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Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..?
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News Summary: CNN-IBN, the Indian news (and entertainment?) television channel, seems to be recklessly behind Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to expose it as a terror organization. Its correspondent Bhupendra Chaubey seem to be dead sure about RSSs involvement in Mecca Masjid Blast Case (see RSS under scanner for links to Hindu terrorists.....read more in: Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..?

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These comments are about: Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..?

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12 Amit on Sep-16 :

I think writer has rightly concluded that BJP should dilute and join Bharat Swabhiman andolan in the interest of the nation and the world. The leadership we see in Swami Ramdev can not be matched by anyone currently. By seeing his sheer hardwork and determination, I can say there will be one day when I will see true bhartiya constitution and India will become Vishwa Guru.
11 Anup on Sep-07 :

Of all Indian-origin organisations, RSS does most humanitarian work, to call it "clumsy dinosaur" is sad. If RSS doing which is not beneficial to Hindus, It is our duty to make sure it understands our needs.I will be interested to know, in which way it has changed?Also, in what way Swami S. Andolan is better ?
I have seen Sri Prabhu has raised the same issue in September issue of Hindu Voice ( a monthly publication from Mumbai )
As a Proud Hindu, I beleive all Hindus should support ( that counts )RSS, BHP and BJP.
As regards terror, any Hindu, who fights for Hindu rights is a terrorist in the eyes of foreign-dominated Indian Press.Christians are never mentioned as terrorists. Swami Shanti Kaliji Maharaj was murdered by Christians in Tripura in August 2003 . Media was not interested ( Sandhya Jain has recently written a book - Evangelical intrusions Tripura- a case study. Rupa Publication)
Swami Laxananda and his four associates were murdered in Odisha, one of the murderer was an employee of World Vision. Please read- Kandhamal- A.P. Shah"s ex-parte verdict. Prasanna Paride 27 Aug 2010. Vijayvaani.com.
10 kurbi on Sep-04 :

Attention Mr. Prabhu..
i read few of your articles. your arguments are rigidly adhering to a particular sect. Many organisations are started with good motto like RSS. They end up bad because of the selfish activities of few leaders or you can call as the weed . Neither all their activities are clean. So i would lik to advice you to judge things even-handed. U stated in a article that you belong to a particular community and you were arguing for their own rights. Think indian n debate things which would uplift your society economy not your caste..!
PS: i belong to Hindu community like you but i never think beyond which would discriminate others.
9 S.Ghosh on Aug-11 :

I just only wish that RSS would send some Hindu-Sikh brave warriors to fight the separatists in Kashmir; certainly they can do a much better job than the J&K police, who are certainly pro-Pakistani because of their religion.

8 Adithya on Aug-10 :

Shri Prabhu
As you"ve rightly understood that RSS can NEVER support terrorism. I am also a bit surprised when you say that "the current leadership lacks in charm and vision". Sangh always moves with time and understands the pulse of the nation better than anyone else which is true in current times as well. RSS has not become bureaucratic but people perception is - if only you interact with the central leadership you would understand that they understand people"s issues more than anyone else.
With regards to pracharaks aspiring to join BJP - it would only do good if it happens, I do not see that happening. Performance of BJP is not RSS"s performance - they have their limitations and reasons and they operate independently - if they have implemented all policies supported by RSS, they would not be in the state where they find themselves today. With regards to RSS needing indirect power, when the people are on the side of Sangh it does not need administrative power but if people there ask for sangh"s views and help - its provided as required.
7 g kapuria on Aug-08 :

CNN-IBN are themselves terrorist sympathizers. If RSS were truly terrorists, they would be in their good books.
6 M.Srinivasan on Aug-07 :

RSS canever,never enter terrorism. They achieve so much even this present govenmnt cannot do. Let us forget that this government is not interested inachieving anything except gloating theswlisss zacounts of Babus, ministers, corporated. Thry brlirbr in Sanatana darna through servence only and not through bullets.
5 Ruy Lopez on Aug-07 :

Paragraph one analysis of IBN/CBN: Even though it is hundred percent right that IBN/CBN are behind the propaganda about imaginary RSS terrorism threat, it is shallow. IBN/CBN is just part of a lager agenda of brain washing Indians and Hindus. The agenda it self is not subtle but brass because no nationalist administration can ever let foreign agenda loose on native people and not be exposed with terrible circumstances for the betrayal. Since it has not happened and this is going on with vigor for last 60-65 years, the analysis that Indian people will figure out is to say the least, inaccurate. Only Gujaratis and vast number of scattered Hindus have figured this out, mostly all of them in Foreign countries like USA and others in India mostly with internet access and common sense. However, rest of Indians with trauma of 1000 years of domination are soft to propaganda and paying price for the lost opportunity to consolidate and reverse the trauma of 1000 years of survitude which is apparent in the so called leaders or members in the party like Congress, DMK, Communists, SP, BSP and hundreds of others except of course institutions like RSS, BJP and possibly upcoming Bharat Swabhiman Andolan and few isolated here and there and not to talk of general public as in Gujarat. Hindus do not revert to violence only because it is not effective and not because they are coward. They also do not revert to violence because they are softened for centuries. An intelligent leadership would turn this situation and immediately make them normal. A violence is different from an instant backlash-which is spontaneous and proof of people"s spirit, which is normal and healthy behaviour and which is effective against continous injustice which make them cowards. Hindus history do not prove any cowardice and being nearest to the birth place of violent Islam still were never substantially overwhelmed like Iran, Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia etc. Infact Hindus are traumatised and softened but are resilent. Only danger is that we have not massively realized this and act upon it like a healthy society. The pervertness of effectiveness of demons and sluggishness and lack of vigor of Aryas (good and bold people) is the result of uncorrected abnormality of people living under unconsciouness. Ignore abruptly ended next comment of mine.
4 Ruy Lopez on Aug-07 :

Paragraph one analysis of IBN/CBN: Even though it is hundred percent right that IBN/CBN are behind the propaganda about imaginary RSS terrorism threat, it is shallow. IBN/CBN is just part of a lager agenda of brain washing Indians and Hindus. The agenda it self is not subtle but brass because no nationalist administration can ever let foreign agenda loose on native people and not be exposed with terrible circumstances for the betrayal. Since it has not happened and this is going on with vigor for last 60-65 years, the analysis that Indian people will figure out is to say the least, inaccurate. Only Gujaratis and vast number of scattered Hindus have figured this out, mostly all of them in Foreign countries like USA and others in India mostly with internet access and common sense. However, rest of Indians with trauma of 1000 years of domination are soft to propaganda
3 SUNDAAY on Aug-06 :

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2 common sense on Aug-05 :

Feedback sent to Author: Analyzing-RSS:-Will-RSS-ever-resort-to-terrorism?

RSS, never, were terrorists and never will be. Terrorism is to hurt others, and is diametrically opposed to Hindu philosophy and culture. Hindus strive for "Moksh." To attain Moksh, Hindus have to be submissive to God"s will. Violence is not in their dictionary.

RSS value was in the strength of the slogan, akhand bharat. However, RSS talk of akhand bharat is gone feeble and, almost, inaudible. Hindus, today, realize that "akhand bharat" is no more a practical proposition, not doable, and is not profitable. Presently, the brass is trying their best to keep the organization from getting lost.

1 Mahesha on Aug-05 :

Feedback sent to Author: Analyzing-RSS:-Will-RSS-ever-resort-to-terrorism?

Dear Mr Prabhu,

I liked your article for the fact that you have described the current situation of RSS. I am a swayamsevak, but I am saddened by its lack of leadership and misplaced priorities. As you rightly said, it has sunk its head in the past.

Only thing now a days we do in the shakhas is praise RSS! Hypocrisy at its best.

Of course I do not oppose its ideology, I am only saddened by its lack of dynamism and charm.

Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..? - Thread over 

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Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..?
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