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An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi
India Forum: Comments, Opinion - Information Resource
News Summary: That should be the message for you and your party, Mr. Gandhi. For too long, Indians have been fooled. They have been kept hungry and illiterate so that they are dependent on crumbs offered by the government and political parties, for the price of their vote. For generations, they have been promised roti, kapada aur makan before every elections, but they received nothing but injustice, humiliation and disdain after that. You have asked the youth to come and join and change politics. But politics.....read more in: An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi

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These comments are about: An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi

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38 Rakesh Kumar Garg on Jun-21 :

Dear sir,
Peoples of the country are innocent and are not aware about the facts so clever peoples are misguiding the people to rule the nation.It is a good effort to awaken the people.

37 Mo on Jul-10 :

bhayya subhash, nikamme raul vinci ke pair aur kitna chaatoge ?
pehle doktor ke paas jao aur check karwao - shayad aapki reed ki haddi
gayab ho gayi hai.
36 subhash chaudhari on Jul-10 :

dear sir
apto ye jante hai ki is waqt apko party ki sabse jyada jarurat hai after up election apko ye jana hoga ki up mai party ki har ki kya wajah hai.ap jante hai agar ap party ke purane cehre nahi chorenge to ap safal nahi ho sakte mai janta hu sir apne up mai bahut mehnat ki lekin mere hisab se apko 65 seat milni caheye thi lekin nahi mili iska karen apke sath jo leader they they are not able to make this sabse bada har ka karen mr.beniprashad,mr.agrwal,mr.salman khursheed,mr.digvijay singh ka bebaq bolna tha.ap isko sereasli le aur ungers ke sath 2014 ki tayari kare mai hamesha apke aur party ke sayh hu.
35 jignesh on Jun-12 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-open-letter-to-Mr.-Rahul-Gandhi

Thanks very much for sharing this matters
God bless you

34 TR Narasimha Rao on Dec-24 :

Nehru was the last Englishman and Raul Vinci gandhi will be the first Italiano to rule India.
32 g kapuria on Dec-19 :

In India, everything is in reverse. Muslims and christians terrorize the people and Congress party worries about non-existent Hindu terrorism.
30 Daksha on Dec-18 :

Thirty years from now we will see Rahul Nager, Rahul Institute of Techonology, Rahul School for social Research, Rahul road for his enormous contributions made to India (Sic)
29 Daksha on Dec-18 :

Somebody should bangles to Rahul Gandhi for giving dumb statements.
28 no nonsense ever (NS on Dec-18 :

The Swamy must be hallucination! 15000 core rupees paid under the table sounds reasonable, but not all bribe. Why! Go buy and sell real estate in India, about 50% is paid under the table. This is the norm.
Vinci versus Gandhi: who cares about Vinci, but people want to know about Gandhi. Cannot believe that Rahul is introducing himself as Vinci? Those who are interested in tracking him should know where he is staying and is registering under what name. What does it matter to anyone as to how many times Rahul goes to London so long as the Indian government does not pay for his travel. RTI is a great tool; use it to find out!

27 g kapuria on Dec-18 :

Hindu terror is a convenient fiction. It suits the christians to propagate this lie for obvious reasons, and also the secularists. Rahul Gandhi must be forced to explain his comment and ask unquestioned apology from Hindus of India. If BJP cannot do this, they should quit en masse. They have failed Hindus and India. I do not want to hear any excuses from Advani and Co.
26 Mo on Dec-16 :

Raul does not deserve the gentle tone and advice offered by this article.
He is a double crossing gutter creature. He was telling u.s. about his "speculation" on "hindu" terror being greater than "LeT".
25 Bitter Truth on Dec-16 :

And this Mullaha Raul has the gall to tell this:

24 Daksha on Dec-16 :

Rahul Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi leader of the Majority Party. Country belongs to Gandhi Family (SIC). Priyanka President of India. Half the icons in India are named after Nehru Gandhi Family.
23 Daksha on Dec-16 :

Wait till 2012 presidential elections, Priyanka will be made President of India.
22 Anup on Dec-16 :

(Continued) Dr Swami stated "1 while abroad recently I was informed by my reliable sources that of the Rs 40000 crores spent to date on commamwealth games preparations, about Rs15000 crores have gone as bribes under cover of payments to consultants and contractors. The recipient of the largest share of the bribe delivered in London, a Congress MP and son of Sonia Gandhi. In london Mr Gandhi is known under an alias as Raul Vinci. The Indian High Commission employee in London who has denied his letter of recommendation now acts as a valet for Mr Gandhi when ever he visits London, which is at least once a month.Mr gandhi is accompanied by his undeclared wife, Colombian girl Veronique."
21 Anup on Dec-16 :

If one listens to the utterances of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, they sound so artificial, so devoid of Indian reality- one feels that these have been devised by his advisers who have little knowledge of India and then one sees he visits London at least once a month ones doubt becomes stronger.
With the help of the dynasty, his evangelical friends are also getting stronger and stronger. they are now largest land-owners in India and own 80 per cent of Indian media. ( Read the excellent article, Interview of a Christian Evangelist in India by Bandyopadhyay Arindam.)
Rahul has a few thingsin comman with his mother.Their present names are not their birth names .Rahul was named Raul Vinci, he still uses that name when it suits him. Officially, like his mother, he has no home and no car.
Rahul went to St.Stephens" School, as he was a Christian and also skilled in certain sports.(Principal of the school must be a Christian, though it gets grant from the govt., it reminds me of Minority Commission of India, here, by law, the chairman must be a non-Hindu, the majority members must be non-Hindus!) An MP from Amethi, he failed in his Hindi in school. Then he went to Harvard University on a donor"s quota ( Hinduja )He could not cope there, he left the University, "for fear of his personal safety"
Then the M.Phil from Cambridge University, which is also not true.
On 11th August, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, released a press statement
20 shsharma on Dec-16 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-open-letter-to-Mr.-Rahul-Gandhi

Your article is brilliant.I am sure in open market Rahul or Raul Gandhi would not get a job of a clerk but due to connection with Nehru-Gandhi dynasty he is hoping to be Prime Minster of India whicm he as well as everybody knows that he does not deserve by any standard.
He is also fooling Indians with the blind support of NDTV and Star news that nobody can save India but him.
Iam glad that he is there and end of Congress is inevitable, VINAS KALE VIPAREET BUDDHI AND 2014 MAY WELL SEE THE END OF NEHRU- GANDHI DYNASTY in politics.
He is also fooling people like his both parents with fake Cambrige Universty qualifications but there is no truth in that.
Recently during the Bihar elections Congress failed to read on walls that they do not like Congress and its imbecile leaders.
19 Bitter Truth on Dec-16 :

CS, Good Day.

18 common sense on Dec-16 :

BT: i don"t become personal. am i reading my own saying: corruption is norm in india!!!!!!!!!!!!rich and poor. anyway, have a good day.
17 Bitter Truth on Dec-16 :

I accidentally put my name as CS. I was meaning to address it to CS but put that in a wrong area. Excuse me for the error.


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An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi - Thread over 

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DA well said . Hope the ignorant and head buried in sand type people understand .
life in india on May-06 : What has India learned from 1962 [4 comments]

Guess you are no Indian or consider yourself upper caste and class! Please realize, India is going population strong, resources are not keeping up with the demand. no land to build facilities, and everyone is trying level best to jump the line! No patience, but blame game expertise the top notch!
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An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi
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