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Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head..
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News Summary: Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head.......read more in: Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head..

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These comments are about: Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head..

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1 Binny on Feb-16 :

Maashaa Allaah! Have Indian journalists leaned anything from the stunt pulled Rajdeep Sardesai, outside the Madison Square Garden~New York, where PM Modi was to address Indians gathering living in USA? Rajdeep Sardesai made a fool of himself! Allaah~Hu~Akbar!

Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head.. - Thread over 

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Sahyadri at 06:36 Today : "People of Bihar are living in terror" [2 comments]

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 Binny on Jan-01 : Maashaa Allaah! Didn"t Biharies voted for the Jungle Raaj recently? As a matter of fact, voting was more this time in 2015, compared to previous elections in Bihar.
Dr Raj on Friday : Won"t Settle for Slogans Like "Indians for Indi.. [6 comments]

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osman on Aug-31 : Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I [339 comments]

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mariam on Aug-30 : Truth abut Raul Vinci (Rahul Gandhi) [6 comments]

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 osman on Aug-23 : Do you need an urgent loan for business or to pay bills at 3 interest rate? We offer Personal Loan, Real Estate Loan, Business Loan and others to prospective individuals, companies, cooperate bodies as well as organizations. No matter your credits sc....
 vishal on Mar-01 : Hi
 sudhanshu dwivedi on Dec-13 : he is goood

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Anup on Feb-12 : Siachen: 879 soldier deaths and counting [2 comments]

I agree wholeheartedly with Binny.
Binny on Feb-11 : "Headley"s testimony on Ishrat Jahan is like &l.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! When would people wake up and root out the Gaddaari connection of Bollywood and hand~in~gloves with terrorism and underworld crime and its financing? Haven"t Indians paid enough price in terms of bloodshed of innocent lives?
Anup on Feb-08 : "Religion in politics" isn"t healthy: Kamal Haa.. [1 comments]

"religion in politics" is called secularism in India. Same thing is happening in Nepal.It will never be a Hindu nation again. It may come as a surprise to
many that,Nepal has fastest growing Christian population in the world.
Binny on Feb-05 : "Have some dignity": SC to Congress"s Adhir Cho.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Dignity and Congress? What is that?? Have Italian Madam Soniaji and her exceptional prince Rahulji ever shown any dignity, any time? These looters don"t have any dignity. Tobaah, Tobaah!
g kapuria on Feb-04 : Lalu"s son-in-law"s car snatched at gunpoint in.. [1 comments]

AAP territory.
Binny on Feb-02 : UK freezes Dawood Ibrahim"s assets [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Dawood Ibrahim"s playing field is now getting smaller and smaller.
Binny on Feb-02 : Who is Ted Cruz, the man who toppled Trump? [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Everyone should know, who is Ted Cruz. He was the one, who staged, an over 21 hrs filibuster, telling bed~time stories and wasTed billions of US dollars by forcing the US government shutdown!
Anup on Feb-01 : Pak sealed 182 madrassas since Peshawar school .. [1 comments]

Can you do that in India ?
Binny on Jan-29 : How Rajiv Gandhi blundered on Ayodhya: Baba sai.. [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Rajiv Gandhi did not blunder. However, it was Indian voter, who blundered and voted for the dynasty kept continuously crowning that no~good to run India family.
Binny on Jan-29 : No marriage law for Hindus in Pakistan: Daily [1 comments]

Maashaa Allaah! Is not the "might is the right" everywhere and all times? To be minority doesn"t mean to be kicked around. Look at India... they kick around majority of India!


Desh ke gaddaar, they shouted, went for my head..
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