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Cowards Hindus or Failed Islam in India?
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News Summary: That “Hindus are cowards” is a theme which has been repeated ad nauseam. Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “Hindus are cowards and Muslims are bullies.” A large number of Hindus themselves accept this epithet. Nothing could be farther from the truth. History does not bear out the conclusion.A brief review of Islamic expansion is necessary.Islam may be dated to 610 AD, when Mohammad began having conversations with Archangel Gabriel. Mohammads message one true God named Allah attracted a number of followers. .....read more in: Cowards Hindus or Failed Islam in India?

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These comments are about: Cowards Hindus or Failed Islam in India?

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43 S.Ghosh on Jun-27 :

Abrahamic religions are violent because Moses, Abraham, David, Soul, Job, Yashua, Samuel, along with Ali, Omar, Saladin, Osman, were all very violent people they wanted to kill everyone who are of different religion.
Jesus was very different that was the reason Jews killed him. However, since Christianity became the Imperial religion in 4th century, Christians saints like Gregory and Cyril started killing people who refused to be Christians.

42 VVKR on Jun-27 :

i would rather call hindus are more moral than cowards... Some times morality may look coward... If a baby kicks father on his chest he never considers it.. he souldn"t be called as coward.... If same baby grown to child kicks his fellow classmate... then he would be taught a good lesson by him... Hindus are very moral and even at war.. that"s the reason for GHAZNI MOHMAD invading India for 17 times. Before the arrival of muslims.... Hindus strictly followed the rules of war.
1. Never fight after sun set
2. No rampage through cities or towns
3. No harm to common civilians
4. In the final if u won the war... the enemy expresses his guilty of war.. leave him... an so on.....

All the above were followed by PRUTHVIRAJ who fought with GHAJNI... On the contrary GHAJNI had followed none... That is how he came back to India even though he was defeated for 16 times... So it is clear that HINDUS ARE MORE MORAL THAN MUSLIMS...

But, when theirmuslim havoc is at its peak and hindu rulers started their move... like SRI KRISHNA DEVARAYA, SHIVAJI, RUDRAMADEVI and SIKH GURUS.. rumbled their empires...
Muslims took only a few years for each of these countries IRAN,IRAQ,EGYPT,SPAIN,NORTH AFRICA,MALAYSIA,INDONESIA to convert them to islam. But in India they are trying since 800 years but they never succeeded. This shows the power of Indians... We always knew how to deal with these OPPORTUNISTIC MUSLIMS.... JAI HINDH.

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40 Md. Jeeshan on Aug-22 :

In Qura"an Sharif there is a verse namely, Kafirun. There is a line
"Laqum Deenukum wa"liya deen"
Meaning "You have your religion, I have mine".
So, no Hindus are cowards, no Muslim are bullies or cowards are not Hindus, bullies are not Muslims.
The End
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38 devinder on Mar-29 :

Hindus could survive because they had very superior philosophies of life management and spirtualism but Hinduism is facing a bigest problom today .Nether islamic rule nor british christian rule could do any harm .But on family indians are copying laws from britain and other westeran countries which is playing hevoc both with religion family magement system of india. All those probloms like female foeticide,dowry,rape and misbehavior with women and neglect of old and infirm are getting aggrevated everyday . Respect for women and elderly was woven in Hindu religious practices but now putting everything according to western laws which are highly. dependent on people with black coats and brown dress.This will ultimatly kill the aranged marriage and family system but harm the religious practices of sanatan dharma
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35 rahul on Aug-27 :

advice to fahad try shaving your beard and after that going to company
34 Fahad on Aug-26 :

What advise can be given to a Muslim brother who have recently joined a company in India and got to know that he was almost rejected because of his beard

He is really struggling to cope up with the thought process of people starring at him not until this news
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28 S.Ghosh on May-24 :

Gandhi was a British agent he was imported into India by Sir GOkhale, a very staunch Pro~British.

Gandhi"s job was to destroy the freedom movement created at that time by Tilak, Bipin Pal, Lajpat Rai, Chittaranjan Das,Rash Bihari Bose, Arabindo.
After the entry of Gandhi they are either killed, or dead in mysterious way or ran away to Japan and Pondichery. Then Gandhi started Khilafat Movement to restore the Sultan of Turkey in 1919, which has nothing to do with the freedom movement.
Then he started expelling all freedom fighters from The Congress, even Netaji Subhas. He has refused to collaborate with the anti~Jinnah Muslim leaders, even Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan and Khan of Kalat of Balochistan.
Possibly because Jinnah was related to him.

27 kedar jadhav on May-24 :

gandhi was a man with abnormal mentality.his main motive was to help muslims in india to defeat hindus to form jihad nation pakistan.gandhi continuelly misguide hindus .he was done some sex experiment with his niece.
26 S.Ghosh on Feb-28 :

Brave Meat eating Persians were defeated by the Arab Muslims within 25 years.
However, vegetarian Hindus resisted Muslim invasions for many hundred years.
Mahallab invaded India in 664 AD, but Vegetarian Buddhist Dev Pal of Pala dynasty drove the Arabs out of India within 100 years. It took the Muslims until 1192 AD to occupy only Northern India. Vegetarian Tamils never allowed their land to be occupied even by the Mughal Empire.

Meat eater Ayub Khan in 1965 was defeated by a fish eater Jayanta Chowdhury. Similarly in 1971 Cow-eater Niyazi and his 90,000 Pakistani cow-eater soldiers surrendered to the Cow-worshiper Indian Army in East Pakistan.

25 S.Ghosh on Feb-28 :

Md Gurfan:

If the word Allah came from the sanskrit word Ila then your Allah is a female and the sister of Il, the first human beings created by Brahman.
Il was a male, Ila was a female. They both could reproduce themselves. That is way all males and females were born.
24 Md gufran on Feb-28 :

Muslim is not any religion I do PhD about dharma .. In Hindu bhabisya pur an already discuss about Muhammad ..that in future he make one religion called Muslim

Kuran written in such a way they remove all the evidence which he taken for Hindu history ..Even the world Allah is coming from Sanskrit word illah .. Illah is used in mantra in rig ved

Muhammad is also a member of sami jati .. which is a kattar Hindu n some rsn he oppose tha murti pooja n Crete its religion which is totally false
20 abhishek on Aug-04 :

every reigion is coward if they are following the guildeline of there religion whether its islam,christan,hindu or any othere religion.
regarding superstsious islam is the most superstsious religion.
in hinduism caste system was made to make people specialized in there work like in today world we have MBA, but people misused it.
vegetarion food is always good scientifically and other religion people are moving towards it.In reseling hindu hold 2 rank in olampic (he is vegetarian).
every religion is good but there follwerrs may be good or bad.
all the best to have good followers, though in some religion they are very less in number.
hinduism is ruling & will be ruling in future in terms of good work (karma)
19 avni roy on Jul-03 :

The other name of happiness and pleasure is the beautiful gift of nature, which comes with us in the form of flowers. Flowers make our lives so beautiful and bright with its beautiful fragrance and perfections.
16 Mo on Jul-02 :

LOL. religion based on "caste system" ? ;-) 1 million gods ? lake of leadership ? 1 million castes ?

Hats off to your knowledge Mr Ijaz Ahmad. Good luck to you.
You"re better off worrying about your own faith.

Read the vedas and find your answers if you"re still interested.

15 Ijaz ahmad on Jul-02 :

To be honest,hindus are cowards and their religion based on caste system is main cause of their decline.2-the religion itself is based on stories.3-vegetarian cant fight the meat eaters4-there is one million gods in their religion.5-they are money followers.i studied indian history.the reason of their decline is caste system,the superstitious religion and lake of the leadership.these people are devided in to one million castes.good luck for themf

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Cowards Hindus or Failed Islam in India? - Thread over 

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Looks like Congi~cover to hide terrorist, under the mask of secularism and vote bank politics, is over since May 26, 2014. Also, now lot more Paki infiltrating vermins are sent to their coveted destination ~ Allah"s paradise. Good job BJP and keep it up.
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Go to Pakistan and eat BEEF, which you like, Fat Kapur.


Cowards Hindus or Failed Islam in India?
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