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Book Review: Understanding Muhammad
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: A large section of Muslims created hullabaloo recently for banning of Dr. Zakir Naik from entering UK. "Hes banned for having spoken the truth." many Muslims along with their apologists assert. "See he has proved the supremacy of Islam in front of several religious leaders." This idea of having "proved the supremacy of Islam" for these Muslims is little more than showing down upon others faith by concocted ideas and theories. That Dr. Naik thrives by demeaning gods and prophets of other faiths i.....read more in: Book Review: Understanding Muhammad

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These comments are about: Book Review: Understanding Muhammad

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SrnoComment on Current Thread            
23 A.Moron on Sep-05 :

It is only natural for any King, Sultan to shout from the top of his palace that "I am the God; wash my feet, otherwise I will cut your head off".
Akber started a new religion; Japanese Emperors used to think that they were Gods. That is the way Muslim religion had started.

22 A.Moron on Sep-05 :

Zakir Naik is Indian. Indians allow him to stay in India but propagate against India"s heriatage. Thus type of Panipath mentality of the Hindus are responsible for the defeat of the Hindus.

Wake up man. Muslim want you to surrender, change your religion, eat beef, go to Haj. If you do not do that, they will cut off your neck.

21 Daksha on Sep-04 :

All the hindus in general and myself in particular should learn to respect other religions from muslims only(sic). Hindus respect all the religions and muslims do not even recognize hinduism, Budhism and Taoism. They have lip service of respect for Chirstianity and Judaism. All muslims needs a leader like Gorobochev who will admit islam have flaws and needs to fixed. Muslims looking for godly help and humanly handouts. Within the Muslims they need to bridge between Shias and Sunnis. They are yet to lay a ground work for reconcilliation. Instead of blaming others for their misery they should start restropective and introspection.
20 Daksha on Sep-04 :

To Kurbi
As a hindu we are not in a state of denial of our flaws, whereas, muslims are in state of denial of any flaws in their system. Through out the world Muslims have problem with rest of the communities. In Britain, Indians and pakistanis went with same socio economic background and now see the success of second generation hindus and compare with second generation Muslims. As a hindu we do not have any problem in assimalting in other cultures. Hinduism contributed, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Music, Logic, zero and mathematics. I live in USA, Indians are the most educated and richest among all the immigrants. Tell me a country Muslims do not have any problems with the rest of the community. Kurbi please contradict me in facts not on flaws. Muslims have a habit of blaming everybody else and do not take any responsibilites. All the muslim countries are depending on foreign aid and oil money. More hindus won noble prizes In sciences than Mulims with 1.5 Billion Population. Among Muslims, I am yet to see Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. You compare the religious Leaders of hinduism, such as, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Dayananada Saraswati with Shahi Imam Abudullah Bukhari, Tantavi of Egypt and you will get the answer. All the muslim religious leaders talk nothing but thrash. All muslims know is how to distroy the civilization. Thoroughout the History, Hindusm contribution to the world is more than all the religions in the world combined. Muslims went to Iran and distroyed ancient religion, zorastrasim.
19 kurbi on Sep-04 :

Mr./Ms Daksha
Learn to respect other religions. Our own hindu has got numerous flaws.
Mind it.
16 Kishore on Aug-25 :

There is another great book by Craig Wynn called "The prophet of doom". It is a free book available both in print and audio on his website prophetofdoom.org - otherwise just google it. I recommend the book strongly. He proves beyond doubt that the Koran is a terrorist manifesto and lays bare mohammeds unsavoury lifestyle. Imagine a "prophet" reaching out to accept his share of stolen goods of raisins, leather goods, dates and mats made by hard working traders and then salving his conscience by saying - god said its okay for muslims to steal from kafirs.
15 gabbar on Aug-22 :

Daksha don"t ask that question otherwise the sun will set in the muddy pool...
14 Daksha on Aug-21 :

The difference between moderate muslim and fundamentalistic Muslim is the size of beard. Throughout the world muslims as majority or as a minority they are behind the rest of the community. I would like to ask muslims if earth is round or flat. If it is round you can face any side and face Makkah.
13 Anup on Aug-19 :

There is an interesting article by Ayesha Ahmed;"Sex with daughters-in-law;Divinely ordained Islam". It is on google.
As regards the lady devotee asking Muhammad about her adopted son, I am not sure whether it was mentioned he was an adult. I have not got the book with me at the moment.
12 gabbar on Aug-19 :

"Muhammad"s first wife ( he had about 22 legal wife during his lifetime )Khalida was a businesswoman.She had male employees working for her. She must have spoken to them but Muhammad did not kill her."

I think she was Khadiza. At that time Muhammad was not strong enough to do that. In his earlier life he wanted support and wealth from the lady and hence he could not dictate his terms.
11 Anup on Aug-18 :

Ali Sina made his mind up to write this book after watching how a Pakistani burnt his wife to death. Her crime was she was seen speaking to her cousin.
Muhammad"s first wife ( he had about 22 legal wife during his lifetime )Khalida was a businesswoman.She had male employees working for her. She must have spoken to them but Muhammad did not kill her.
I find it quite intriguing that angel Gabriel, a biblical angel spoke to him.Muhammad used to attend a fair every year where Christian priests used to preach.My guess is, he probably heard about the angel from the Christian priests.

When he could not resist the temptation of having her daughter-in-law in bed with her, he declared via Allah, all adoptions as invalid, as this woman was his adopted son"s wife.
A lady devotee asked the prophethow could she discard her adopted adult son, whom she loved so much.
Muhammad found a solution for her. He asked her to breastfeed her adopted adult son-by doing so he would become a naturalson.
Recently Ali Sina stated thatthe top Americanswho agreed to allow Muslims to build a mosque or Islamic centre may have been bribed by saudi Arabia(a close friend of "secular" India)and /or Iran as has happened in the past.
I wonder, whether similar sorts of activities are taking place in India.
Unfortunately Sonia government won"t allow us to see which Indians got all the money held in Swiss banks.
10 Daksha on Aug-13 :

India is building greatest institution,that is, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) and whereas muslims build the greatest Institution, that is Islamic Institute of terrorism. The islam instituionalized terrorism.
9 Sandra on Aug-13 :

And growing beard doesn"t need any intelligence or hard-work.
8 Daksha on Aug-13 :

If muslims are minority they do not go along with majority and they adovocate Geneva Conventions. If muslims are in majority there are no minorities and they want laws based on sharia. This is a typical example of hypocracy. Througout the world muslims are known for backwardness. All they know is how to grow beard.
7 Jai on Aug-12 :

Daksha,Maha Mad only used the word Allah just to get out of sticky situations--any cul de sac route taken it is Insallah.
6 Daksha on Aug-11 :

Islam is not a religon but militant cult lacks any logic and reasoning. Muslims do not go along with any religion. They do not go along with Hindus, Cristians, Jews, Budhists and Parsi religion. They have problem with everybody in the world. Genrally muslims families are disfunctional. All they know is how to create problem with the rest of the world. All the islamic countries have only 450 universities. India have 8300 Universities. The greatest contributions and inventions of muslims are Car Bombing, Hijacking Planes and creative distruction.
5 Daksha on Aug-10 :

I recommend everybody to go into following websites.

These are the websites created by Ex-Muslims. These website gives indepth nature of islam. If muslims are in majority in any country, then there are no minorites and they want Shariyat. If muslims are in Minority, they donot go along with majority and they demand Genewa Conventions. It is a typical example of Hypocracy. In the past, Iran was invaded by islamic forces. TaTa came to India and prospered. Had he would had been in Iran, he will growing beard and issuing useless fatwas. It is shame that all the islamic countries are either depending on oil, that is rent from earth or depending on foreign aid. Muslims when they meed, they eat and then critisize all the religions and issue useless fatwas.
4 Daksha on Aug-10 :

Kudos to Ali Sina for writing a great book. Kudos to Prabhu for excellent review. You should also review books like Islamic Slavery by MK Khan. Islam is not a religion but militant cult. Somebody should take initiative to translate into various indian languages including urdu.
3 Guru Charan on Aug-10 :

Feedback sent to Author: Book-Review:-Understanding-Muhammad

Dear Shri. Mahesh Prabhu,

Thank you for doing a great service to the world and India in particular by reviewing the book on Prophet Muhammed. Slowly, the world is coming to know about the truths of totalitarian ideologies like Islam. Your review has given a boost to this world wide awakening to the truth of Islam. India is not without its heroes in this regard. Shri Sita Ram Goel and Shri. Ram Swarup have done yeoman service in this regard. That is why you don"t find their names mentioned in the known intellectual circles. Because they were the pioneers who discovered that all monotheistic creeds were totalitarian. Add to this group communism, fascism and the rest. They are basically the same ideas
packaged differently. All of them want to control the people by lure or by force. All of them don"t want the people to think for themselves or differ with them. Somewhere Shri. Ram Swarup says "Islam, Christianity, Communism and Nazism are the greatest tragedies of humanity". How true indeed! And we make the monumental blunder of equating these ideologies with Sanatana Dharma which is so totally and radically different than these totalitarian creeds. It is heartening to see that at least a few courageous people are awakening to the truth and see it for what it is.

Thanks a lot for your review. Also about your article about the RSS, what you write is so true. The RSS lost it long ago when a man as great as Guruji Golwalkar said that Islam was compatible with Hindutva. Now you decide. No wonder the Gadkaris, the Vajpayees and Advanis are out to appease muslims and calling the Congress and other parties pseudo-secularists. The bane of RSS and its affiliates is the lack of intellectual acumen. The malady with the RSS was rightfully diagnosed by Shri. Sita Ram Goel. That is why he was pushed out of the Organizer.

I have no hopes for the Hindu society from the RSS.


2 Rajagopalan Seshadri on Aug-05 :

I have read both the English and Tamil versions of this book. I find that the Tamil Book with the Translator"s comments at appropriate places is worth keeping in mind and to be best thing that happened to Tamil speaking people. This Tamil version is also the true Translation of it original. I am also surprised that it is translated by an ex-Muslim lady called Mona Malik Mustafa. I wish every one in Tamil Nadu reads the Tamil book so that they can realise that how they are supporting a wrong cult, ably assisted by Dravida Kazhagams of Tamil Nadu, who have no permanent democatic norms and real turn coats and hats. The whole Indian nation is going to dogs only for supporting the appeasement of this cult people and encouraging the regional parties like DMK.
I have no regret about pronouncing so, without any mental reservation.

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Daksha on Sep-04 : Book Review: Understanding Muhammad [21 comments]

All the hindus in general and myself in particular should learn to respect other religions from muslims only(sic). Hindus respect all the religions and muslims do not even recognize hinduism, Budhism and Taoism. They have lip service of respect for Chirstianity and Judaism. All muslims needs a leader like Gorobochev who will admit islam have flaw....
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culinary similarities -indians have roti and rajma(beans)and south americans have tortilla and beans-defeats conventional thinking about civilisation and its development
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I fear for India. With such a low grade leadership, India is about to give up Kashmir to satisfy Obama and Osama.
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Indiam PM and his economists are only interested to satisfy Western companies and banks. They do not care about us.

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Another Jew like Wendy is after Hindus now. If interested please see article in VOI newsletter 01 Aug 2010-Joel Stein attacks Hinduism and Hindus.
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It is essential not to pass judgement in these matters. A lot of Hindu Guru Maharajs, Mohantas, Swamis are only money-hungry, sex-hungry cheats. They hardly know anything about Hindu religion.

Do not forget Bhagwan Rajnish. There are many like him in this Guru business.
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Book Review: Understanding Muhammad
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