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OldJohn at 13:14 Today : Tharoor slams Modi govt for "ignoring" Indira"s.. [1 comments]

Looks like now TharoorJi just qualified himself to get one Att~aa~Boy from Desh~Ki~Gori~Mafia~BahuJi!! Good luck TharoorJi!
OldJohn at 12:59 Today : Preet Bharara, damage control over Modi sum... [6 comments]

You make this forum entertaining at least! Thanks.
Shouldn"t Preet Bharara represent his own interest vs. others interests?!
Hasn"t Obama placed non~Moslim Indians in powerful positions as well?

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 Truth Speaks at 11:38 Today : sg, that"s very keen observation. Wow.
 g kapuria on Wednesday : In the US, it is possible to reinvent oneself. Bharara is thinking that he can do the same. Except, he hasn"t expected on any kind of opposition from Indian~Americans, but this is exactly what he will face. Good for India.
 S.Ghosh on Wednesday : Preet Bharara is a Khalistani Muslim, married to a Pakistani. He is no longer a Sikh, as he has married to a Muslim. He has nothing to do with India, but he an enemy of India.
OldJohn at 12:47 Today : Fireball! NASA rocket explodes seconds after la.. [3 comments]

Greed...Greed...Greed everywhere... Whether it is USA, India or Russia. Remember the white whale Admiral G. sea~rotten junk? Both India and Russia together laughed all the way to bank! US junk, Russian junk and India falls for it!
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 S.Ghosh on Wednesday : Kuznetsov argued that its NK~33 engines had undergone significant modernisation in the United States, including the addition of new components to direct the rocket"s thrust vector. “The development and certification of all new systems were done by th....
OldJohn at 12:36 Today : Ex-Google employee, who "planned" to join ISIS,.. [2 comments]

You are so right. Illiteracy and poverty are used as fake causes to hide the true face of Islamic terrorism.
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 Truth Speaks at 11:43 Today : This news headline proves that Illiteracy and Poverty not at all reasons for gl0bal Terr0rism.
Truth Speaks at 11:42 Today : 1 lie and the Indian media made him a hero [2 comments]

Just one conclusion Indian MSM media is very very poor in fact checking, they broadcast any "SENSATIONAL" news blindly.

No wonder, Indians are turning to more reliable Twitter, Facebook and other Internet media for real news than MSM #paidmedia news papers and 24/7 news channels.
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 tongue in cheek at 07:29 Today : Media power is unmatched. Used to be called fifth pillar of the society. it is a business pure and simple. Everything is about the bottom line. Race to be the first with selling news is the mantra.
S.Ghosh at 10:58 Today : The great black money damp squib: SIT investiga.. [2 comments]

Jetley represents Marwaris and Modi represents Gujarati business community. That is the reason they caught one Bengali black money holder Burman, who may or may not have any black money. Even if he has, the amount is not big enough for a Marwaris Laddu or a Gujarati"s Papar.

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 tongue in cheek at 07:54 Today : The black money dump has outlived its usefulness. Elections have been won. Let the dead rest in peace!

Tax treaties! A great put~on. The culprits have nothing to do whether they have paid taxes or not.

Most all industrialists who do....

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