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An [hour] with a Prostitute!
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News Summary: By: U. Mahesh PrabhuJan-01-2009Authors Home PageViews expressed here are authors own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.(Author is Editor-In-Chief of upcoming apolitical and illustrated family magazine FOLKS and Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London (UK)) Feedback to authorIt took me a lot of time to decide whether or not to write about this incident in my life. As a guy who has been born and brought up in a relatively conservative and God-fe.....read more in: An [hour] with a Prostitute!

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These comments are about: An [hour] with a Prostitute!

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40 Maldeniyage Michael< on Apr-07 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

I am head of our family business of Prostitution centered at Kandy, Srilanka. Main attraction in this business is SRIYA NILANGANIE my daughter attaining 49 years. With her active support our business has reached upto Dubai. Usually she enters the houses at Dubai as Homemaid then she mingled with their family members and attracts even the visitors of this family. Even she could call youths from India working at Dubai to Kandy her house at 27/19, Aruppulawatt Road, Watapaluwa, Kandy. She is the hope for generations to come specifically youths.
39 ram on Mar-18 :

These are the common words coming from prostitution girls.
1.I had a big family problems.
2. I didn"t find a person who could talk to an attractive lady like a good friend
4.today i am not feeling well after getting paid
38 Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwa on Mar-10 :

"Prostitutes" are most deprived section of most civilized societies. Because they bound to do such business for their livelihood and for responsibility(to support) of their needy parents, brother, sister etc. But is observed that prostitutes are seen to be disciplined than the politicians, capitalist, bureaucrats etc. They never cheat any customer.
Dr. K.K. Bonia, Gywahati, Assam
37 fakeid on Jan-06 :

this is the lamest story ever ..full of self praise and preachy ..from the first word to the last everything sounded fake and unbelievable..did not touch any chords in my heart.
36 megha chauhan on Dec-07 :

thats right mahesh its god wish ...at tmes v r forced to do things which r considered wrong by our society ...and what about those women who r sleeping with their bad husbands against their wishes megha
34 adithya karthik on Aug-12 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

this article is so powerful, it strikes your heart terribly. If there is any way that we can help people in this trade please let me know... I SUPPORT
33 Mahesh on Jul-29 :

sir i read the story went through all the comments too some said its a fake story but i learnt a lesson that we should not comment on a person for what he is by not knowing why he is like that.
32 Subho on Jul-26 :

Go and join Women"s right commission..!!u idiot..!!!
31 rxt on Jun-06 :

this is a fake story, i mean no man in the world would tolerate a beauty in 500 buck that also in goa rather then giving her some lectures....lol, this guys is shitting
30 raji on May-22 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

a good writing that moves the heart, i feel more people should come out with these writing to remove the evils in the society. the last sentence you wrote are FACTS. god bless
29 karuna kara swain , on May-01 :

28 Sonam on Apr-24 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

U r rty sir i appreciate u can i hav ur phn no.
27 abhishek on Apr-16 :

i really had tears in my eyes reading this article....people uses bad words for prostitutes but after all they are also human beings...
I think you should write on an article...
Prostitution - A Compromise
26 Balram on Apr-15 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Hi Mahesh ! Its nice to see you writing your exp with a pros...truly..most of them are in that business by the force of the situations in their life. Lets explore more this world ahead. Be in touch.
25 jashwanth on Mar-05 :

it is heart touching

24 Gomes on Mar-03 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

Excellent article. I am touched.

23 james on Feb-14 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

hey bro u r awesome i never seen a person like this being sooooo good ur honesty is a great reward from God he will always bless u because u advised a young girl............ :) :) :) :) :) :) i never seen a person soooooooo good :) :) :)

22 Alok on Feb-08 :

Really nice incident...

21 pintu on Jan-21 :

Feedback sent to Author: An-[hour]-with-a-Prostitute!

good. i salut u.
19 Bhargav on Jan-07 :

Wouldn"t it have been a greater thing, if you had shown her some livelihood? Well, its not a great thing you have done. It was ordinary, and your writing half-praised yourself. Hope you dont take my comments personally.

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DA well said . Hope the ignorant and head buried in sand type people understand .
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This is good article for the people who like to take it to the extreme who think god will everyone and therefore like to sit like lazy or for those who think that every thing is unreal and thereffore there acts are also unreal, therefore sit in one place and smoke marjuana. Great article btw..
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An [hour] with a Prostitute!
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