEVER sing Vande Mataram. We keep our head high, look into your eyes and tell you that we will NOT bow our head to anything other than Allah the Almighty. We will bow our head only to Allah and nothing but Allah. Allah is first and nation is second. Period".

Do whatever you want... We are ready. Are you planning to kick us out of our motherland?. Do it. We are ready. Let us see what would be our reaction. Quran says clearly that "If you can not practice Islam and live as Muslim in your land out of fear and threat, migrate to Darul Islam". What will happen if we, 25 crore Muslims, appeal to 55 OIC nations to allow us to migrate and live in Darul Islam because we can NOT live as Muslims any more in our motherland?

Cause and Effect of Hijrath appeal:

1. This will tell the entire world that Indian Muslims who have lost faith in the system have finally lost their faith on their own nation as well.

2. Well Darul Islam can NOT reject our appeal because any such action will tell the entire world that Quran is fake and hence Islam is fake. Nothing can be more cheerful for those Islam bashers. Well, if they ignore, this would be a golden opportunity for missionaries and they will tell "Jesus is calling". Even if 10% of the dejected hopeless Muslim masses decide to make their first move towards Christianity, Bharat Mata will start transforming into Mary Mata. India in the safe hands of Jesus, there won"t be any need for mass migration any more.

3. Around 60 lakh Indian manpower is working and living in Gulf countries of which around 50 lakhs are Hindus. More than 80% of the lucrative positions are held by Brahmins. The foreign exchange generated by this expatriate work force every month is a major life line of our economy.

4. The forward community is just around 15% and the remaining 85% of the population is BC/OBC/SC/ST/Dalits etc.

5. Now Muslims are standing in between this 15% and 85% of the Hindu population. What will happen once Muslims declare that Hindustan is the land of Hindus and let us leave and let live?. There won"t be Hinduism any more. A pure Hindu population will revert back to the 10,000 year old Varnashram social clasification as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra. There is not a single Hindu without this fundamental caste identity.

The word Hindu is unknown, unwritten and unspoken in Vedas and Gita. There is no word called Hindu in their holy books. All that exisists is Varnashram. In short, even today one can not seek a life partner by simply saying that he is a Hindu. They will ask, what"s your caste?. There "was/is/will be" no body called Hindu. The title Hindu was confered by the Muslim invaders 1200 years back to all those who lived on the other side of Hindukush mountains. Period.

Now the view is clear for the 70% of the downtrodden population who are living without access for toilet and clean water. Brahmins are just 3%. They will ask the Brahmins who are controlling everything from top to bottom "What the hell have you got for us?".

Well, If that happens, Brahmins have to find their promised land by partnering with Jews.

Thus Hjrath appeal will primarily create a competition between Islamic+Christian nations to do a faith harvest.

In short Muslims+Christians+Dalits will join hands. A tectonic political power shift will happen and Muslims will command the power structure.

When Muslims hold the key for power, why would they rush to leave?. Also, the Hijrath appeal will pave the way for tremendous opportunities and millions of jobs in 55 Muslim countries.

India, at present will NEVER be able to feed and create jobs for 1.2 billion increasing at the rate of 30 million every year. If we don"t find an answer, the ship will sink.

The Muslim world is living under the threat of US+Israel. The only way to save and protect their lands and resources is to allow us to settle. We are among the best, well qualified and also rich enough to invest and build our own cities. Win win solution.

Best of both the worlds. We can allow dual passports like US/UK/Europe etc. Why NOT?.


"Oh Hindutva leaders !. Let us repeat once again. We are NOT mincing our words. Hereby we make it known unequivocally that we will NEVER NEVER NEVER sing Vande Mataram. We keep....
2 Truth Speaks on Jan-31 :

Why is UPA Congress government is discriminating against poor Hindu and Christian students? Why is it giving scholarships to Muslims only? Why not for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists?

Media, Muslims and Modi - Thread over 

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g kapuria on Mar-12 : Vedic Civilization: In Harmonys Way [33 comments]

LT..I think I have found the problem. I see in Savitri, Sri Aurobindo used "zero" to describe Asat. Perhaps he has used zero in this sense elsewhere as well. It is like the Buddhist shunya of nirvana. It is not the mathematical zero. PNB may not have made the distinction.
A.Moron on Feb-23 : Vande Matharam not for PM functions? [18 comments]

Salute to my motherland
Full of sweet water, full of glowing harvests, with cool air
Full of moon light with enchanting evening
Full of flowers and green grass
Smiling, with sweet words, giving bliss and eternal happiness our Motherland

g kapuria on Jan-31 : Communal Tipu Sultan: Secular Hero [9 comments]

Excellent writing. Secularists are the biggest liars.
030201kishankb on Feb-09 : Imagining Pakistan in decade of 2010 [4 comments]

hh shah on Sunday :

Appreciate the suggestion.

It would help if you can publish a blog at this website based on your review of the same book to back up your assertion, I quote you, "This book, when read by many, has the potential to change the very cultural profile of the Indian Subcontinent."

Thank you.

prasad mkss on Jan-24 : New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad [20 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: New-M-F-Hussein-in-Andhra:-Lakshm-Prasad

Yarlagadda is the product anti brahmin tirade led by triparneni ramaswamy choudary with strong pro feelings to his own caste of choudarys.he has the knack of being subservient to the powers that be to enjoy the power..he is a powermaniac..
hindu on Mar-07 : Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..? [27 comments]

Siasat Daily

Claiming the discovery of a rock inscription belonging to 1417 AD as a historical evidence of the existence of Telangana for over 600 years, the villagers of Tellapur in Ramachandrapuram mandal in Medak district have urged the district collector that their village be renamed "Telanganapuram".

Telangana Jagruthi, an NG....
LawOrderGuy on Jan-23 : Yes, India needs MF Husain [15 comments]

Yes, India needs the MF Hussain.
How can India hang him in a foreign country?
S.Ghosh on Jan-20 : Demystifying the Sufis [12 comments]

Sufis may exist in Iran or Turkey just like the Orthodox Christians, but they are in great danger from the attacks from the Muslims.
Even in West Bengal recently Muslims often attack the Sufis ( commonly known as Baul singers).
Sufi shrines are patronized by the Hindus mainly.

Prof. Ram L. Pandey on Feb-22 : Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V [11 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Dear Kishan:

I am in the process of reading your article related to gunas theory from your website. It appears very interesting; however, it is based on dualism/idealism (Dvait/Advait) that has problems; the problems of various views are discussed in:
Vimal, R. L. P. (2010).....
ramesh on Jan-13 : America - Problems for Pakistan [3 comments]

Pakistan has a strategic postion between China , Central Asia, India , Iran and Arabia. Unless India does not reabsorb Paksitan the US will have to cooperate with the Paks.


Media, Muslims and Modi
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