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tongue in cheek at 01:16 Today : Why media attempted to gag Gaurav Sawant? [6 comments]

GK media is business and business takes money to start and operate. There is no lack of money with seckus and non~secku sections of the society. Why then, there is no non~secku media?
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 g kapuria on Wednesday : TIC.. There is no non~secularist media of any importance in India.
 tongue in cheek on Wednesday : What happened to non~sicku media? This laments on the sicku media makes one wonder if the non~sicku media has gone into hibernation or what!

GK media is business. No control on non~sicku media on saying their side of the story! Expand, expa....
 g kapuria on Tuesday : it is no surprise that secularist media want to side with Muslims. The lesson we have to learn from this is, nothing has changed for them. They do not care about what people want, how people vote, how people hate them from their guts... these things ....
Mo on Wednesday : Kashmir Not an Internal Issue: Separatist Leade.. [7 comments]

Extremely unfortunate to see separatists openly meeting enemy country"s representatives.

* India should support Israel.
* India should openly talk to Baloch and Baltistan leaders.
* India should pack off Hurriyat snakes to Pak or wherever they feel happy to be.
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 S.Ghosh on Wednesday : As J and K is already partitioned, expulsion of the Muslims from J and K is the reasonable solution.

 Mo on Wednesday : The Muslim population in India is second largest Muslim population in the world.
Yet we don"t see Muslim population majorly condemning separatists from among them.
 S.Ghosh on Tuesday : All Hurrot members and family members must be expelled from India. J and K is already partioned, India got only 45 percent of it. All Muslims must go to the Pakistani part. This is also true about the rest of India. After 1947 there is no justificati....
Mo on Wednesday : Jaya Bachchan the reason behind my split with S.. [2 comments]

What"s the big deal ? Who cares if Amar is with Mullah~M Yadav or not ?
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 Truth Speaks on Wednesday : Does Amar Singh mean Jaya Bachchan is a divorce lawyer?? D
S.Ghosh on Wednesday : Obama Looks Forward to Welcoming Modi: US State.. [1 comments]

India has to pay at least $4 Billion to the U.S to buy 50 years old nuclear plants of very old discarded F~16s just for a few days fun for Modi to spend time with Gujarati Motel owners.

S.Ghosh on Wednesday : World?s first ?green? Hindu temple opened in UK [1 comments]

Rather than having temples, Hindus in the UK should build Indian Libraries to inform the British public about India. British have very strange views on India
a The battle of Plassey or Palashi was between the French and the British.
b India had no language before the British introduced English
c All Indian speak only English.
d Kri....
S.Ghosh on Wednesday : Discoveries about Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty [1 comments]

The book by Mathai does not exist.
Mathai an Anglo Indian was a very ugly black man. One cannot imagine Indira Gandhi having an affair with him.
All other items are speculations, spread by Voice of India Press. There is nothing new in these.
Indira Gandhi was not expelled from Shanti Niketan. She and many others like Amartya Sen had to....

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