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Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: Fans of Dr. Binayak Sen, a Maoist sympathizer, convicted with life imprisonment for charges of sedition and anti-national activities, by trial court and whose initial bail appeal was rejected by Chhattisgarh high court, have ample reasons for jubilation in recent times. Not only did the Supreme Court grant him a bail but he was also appointed to the National Health Planning Commissions steering committee.It is no secret that Dr Sen enjoys a huge popularity and has a long list of national and int.....read more in: Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots

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These comments are about: Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots

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31 Preet on May-25 :

Where this great wrighter Mr.Bandopadhyay has gone???? we are eagerly waiting for ur articles on it
30 S.Ghosh on Jun-03 :

This is another example of the cooperation of the Congress-BJP-Business Community to take away by force little land and livelihood of some of the poorest people of India. If they protest they will be called Terrorists Naxals.

Bhubaneswar, June 3 (PTI) Alleging forcible land acquisition for Posco steel project in Jagatsinghpur district, CPI general secretary A B Bardhan today asked BJD government in Orissa to refrain from acquiring land for industry by using force.

"Though Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had announced that force won"t be used for acquiring land for industries, today land was acquired forcibly at Noliasahi village for Posco project," Bardhan said addressing the state executive committee meeting here.

As eight families refused to part with land in Posco"s proposed plant site area, 17 people were arrested and bulldozer and tractors used to demolish betel vines to acquire land in the village under Gada Kujang panchayat, he said.

29 S.Ghosh on Jun-03 :

Business Community is a group of blood suckers.
They steal from the banks ( they do not pay back their loans), they do not pay proper wages, they run away with the Providend fund and gratuity payments, they cheat the consumers, they import from China to destroy Indian workers, they bribe the government officers and politicians, they used to be the boot-polishers of the British, now they are polishing the shoes of the Americans.

BJP is a party of the business community ( Congress was always, Gandhi was financed by Birla and Bajaj to destroy the freedom movement).

Business community means complete corruption.

When you support corruption, you are just evil. Thus, it is natural who are fighting against the system even peacefully like Binayak Sen would be called Terrorists, when those who have stolen the public properties can build 25 floor house in Bombay.

28 Danav-Asur on Jun-03 :

Please read line 4 in my last comment as "That way in a sovereign awakened countries even foreign businesses are thousand times better than foreign missionaries...etc." in place of that sentence without the word even.
27 Danav-Asur on Jun-03 :

Business communities are thousand times better than Congi-Commi communities.
Why Chinese and Russian commies have sold their economic policies to their enemies business economics because it has brought employment, wealth and better standard living conditions to their people unlike looter congies bankrupt socialism and stupid Indian commies hanging on the tail of communism, when their masters have abandoned it and adopted business policies. That way in a soverign awakened countries foreign businessses are thousand times better than foreign missionaries in a political party and for a vunerable naive nations. So, people are not foolish to be distracted by paid agents from tasks against anti nationals in whichever forms.
26 S.Ghosh on Jun-03 :

It is the agenda of both The Congress and the BJP is brand any social activists as Naxals, if they dare to question or draw the attention of the wrong doings of the Indian Business Community or Foreign Multinational Companies.
Naxalism has become an excuse for the Government ( along with the police & administrative officers, Judges) to stamp out any protest against these so-called Reform programme unitiated by Rajib Gandhi in 1984 to give away public property to the Business Community.
BJP and The Congress survive with the money from the business community. There is a long history. Gandhi was on the payroll of Birla and Bajaj.
Thus, the voice of the people can be supressed by saying they are all Naxals.
Thus, you can call anyone as Terrorists if he would dare to stand up against the Business Community who are really robbing the country.

25 Danav-Asur on Jun-03 :

The fervor with which anti national spins the fact and distracts from the biggest problem in last sixty years, indicates congi collussion. There is no grey area here. Any justification of any shade of Chines brand anti nationals in service of sixty years of Congi agenda and anti nationals shows hidden collusion of looters, foreign missionaries, motivated foreign controlled medias and paki cultured votebanks. These people should be exposed naked.
24 Sriram on Jun-03 :

Mr Gosh, I disagree with your clean report on naxal helpers. It takes the grave threat in India lightly. Severe punishment is needed or we will have destabilizing terror agents pulling off
same tricks with lethal consequences.

Naxals live underground and do not hesitate to bomb or rob banks. They do informal cash transactions. This Sen is a terrorist help. He may escape now but Sen is a terrorist.
23 S.Ghosh on Jun-03 :


Binayak Sen was never prosecuted as a Naxal or Maoists. His prosecution comes from the complaints that he has visited Narayan Sanyal in prison and taken his letters to his 85 years old mother and opened a bank account for his mother so that she can get regular money.

These are not crimes in any sense of the term.

Also, Narayan Sanyal was wrongly prosecuted for building schools for the Tribals and having some books written by Marx and Engels (these books are not banned either).

22 Sriram on Jun-02 :

Regarding post # 19 - wrong arguments.

A,B,C got foreign funds, so why not Maoist orgs ?

Unlike A,B,C, the Naxalites are banned and they live underground.
Maoist orgs need money to live underground and generate lawlessness..
bomb the nation"s infrastructure, schools, post-offices, govt institutions.
If a Naxal plants flag in a piece of land, no one can retrieve it from them;
and all creatures have to vacate that place. This lawlessness is relished by evangelists. They sustain these maoists to harvest tribal souls.

Maoists were kicked and branded out of Andhra Pradesh. They are now hiding
mostly in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and other fringe areas in WB and AP.

Maoists are now terrrists. I agree with the folks seeing the danger in innocent looking dumb folks who are supporting naxalites.
21 S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :

The Chief Justice of Chattisgarh is a corrupt Judge who took bribes from the land mafias of Uttar Pradesh, but was appointed as the Chief Justice by the most corrupt former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan.

20 S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :

This is the case of another Binayak Sen. His name is Ramesh Agarwala, arrested by the corrupt BJP government of Madhya Pradesh.
Is he a Maoists as well?????

New Delhi: RTI activist Ramesh Agarwal has been arrested and chained to a hospital bed Chhattisgarh"s Raigarh after a complaint by business group, the Jindals. Agarwal was arrested on May 28 by Chhatisgarh Police based on a complaint filed by the Jindals. Photographs available with CNN-IBN clearly show that Ramesh has been handcuffed.

Agarwal is apparently paying the price for being a whistleblower as he had written to Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh asking for environment clearance to be cancelled of Jindal plant for violating green norms in 2010.

It was based on his letter that Ramesh cancelled the environment clearance of Jindal Steel and Power Plant.

Agarwal is accused of defamation, insult and of making false statements. He was arrested after he reportedly spoke at a public hearing against the Jindals.

19 S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :

For decades Binayak Sen served the tribals. Only in recent years he got some supports from international aid agencies.

Similarly Ram Krishna Mission, ISKCON, Sai Baba, Ramana Mahashi, Ramdev-- all got financial supports from the Westyern countries.

Whether Maoists are threats or not are being decided by the Congress party. Congress Party of Narasimha Rao has sent millions of Rupees worth of weapons to the Maoists in West Bengal ( Purulia Arma Drop cases) to kill the CPI(M) and other LEFT party members in West Bengal.

Maoists have supported actively Mamata Banerjee; why is she not under arrest?

Where are the Maoists now in West Bengal: they have disappeared into Andhra Pradesh because Congress came back into power in West Bengal.

Narayan Sanyal, another Bengali, spent all his life savings to establish primary schools in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh. As a punishment, BJP government with the help of corrupt IAS-IPS officers and Judges sent him to jain for 25 years because the police found some books of Marx-Engels from his home.

The case against Binayak Sen is just as rubbish. BJP government does not want anyone to raise the Tribals because then they would go against the Mining Companies ( Gargori or Gadkari is one of them as he used to be a dealer of scrap iron just like Anil Agarwala or Laxmi Mittal).

Another Bengali Piyush Neogy was murdered in Bhillai, as he had tried to organize the tribals against the exploitations of the Labour-supply agencies and contractors.

BJP is against all progress; it is a party of the business community. That is the reason it supports the Government of Karnataka who are involved in illegal mining.

18 Mo on Jun-02 :

Maoists are considered biggest national threat, across the political spectrum.
17 David on Jun-02 :

To All:
Just stop empty debates (promoting one"s favorite political views) and be ready to lay your life for your motherland...
16 Mo on Jun-02 :

More now - doctor sen and wife opened an NGO outfif called Rupantar which harbored Maoist employees and had bank accounts worth 4 million rupees.

Ah .. Cost of "medicines".

Further, it is the church, evangelicals, christian leaders, foreign churches, missionaries who are most hysterical about Sen conviction
15 Mo on Jun-02 :

So not an injection not a medicine was given to anyone. And here is a doc ignoring this service to real sick patients ( who have to walk miles for seeing docs, and the naxal friend gets special darshan for non-medical reasons ). He could not apparently delegate naxal help to his other naxal manservants.

With this type of story told by every terrorist, we will note that not a single terrorist will be caught.
This is adding weakness to India.

Lastly, the discussion is about indian commie converts - more maoist than mao and stalin.

Very poor alibi to protect Sen on one of several cases on him.
14 S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :

1) Binayak Sen has visited his friend Narayan Sanyal, a noted writer in Bengali and jailed by the Madhya Pradesh Government, at the request of his 85 years old mother. It is not a crime to visit prisoners. He has opened Sanyal"s bank account to help his ill mother. For that reason BJP government send Binayak Sen to jail for 25 years. This is BJP, a very corrupt party of the Marwari business community who are sucking the bloods of the people.

2) Indian communists Barristers who said bad remarks about Netaji were influenced by the British. However, the real communist Stalin helped Netaji to go to Berlin to meet Hitler and later has recognized the Azad Hind Government and allowed him to have a Consulate in the Soviet Union.

13 Mo on Jun-02 :

New medical treatment offered by doctors :
* Be a conduit and errand boy for Naxalites.
* open bank accounts for naxals.
* do real estate agent work - house naxals and lease for them

Just 3 examples of "medical services".

Comparing Sen to India"s greatest leader Netaji
demonstrates the disease - these commies can stoop to everything down.
And note, commies had very bad things to say about Netaji
for many decades.
12 S.Ghosh on Jun-02 :

1) Binayak Sen does not support the Maoists; he said that clearly that he likes Gandhism. However, as a doctor he cannot refuse treatment to anyone because of his/her political faiths. He was mainly treating the tribals, some of them are Maoists. That does not mean he himself is a Maoist.

2) Sen is a Rebel, so is Ramdev or Hazare today; so was Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1840; Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat singh, Netaji Subhas, they were all rebels.

3) "He gets his supports from westerns powers"
Not true, no Western powers support him, but it is possible Western people or organizations gave money to his cause to help the tribals.

Large number of Hindu organizations also receive money from abroad from people who are of Western origin. British helped Gokhale to import Gandhi from South Africa to control the "militant" groups within the Congress. Anne Besant or Sister Nivedita were Western as well. Swami Vivekananda received a lot of help from the Western people. Netaji Subhas has taken help from Russia, Italy, Germany and Japan. What is wrong with that?

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Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots
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