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Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...
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News Summary: Although pundits are offering education, inflation, corruption and unemployment as arguments to explain the revolutions that have engulfed several Arab nations, most do not address influence of social networking on the Mullah Shahi driving Pakistan and many Gulf of Arabia and Red Sea Arab nations.America is a bit player in on-going upheaval except in Pakistan. In last 70 years America and its coalition partners defeated fascist axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Then in bed with Muslim extremists.....read more in: Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...

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These comments are about: Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...

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7 S.Ghosh on Mar-04 :

These are the sideshows for the main event of the day: Invasion and occupation of the oil fields of Libya( Iraq is already occupied) by the Anglo-Americans.

6 S.Ghosh on Mar-04 :

There is no Arab revolutions at all. The system stays in each and every countries. Current Mubarak is replaced by a new Mubarak. That is all.

Yes, you are correct that this revolution was organized by FaceBook, Google, Twitter, Orkut, Hotmail, Gmail because these people are not real people; they are agents of the CIA-AlQueada-Muslim Brotherhood.

These are the sideshows for the main event of the day: Invasion and occupation of the oil fields of Iraq by the Anglo-Americans.

5 hindu on Mar-03 :

more like dawn of islamic fundamentalism
4 030201kishankb on Mar-03 :

I very rarely watch CNN. Most of what I write is based on independent research of published materials.

Conspiracy theories are not my forte.

Learning from history is my motivation.

It just occurred to me that a share of credit for Arab Revolutions should go to the inventor of social networking Face book in particular and many others including Google Earth and other sites that allow internet connected impoverish Muslim youth to look at the "satellite" view of the motherland and identify why in lands like Pakistan and Arab nations only army officers and well connected are able to acquire properties in vast areas controlled by the government while masses have to resort to Kubza and Ghariat tactics to build and live in slums.

The youth don"t have to be rocket scientists to figure out that it is their country being used as personal fiefdom by the establishment. There is plenty in history lessons that describes how enlightened and educated or not youth have started revolutions to assert their rights in their homelands and Muslim youth are no different.

The Arab revolutions are made possible by internet revolution. Who dominates internet development? Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Far East, American and European youth are responsible for the internet revolution. Why not Muslim youth who account for 750 million of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world?

I note that soon there is likely to be a cry by Mullah Shahi dominated Islamists that a handful of Jewish intellectuals, scholars and technologists are dealing a death blow to many Muslim dictators, Arab warlords and jihadis, whose hate and intolerance of Jews and Israel is well known..

Sure is nice to realize that last laugh may be for Jewish people hated by some people of the book - Muslims, Conservative Christians and Roman Catholics come to mind.

3 S.Ghosh on Mar-03 :

It is obvious that Al-Queada ( who is under the payroll of CIA) have created these agitations in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain to give time to NATO to prepare itself to invade Libya to steal its oil fields.

Britisj-Americans are always thieves; this is the way they became rich over the last 400 years by robbing people.

2 A.Moron on Mar-02 :

The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, an organization financed by the CIA, was activated. It is instructive that it was the city to see the rapid emergence in the streets of the old monarchy flag and portraits of the late King Idris, the tribal chief Senussi crowned by England after the expulsion of the Italians. A "prince" Senussi suddenly appeared to give interviews.

The solidarity of the major media in the U.S. and the European Union with the rioting of terrorists in Libya was obviously hypocritical. The Wall Street Journal, a publication for big worldwide finance, did not hesitate to suggest in an editorial (February 23) that "the U.S. and Europe should "help "Libyans" overthrow the regime of Gaddafi."

Obama, in expectation, was silent on Libya for six days. On the seventh, he condemned the violence and called for sanctions. It followed an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and an expected package of sanctions.

The marketing campaign underway of major international media expands the organizers of the rebellion as heroes while they present Gaddafi as a killer and paranoid. The coming days and tomorrow are unpredictable in Libya, the third largest oil producer in Africa, a country whose wealth is now largely falling into the hands of imperialism.

However, the air strikes that western corporate media claim took place on February 22 over Benghazi and Tripoli, which were widely reported by the likes of the BBC and Al Jazeera, with hands wringing and crocodile tears flowing...were not registered by the Russian military chiefs examining the images coming in from satellites.

The satellite pictures show that, "nothing of that sort has been going on on the ground." states Irina Galushko, adding that there is also no evidence from footage shot by television cameras which suggests that any airborne attacks took place. So there you go, lies from beginning to end.

1 A,Moron on Mar-02 :

Come on Mr.American Indian. You watch too much CNN; so you got everything wrong.

Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen are all side shows created by Muslim Brotherhood directed by CIA.

The main target now in Libya, then Syria and at last Iran.

Anglo-Americans now want to recreate their British Empire.

Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of... - Thread over 

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Comments (till the day of this story)
hindu on Mar-03 : Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of... [7 comments]

more like dawn of islamic fundamentalism
S.Ghosh on Feb-28 : West in denial, Islam means submission [2 comments]

The analysis is wrong because it is quoting only the Anglo-American opinion about the Arabs.
The author must remember that the Anglo-Americans are racists; they hate us because we are not White.
They have killed millions in India, in North America, Australia, Africa and of course in Arab countries.
They will undermine all efforts of the....
Mo on Feb-06 : The Warrior-Child of Ayodhya - Part I [3 comments]

>>common sense on Friday : Gods need no protection! They would be mortals if they were in need of protection!

True, but "hindu" did not mean in this way.
Our King Lord Ram doesn"t need any protection.

However Indian history and early symbols of history
are different, and they have to be protected from
p-sec goons of ....
Malavika on Feb-01 : Predatory Muslims [10 comments]


I agree. Anglo-Saxons are/were in bed with Islamists and hope that it will not blow back in their home countries.

Anup on Jan-31 : Media Ethics In Britain and India [1 comments]

In one area, there is no difference between British media and the Indian, that is Hindubashing. Many years ago, I used to read The Guardian thinking it to be the least biased but in time I realised all British media starting from BBC to FT are the same. It was a field day for British media when Sachhar ( a supporter of Maoists and Naga rebels ) rep....
Mo on Dec-11 : An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi [38 comments]

Well written Arindam. I just hope this Jokerlal dynasty goes into dustbin of Indian politics forever and leave us alone.

A party and family that has insulted Indian intelligence, honesty and ambitions for 6 decades, and one that has actively tried to destroy Netaji"s legacy, has no right to rule directly or by proxy.
L Raj on Oct-09 : Debunking Krishna, Demonizing Hinduism [31 comments]

Strange article, mixed with disconnected info - some totally at variance with its stated aim in the title !

Fact, Krushna is poplar around the world, but so is Shiva and various aspects of Devi.
Fact, SMB and the Mahabhart state he had 16108 wives. Some of these were abducted before their marriage - but this was the norm amongst the w....
beegeeaar on Jan-02 : India, Proverty & Technology - Sponge Factor [6 comments]

I agree with the news summary above. When a large section of Indian population goes without one square meal a day, actually and economically we cannot afford t o spend hundreds of crores of rupees on rockets. Of course the developed countries can do it.
030201kishankb on Oct-09 : How War on Terror is Bankrupting the World [3 comments]

Mr. Prabhu in his concluding remarks stated, "Though filled with brilliant research and analysis from an economist"s angle the book falls short, completely, with regard to role of Islam in promoting terrorism."

There are a number of books that deal with the issue and I have posted at ivarta.com a number of articles. My latest article is ti....
Ubaidah on Feb-25 : Defeating Political Islam: New Cold War [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Islam:-Religion-or-Politics?

I bear witness there is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad is his messenger.
Dear Columnist,
How sad it is for you to write about Islam being a political ideology.Well it is true.we the Muslims are switching our thinking from islam being as a religion to....


Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...
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