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tongue in cheek at 18:46 Today : Russians embrace Hinduism [7 comments]

GK Interesting indeed. What ism todays so called "Hindus" follow. If majority of "Hindus" are not familiar of 5 isms you quoted, the discussion becomes redundant.
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 S.Ghosh at 18:08 Today : Some people like Dharmendra~Hema Malini, AR Rahman, Mahesh Batt, got converted wilingly, but 99.99 percent of them were forced at the point of sword to get converted. This is also the case in the entire Middle East, North Africa, Albania, South East....
 S.Ghosh at 11:04 Today : At least 400 million people Muslims of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh were converted from Hinduism to Islam. Thus, they cannot be a news.

 Adesi at 07:58 Today : Four Caucasians become Hindus and it is news. Kind of like man bites dog. Thousands of Hindus are converted daily ~ dog bites man
S.Ghosh at 18:23 Today : US fund flow into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir dam.. [5 comments]

Last year alone India gave away $8 Billion to USA to buy Hercules and helicopters, without any technology transfer or military GPS. USA supplies money and weapons to Pakistan.
India gave away $20 billion to Australia to import coal, when 80 percent of the coal mines are lying idle. Australia kills Indian students.
India will never learn.
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 g kapuria at 17:15 Today : Pakistanis are showing India that they are boss. US is interested because they are hungry for business opportunities, especiially in countries where there is hardly any law and order, and the local government is obedient.
 S.Ghosh at 11:00 Today : USA is a great friend of India.

S.Ghosh at 18:16 Today : "Good karma" earns Satya Nadella $84 million in.. [2 comments]

He got that money by cheating the customers. Since Windows98, Microsoft did nothing new. It is taking away facilities and calling it a new Window and forcing customers to buy it by abolishing Windows XP/2000 and Windows 98. This is the evil practice of a monopoly company. It must be giving a lot of money to Obama as bribes so that US Government do ....
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 OldJohn at 15:17 Today : Looks like Satya uttered the truth! Good Karma earns... from his own experience!... and wants his women staff at Microsoft to do good karma vs. asking for a raise!! Looks like the greed of any CEO is unquenchable regardless of colour, nationality, re....
S.Ghosh at 18:11 Today : Nitish Kumar resorting to "drama" to gain impor.. [3 comments]

The only thing special about Bihar is that in other states, politicians and officers steal 20 percent of the budget, in Bihar they steal 95 percent of the budget.
what has happened to Rs.1350 Crores Lally Yadav and his associates have stolen along with 85,000 cows of Rabriwala Devi.

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 g kapuria at 17:08 Today : Not a fan of Nitish Kumar. Because, Nitish Kumar"s growth model is not business, it is entirely based on free tax~payer money from the central government. People of Bihar haven"t understood this simple thing. Nitish is making you into another Kashmir....
OldJohn at 15:11 Today : Rajiv was Sonia Gandhi"s first love.....NO [1 comments]

Who care for what affairs Gori~Mafia~BahuJi had before trapping RajivJi
She was an Italian girl on prowl, borrowing money from anyone and everyone and repaying differently, besides cleaning tables and pocketing tips... When she bent down in her short skirt to pocket the tip, our RajivaJi, who was more in thin air than ground, lost his heart on ....
tongue in cheek at 14:55 Today : Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison for.. [4 comments]

OJ got free on murder charge. convicted and sentenced for 33 years on unrelated charges. converted to Islam!
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 Mo at 12:46 Today : TIC, what about OJ Simpson

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