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Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court
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News Summary: The Arabic title-word fitna means disagreement and division among people or a test of faith in times of trial. Wilders, a prominent critic of Islam, described the film as a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamization. This creeping tyranny of Islamization now sweeping Europe like Bubonic Plague of the Dark Ages, goes by the grandiloquent name of EURABIA --- a word, not only metaphorically but also actually, pregnant with Islamic terror and savagery against the Jews and White C.....read more in: Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court

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These comments are about: Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court

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188 hindu on Oct-19 :

zakir nail is a kutta . he has no knowledge as such. he deflects criticism of islam by denigrating hindus and hinduism.he enjoys indias secularism and thats why he gets away with murder.
tell him that the so called allah did not know that the sun did not go down in muddy waters. that allah is an idiot
187 Lila Dhar on Oct-19 :

Feedback sent to Author: Koran,-The-Amsterdam-Court-and-The-Calcutta-Court

Pls read what is spread by Mr. Zakir Naik. He belittles the Hindu openly, outrageously and unashamedly. But the fact is that how do you take this on? Do you have apt answers?


Pls reply.
186 David on Aug-04 :

Hindus go thru useless arguments with Moslim (read illogical, empty headed)to convince them how peaceful and benevolent Hindus are (read cowards, gutless and sell anything for Roti, Kapadaa and Makaan). That conversation proves totally useless and going nowhere. Need guts to expose true face of Islam and its third rate messenger"s private life...to straight out things... The Crusaders were not fools.
185 Ruy Lopez on Aug-04 :

In referring to the magazine article about what happens to Afghan women, if USA leaves prematurely. Do not our Indian govt. has some duty to Kandhar, modern Afghanistan, from where our daughter in law came, Gandhari who sacrificed her sights for the devotion for her husband. No matter what Pakistan fear or Time magazine"s Mr Kline propose to give India"s head on platter to Pakistan for its service to USA. We should have effective presence in Afghanistan as we have ancient relatios with Kandhar. As a collateral, we should send some bollywood Afghans with their family to face Talibans as true indian daughter in laws who stay with their husbands if necessary without ears and noses as Gandhari chose to live in he husband"s place without her sight.
184 hindu on Aug-04 :

i commend this woman-she is a true hindu

"A MALAYSIAN woman lost a court battle Wednesday to nullify her conversion to Islam when she was a child, but vowed to fight on to be recognised as a Hindu.

The interfaith dispute could further anger non-Muslims who have long complained that their religious rights are being sidelined in Muslim-majority Malaysia, and may erode minority support for the government.

Malaysia"s secular High Court ruled it had no jurisdiction to hear the case as Banggarma Subramaniam is a Muslim and should refer to the Islamic Shariah court, said her lawyer Gooi Hsiao Leung.

Mrs Banggarma has said she and her three siblings were under the care of a government orphanage in northern Penang state when she was converted to Islam by welfare officials in 1989 when she was seven years old.

She ran away when she was 16 and got married two years later in 2001 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. When she returned to the home to collect her identity card and other documents, she was given the Muslim conversion certificate which listed her name as Siti Hasnah Vanga-rama Abdullah.

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She has been unable to register her marriage or name her husband as the father of their two children in their birth certificates as she is listed a Muslim. Mrs Banggarma"s husband must convert to Islam to legally wed her as marriage between Muslims and non-Muslims is not allowed in the country.
Mrs Banggarma said she was disappointed with the court ruling and planned to take the case to the Appeals Court.

"Why must I be forced to accept Islam?" Mrs Banggarma said.

"I was born an Indian, a Hindu and I remain so until I die. They have no rights over me."

The welfare department claims Mrs Banggarma was converted in 1983 by her father and that she must go to the Shariah court to verify her status.

Gooi, however, said her conversion certificate was dated 1989 and that under Penang Islamic laws, minors below 18 cannot be converted to Islam without the consent of their parents.

Malaysia has a dual court system with civil courts for non-Muslims and Shariah courts for Muslims. In interfaith disputes involving Islam, the Shariah courts typically get the last word, which has upset non-Muslims who fear they cannot get justice in such courts.

If she renounces Islam, Mrs Banggarma risks being charged with apostasy, which in Malaysia - as in many Islamic nations - is regarded as a crime punishable by fines and jail sentences. Offenders are often sent to prison-like rehabilitation centers.

Minorities are increasingly becoming worried that their rights have become subordinate to those of ethnic Malay Muslims, who form nearly 60 per cent of Malaysia"s 28 million people.

The unhappiness over racial discrimination erupted in an unprecedented street protest three years ago by tens of thousands of ethnic Indians. The demonstration emboldened the minorities into voting against the government, which returned to power with its worst performance ever in the March 2008 "

183 hindu on Aug-03 :

is india for real or what?
tawfik how do you explain your peaceful religion?
S.Ghosh maybe the commies in bengal can do something about this injustice

"Muslim students are forcing a teacher to wear Burqa in India
Aliah University is the first Islamic university in Kolkata, India. When Shirin Middya was hired as a teacher of the university, she was not asked to follow any dress code because the university does not have any.

However, the students of the university would not allow the teacher to teach unless she wears whole body encompassing Burqa. Burqa is a garment, prescribed by the Islamic law that covers the whole body of a woman including the face. There is a small net in front of the eyes to see.

Although Middya is a Muslim woman, she refused to wear the Burqa against her will.

The majority of the Indian population is Hindu but Muslims have the highest number among the minorities.

Source: AsiaNews.it

180 hindu on Aug-02 :

religion of peace-
"A MAGAZINE is standing by its decision to use a graphic image of a woman mutilated by the Taliban on its cover in a protest against troop pullouts in Afghanistan.

The cover of TIME shows an 18-year-old woman with her nose cut off with the headline "What happens if we leave Afghanistan".

Aisha was the victim of Taliban brutality, her nose and ears barbarically hacked off by her own husband as punishment for attempting to flee her cruel in-laws, The Daily Mail reported.

She was held down by her brother-in-law while the man she married disfigured her face with a knife."

179 David on Aug-02 :

So... all the followers of a third rate messenger/passenger are now silenced once and for all when they now know the facts about their so called peaceful religion. The days of Ottoman Empires are long gone due to great Crusaders. Anyone out there?
178 David on Jul-30 :

To twafik ahmed

Jesus was not a pedophile and child molester and having wet dreams as confessed by Mohammad (a mere God"s peon) for a six year old girl while his old bag Khadija was still hot... So twafik ahmed get sunnat reversing operation as soon as possible and be saved by baptizing to Christianity... then only you silly brain will work... and this goes for all non-Kafirs as well.
177 Mo on Jul-27 :

There is absolutely no justification
and excuse for bowing to secularism
when we see this kind of wretched oppression and humiliation
of one faith for a whole millenium and babar crap happening from
5 centuries.

Two observations made by British judges on how musies were playing with
Hindu emotions :

1. "... The British district judge ruled, "I found that the Masjid built by Emperor Babar, stands on the border of the town of Ayodhya …..It is most unfortunate that a masjid should have been built on the land specially held sacred by the Hindus.

2. The matter went up to the Oudh Judicial Commissioner W Young who, while rejecting Das"s plea observed in his judgment of November 1, 1886 , "this spot is situated within the precincts of the grounds surrounding a mosque erected some 350 years ago owing to the bigotry and tyranny of the emperor who purposely chose this holy spot, according to Hindu legend , as the site of his mosque. The Hindus seem to have got very limited rights of access to certain spots within the precinct adjoining the mosque and they have for a series of years been persistently trying to increase those rights and to erect buildings on two spots in the enclosure namely (1) Sita ki rasoi (kitchen of Sita) and ( 2 ) Ram Chander ki Janmbhoomi (birthplace of Lord Ram)."
176 Mo on Jul-27 :


Achutanand did not speak disparagingly of Col Unnikrishnan EVER !
Achuthanandan, known for his short temper, was outraged by Major Unnikrishnan"s father"s refusal to accept his condolence visit.

Achutanand"s error was that he did not realize that Maj Unnikrishnan"s father was not in a position to meet anyone ( esp politicians whom he called dogs ). If CM had kept quiet it would have been great. He didn"t.
He took it personally and unfortunately said "if not for Maj Unnikrishnan" even dog will not visit the parents.

Later both made it up and accepted each other"s apology.

>>Achutanand is the same person who spoke dispargingly of a national hero (and his grieving parents) who laid down his life during the Bombay carnage.He is a arrogant pompous leader.
175 jonathan on Jul-27 :

The bible does not prescribe amputating the right hand and left leg for theft, or killing a person for giving up his religion, or killing unbelievers, (if Allah is the creator of man, then why should he prescribe
the 1 billion muslims -1/6 of the world"s population to kill the balance
5/6, -) or stoning an adulterous to death, or blowing oneself up to bits,
so that he can supposedly enjoy life in heaven as a martyr, with about 70 voluptuous fair virgin maidens, rivers of wine, honey, fresh fruits etc. It looks so false, barbaric and gruesome. In Sura 19.71 - 72 of the Quran, Allah says all muslims will go to Hell (Any muslim who reads this, ask your own ustaz what sura 19.71-72 means). That means, if anyone follows this Islamic path, will surely go to martyr). This sounds so barbaric and gruesome a thought to me. (Muslim always criticize Christians, Taoists, Hindus and Bhuddists of praying to idols. But in Bhukari"s Hadith, it is stated that Prophet Muhammud helped the various tribes, replace about 30 idols inside the Kabah in Mecca, after it was expanded and re-constructed. Some of the idols have cracked and disintegrated over the years by the intense heat. They have the cheek to criticize other religions when muslims themselves pray and bow to idols). Time passed, with me in this limbo state and the more I went into the bible, the more convinced I became that this is definitely the right path to God, and the Quran is not from God, or Allah could have been the creation of this barbarian, Muhammud, and claiming to be a Prophet or Satan himself in disguise. If Islam will only lead a person to hell, then it is the wrong path for me. In Christianity, I have hope of reaching Heaven, without having to go to Hell. (If Islam is so good, it should have united muslim countries, but all through out history, muslim countries have always been at war with one another). But I needed proper guidance to confirm my convictions to proceed further.
174 Janardan on Jul-27 :

Islam is the cruelest religion especially to women for instance, Allah says in Sura 4.34 of the Quran, that a "disobedient wife should be beaten by her husband and deserted" until she is corrected. It does not say how many beatings, which part of  her body, when a husband should beat her, how, why, if she is pregnant or not, whether forcefully or not, with his hands or a whip, for what reason, in which place, etc. It is completely left to the husband and his sole judgment of his wife"s disobedient way--what kind of male chauvinism.If 4 witnesses gave evidence of a man"s theft and his right hand was cut off as punishment, and sometime later, if 1 of the witnesses admitted to giving false witness under pressure (false witnessing is common in the Sharia courts), what then?Islam is not open to present ideas, like applying DNA, or accounting systems, or cyber crimes, medical, environment, civil aviation, democratic principals, human rights, or pay interest for purchases or loans, etc. but sticks to a 1,100 year old patriarchal system"s way of life, to be applied to today"s conditions.The muslims, will never accept their 1.100 year old justice system to be out of date. It is easier to blame the West and to say "they don"t understand Islam", than to try to justify Islam, because muslims know in their minds, it will surely be considered barbaric and out of date, and also because the Quran contradicts itself and the verses are open ended, and ignorance of the actual meaning of the verses in the Quran. So it is easier to blame the West for "ignorance" and keep them
wondering, when in truth the West is right all along, in their assumptions
173 twafik ahmed on Jul-27 :

Achutanand is the same person who spoke dispargingly of a national hero (and his grieving parents) who laid down his life during the Bombay carnage.He is a arrogant pompous leader.
172 twafik ahmed on Jul-27 :

Christanity has to be full of love or else how could a fatheless-----son of Mary come onto the earth.I wish they had done a paternity test.
171 hindu on Jul-27 :

so tawfik how does it feel knowing that you dont have any arab blood in you but is full of hindu blood?
bet your minds in turmoil knowing that you are still a hindu convert
170 hindu on Jul-26 :

#125 ".Have you forgotten your fatwa on Galileo for calling the earth round--incarceration"

and how do you tawfik describe this
"Till, when he [the traveller Zul-qarnain] reached
the setting-place of the sun,
he found it going down into a muddy spring, ...
-- Sura Sura 18:86 "
sun setting in muddy waters your all knowing allah made a big boo boo
now can you question the sura or do you blindly obey it? lets see how well learned you are
169 Mo on Jul-26 :

And now, this is being said by, of all the people, a marxist commie.. not the favorite punching bag bjp of p-secs.. read on..

"In 20 years India and Kerala will become a Muslim-dominated world. Youngsters are being given money and are being lured to convert to Islam -- marry Muslim women and then give birth to Muslim children so that they can multiply," said Achuthanandan last week in Delhi. He was speaking about the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), activists of which are accused of chopping off the hand of a college lecturer.

Achuthanandan, a veteran CPI-M leader, alleged the PFI aims to convert Kerala into a Muslim majority state in the next 20 years.
168 Mo on Jul-26 :

David, does this seem like overflowing love..

>>July 26, 2010: A rocket attack by foreign forces killed 52 civilians in southern Afghanistan
167 David on Jul-26 :

To Twafik or non-Kafirs,

Didn"t presenting the facts about your Islamic bluffs and non-sense exposed the ugly reality of Islam? Christianity is a religion of Love and Kindness preached by none other than the Son-of-God and not a third rate messanger/passanger... So all Moslims must go under anti-Sunnat operation, get baptized and accept Christ as their only saviors else they are all doomed. Is there anything in this world as an intelligent moslim ready to be saved?

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L Raj on Oct-09 : Debunking Krishna, Demonizing Hinduism [31 comments]

Strange article, mixed with disconnected info - some totally at variance with its stated aim in the title !

Fact, Krushna is poplar around the world, but so is Shiva and various aspects of Devi.
Fact, SMB and the Mahabhart state he had 16108 wives. Some of these were abducted before their marriage - but this was the norm amongst the w....
030201kishankb on Oct-09 : How War on Terror is Bankrupting the World [3 comments]

Mr. Prabhu in his concluding remarks stated, "Though filled with brilliant research and analysis from an economist"s angle the book falls short, completely, with regard to role of Islam in promoting terrorism."

There are a number of books that deal with the issue and I have posted at ivarta.com a number of articles. My latest article is ti....
030201kishan on Oct-09 : Defeating Political Islam: New Cold War [3 comments]

America just like India knows it is a victim of political Islam. It took ten years of fighting Sunny Islamists first in Afghanistan then in Iraq and now again in the Afpak areas for America to understand that source of their problems is in the Afpak region.

America thinks that it can manipulate politicians and the army general with bribes....
U.NARAYANADAS on Oct-17 : AYODHYA, Is it just a title Dispute? [4 comments]

Dear Friends,

Angered by NDTV"s blatant anti-Hindu coverage some friends have posted an online petition to the channel requesting it to mend its ways. The petition is online now. Please sign it by clicking on the link below - and pass it on to as many friends as possible with a request to sign it:

Anup on Sep-17 : Saffron Terror: An Analysis [45 comments]

Mukesh( Item 2 & 3)
Please see Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari"s article-Gandhi"s loyalty to British crown. Also you can see Rajesh Sukla"s article-Gandhi was a sex maniac.
hindu on Sep-15 : Simplifying Sharia for Non-Muslim [1 comments]

if i had dog named mohammed will i be persecuted- i mean sharia is only applicable to muslims isnt it
CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-16 : Journey into America - Akbar Ahmed [1 comments]

i am not a muslim so i don"t know what"s the problem of muslims staying in non islamic country. it seems that when ever there is a problem of muslim, it becomes global. but think about the islamic countries, do they give respect to non islamic people residing in those islamic countries. many westerner are complaining that the islamic people are kil....
A.Moron on Sep-05 : Book Review: Understanding Muhammad [21 comments]

It is only natural for any King, Sultan to shout from the top of his palace that "I am the God; wash my feet, otherwise I will cut your head off".
Akber started a new religion; Japanese Emperors used to think that they were Gods. That is the way Muslim religion had started.

hindu on Aug-13 : Vedic, Aztec & Mayan Culture [7 comments]

culinary similarities -indians have roti and rajma(beans)and south americans have tortilla and beans-defeats conventional thinking about civilisation and its development
CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-13 : Evolution of Tantra [3 comments]

i think you are talking about Tantric knowledge, same one related to magic and extraordinary hyper power. if it was existed, then that was good but if it is not present now it is better only, because all the people now would have misused it and things would go out of control...


Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court
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