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Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it
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News Summary: The problem of Afghanistan cannot be solved unless we try to explain the recent history of that country in a realistic way. The Western failure to stabilize Afghanistan is due to its mistake to put forward a false propaganda as history.British Empire preceded the most recent American Empire in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the Britain is now a junior partner. Problem of Afghanistan is due to paranoid hostility of the Anglo-Americans against the Russian. The great game of 19th century between th.....read more in: Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it

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These comments are about: Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it

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13 CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-15 :

people of afghanistan must decide their own faith. let the people of afghanistan live in their own way. international interference to afghanistan"s internal matters should be stopped. they too can live prosperous live style. and as a human being they don"t want there destruction. i see the solution in afghanistan"s problem in a unique way - " first : let all kind of weapons be out of afghanistan territory; a least blood shed will be stopped, second: all the civilians and individuals of afghanistan must cooperate in this process. the war prone country will soon turn into peaceful and prosperous country... hope so...
12 A.Moron on Sep-05 :

Afghan problem can only be solved if someone bomb out Pakistan.
11 A.Moron on Aug-12 :

I fear for India. With such a low grade leadership, India is about to give up Kashmir to satisfy Obama and Osama.
10 S.Ghosh on Aug-11 :

I have read the article by Simon Tisdell in The Guardian as well. The Guardian is a newspapers supporting the British Labour Party, which is traditionally pro-Muslim and pro-Pakistani.
However, a section of the Indian press also supporting the idea of giving up Kashmir as well, if you read The Statesman.
MonMohan Singh has repeated that argument by saying autonomy, which is reality will mean giving up Kashmir to the Muslims.

9 Vasant on Aug-11 :

Give up Kashmir !! huh

Its asking to cut head off and expect the body to survive which is impossible.

I hope in few word told my thoughts!!!

Right now, I am living outside India. this gave me opportunity to think and ponder what"s happening. During discussion with my manager ( he is white guy) he told that US is losing everything, families are falling apart which is destroying family values, if they fall apart how could a nation can survive. He related family to the nation.

Now, who are people behind it. The World War 1 and 2, women liberation, G.. rights, school refrom (in other word asking parents not criticize children) these and other thing are some sinister ideas where devised to control and profit.

Well I have plenty to say but I will stop it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhuh
8 A.Moron on Aug-11 :

There is an article in Today"s The Guardian, that India need to give up Kashmir to Pakistan, so that USA-UK can get the help of Pakistan to solve the problem of Afghanistan ( i.e to hand it over to Pakistan).

7 V.Skolnik on Aug-09 :

India should help Baluch in their freedom movement. India also should demand that NWFP should go back to Afghanistan, as Hong Kong went back to China. However, India is not active. This is the reason India is at the receiving end.
6 Jai on Aug-09 :

Vs,how can you expect the corrupt and dirty family to help these people when they did nothing to help proud and honest people of Balochistan/NW Fontiers and Afghanistan when they needed Indias help most?
5 V.skolnik on Aug-09 :

Destroyed Soviet Union, or new Russia can help.
The Northern tribes of Afghanistan are blood brothers of Uzbeck, Tazik, Turkmen, kirhghiz, all members of the former Soviet Union and they hate Taliban.
If India collaborate with these republics and New Russia to form a new alliance it can save Afghanistan and India.
Otherwise Taliban and Pakistan will attack India in Kashmir.
4 Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 :

Please read the last sentence as "Meanwhile destroyed Soviet Union was of no help and PSEC administration of India...." in the previous comment of mine. Thanks
3 Ruy Lopez on Aug-08 :

The moment US prematurely withdraws from Afghanistan, Pakistan will colonize Afghanistan with its brand of Talibans holding power directly. Though both brands of Talibans are Pakistan"s gifts to USA and Western world created in the name of Mujhauddin to fight Soviets, Pakistani Talibans will be thrust in softened Afghanistan, as Karzai Government shows its weakness. But USA has no option to leave Afghanistan because its human cost and economic price will make them 3rd class economy if they continue to play world policeman in Afghanistan. So, Afghanistan will be checkmated and will be gulped by Pakistan and digested in the name of Muslim brotherhood. However, USA and Western world will have no easy and safe retreat. They will have to pay price for the follies of shortsighted American politicians who have created its own soldiers" and economies" grave by supporting longtime disguised taqquia agenda of Pakistan and Pakistan"s hidden real masters. Meanwhile, destroyed Soviet Union and PSEC administration of India was busy looting poor people of India and making new lists of donating Hindu land, properties, wealth, lives, honor, religion, culture and tradition to whoever Hindu or whatever non wanted in Kashmir, North East, East coast, South Coast anywhere.
2 S.Ghosh on Aug-06 :

Afghanistan is destroyed by the USA-UK and Pakistan.
India must take over, even it means war with pakistan
1 Vasant on Aug-06 :

Mind blog-ling!!!!! When this will end that"s the question. A fight happen next door and we hear and feel it but could not do anything about it......
Well wait for KRISHNA!!!!

Hari OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it - Thread over 

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Rama Naicker on Sep-14 : Saffron Terror: An Analysis [45 comments]

I have seen many articles like this in the internet space. Such articles are only fodder for all those who are already aware of the crisis ahead. For those naive and self-defeating hindus, these articles will not open up their eyes / ears. We are proud to have anti-Hindu UPA government with stooges like M.K in important positions.
A.Moron on Sep-05 : Book Review: Understanding Muhammad [21 comments]

It is only natural for any King, Sultan to shout from the top of his palace that "I am the God; wash my feet, otherwise I will cut your head off".
Akber started a new religion; Japanese Emperors used to think that they were Gods. That is the way Muslim religion had started.

hindu on Aug-13 : Vedic, Aztec & Mayan Culture [7 comments]

culinary similarities -indians have roti and rajma(beans)and south americans have tortilla and beans-defeats conventional thinking about civilisation and its development
CHOW BORGOHAIN on Sep-13 : Evolution of Tantra [3 comments]

i think you are talking about Tantric knowledge, same one related to magic and extraordinary hyper power. if it was existed, then that was good but if it is not present now it is better only, because all the people now would have misused it and things would go out of control...
Rasik Sanghvi on Aug-08 : Traveling Sunlit Path or Encouraging... [4 comments]

It is unclear what Lori is objecting to Deshpandey. Sri Aurobindo is mentioning very limited numeric numbers in cycle of sacrificial 12 months times two and aperiod of total 10 months. How can that justify diverting to fullsome numerology and cosmology except for limited discussion of accurately identifying the period in the context of present prac....
A.Moron on Sep-05 : Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it [13 comments]

Afghan problem can only be solved if someone bomb out Pakistan.
S.Ghosh on Aug-11 : Greek Tragedy and its lessons [2 comments]

Indiam PM and his economists are only interested to satisfy Western companies and banks. They do not care about us.

Anup on Aug-04 : Wendy Doniger Book - History or Porn? [12 comments]

Another Jew like Wendy is after Hindus now. If interested please see article in VOI newsletter 01 Aug 2010-Joel Stein attacks Hinduism and Hindus.
S.Ghosh on May-27 : Hussain, Nithyananda, Media & Deception [9 comments]

It is essential not to pass judgement in these matters. A lot of Hindu Guru Maharajs, Mohantas, Swamis are only money-hungry, sex-hungry cheats. They hardly know anything about Hindu religion.

Do not forget Bhagwan Rajnish. There are many like him in this Guru business.
David on Aug-04 : Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court [184 comments]

Hindus go thru useless arguments with Moslim (read illogical, empty headed)to convince them how peaceful and benevolent Hindus are (read cowards, gutless and sell anything for Roti, Kapadaa and Makaan). That conversation proves totally useless and going nowhere. Need guts to expose true face of Islam and its third rate messenger"s private life...to....


Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it
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