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Ganga: The Soul of India
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: In the Sanskrit verse, ADI SHANKARA, offers his reverential salutations to GODDESS GANGA. The broad meaning of the verse is as follows:Oh Goddess! Goddess of all Divine Beings, Revered Ganga! One who helps us to cross over the Three Worlds!One who revels in the Crown of Lord Shiva, Oh Pristine One! May my mind rest at Your Lotus Feet!Daughter of Bhagiratha, Who confers all auspiciousness on the devout, the greatness and sanctity of your pellucid water, has been affirmed in the scriptures!I, how .....read more in: Ganga: The Soul of India

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These comments are about: Ganga: The Soul of India

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16 Agyat Vyakti on Apr-05 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

I would like to bring into your kind notice that Ganges is under risk, due to Illegal Activities at Arya Vihar Ashram, Village Sainj District Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand India. This Ashram is situated in Flood Zone and Eco Sensitive Zone of Holy River Ganges. This ashram had suffered casuality and damage during cloud burst and flash flood in the past. Ashram themselve had accepted this truth on their website. They are involve in illegally diverting natural flow of Ganges to save Ashram.

Additional to this Arya Vihar Ashram is flaunting so many indian laws in association with nationals from your country coming for Sadhna and Yoga. This includes cooking in open using wood fire, wood fire Pizza in green zone. Construction of New Building, bathroom, showers though restriction already imposed by Government, Court and National Green Tribunal that no new construction could be carried within 100 meter from River Ganges. Arya Vihar Ashram is taking help of persons from your country to do illegal construction and also collecting fund. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has already cancelled licence under FCRA for Sri Arya Trust owner of Arya Vihar Ashram in 2012. Also nationals of other country are roaming in international border/army area without permission by the ashram. They are also violating Indian Wild life Act 1975 by doing hunting.

You can see all the illegal activities of this in detail at http://aryaviharashram.blogspot.in

I request you to do something against Arya Vihar Ashram, Uttarkashi. To save Ganges and stopping illegal activities under Indian law.
15 Arya Vihar Ashram Tr on Jan-08 :

know how the business of destroying hinduism and nature is being done by ashrams mushroomed along the bank of holy river Ganges. Read at google arya vihar ashram blogspot
index of laws how Arya Vihar Ashram breach

Do monopoly. Means file PIL, give threat,Agitation to remove all projects near River Ganges to run own activity smoothly.
Diversion and Channelization of Holy River Ganges in Hindu Religion
Construction Activity Along River Ganges.
Polluting the Environment by Making Pizza and Cooking in Open through woodfire while Govt provide cooking gas in subsidy.
Flow of sewage from Ashram to River
Hunting Protected Wildlife Himalayan Deer
No Social work in nearby area while getting huge funding.
Doing business of Soap for survival addition to huge foreign funding
Yoga and Sadhna can be done if you are Foreigner or White skinned. Indians not allowed.
Threat to National Security from Foreigners living in Border Area.
Removal of Arya Vihar Ashram Required for Safety of Innocent Foreign Sadhak and Holiness of Ganges

This truth is going to hamper the big ambition of Priyadarshini Patel aka Priya Patel , Aditya Giridhar aka G, Dr. Meeta Khilnani, Sundaram Soap and Sri Arya Trust. May be dreams of few to get Magsaysay award, noble prize or social leader to protect ganges is going to be shattered.

13 Gulshan Madhur on Aug-18 :

There is not a slightest doubt in my mind that the present congress-led central government is meticulously planning these project to destroy places of hindu worship. All what matters the most to this quasi-secular government is appeasement of the one particular minority section. Its high time when we must raise our voice against this government. Let me quote a famous statement

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn"t speak up because I wasn"t a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn"t speak up because I wasn"t a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn"t speak up because I wasn"t a Jew.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

So its time to be united and show the real face of the government to all our fellow citizens.
12 Devesh Pant on Jul-27 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

Be so kind as to send me your Email address so that I can send articles that I write about; mainly regarding the lack of studies with which Hydro Power projects have been parceled out for being constructed. These articles are somewhat long and I don"t think they can fit in this message box.
Devesh Pant,
16 A Kalidas Road,
Dehra Dun
11 Mohan on Oct-29 :

Dr Swamy"s letter placed in the article was a great read.

Coming to the people in the Ganga basin belt, what is preventing
them to show some awareness and understanding ?

10 Mohan on Oct-29 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

A timely article Mr Sundaram. The meaning of
Adi Sankaracharya"s verse was marvelous.

I wonder if "Clean Ganga" will materialise
even in another hundred years. It needs a lot of money and even greater lots of awareness.

Thank you.
9 A.Moron on Oct-25 :

NRIs know that the punishment, for throwing rubbish on the streets, urinating and efficating on the river banks, cooking in public and using street water pipes for bath and cleaning utensils, are very high. So they behave properly.
India is a lawless country, so you should not expect ant civilized behaviour from the most.

8 Ruy Lopez on Oct-23 :

Same Indians being despised by some, in right administrative conditions, like in USA, for example, are found equally clean, efficient and hard working whom brain washed people had abused to be lazzy babus. With vision and non corrupt administration, policies and implementation gradually people can be improved on deficiencies and built upon having strength.
6 common sense on Oct-23 :

Two Indian cultural traits: Let others do it, and it is someone else who is at fault.

People including congressites are branches of the same tree.
5 S.Ghosh on Oct-23 :

Come on.
Cleanness is a habit of the people, the Government can do nothing if the people ignore Public Toilet and do their call of nature in public beside the banks of the Ganges.
I have seen a guy pissing in front of a notice on the wall of our local police station saying "Do not urinate here".

In India people throw things on the streets from their windows, they do not use their own toilets, but go out to the street and do that in public.

Even the former Railway Minister Lallu Yadav splits on the railway stations.

4 Ruy Lopez on Oct-22 :

Cleanliness, anti pollution, organisation etc. are infrastructural matters and for this the biggest institution like govt.is responsible for the problem. Ganga along with its cultural, religious, economic and national importance has been criminally neglected by suspect and corrupt parties, weak but anti nationally strong agenda administration. As a result, after 62 years of so called independence majority of Indian children and many Indians are malnutrients. A strong and prosperous India- even a shadow of what China even with its limited vision- has achieved, is impossible to achieve by Indian people unfortunately for a defective system which is heaven for anti Hindu forces. Ganga"s problems are no different from India"s problems i.e. cultural, religious, economical, educational and political oblivion. Like an invisible subtle slow poison, this catastophy is spreading undetected by even the people who have from time to time produced Krishna, Rama, Vivekananda, Vikramditya, Chandragupta, Pratap and Shivaji who have so many times changed the hostile forces. However, not to balance economic opportunities and necessities for required resources and shakti is to fall in to trap of people like Arundhati Roy and her ilks. Not to distinguish between nationalist and anti nationalist in one brush is foolish, particularly, when there is rule of sophisticated devil in India.
3 DR.Shriharsha Sharma on Oct-22 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

The congress party is infact is responsible for all the problems in India because it has been in the power most of the period of 62 years since 1947[2009-1947=62] at all levels in administration.
They have failed and India inspite of gaining some successes here and there is regarded as third world countryand ranks at 135 in courruption in the list of UNO.
tHERE IS GOVERNMENT OF iNDIA BUT NO GOERNMENT IN INDIA THIS FACT MUST BE REALISED BY AT LEAST THE EDUCATED.The congress is power hungry by any means and this is the result and there is no future for India and there is no hope for Indians because of divide and destroy policy of Congress.
Iam sad to write as an India when I see the chaos,chaos and chaos all over.
2 S.Ghosh on Oct-22 :

How can you blame only the Congress Party?
People of India are responsible for the horrible filth we can see everywhere and in the Ganges.
They efficate on the Ganges, piss on it, throw everything all rubbish, all municipalities are disposing off all kind of rubbish, DEAD BODIES and excrements on the Ganges.
The dirty Sanyasis are also responsible, they move around in cremation grounds, make a mess, walk around naked; they must work to earn their living.
We have no proper education system, no responsible municipalities, no proper human behaviour in India.

1 Dr.shriharsha sharma on Oct-21 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ganga--The-Soul-of-India

Ganga mother Ganga is dying and being killed by the selfish,oportunists traders, factory owners and above all the culprit is Congress Party of India who has ruled India since 1947 ignoring the pollution and its severe bad effects on our environment ,forests and rivers inspite of repeated warnings by many individuals, groups and organisations but anti Hindu Congress has taken no notice of it.
Iam afraid Ganga will die before 2050 and so would Hindus and everything attached to word Hindu.
Gange cha yamune chaiva,
Godavari saraswati,
Narmade, sindhu ,kaveri,
Jaleshmin sannidhimkuru.
We can save Ganga and ourselves by taking care of Ganga on war footing and removing the present government in office.

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Ganga: The Soul of India
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