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India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan
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News Summary: Shanti Bhushan was born in the home of an eminent Public Prosecutor of the British Raj. Little did anyone imagine that one day this man would shake the corrupt foundations of independent India from its very roots. Shanti Bhushan became a lawyer much against the wishes of his father, and eventually went on to become the Law Minister of India. Shanti Bhushans son Prashant Bhushan, who left IIT Madras and Princeton to pursue law from Allahabad University, chose the most un-travelled path for an emi.....read more in: India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan

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These comments are about: India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan

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13 Suraj Parkash Tuteja on Nov-06 :

The law and constitution must be amended to refuse recognition to small and fragmented parties as National Parties. Any party not in majority in at least 3 States, obtaining less than 20 LS seats must be denied status All such parties ~ without exceptions – are opportunist, greedy, simply stated are criminals only to get powers to amass wealth, assets, properties They will go to any extent to fan religious riots, dole out concessions and freebees and ruin country for personal gains. Suraj Parkash Tuteja 9315879780 gold.ambala@gmail.com
12 Suraj Parkash Tuteja on Nov-06 :

RTI is being weakened by RTI Commissioners hesitant to impose penalties for evasive, incomplete or no replies and even this rarely imposed fines go to the Govt. Very rarely, RTI complainant is compensated. In many cases, authorities are happy to pay Rs 25,000 penalty than to create problems for their own department colleagues, and prefer to pay fines. This anamly must be set right, as follows

1. The fine of Rs 25,000 be for one quarry, for 3 quarries it should be 3 x 25,000
2. 50 penality must be given to the applicant.
3. Conduct of both ASPIO and SPIO be examined, and if needed, both be fined separately.
4. Adverse marks added to their service record.,
5. removed from the job of ASPIO or SPIO.
6. Such ASPIO or SPIO be demoted.

Suraj Parkash Tuteja

11 Suraj Parkash Tuteja on Nov-06 :

Working of RTI Act 2005 needs much reforms.

Almost zero, 3.74 cases penalised is simply due to the fact that culprits themselves have been RTI Commissioners in States. These were RTI Commissioners were themselves doing the same mischiefs, harassing people, delaying matters, collecting bribes, and whatever not. Now they have been appointed to penalise their own tribes. Wgo did not know this, but bureaucracy manipulated things and themselves became RTI commissioner. All these IAS, IPS, and other Central services must be thrown out. Second, worst thing is appointment of SPIO or ASPIO from their own department. They do their best to protect and shield their own kith and kin. There must be a district SPIO from an out of district officer as incharge, who should collect relevant files from concerned department, and provide informations. SurajParkash Tuteja 9315879780
10 Suraj Parkash Tuteja on Oct-29 :

Modi has started good compaign to clean streets, what about the abundant free supplies of contaminated water with insects, snakes, bones being forced down the mouths of citizens, since many years, as in Ambala with a small population of around 7 lacs, 121 tube wells are admitted by Public Health itself, as damaged for 6, 12, or even 18 months. This is inspite of at least 400 crores received by Ambala PH alone during last 2 years for 100 waterifications, but digested by authorities with scores of corrupt employees sitting ducks in Ambala for last over 3, 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years. The funds are obtained from Rajeev Gandhi Rural Water Yojna against fake and false reports that every thing in Ambala is good, no tube well break downs or water supplied is clean, chlorinated. Where is all the money going, but to pockets of authorities, which ~ if an when raided ~ will disclose at least Rs 200 crores from unaccounted cash and assets from only a few big wigs. As at present, per abuse of 3 quotations, repairs are being done at many times the cost on the pertext of emergency public utility repairs but looks certain that by the time 50 tube wells are set right, ther will be 75 more damaged tube wells. Will Haryana Govt take corrective and punitive steps immediately, and let citizens of Ambala be given clean drinking water after years of acute sufferings Suraj Parkash 9315879780

9 Mo on Jun-10 :

Is this the same low~life who had said give away Kashmir ?
No need to accept any weasel movement from this sub~human.
8 SurajParkash Tuteja on Jun-09 :

Complaints made and forwarded to various Investigating agencies by Prime Ministers, Central Ministers, State Chief Ministers, Ministers and Chief Secretaries of states are to be acknowledged to the complainants by the Authorities, and placed on Central and State Complaints websites. These are immediately forgotten but must be actively, and regularly pursued by the concerned authority with copies to complainant, and Investigation Report copies provided to the complainant, and also placed on the website. During investigations, any counter explanations by the accused must be counter checked from the complainant before being accepted by Inquiry Officer. And for any material error, IO must be personally held accountable and liable.
7 SurajParkash Tuteja on Jun-09 :

To check food adulterations, against first time failure of samples of food or any edible articles, the named shop, must be penalized with closure of shop with big display of offence on a big board for 15 days, 60 days second offence, permanent closure and 2 years jail for third failure. All food samples be sent out to a distant out of state laboratory per speed post for test reports to avoid any bribery attempts by shop keepers. Like when Exams Answer Sheets are sent to undisclosed teachers, the samples must also be sent by a different authority to laboratories, unknown to each other.
6 SurajParkash Tuteja on Jun-09 :

All Road Constructions in cities must be restricted to mid night 12 hours, and during day time, roads must be free for normal traffic and never during day time.while road constructions on highways with blocked road must be carried out 24 hours per day

5 SurajParkash Tuteja on Jun-09 :

70. All employees and officers, both Central and State Govts, as also
Public Sector convicted by court must be at once relieved of their jobs, Inspite of an appeal preferred by them, till cleared by the court. Whereas thousands of convicted employees keep on their jobs and indulging in bribes in bigger vigour for tens of years, and then file is managed and got misplaced, and conviction washed. This is how a bureaucrat induklges and helps out his fellow brother

4 SurajParkash Tuteja on Jun-09 :

Apart from easing the day to day nuisances and problems of the citizens, the new Govt must take cognizance of all useless non productive taxes, which donot bring substantial gains, but creates huge nuisance, huge losses to Govt, and above all generates black money. And plays havoc with just every one in many ways.

One is excise duty and sales Vat tax on aerated soft drinks, The sale by big companies like Coca, Pepsi etc is hardly 15~20 , rest is all sold by spurious bottlers in Coca / Pepsi bottles itself, with spurious dirty water from municipal taps, and rest 85 sold all over India, without any duties and taxes, as also any Income Tax.

But certainly destroying health of one and all, more cruely causing untold harassments and health hazards to bus, train, and road travelers. Majority of Indians cannot afford water or soft drinks at Rs 12 a bottle costing to manufacturer hardly Rs 1/~ where Rs 11 is digested by spurious manufacrturers and their retailers. A mother travelling with kids or an old or young man in summer just does not have any access to clean drinking water who has to fall prey to these water Mafia every where.

For bringing Achhey Din in India, it is very urgent to free the soft drink industry from all Central and State taxes


3 Raj on Aug-25 :

Hello sir,
I want to know one thing, sir last night me and my friend had a very long discussion on a "corruption complaint against a state government officer". My friend told me that government will give us 10% commission of the amount which they seized by our complaint. Is this true ??
2 S.Ghosh on Apr-22 :

Shanti Bhusan also defended Dawood Ibrahim gang. Most possibly he then received a lot of money through Hawala channel.
1 S.Ghosh on Apr-21 :

The main point against Shanti Bhusan is that he has properties worth Rs.125 Crores. What are the sources of that kind of money?

India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan - Thread over 

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Has anyone of you heard of or read the book called Biocentrism?

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India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan
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