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Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom?
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News Summary: World War II ended in the summer of 1945. In the General Election that followed, Churchill lost to Clement Atlee. With war-torn economy in shambles, Britain was in no shape to hang on to the vast colonial Empire. In March 1946 Atlee agreed to grant independence to India. The following years saw independence granted to many colonies - Burma, Ceylon, Ghana, Malaysia, British Guyana and others that had no history of freedom struggle. So it is correct to conclude that independence to India was a giv.....read more in: Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom?

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These comments are about: Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom?

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8 S.Ghosh on Aug-26 :

It is a British propaganda that Gandhi using his Non-Violence method got freedom for India. Only the kindhearted British could appreciate Gandhi and gave India freedom as a generous charitable act. This showed how great the British were.
This is a propaganda, which has nothing to do with the truth. At least 5 million people were forced to starve to death in Bengal in 1943 by the British. Gandhi never said anything about it. At least 300 soldiers of the British Indian Navy were executed after their surrender in 1946 Revolt of the Indian Navy. Gandhi said nothing about that.

Gandhi was imposed upon India by the British Prime Minister Gladstone, who had asked Sir.G.K.Gokhale to import Gandhi to London, train him for 6 months and send him to India to take over The Congress by expelling all other leaders ( Tilak, Lajpat Rai, Surendranath Banerjee, Chittaranjan Das, Bipin Pal, Ajit Singh, Srinivas Iyenger, Anne Besant), and turning Swaraj movement into Khilafat Movement.

7 Vikas on Aug-26 :

KL seetharam, "practice what he preached" ?
This includes sleeping with nude young women
in his experiments in celibacy.

I don"t see him creditworthy of anything.
He was given 5-star treatment and personal secretaries
in jails in contrast to 3rd degree treatment to revolutionaries.
He did not defend or help those who died following non-violence.
He had nothing to criticize British when they killed revolutionaries
and worse, did not acknowledge the sacrifices of revolutionaries of
Mother India. Father of Nation ? No sir, Father of Coterie politics and Democracy breakdown. He humiliated Bose inspite of latter"s win twice
in Congress. Like dirt attracting dirt, he installed womanizing creep Nehru who has destroyed the fabric of this great nation.
To this date India has not recovered from these Tweedledum and Tweedledee villains.
6 klseetharam on Aug-26 :

Mr. Arun Gandhi, the president of now defunct Gandhi Institute of Peace at the University of Rochester, New York has done a mistake. His inclination towards violence is uncalled for. Truly it is a Blunder.
But just the fact that head of Gandhi Institute has done something wrong should not lead to a conclusion that Gandhi(M K Gandhi) was wrong. Just don"t connect these two people. They are very different individuals.

India getting freedom might be due to the political and economical situations existing at that time in Britain, than being due to the freedom fighters of India. But that should not demean the freedom struggle in India at that time and the sacrification done by many of our great leaders like Bhagat Singh. And undoubtedly, Gandhi"s contribution in reaching out to people, uniting them to fight against the injustice done by British is remarkable. He is really the father of our nation.

But as for the question that you have raised - how far nonviolence is successful will remain a question for ever. You can ask this question starting from Gautam Buddha to Mahaveera and all spiritual leaders included.
But throughout the history there is one tested and verified truth. You can not win a victory through violence. NOBODY WINS IN THE WAR. Human generation has to understand it. More so in case of Jehadis and the terrorists.

Lastly, Non-violence was not invented by Gandhi. He just practiced it as his method. Non-violence existed even before human generations existed. So you don"t need to confine a Institute for Non-violence to India alone. It is required to every nation. It may be more needed to India, as you have said it, but it is a universal phenomenon and nobody holds its patent.

Gandhi remains an idol in the history as a man of internal purity. He preached what he practiced. He sacrificed his wordly pleasures because he observed sufferings in his surrounding. That makes him a great soul. And the question "Did India get Independence because of his non-violence movement alone?" sounds less significant.
5 Mo on Aug-22 :

Feedback sent to Author: Did-Gandhi"s-Nonviolence-give-Freedom-to-India?

Indian independence movement was fired up through fearless revolutionaries. The patriotism they evinced from ordinary people got the latter involved in mass movements. This aspect was not understood by Gandhi brigade which hijacked the movement. Gandhi & Co were initially seeking and happy with dominion status. It was Savarkar and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the likes who demanded COMPLETE independence. This sustained pressure resulted in Gandhi taking up 1942 quit india movement, but his movement was a mixed success, no one was quitting. It was the exploits and activities of Subhash Chandra Bose that rattled the British, and their weakened status at WW-II time coupled with Netaji throwing his might and INA with anti-British forces that changed the scene. The existence of INA resulted in potential of mutiny like situation springing any time any where as witnessed at navy at Mumbai. Atlee acknowledged that it was Bose"s activities and WW-II situation that forced British to leave and not Gandhi.
4 nitish on Aug-22 :

excellent. truly rational and sane statement based on facts.
3 Anthony on Nov-05 :

Feedback sent to Author: Did-Gandhi"s-Nonviolence-give-Freedom-to-India?

Very interesting Article. Thank you.

Have you read "The white Tiger?" This book constantly brings up the notion of Gandhi as the face for corruption in India today.

Do you have anything to say to that?

Thank you kindly,

Anthony Sweeting
2 Untraceble on Oct-13 :

India"s people will always ask this question to Gandhiji...

Give us the report of Progress of 16 Years after the death of Great leader Bhagat Singh.. A time when every young guy of the nation was on the road for Freedom...

A popular partimen took india"s fortune for selfishness...

Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom? - Thread over 

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I fear for India. With such a low grade leadership, India is about to give up Kashmir to satisfy Obama and Osama.
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Indiam PM and his economists are only interested to satisfy Western companies and banks. They do not care about us.

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Gandhis Nonviolence gave us Freedom?
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