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Vikram on Friday : Interview of an Evangelist in India [3 comments]

Feedback sent to Author: Interview-of-an-Evangelist-in-India


Can we reproduce your blog on www.HinduPost.in?

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 hindu on Dec-13 : sonia and her hidden agenda-convert india to christianity - xtians fund muslims and they haunt hindus and western nations(xtians) come to aid hindus in guises and convert them to xtianity
g kapuria on Friday : The Huge Call Centre Scam [1 comments]

Glad they are getting caught. Was fed up by those crooks. They abused us with foul langulage and demanded we pay them by credit card. One time they actually managed to put a virus in the computer. What a hassle!
g kapuria on Friday : UP polls: Setback for Congress, Rita Bahuguna J.. [1 comments]

I hope they do not give ticket to this shrew.
Bitter Truth on Thursday : Blanket ban on Indian TV and radio content in P.. [1 comments]

Sure Do Blanket ban everything including terrorism otherwise face carpet bombing.
Your sunnat has begun
Bitter Truth on Tuesday : Terror can be contained with strong public supp.. [1 comments]

That is too much to ask for from the highly secularized citizens of India.
We get push back mainly from Bullywood, award wapsi gain, the cheltha hi indian and ofcourse people fed on NGO"s fat.
Take the case of allowing to cast Pukis. These bullywood mafia call them artists and want the govt to not give those pukis visa. Anything the govt ....
Reality Hurts on Oct-17 : China defends Pakistan after Modi"s "mothership.. [2 comments]

Developed West first unleashed the middle east and Pakistan on to Russia and they didn"t realize the danger until the Frankenstein bite them. China will meet the same fate soon.
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 Simple Observer on Oct-17 : Chinese Dragon will protect its favorite mouth watering lunch, buttered up Paki pig, at any cost and Chinese Dragon surely knows that buttered up pig cannot run to anyone in the world now... because after chewing up American 80 billion dollars, it be....
Bitter Truth on Oct-17 : Terrorism is Pak"s favourite child: PM at BRICS.. [1 comments]

The whole pak was dead on arrival. It survives even today due to terrorism. Its very purpose is anti~india. Its is maintained and kept alive by forces that wants to keep India backward but want to use India and Indians for their own commercial and intellectual upliftment.

Its a shame that these forces want to use pak against India.
Simple Observer on Oct-17 : Sex tape, tax woes: What we know about Trump [1 comments]

Don"t sex and dirty politics always go together? Id any doubts, then how about ex~CM Tiwariji?
Simple Observer on Oct-17 : China defends Pakistan after PM Modi"s "mothers.. [1 comments]

Chinese Dragon will protect its favorite mouth watering lunch, buttered up Paki pig, at any cost and Chinese Dragon surely knows that buttered up pig cannot run to anyone in the world now... because after chewing up American 80 billion dollars, it became Namak~Haraam to America.
Simple Observer on Oct-15 : India, Russia to sign deal for S-400 air defenc.. [1 comments]

Good job for the sake of India"s security. A quick decision by PM Modi and no red tape involved.

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