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Durga Puja in Rome - Its non-negotiable
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News Summary: Let the West look at its own ugly, septic warts. If Christians can celebrate Christmas in New Delhi, Hindus have the right to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome. This is non-negotiable.I spoke to Dr.Subramanian Swamy, a great Field-Marshall for the deathless cause of survival of Hinduism today. He told me: I strongly condemn the Italian government for arbitrarily and wilfully disrupting the Durga pooja in Rome organised by the resident Bengalis. The Indian Ambassador was scheduled to appear at the po.....read more in: Durga Puja in Rome - Its non-negotiable

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These comments are about: Durga Puja in Rome - Its non-negotiable

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34 suddhasattwa mookher on Sep-20 :

I was interested to cover the news as I will visit Rome during Durgapuja.But disheartened to know that I will miss the same since Durgapuja is not celebrating in Rome.I do not know whether other religions fall in the same category or not but I feel it is not right.
33 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

98% of Muslims in India are converts from Hindus. While Islam unambiguously ordains upon its followers all over the world to recognize only Mohd. as its last Prophet and abandon every connection of any alternative nature with their past, yet belief in its ideology includes at least one visit to Mecca for, Haj. By this method Islam instills amongst its followers a permanent bondage with the Arabs. Hence, those who convert to Islam not only alter their earlier styles of God remembrance, but they also proceed to divert their Nationalism towards Mecca in the Arab world. One can learn more about this reality by going through the books written by Islamic scholar one Mr. Anwar Sheikh who published the following two works on Islam highlighting the above conclusions. The books are 1. ISLAM THE ARAB NATIONALIST MOVEMENT and 2. ISLAM THE ARAB IMPERIALISM. The books finally conclude that Arab Nationalism drives its followers towards Arabic culture and to spread and use in its way every activity that includes violence. A few of the salient true features appropriate to Islam need to be grasped.

1. Prophet Mohd. himself declared to be the messenger of God. The tribe in which he was born (Querish) was the superior most tribe of the Pagans. The land of Arabia was singularly the ideal Nationalism.

2. What he said and which came to be later recorded in Muslims holy book Quaran is the last word of Allaha.

3. Mohd. declared Kaba ( the round black stone) as the only idol that was given to the Arabs by Allaha.

4. Kaba that was even earlier recognized as the holy place for the Pagans was reasserted as the holy place of Islam. Who so ever should embrace Islam must also simultaneously declare his belief in Kaba and in the Arab superiority meaning Arab Nationalism as well.

5. Muslims anywhere in the world are ortained to bow five times in a day by ritually offering Namaz through observance of rituals that impress upon its followers paying obeisances to the Arab territory of Kaba. The holy Namaz is to be offered by facing towards Mecca.

6. Every Muslim as a matter of ritual must visit Kaba at least once in his life time. Kaba is thus made the symbol of Arab nationalism that must be followed by all follower"s of Islam. This automatically cuts off the followers earlier connections with their own nation and in its place, the new belief promotes and altogether different kind of loyalty in the matter of one"s Nationalism.

7. Mohd. built only around himself the sole center, an ideal model for the Muslims to follow him as the believers in Islam. The way to heavens for the mortals born on earth passed only through his declarations and all other approaches were declared as Kufr

8. Islam therefore turned itself into the only sanctioned way to reach the abode of God where worldly pleasures left behind by the mortals shall be available to those who follow Mohd. and his declared path. There is very little said of human philosophy and the creation from the point of view of spirituality in the holy book of Quaran.

9. Quaran came to be written in Arabic. This built immediately an Arab center that was considered as the revealer of the only path to reach the heavens. All non-Arabs who chose to convert to Islam and provide strength to the Arab Nationalism indeed was by itself a great service done by Mohd. to himself, to the Arabs, to the language of the Arabs i.e. Arabic and to bring in its fold all the followers anywhere on the globe. Any Muslim even today openly professes his faith in Islam as declared by Mohd. by unabashedly relegating his loyalty to the family in which he may have been born when compared to the declarations of Mohd. This was a grand design really political in character on which Muslims could advance their cause of expansionism by combining religion with ultimate success in this political aim. Hence this book is tittled as ISLAM - A CONCEPT OF POLITICAL WORLD INVASION BY MUSLIMS.

The above followings are the real basis of Arab nationalism. Mohd. successfully united Arab cause containing its language and its culture to be acknowledged by one and all as the superior most declared through him by Allaha himself. No hesitation is seen in the declarations of Islam who clearly condemn and negate any other faith or dogma dealing with religion of spirituality as total falsehood. He went to record those who did not believe in Islam as Kafirs (unwanted by Allaha) and any belief held in the alternative as Kufr. He divided the society in believers and non-believers. He also divided the nations and the world in two distinct parts. The division as can be seen is done on the basis of political control. Those nations who did not rule as per Islamic doctrine are termed as the hated D....
32 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

To wage a holy war called Jehad is amongst the basic principles advocated strongly by Prophet Mohd. According to him, there does not exist any chance of world peace unless the world as a whole is converted into Darul Islam. He has himself unabashedly announced the division of the world into two camps of believers and the non-believers. Similarly, the Islamic religion does not abhor violence, but on the other hand, openly justifies and directs its believers to rely on their strength that is intended to be used for the anihiliaton of the people who resist such a violent attack on their own faiths or religion.

On reading of a recently published book in English by one Brigadier Malik "Quaranic Concept of War", one learns that Jehad for Muslims is the direction of Allaha to destroy the non-believers totally. It is not at all necessary that those directed to be killed be first found as being guilty of something like violating human rights. This itself, according to the book, is a sufficient offence, not to be a follower of Islam. According to the author, Allaha promises heavens to the Muslims who proceed to wage a Jehad and indulge into destruction of humans not owing allegiance to Islam. Allaha freely sanctions by his divine authority, murder of the non-belivers and cruel treatment to them. He further permits the Jehadis to put into their own use even the married women of the opponents and treat the children of the vanquished opponents as slaves or at the pleasure of the Jehadis. There is no Quaranic diction or any direction in any Hadit to take non-believers as the prisoners of war. Such captives, because of their non-belief and offer of resistance, is itself a sufficient sin to be beheaded under the sword of the believers.

Prophet Mohd. himself has gone to record to say that he lives on the loot of such properties that belonged to the non-belivers. He entitled himself to Male Ganimat and is on record taking captured women in his harem. Even a son, by the name of Ibrahim was born out of one such woman by the name of Moria. But he died when he was very young. In order to truly understand the psyche of the Muslims, one must look at this book"s contents that clearly advocattes spread of terrorism in the world for promoting the cause of Islam. One therefore need not wonder as to what happened on 11th Sptember, 2001 in New York when the Islamic terrorists destroyed the two buildings of World Trade Centre and attempted to attack the central military H.Q. buidling of the United States of America located at Washington (DC). According to the author, terrorism and spread of Islam are ordained to march hand in hand in order to destroy the opposition and to frighten those who do not subscribe to the thought of Allaha as stated by Mohd.

Terrorism according to Brigader Malik is an essential weapon that must be used before Jehad is commenced if not for anything else but to demoralize the nonbelievers in Islam. A foreword to this book is provided by the ex-President and Military General of Pakistan who was Zia-Ul-Haq. He died in an air crash. Even the present dictator of Pakistant as the President of the country has announced the state policy of Pakistant to support Islamic Jehadwhenever and wherever fought. One can therefore see an integral bond between Terrorism and Jehadthat finds its first source of origin in the holy book of Quaran.

Islam and terrorism cannot be separated. This is discovered from the pages of History. It is therefore important to understand the Muslims psyche who hold faith in Terrorism that in turn goes to support the concept of war or Jehad. The ideology of Islam therefore is less of any human religion based on the need of welfare of the world of humanity. It is really a political campaign of Islamic invasion of the entire world and unless this is finally achieved, the believers are religiously ordained to wage a Jehadand are permitted to take support of Terrorism.

31 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

While addressing a Muslim league assembly at Lahore in the year 1940, Mohd. Ali Jinhha in his Presidential address said :

"Muslims in India are an independent nation that does not and cannot include Hindu Indians in it. I am at a loss to understand the inability of Hindu leadership"s understanding this singular fact. Hindus and Muslims are not merely two separate religions. They are two distinctly different social systems. To visualize Hindus and Muslims in India uniting to create a common nation is a mythical concept. It is only a fancy dream of some unawakened Hindu leaders. The mutual hatred between the two socieites has already crossed the permissible limits and this is now the sole cause of the people of India and its rulers the Britons to understand it. While we stand on this cross road, let no further time be lost in acknowledging this truth or else the total India itself will be ruined. Hindus and Muslims follow two different religious ideologies and two different social systems. They neither like to live or eat together or to marry into each others communities. The truth is that Hindus and Muslims are two different civilizations. They also entertain great mutual differencs and hatred towards each other since their thought processes grow on different beliefs. They also draw their respective inspirations from two different sources of History. They have their different religious books and different religious leaders. Hindus in India out number the Muslims. Hence, no common Nationalism can ever be built by the common effort of Hindus and Muslims. Should any contrary effort by made, it will only result in the disturbance of peace. If inspite of this clear vision before me, any effort is ever made to draw out a common Constitution for Hindus and Muslims shall soon throw such a Constitution meant only for some dirty basket".

30 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, India"s first Law Minister published one book on "Thoughts on Pakistan: He writes as under in that book

"(a) Where there is Darul Herb i.e. where political govrance is not directly and clearly under the control of the Muslisms, the Muslims are to fight to ensure that they remain governed only in accordance with the rules laid down in Islamic Jurisprudence. They are ordained to oppose imposition of any law other than their own personal laws when forced to live in a territory not controlled by Islarn".

"(b) Islam divides the world in two parts and is proud of it. The territory where political goverance is controlled by Islamic followers is called Darul Islam and which is not so cotnrolled is called Darul Herb. In view of this clear understanding, India can never be a common motherland of Hindus and Muslims born in India. By divine declaration and design Muslims in India must fight to change Indian Darul Herb into Darul Islam even if it means waging a bloody war and Muslims dying in promoting this cause".

"(c) We must not merely treat the above as an execrise in academics. Muslims must work and shall work to finally bring about such demographic alterations by which the State of India gets Muslim majority and is governed in accordance with what is contained in Quaran".

"(d) Indian history records the Muslims in India planned to invite into India, Muslim rulers of Afghanistan in the year 1918. The intention was to organize an internal rebellion against the British rule opposed solely by the Muslims of india". Hindus were not to be included in this plan.

"(e) Muslims in India can not only begin a Jehad but can also invite Muslim rulers from outside to help them convert India into Darul Islam".

"(f) Every Muslim must be clearly made to understand that he is a Muslim first and an Indian national only thereafter."

“(g) Any realist must understand that Hindus are "Kafirs" and they are to be beheaded unless they convert into Islam".

“(h) No realist can ever accept the continuing loyalty of Muslim troops in Indian forces towards India and disregard the factor of Muslims suddenly changing their loyalty to support any kind of struggle backed by Pan Islarnic agenda".

“(i) It matters not if the Hindus on the sub-continent are more in number than the Muslims. By nature, Hindus are coward and timid and one Muslim person is said to equal ten Hindus and hence fear them not is the religious dictation by the Islamic clergy to the Muslims living in India."

“(j) Dr. Ambedkar writes "While many debased ideas of Hinduism may be found in the Islamic society of India, what is worst is the treatment Islam gives to its women by dire cting them to live under a veil".

(k) There is no possibility now or hereafter to evolve a common and peaceful society of Hindus and Muslims, living together in peace.

(l) No Muslim can ever accept secularism as the common denominator of society. He rejects any kind of Nationalism.

(m) Muslims may not support any counter view since the same is irreligious and suicidal to the very spirit of Islam.

(n) As per Quaranic disctations, "Any non-believer is worthy only of hate, disassoication and be murdered more so if he holds belief in idol worshiping. A Muslim who beheads an idol worshiper is dear to Allaha and is to be respected as a Ghazi" (Even the secular Akbar the great, beheaded his opponent Hemu in the 2nd battle of Panipat.

(o) A Muslim must not deviate on account of advancement in science from his real belief in Allaha and whose last Prophet on earth is Mohd. Muslims must strongly assert themselves even at the cost of their lives and wage a war or a holy Jehad if necessary or when opposed. An opposer must be punished with death even when he surrenders. This is the order of Allaha.

(p) Indian can never be a common land to live in freedom available to both Hindus and Muslims. This is the strict belief of the Muslims who must prepare themselves for the final attack and their victory over the Hindus.

Much more than what is stated above in brief, in fact has been written by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who himself converted to Buddhism at about the time just before his death.

Mrs. Annie Beasant an Irish lady of the Theosophical Society states "Indian leadership unnecessarily suffered by opposing abolition of Khilafat in Turkey. (This refers to Mahatama Gandhi"s support to Muslims in India when the British succeeded in abo....
29 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Men all over the world since time immemorial have been lustful for the reason of their very creation. World religions created by men have attempted to keep under control many of man"s natural desires that particularly included his hunger for sex. In order to spread Islam, its teachings have exploited this weakness of man. While a wild man moved higher in civilization to bring about law of monogamy as his acceptable conduct in the ever changing society, Islam on the other hand, religiously sanctioned to its followers four wives instead of one. A close reading of Islam does unmistakably point out fully making use of man"s nature. The lowly and debased sort of human nature is fully exploited to spead Islam. Its use of sword, Jehad and promise of earthly pleasures in heavens does go a long way for humans to accept Islam as their faith. Islamic fraternity and its interse support also went a long way-to increase the followers of Islam.

On the basis of Prophet Mohd."s own saying, Maulana Mohd. Ali, a celebrity of Islamic faith had this to say for Mahatma Gandhi. "LOWEST AND THE MEANEST OF EVEN A RAPER BELONGING TO ISLAM IS BETTER THAN MAHATMA GANDHI, WHO IS NOT A MUSALMAN HIMSELF." Islam considers weaker sex of women as a commodity meant for the use and pleasure of men owing allegiance to Islam."While Islam was able to totally wipe off even better civilizations in Egypt, Persia and in other territoires of the Middle East and Northern Africa, its early spread was finally checked only in India. Those who embraced Islam in India, mosity did so under the threat of sword or were lured into it for its easy promise of heavens where beautiful women and young kids were promised as rewards to the believers. Many of ther upper class Hindus embraced Islam to protect their lives, wealth and fiefdoms. At present, in the total population of about 100 crores
Indians, there are said to be almost 16 crores of Muslims. This does not include the populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh who once formed one united India. India thus inhabits second largest Muslim population in the world, next only to Indonesia where too the Muslims find in their social and cultural systems, traces of Hindu influence.
It has been seen and analyzed that conversion to Islam in India from the Hindus has been mostly on account of Muslim atrocities openly practiced by Rulers like KhiIjis and Aurangzeb who showed no tolerance and behaved like fanatic despots. The poor cross section of Hindus lower castes joined Islam on inducements of money or to save themselves frorn the strict discipline in the caste system of Hindus. In this period, untouchability amongst the Hindu castes had also been born and that was also one amongst other causes that promoted the spread of Islam in India. It affected the lower castes considerably.

In Southern India, Hindus were forced to accept Islamic faith under the sword of both Haider Ali and his son Tippu. On the Malabar Coast of India and in the state of Karnataka, Islam spread on account of compulsion since Tippu and his father Haider Ali scored military victories over their Hindu rivals. in this political game, the South of India was also greatly influenced by the support that the Muslims Rulers in Delhi gave to the Muslim local chiefs. A case in point is that of Nizam of Hyderabad who himself was a Muslim ruling over the majority class of Hindus in this state.

Till about the 14th century end, the state of Kashmir was dominated by the Bramins. This was won over by Afghans and later it was greatly influenced by the Moghuls like Jehangir and Aurangzeb. With the establishment of the British rule in India the Islamic spread itself was greatly influenced. A sort of check took place for some immediate political reasons. Hindu caste system with some orthodox social practices like SATI etc. were checked.

Even at present, because of the bad economic condition within the Hindu society in India, the Hindus from all over the country look up for getting better paid jobs in the Gulf Countries of Islamic faith. It is no more a secret that easily earned oil money in these countries is being freely used to not only attract Hindus to go into these countries for jobs but they are even offered extension of visas for staying there should they decide to change their faiths from Hinduism to Islam.

While the modern India is greatly desiring to bring into force the idea of family planning in order to check India"s growing population, Islam permits the increase of its number of followers by disregarding such a national necessity.* Islam accepts its large families as the gift of the God and opposes any sort of state"s own needs to bring into being any the check on the otherwise growing populat;on. Even the census of 1991 and 2001....
28 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Most non-Muslims particularly the young Hindus know very little about Islam. How such a faith jrew out of sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia, spread so fast in the world? This is a logical question?

A look at the history of the world shall convince anyone that the people leading nomadic, tough life of illiteracy with sword as their companion have generally been successful in supressing even those nations that enjoyed superior culture and followed better styles of civilization. The great Roman Empire was won over by the Nordic German barbarous people. Similarly, much of Central Asian territories were invaded by the tribes of Huns, Mongols and Kushans. They succeeded to over power the peaceful Chinese, Russians and the Indian people. This is an undisputed fact of history.

In the middle of 7th century, the area of desert around Saudi Arabia lay divided in many tribes, none of whom had any idea of civilized governance. Mohd. was successful from Madina to organize a superior force to bring under his control many of the small tribes of the Pagans who lived near or close to Mecca. In comparison to them, people living in Palestine, Egypt and Iran had developed superior civilizations and better code of human conduct. One can look at the depature of the Parsis from Iran and moving to Western Coast of India seeking refuge against the forces of Islam who invaded and pushed the Parsis out of Persia or Iran. This happened about 1000 years ago.

Even poet lqbal writes "Islam was nourished under the shadow of sword". The religion of Islam promises heavens to those who die in its cause and allows open use of the vanquished"s possessions. The main cause of spread of Islarn has been to save one"s life.

All medieval periods invaders to India used their superior power to not only loot the richness of India but their main aim had always been to spread religion of Islam in India. They also brought about social, cultural, economic and political changes including governance of the captured terrritories on the basis of the rules of Islamic Jurisprudence. Even a murderer could be pardoned if he chose o embrace Islam and gave up his earlier faith or belief. As for example a son of one Hindu King by the name of Vikram Singh in U.P. had murdered another person and was allowed pardon by the Moghul King in Delhi on his giving up his faith in Hindu religion and becoming a Muslim. He came to be renamed as Azam Khan on whose name the city of Azamgarh was later created.

The important reason of Islams spread in India is for its belief in rejecting humaneness andaccpeting and enforcing cruelty in its place. Unlike, human values of sacrifice and truthfulness followed in Hinduism, Islam sacrifices and disregards all such human values and proceeds to enforce at all costs, the message of Islam as set OLItin Quaran by Mohd. The Hindu ideals of living in spiritual upliftment by regarding human values as the divinely ordained are easily negatived by Islam. Hindus believe in sacrificing their present, to pursue for Moksha and accept tough conduct like Tapas. While Hinduism believes in the rebirth of soul, abandons the worldly comforts, Islam on the other hand sanctions to its believers, divine orclainments to use all that the Muslims may loot in course of their victories over the non-Muslims. This singular reason has been a very convenient weapon in the hands of the Muslims to win over other humans. For the reason of promise of heaven even by restoring to foul conducts like enjoying the loots from the materials of the vanquished, the MuslimS do not mind participating in a war called Jehad so that they either relish the present life as victors or go to heaven and enjoy there as the Shaheeds. What they get by way of loot over the vanquished is called A4ale Ganimat This includes women and children of the vanquished and are allowed to be used as slaves or be used to satisfy the lustful conducts of the victorious Muslims. The Quaran declares nullity of marriages of the defeated opponents in a Jehad and it is religiously permitted for the victor Muslims to take even the women of the opponent losers including the married women on the opposite side, 1/5th of the loot is to be delivered to the Khalifa and the balance 4/5th can be used as the personal property of the Jehadis. The Quaran directs its followers to wage wars to destroy temples and the idols which conduct of worshiping idols is termed as Kufr. Those who are guilty of Kufr are called Kafirs. The Quaran ordains the believers to behead the Kafirswho indulge in worshiping idols, wherever they may be found. It also directs a cruel treatment towards the Kafirs who must be subjected to pay special tax called the Jazia for living in Darul lslam. Only then can such non-believers be allowed to survive as third rate citize....
27 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

At the age of 62, Mohd. died with his head in the lap of his favourite and youngestwife Ayesha daughter of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr, later came to be elected as the next Khalifa. He was already an old man and hence nothing significant really happened during his period of Khilafat. The next to succeed as Khalifas after Abu Bakr"s death, were Oomer and Usman. It is stated by the historians as both of them could not really match the calibre of Mohd., they really did not succeed in particular against the loyalists of Ali who was the son-in -law of Mohd. Oomer and Usman were either killed or died. the Khifafat moved from Mecca to Baghdad, Damascus, CaWo and finally to Istanbul in Turkey. In 1925 after the Ottoman Empire stood liquidated with British victory in Europe, Kamal Bin Pasha introduced radical changes and abolished the Khilafat finally. Some agitations on this account also took place even in India, a littler before this time. The Muslims in India were even backed in this cause by no less a person than Mahatma Gandhi yet the Khilafat stood finally dissolved and remians so to date. Islam thus has no Khalifa appointed any more. Imams in the Mosques only interpret the Quaran. The Shea sect have different rules. The Bohri Sheas treat their head as Dahia & hold no one after Ali as any Imam.

It was during the period of Oomer and Usman that Quaran as revealed to Mofid. by Gabriel was actually written down as the holy book of the Muslims. The Hadiths also came to be recorded as the declared conduct needed of the Muslims. The Sunni sect of the Muslims consider only Mohd. as the direct prophet of Allaha. They also consider Oomer as the NAYABE RASUL (After Mohd). The other important sect of Islam which came into being as the party of Ali are called the Shias. Ali was the Son-in-law of Mohd married to his daughter Fatima.

Ali came to be accepted as the next Khalifa after Mohd. It is from him that Islamic religion gets clevided in two main divisions. Shias are those Muslims who do not approve Abu Bakr, Oomer and Usman as the Khalifa after Mohd. They connect Khalifat directly to Ali who was the son-in-law of Mohd. and who married his daughter Fatima. Shia sect consider Ali the next Khalifa after Mohd. After Ali, his son Hasan became the 5 th Khalifa of the Isamic world. The rivalry for the succession took one Muavia and his son Yazid in Syria to claim Khilafat by displacing Hasan. They also had his son Hussain killed through a pre-planned conspiracy treacherously carried out. In the sandy desert, Ali"s son and his accompanying guards were killed for want of water to quench their thirsts. The water containers were punctured and destroyed by the supporters of Yazid son of Muavaia. For this reason the Shias do not consider Muavia and his son Yazid as the successor Khalifas. This treacherous plan and drama of batle took place at a place called Karbala in Iraq. For the Sheas, it has become a holy place and every year as a ritual when the Sunnis mourm the event for learning about the death of Hussain whose horse returned without his master on its back. The Shias too mourn the event which is repeated every year on the day of Moharram. In most places, a white horse with blood stains carried on white sheets is taken in a public procession and the Shea people refrain from looking at this annually celebrated public occasion of Moharram. On this day, we in India have repeatedly seen Sunni/Shia riots and clashes. Even today, Sunnis beat their chests and bleed themselves by beating their chests with iron chains etc and walk over the burning charcoals. They express their cleep-rooted faith in their religious belief. Islam thus gets divided in two sets of Sunnis and Sheas. Iraq, Pakistan and India have most of their Muslim population of the Sunnis while Iran is mostly composed of the Shia Muslim majority. Both Sunnis & Shias continue to rever both Mohd. & their holy book called the Quaran. Shias do not accept Abu Bakr, Oomer and Usman as succesor Khalifas after Mohd, but the Sunnis do.

In the valley of Kashmir, there are mixed Muslims with Sunnis generally over numbering the Shias. The Bohri Muslim community in and around Mumbai are mostly the Shias who are just about 3/400 years old coverts from Hindus. Much similarities of social customs can be clearly seen in the practices of the Bohri community and the Hindu religious practices which are clearly noticeable amongst these people. Even the social customs in particular of the Momens in Gujarat are similar to the Hindu system of inheritance of property. In times to follow, there came into existence Aga Khani Muslims who are called the Khojas and the Ahmediyas etc. Some Muslim scholars now declare that there may be as many as 42 different sects of Indians Muslims. All of them however accept both Mohd. and the holy Quaran without question. T....
26 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

The founder of Islamic religion, Mohd. was born near Mecca in Saudi Arabia in a local tribe of the Pagans called Queresh on 20th April in 570 AD. The Pagans of those days were believers in idol worship. In a temple at Kaba, near Mecca, was a place were people gathered every year to worship several idols of their deities. Mohd."s mother"s name was Amina who was the wife of a Quereshi Pagan by the name of Abdullah. Before the birth of Mohd., Abdullah died and hence Mohd. was a posthumous child who was brought up on the milk of a hired nurse by the name of Halima since Amina the mother of Mohd. had become so weak that.she could not provide to the child her motherly milk. As per the customs of the Pagans who followed several rituals started by the Jews, Mohd."s penis was circumcised. This practice was in vogue with the Jews of Saudi Arabia and was also followed by the local tribes composed of the Pagans. Hence, circumcising the penis is not the original Islamic ritual. It is an ancient Jewish custom, which began in the deserts probaly because of shortage of water. Mohd. was thus brought up by Halima for 6 years and was later delivered back to his mother Amina. Soon thereafter, she died and further bringing up was done by the Grandmother of Mohd. who too died at the age of 80. Mohd. thereafter was brought up by his uncle Abu Taliib. This took place near Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

As he grew up, the uncle of Mohd. had him employed with one rich widow by the name of Khadija. She carried out trade with territories around by exchanging merchandize moved from one place to the other on Camel backs. These were called Kafilas. Mohd as an employee of Khadija at the age of 25 took care of Khadija"s Kafilas and hence gave aid to Khadija in her trade. She was herself 15 years older than Mohd. She was a widow after the death of her two former husbands. Both decided to get married and from this wedlock, six children are said to have been born, out of which five children died attheir young ages. Only one child survived as the daughter of Mohd. by the name of Fatima who later married Ali.

During this period, it is said that Mohd. used to have strange attacks of some disease for which he uused to retire to a cave near Mecca. He anounced to the world that in the cave he used to meet God"s messenger Gabriel who gave to Mohd. God"s own messages which he called as 11hams. He therefore, delivered to himself a title of God"s Prophet, which later came to be termed as RasuleAllahe. His wife Khadija was the first to become his follower who later came to be termed as the believers, Muslims or Musalmans. it is at about this time Mohd. announced amongst his followers the first message of God i.e. an Ilharn which is LA ILLAHA, MOHD. RASUL ILLAHA (there is only one God and Mohd. is his Prophet). New Para Khadija was followed by Abu Bakr (father of Ayesha who later married Mohd) and Ali (who later became the son-in-law of Mohd). His old uncle inspite of persuasion did not accept Mohd."s demand. Thereafter, the old uncle also died at his ripe age of 80. On his death, Mohd is said to have followed the custom of his tribe to seek peace for the departed soul at his grave but immediately thereafter he stopped himself going to the grave of his own mother and also prevented his followers never to attach themselves with the dead and the buried people. He declared it as contrary to his belief calling it as Kufr and the one who disobeyed such direction was to the termed as Kafir

Mohd at about this time had reached the age of 52 and many locals had joined him accepting his aforesaid Kalma. The Pagans because of their ancient beliefs were themselves idol worshippers and amongst their accepted dieties were prominently known names of Ilia, Laat, Milat and Ujja. These idols with many more idols were kept in the holy place or in a temple of the Pagans near Mecca. Every year, thousands of people used to visit this place and such a visit for religious belief was called the Haj. The idols in this temple were later destroyed except for one round black stone which is still retained in this very temple. This temple was called by the name of Kaba. Later in time, Mohd. himself invaded this temple at Mecca from Medina where he had migrated in order to spread his new message of Islam. With him went from Mecca to Medina, his followers that included Abu Bakr, Osman and Ali. The date of Mohd."s move from Mecca to Medina has come to be called as Hijrat. This took place in the year 622 AD and is reckoned as the starting date of Muslim calendar. In this period of 10 years from his age of 52 to 62, Mohd succeeded in converting many Pagans to his belief. Amongst those who opposed him were also some important local tribal leaders. One SAIDE, a follower of Mohd assassinated an opposing Queresh for which conduct the aforesaid SAIDE earned special praise from Mohd and ....
25 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

(There is only one God and Mohammed is his Prophet)

This is known as Kalma by the recitation of which when done three times, the recitor stands converted into a Muslim. To convert into Islam for anyone from any faith, all that is needed is to recite the above Kalma three times and nothing further is needed by way of any ritual or any social, cultural or religious ceremony. It is really so simple.

The five pillars of Islamic faith as set out in-the holy book called The Quaran are:

1. Recitation of the above Kalma.

2. Offering of Namaaz as per Quaranic Ayats (couplets con- tained for the purpose in the text of Quaran), five times a day. A special community gathering of reading of Namaez on each Friday of the week is a special religious ordainment for-the Muslims.

3. Zakat (giving of charity). 20% of any Muslims own earnings are ordained to be given as Zakat to the poor.

4. Roza (keeping of the fast) Muslims are ordained to keep fasts on each day in the holy month of Ramadhan. The Muslims follow the lunar calendar.

5. Haj (visit to Mecca in Saudi Arabia). Muslims are ordained to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their life time to perform special rituals as per theological clictations.

Islam and Mohd in reality are one and the same thing. Mohd who was the founder of Islam was born in Saudi Arabia in a tribe with its name as "Quereshi". The concept of Islam grew in him when he was 52 years old. He died at the age of 62. It is only in the last 10 years of his life that he often retired in a cave near Mecca where he claimed to have recieved odrainments from the God Almighty. The messages so recieved by him came to be later complied by his successors in the holy book of the Muslim"s called the Quaran. He claims what is contained there-in is the last message given to the mankind through him by God Almighty called Allah. How he himself followed and carried out several deeds as the messenger of the God as his chosen Prophet are further recorded as his Hadhits. A Muslim is ordained to follow both the dictations of Quaran and the declarations made as the Hadbits. Theologically, any differnce in opinion while interpreting the texts of Quaran or Hadhits is left to the religious leader called the Mullahs, who are the heads of Mosque where the Muslims meet to offer Namaaz.

It is unmistakably stated in Quaran that the entire world is to be comsidered divided in two camps, 1. Those who belive and owe their allegiance to Islam. They are the Muslims or the believers 2. Those who do not owe the allegiance to Islam and who do not accept Mohd as the Prophet sent by Allaha with his message as contained in Quaran and Hadiths. Once a Muslim by faith or choice the is not thereafter ever permitted any freedom to walk out of it. Those who do not believe as above are the non-believers. They are termed as the Kafirs. What is not in accordance with the dictations in Quaran and Hadiths is called Kufr A true Muslim is ordained to convert the entire world society into the society of the believers and to encleavour to totally exterminate the society of the non-believers termed as Kafirs. What is not in accordance with the clictations in Quaran is termed as Kufr. The Muslims believe and are ordained by their holy religious texts to eliminate Kufl- and the Kafirs from the surface of the earth. Any bloody war that is fought by the believers against the non-believers carries the religious sanction of Islam, the literal meaning of which is peace, it 6-penly "directs the Muslims to behead the Kafirs and to lay their lives to exterminate Kufr even at the cost of their own lives. It is one of the three Semetic faiths that supports violence to spread the message of God amongst the humans. The other two religions are Christianity and Judaism.

The Geo/Political states not managed or controlled by the above named Islamic believers are termed as Darul-Herb and those Geo/Political states that are under the political control of the Islamic believers are called as Darul-lslam. The entire Muslim society of believers is ordained by the Islamic theology as contained in the holy book of Quaran to convert the non-believers into believers and Islamic religious sanction is openly accorded for waging if necessary, any number of bloody wars. These wars are termed as Jel7ads. A Muslim is further ordained to wage a Jehad against the non-believers even at the cost of his life. In fact, this is his first and foremost religious duty. Should he die in this ursuit, the God assumed Almighty as per Quaranic statements assures to such pursuero ait an assured life of joy and pleasure in the heavens where he is promised to be served by 72 beautiful maidens and 72 young male children to beget pleasure. Such a persom is called as Shahe....
24 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

Religion of Islam was started by Mohd. said to the Prophet sent to earth by the God Almighty in about the middle of the 711 century AD. The followers of this religion are called the Muslims. Mohd.was born in Saudi Arabia in a tribe by the name of Queresh. This is one of the three Semetic faiths that grew up finally into a very strong belief under the name of Islam. The word Islam in Arabic language means Peace. The other Semeitc faiths are Judaism followed by Jews and the third is Christianity that came into being with the birth and death of Jesus Christ. In the above three faiths, there are some similarties. All the three faiths accept their initiators as the messengers or sons of God. They also similarly place their unquestioned trust in their respective holy books called as 1. OLD TESTAMENT (Judaism started by Moses) 2. NEW TESTAMENT or Bible (Christianity started by Lord Jesus) and 3. ISALM (started by Mohd. with its holy book called QUARAN). All the three faiths thus draw their inspirations from their respective books and the initiators of the same. While the Old Testament and the Bible were first written in the Hebrew language, Quaran the holy book of Islam came to be written in the Arabic. The followers of all the three religions thus owe their allegiance to their respective books and to their initiators. Naturally, the followers of each Sect restrict themselves within the close circle of their holy book"s contents and develop a special fraternal relationship between themselves as the respective followers of their faiths. The human society as such is therefore divided on the basis of the following of what is said in their respective holy books,. Beyond the following, the rest of the humanity is not accorded any special or otherwise fraternal sort of relationship.

All the three faiths do not bring within its embrace, all humans tied together as the fellow humans. Therefore, these sects create within the society special and narrow circles of brotherhood based on the fellowship of the followers only. Whereas, religion as followed by the humans should have a tendency of uniting the entire human society under some special social code, the above named Semetic faiths divide the society into narrow sects. This is very much unlike the ancient Aryan"s Sanatan Dharma about which India"s every sacred religious scriptures speak in terms of 1. Vasudevam Kutumbkam 2. Sarva Dharma Sambhava means that the whole world is one family. Sarva Dharma Sambhava means it is possible to accomodate all faiths and religions at the same time.

The followers of Judaism called the Jews have their holy city in Jerusalem. Christianity came out of Judaism. Lord Jesus was its cause. Its holy place of birth is at Bethlehem presently in Israel. Somehow, there were some differences in the contents of the Old Testament and the propogatory statements of Lord Jesus.1-Some Jews were opposed to the same. A Governer appointed on behalf of the ruler of Rome in Bethlehem was led to prosecute and hang Lord. Jesus on the Cross. However, a few followers of Lord Jesus contniued to spread his message. Three hundred years later came King Constantine who accepted Christianity that grew into a forceful and strong faith that soon spread around Rome & in other parts of Europe.

In the 11th century, the Roman Empire stood split in two parts-into west and east. The Western Roman Empire and the Western Church accepted Rome as their guiding light of faith and politics. The Eastern Roman Empire was guided from Constantinople now called Istanbul. The Western Roman Church accepted its leader at Rome and called him the Pope who ruled over the entire Western Europe and Western Church. The followers of Pope are called the Catholics. The Eastern Church that split up did not accept Rome and Pope as their leader. Hence, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Syria and some none Eastern European coutnries followed their own revised religious ideas.

Some strong feelings of Nationalism exhibit a natural tendency within humans. This brings about a sense of commonness among groups of humans when it is based upon some common gains to be made by the huamns inhabiting some territory that is politically governed for them. It is not only but natural that a homogeneous society comes into being. A feeling of Nationalism is in fact an emotional upsurge that unites all people into one society when the emotions involved work to uplift the humans inhabiting a territory governed in their intrests.

Indian society by virtue of sub-continent"s a large mass of land provides such basis. This singular geographical entity itself is responsible for unifying all its inhabitants to adopt and work for some common kind of social and cultural upliftment. On top of it, the great land mass with flowing rivers of water further pr....
23 yogesh kumar saxena on Feb-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: Hindus-have-the-right-to-celebrate-Durga-Puja-in-Rome

The world experience of the past cannot ignore social, cultural, economic and poloitcal upliftment of man. The world holds a colossal store house of man"s accomplishment in growing towards maturity of human mind. Hence, none can escape taking into account human"s belief in theology or religion or faith while attempting to shape man"s own future to ensure moving as one human family inhabiting the planet earth.. Indeed, man"s continuing evolution has also found a common basis of trying to shape his future on the pedestal of science and the great progress made by it in the last 3 to 400 years. Man"s continuing belief in his faith or religion has undisputedly cast its effect on his own maturity in social, cultural, economic and political necessities.

Human problems when collectively taken finally focus on one common point i.e. the humans need to establish a firm political centre. By this, it is meant to control human actions on theological beliefs. In the case of Islamic faith, one cannot fail to notice that the Islamic doctrine has remained totally stagnant. It is for the reason that the holy book of Quaran itself forbids any one to dare alter anything in it since it is a dogmatic assertion what is contained in it, is the last word of God Almighty, the Allaha. The world of today is pushed to take a special notice of Muslim world"s Pan Islamic vision.

Islamic theology is strongly tied to its root of converting the entire world into one Islamic society and according to it, this alone is the correct road to final world peaceAt does not accept any other road thought by man equally good to emancipate hinself. Islam is therefore totally opposed to any other theological idea. In this context, it not only challenges the world society by being intolerant but it sanctions violence as an accepted notion to wage wars that are called Jehads against the non-believers. Islam divides the human society into two clear halves. Those who believe in the basic tenets of Islam and those who do not. The Islamic faith begins with Muslims accepting the only declaration .
22 Concerned Indian on Oct-28 :

Nirnaami, crasta , useless trying to put some sense into these vacume heads
why do they want to do Durga Pooja in Rome for Gods sake? Would that acheive any thing? these guys thrive on mis information
21 A.Moron on Oct-11 :

Most medicines are made from different animal products. That is not normal meal.
Thus, using Tiger meat for ill people can be justified, but tying up a live monkey and cut his brain to eat along with some fried flies, spiders, cockroachs are normal Chinese habits.

20 Nirnaami on Oct-11 :

O Moron , let us turn the searchlight towards India (as is my wont most often because we are so atrociously full of hubris). Heard of that Hindooo ayurvedic doctor from Kerala running a swanky clinic in Mylapore for decades with total impunity who was arrested just a few weeks ago for serving tiger & deer meat ( swindling in millions) as absolutely kosher diet for all the patients??

On being arrested thundered " Seven and half year Saturn is behind this . I will resume my practice soon ". Chew on it !!

On bein
19 A.Moron on Oct-11 :

Almost all the epidemics emerged from China: SARS, Chicken flu, Pig flu; because of the disgusting food habits of the Chinese; they eat everything even unborn babies foetus or tiger"s genitals or alive monkey"s brain or spides and cockroachs. A very good dinner for Mr.N.Ram of The Hindu and The Frontline, Pravat Karat, Sitaram Kochuri, when they would go to Peking next time.
18 Nirnaami on Oct-11 :

Relax Moron :)) chikungunya , droughts , malaria , natural disasters etc also constitute God"s panoply of weapons !!
17 Nirnaami on Oct-11 :

Am not happy to hear that. These corrupt indians somehow manage to escape always . No wonder India is like this.
16 A.Moron on Oct-10 :

The Chinese batteries used inside Sony or Sanyo computers exploded on the face of Americans and Japanese.
That is the reason we know it.
15 Nirnaami on Oct-09 :

If those batteries " explode " in the faces of those who brazenly took them as bribes , I am gratified !!

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g kapuria on Sep-17 : Gujarat riots & "secular" Galahads of justice! [1 comments]

Well written. But it also needs to be more direct. If the goal is to point fingers are the secularists, do point fingers. Name those secularists, and write about their misdeeds, and analyze their bias. Then it will be effective.
S.Ghosh on Aug-24 : Why London is burning? [1 comments]

It has too many ( about 10 percent of the population) Afro-Carribean ( Jamaica, Barbados etc) people; they are very violent by nature.

M Joshi on Aug-09 : First time in the USA History... [6 comments]

To 030201kishankb on Monday:

Not a problem..Thanks.
030201kishankb on Jul-22 : Transcendence Fueled Positive Thinking [5 comments]

In rSrno # 4, please read tongue for tonug. My bad spelling.
hindu on Jul-16 : The draconian - "Communal Violence Bill" [8 comments]

only secularism made them prominent
it seems xtians and muslims have access to good education whilst the hindus are relegated to the bottom.
hindu lawyers and law makers are gutless
S.Ghosh on Jun-22 : Challenges before Mamata Banerjee [5 comments]

Even Gandhi-Nehru were anti-Bengali, although West Bengal had Congress Government Since 1947 to 1966, it could not escape discriminations against the Bengalees:
1) The whole of the Mymansingh district was given away to Pakistan, although only 50 percent of the population were Muslims. There was a referendum, Gandhi asked the Hindus not to parti....
Sriram on Jun-03 : Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots [31 comments]

Mr Gosh, I disagree with your clean report on naxal helpers. It takes the grave threat in India lightly. Severe punishment is needed or we will have destabilizing terror agents pulling off
same tricks with lethal consequences.

Naxals live underground and do not hesitate to bomb or rob banks. They do informal cash transactions. This Se....
S.Ghosh on Jun-22 : Communal bill reduces Hindus to Jews in... [24 comments]

Western media is anti-Indian, anti0Hindu, but it is a fact that USA, France, former Soviet Union and East European countries before 1990, Japan are all Secular and they are developed.

Countries with official religions ( Non-Secular countries) are mainly poor countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Yemen, Cambodia, Laos, wh....
Malavika on Jun-07 : India: Follow Israel"s Example! [18 comments]

@ S.Ghosh,

Your rants mean nothing.

Provide evidence of Isreal NOT supporting India during Kargil war or 1962 or in between. Or acting against Indian interests. Compare that with how Indians, especially Hindus are treated by your buddies(Muslims).

Fact: they gave ammunition from their own stores.

Your are an ign....
g kapuria on May-03 : Modi Godhra Gujarat and IBN-Live [1 comments]

CNN-IBN has the money and the Padma shris. Why should they care for truth?


Durga Puja in Rome - Its non-negotiable
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