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Ayodhya Verdict and History
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News Summary: The verdict of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court agreed on three important issues: Muslims do not have exclusive claim to the site held sacred by Hindus; the ground where the central dome of the Babri Masjid stood belongs to Ram Lalla as has been argued for centuries by Hindus who believe it is Ram Janmabhoomi; and, a temple existed at the spot that was selected by Mir Baqi to build a mosque to celebrate Baburs victorious military campaign in the region. On the third point, two of th.....read more in: Ayodhya Verdict and History

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These comments are about: Ayodhya Verdict and History

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31 S.Ghosh on Sep-04 :

In ancient Persia Asura and Daitya were Gods with supernatural power.
Similarly Rakshasas had supernatural power; they were not demons.

In Mahabharata Bhim married a Rakshasa Hirimba and their son was Gatachkat. Thus Rakshasas were not non-human or sub-human.

30 Mo on Oct-26 :

As a third party, I took a second look.
With due respect Prof Rao, please check the reference again.
Dr Basu did NOT claim that you"d listed Rakshasas as Nth Indian Aryans..
(Thus this is not correct inference/clarification/question "I did not say they are "from the north Indian Aryans"" )

Regarding your other questions, you rightly asked how other races are
human. Perhaps the Rakshasas should be classified as humanoid. Dr Basu"s
reference to "who were almost human but not human" and "near-human races"
suggests that he is referring to primitive human races.

Back to you guys.
28 S.Ghosh on Jan-06 :

ASI is a government body and as a result it depends on permission to dig up. It was not allowed to excavate also the Sawaswati river basin as the new Government of MM Singh was against it.

27 hindu on Jan-06 :

i thought ASI was independent. guess seculars only want post islam india.
anyway why dont vhp or rss fork out their money and initiate a dig on the portion that is awarded by the court
26 S.Ghosh on Jan-06 :

In Ayodhya ASI was not allowed to dig up much. A Japanese ground radar had found out a massive building buried 30 metre under earth; however ASI was not allowed to go that deep. It has dug up only upto 1 metre depth so far.

25 hindu on Jan-06 :

must have been some muslims according to seculars- just as seculars say that ayodhya isnt hindu

More on A prehistoric map painted on a cave in India
January, 05 2011

This page is viewed 152 times

Stone Pages

A team of researchers from the Archaeological Survey of India has unearthed maps depicted on the roof of a cave in Karnataka (India) that date back to 1500 2000 BCE.

What was once thought to be a megalithic burial site with just paintings of animals and humans, could be the proof of the cartographic skills of prehistoric Indians.

The discovery by deputy superintending archaeologist T.M.Keshava and his colleagues a few months ago in the caves of Chikramapura village on the Tungabhadra river"s left bank (Koppal district) is believed to be the first-ever aerial map of a region drawn by prehistoric people.

While paintings of animals such as cows, hunting scenes and human figurines are common across prehistoric settlements, only the Chikramapura village caves, also called Kadebagilu rock shelters, feature maps. "We were stunned by the discovery," said Keshava. "A previous study in 1984 at these caves by scholars like Dr R Sundara had concluded they were just megalithic burials, but we can now say that they are maps," he said.

According to Keshava, the prehistoric man obtained a bird"s eye view of an area by climbing a hillock and standing at a vantage point. He would then observe his settlement - houses, pathways, waterbodies, etc. With these images in mind, he would paint them in his cave. "We compared them with the present maps and we were dumbstruck with the findings," he said

Deciphering the exact meaning of the paintings was not easy for the experts, but they found many similarities with the modern-day maps. The triangular marks used to represent hillocks on these maps are similar to the symbols used by surveyors. Furthermore, a narrow passage has been compared to the figure of a human being, while the ladder-like symbol indicates a pathway. It took Keshava and his team almost a year to confirm the findings.

The paintings have been depicted on granite and done with red laterite clay. The circular-shaped settlement is 35 metres in radius. "However, due to the exposure to elements, some parts of the paintings have got spoilt," said an archaeologist. The experts say credit for the discovery goes to some shepherds of Anegundi village. The paintings, however, are in danger of being lost forever, unless measures are taken quickly to safeguard them. Areas surrounding rock shelters have become quarrying centres and this could destroy the paintings.

24 S.Ghosh on Dec-23 :

ASI is more or less honest so far, although they are civil servants.

23 hindu on Dec-21 :

ASI will say it was done by muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what you will get from secualr idiots

Amateur claims the discovery of a 35km long rock painting
December, 20 2010

Times of India

A Bundi based amateur archeologist has claimed to have discovered a rock painting of pre historic age stretching up to 35 km in the Garadha area of the district.

Fifty-six-year-old Om Prakash Sharma, alias "Kukki", who calls himself a professional archaeologist despite not having a degree in the subject, says, "The rock painting stretches up to 35 km, with its tail at Mandal dam, Bhilwara district and head at Banki village in Garadha area of the district."

The painting has images of human beings, animals such as tigers, panthers, antelopes and various antique tools, Kukki claims that it belongs to Mesolithic period that dates back to nearly ten thousand years in Stone Age. He said that there were 32 sites in the rock painting and are stretching over the basin of Mangli river.

"Red, white, black, yellow and rarely applied green are the frequently used colours in the rock paintings," he said, adding, the rock paintings in this region date back to Chalcolithic period, Neolithic, early historic and historic periods. Kukki claims the rock paintings could perhaps be the World"s Longest Rock Painting.

Kukki, who began his hunt for ancient and antique articles as an archaeologist in the late 70s, discovered coins in early stages but went on to focus on discovering rock paintings only in 1995. Since then, Kukki says, he has discovered over 78 sites of rock paintings in the Garadha area of the district adjoining to Bhilwara and Chittor districts of the state.

Kukki, a grocery shop owner in Bundi, has also been documented by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Indian Rock Art and Research Centre, Nasik, and by State Archaeological Department, Jaipur.

Modestly attired Kukki, passionate about all things ancient, traverses the harsh terrain of Bundi that lies about 35 km from Kota in Rajasthan and in nearby areas, looking for archaeological evidence left behind by pre-historic men. Be it mountains, waterfalls or walls of dark, forgotten caves, with no professional aid to help him in his endeavour, He is always on the lookout for new sites to explore.

"In the last two decades, I have discovered over 75 sites of archaeological importance," he says.

Once known only for its magnificent fort, Bundi has now been put on the tourist map by this 55-year-old, a one-time sweet-shop owner. Now,a number of archaeologists and enthusiasts from across the world visit the region to see the paintings that Kukki says have been "discovered" by him. And for all his efforts, the only thing he yearns for is a bit of recognition.

"The sheer joy of exploring something that has not been seen by anyone before fuels my desire, and gives me the courage to fight my family that wonders why I don"t do something that"s more lucrative," says Kukki.

His journey as a relic hunter dates back to the early "90s when he started "copying" a neighbour in collecting old coins and metal toys."

In a bid to outshine" him, I would wander in the nearby forests and deserted hilly regions looking around for more such stuff. And soon, in a few months, this relic-hunting game turned into a passion. I would roam around mountain terrains for hours looking for something different and unique," he says.

22 Dr.Ratnesh Srivastav on Dec-19 :

Feedback sent to Author: Ayodhya-Verdict-and-History

Thank you Sir for an eye-opening article. There is a dearth of knowledge about the subject and making the educated Hindus aware about their history is the need of the hour. Its really a shame that the so-called secular politicians are completely oblivious about the facts or are simply overlooking them to satisfy their political agendas.
I am sure that your attempt will help us gain our grounds again!
21 S.Ghosh on Nov-27 :

The High Court can start contempt proceedings against these 62 Secularists pro-Pakistanis.
20 Arindam Bandyopadhya on Nov-16 :

Internet access to P.N.Oak"s books

19 S.Ghosh on Nov-16 :

Bharat Prashar:

Thanks for the information on A.Ghosh publishers of Texas. I will get in touch with him, if he would allow me to republish those books of P.N.Oak from India, unless someone is doing that already.

18 hindu on Nov-15 :

will the muslims preserve history or destroy it- they are good at doing this

they destroyed all hindu/buddhist places of worship and now they are going to destroy history
makes one wonder if they have any feelings for others sentiments?

A Chinese company digging an unexploited copper mine in Afghanistan has unearthed a sprawling 2,600 year old Buddhist monastery.

Archaeologists are rushing to salvage what they can from the major seventh century B.C. religious site along the famed Silk Road connecting Asia and the Middle East.
More than 150 statues have been found so far, though many remain in place. The large ones are too heavy to be moved, and the team lacks the chemicals needed to keep the small ones from disintegrating when extracted.

The ruins, including the monastery and domed shrines known as "stupas", will likely be largely destroyed once work at the mine begins, reports the Daily Mail.

The ruins were discovered as labourers excavated the site on behalf of the Chinese government-backed China Metallurgical Group Corp., or MCC, which wants to develop the world"s second largest copper mine, lying beneath the ruins.

Hanging over the situation is the memory of the Buddhas of Bamiyan - statues towering up to 180 feet high in central Afghanistan that were demolished in 2001 by the Taliban, who considered them symbols of paganism.

MCC wanted to start building the mine by the end of 2011 but under an informal understanding with the Kabul government, it has given archaeologists three years for a salvage excavation.

Archaeologists working on the site since May say that won"t be enough time for full preservation.

The monastery complex has been dug out, revealing hallways and rooms decorated with frescoes and filled with clay and stone statues of standing and reclining Buddhas, some as high as 10 feet. An area that was once a courtyard is dotted with stupas standing four or five feet high.

"That site is so massive that it"s easily a 10-year campaign of archaeology," said Laura Tedesco, an archaeologist brought in by the US Embassy to work on sites in Afghanistan. "Three years may be enough time just to document what"s there."

Philippe Marquis, a French archaeologist advising the Afghans, said the salvage effort is piecemeal and "minimal", held back by lack of funds and personnel.

The team hopes to lift some of the larger statues and shrines out before winter sets in this month, but they still haven"t procured the crane and other equipment needed.

Around 15 Afghan archaeologists, three French advisers and a few dozen labourers are working within the two-square-kilometre area -- a far smaller team than the two dozen archaeologists and 100 labourers normally needed for a site of such size and richness.

17 Bharat Prashar on Nov-13 :

Further to comment by A.Moron regarding the US publisher of 9many if not all) books by P. N. Oak I understand the contact address is 9or at least it used to be):
A. Ghosh Publisher
5720, W. Little York #216
Houston, Texas 7709

16 S.Ghosh on Nov-12 :

Gandhi had never believed in the divinity or historical existence of either Ram or Krishna, who are considered as the reincarnation of the Brahman, the supreme creator or The God in Hinduism. In Harijan (27-6-1937), he says, "I do not mention the names of Rama and Krishna because they were not historical figures." In his statement in Tej (5-8-1925), he says, Mahabharata"s Krishna never existed on earth.
Gandhian pacifism is not rooted in Hinduism either.
15 S.Ghosh on Nov-12 :

Mahatma Gandhi considered the story of Lord Krishna and Lord Ram a "metaphor", reveals a 1930 diary of a Congress activist that a lifelong communist happened to pick up from a street vendor here.

The Mahatma had asked those who marched with him during the historic Dandi march to maintain a diary, and C.K. Nair, a diehard Congressman, did just that.

At a daily meeting, when someone asked Gandhi why fighters like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh were worshipped as great men, he replied: "Even Ram and Krishna did the same. But I do not believe in the actual story but believe it as metaphor."

14 S.Ghosh on Nov-11 :

If anyone can tell me who is the owner of the copyrights of the books written by P.N.Oak, the most brilliant historian of our time, I al prepared to reprint those books.
13 A.Moron on Nov-10 :

One NRI from USA named Ghosh used to publish P.N.Oak"s books from USA ( I think these are all banned by Indira Gandhi in India), but according to Amazon.Com these are now out of publications.
12 S.Ghosh on Nov-09 :

Also, I have tried to buy the books written by P.N.Oak, none of these are available in any book shops at least here in Calcutta. Even in the Internet, these are not available.
11 Mo on Nov-09 :

(Away from the topic) I tried to
get the movie CD of The Forgotten Hero: Subhash Chandra Bose
( directed by great Shyam Benegal ) and couldn"t get in our stores.
This is our Jokerlal country.

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Hindus fought always for hundreds of years. Persians were defeated within 10 years. But Muslims were stopped in Afghanistan and West pakistan in 7th century, and were driven back by Deva Pal of Pal synasty beyond Afghanistan in 8th century. In 9th century Mahmood invaded but could not go beyond Mathura and had to go back. In 11th century Gauris inv....
hindu on Mar-26 : Promoting Indian culture & minority appe.. [6 comments]

have a look at the conditions of some temples in pakistan- hope hindu religious bodies take note and upgrade and maintain the structures for worship by hindus in pakistan
hindu on Dec-16 : Vedic Science and Knowledge Yoga [2 comments]

parrallel to hindus in india www.livescience.com/17498-democracy-decisions-ignorance.html
common sense on Nov-04 : Suicide of Superpower: Will US Survive 2025? [2 comments]

Usual rant of prophets of doom!
030201kishankb on Oct-20 : Koenraad Elst: Mistaken Identity? [17 comments]

This is an excellent article deciphering errors introduced by western scholars who lack understanding of Indian culture and traditions. Ancient Indian sciences turned dormant as India was colonized first by Muslim (950 – 1857) and then by Europeans (1857 – 1947).

The colonizers and proselytizers are two strands of Judaic religious teachin....
Anup on Oct-03 : Lies and Men of God "Proselytizers" - Part I [1 comments]

Is there any non-Christian senator in America?
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Well written. But it also needs to be more direct. If the goal is to point fingers are the secularists, do point fingers. Name those secularists, and write about their misdeeds, and analyze their bias. Then it will be effective.
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It has too many ( about 10 percent of the population) Afro-Carribean ( Jamaica, Barbados etc) people; they are very violent by nature.


Ayodhya Verdict and History
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